MOTDN – Ch 47

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Second chapter of the week (July 14)

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Chapter 47: Harvest Time

Feng Ling succeeded. This Secret Area really had a vast region. After she successfully posed as the aunt of Young Master Duan, she led the team of five and spent almost a day inside the Secret Area before she finally succeeded in finding the mission boss.

As the battle began, 3 men out of the 5 Awakened from the Jiangnan Family paid the price with their life only to severely injure the mission boss. Then, Feng Ling executed the original plan to throw the anti-tank grenade at the monster Boss, taking along the last 2 living witnesses with it to the Western Paradise.

The changing time between day and night inside the Secret Area was different. The worst time to break out of the Secret Area was at night, since the shattered Secret Area would also spring out its creature at the same time. Leaving the Secret Area at this time would make one trapped within the tight encirclement of its creatures. Although earlier Feng Ling had mentally prepared herself for everything, but it was also very hard to avoid being surrounded by perils.

A fierce and hard battle in the pitch-black darkness was unavoidable. Fortunately, Yun Tu had come to the front and quickly shouted at her about what had happened. Knowing that Yun Tu had driven away the Jiangnan Family’s force and there was no one in the surroundings except the creatures from the Secret Area, Feng Ling finally relaxed as she immediately responded.

Using his hearing ability to distinguish the position of the monsters from 300 meters away, Yun Tu used the sniper rifle to sweep away the dangers that were close to her. Shortly after, she had rushed and arrived at the house where Yun Tu and Qing Yi were stayed.

Having Yun Tu guarding the door meant the security was guaranteed. The two girls tightly embraced each other in darkness. They told each other’s story for the last 10 hours they were separated, feeling happy and rejoicing for both being lucky and still alive.

Nobody and nothing could be compared to Yun Tu in the dark night. In the darkness, the hearing ability of the Secret Area’s creatures was not as good as Yun Tu’s. Replacing the sniper rifle with his sword, Yun Tu came out of the building to kill all the Secret Area’s creatures within a 10 meters’ perimeter of the building, coming back after midnight.

“Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the mission task. It seems that I, this teacher, can rest assured to let you to stand and fight alone later.”

This time, Feng Ling was able to successfully complete the mission and return. Even if her basic stats were mediocre, she was the first qualified Awakened he had brought out personally in this life, however. Yun Tu could feel that she also felt happy for herself. If he were to directly guide these two women, Feng Ling would have never grown this fast.

“These are all the harvest from the Secret Area. It’s not bad. Those 5 men of Jiangnan Family did not die in vain and in injustice for helping out.”

Since it was very dark at night, the wonderful looks from Feng Ling’s excited face could not be seen, but it could be heard from her voice, tone and words. She knew that all of these was because of Yun Tu’s merits. If there was no stimulation from him, she simply would not have had the courage to enter the Secret Area. While Yun Tu also had repelled the Jiangnan Family’s force in the outside world, saving her from her timely death when coming out of broken Secret Area. Therefore, she also knew good from bad, and did not dare to have any selfishness.

A Main Job Scroll, 2 sets of weapons and equipment, 1 interspatial ring, and 1 Boss’ Monster Core. Furthermore, she also got firearms and ammunition as well as swords, other tools and items from the 5 dead Awakened from the Jiangnan Family.

The Main Job Scroll was a “Butterfly Sword Dancer”. It was an occupation much more suitable for women, and a quite rare Main Job. Yun Tu had never encountered any Butterfly Sword Dancers in his previous incarnation. He estimated that the Main Job did not have a powerful combat effectiveness, because he had never heard a powerful individual with the Butterfly Sword Dancer Main Job before. However, since there were only a few powerful women in the Apocalypse, it was difficult to truly evaluate it.

Each Main Job had two skills in their initial level. And the two initial skills the Butterfly Sword Dancer also had some characteristics.

The quick swordplay “Winding Confusion” was extraordinarily suitable for melee fight. After the skill was activated, it would greatly increase both hands’ speed for a very short time. It could release dozens of sword slashes towards all directions. The skill was highly effective to clean up low level zombies and mutant beasts if one was stranded and surrounded by them. As for the other skill, the “Gladius Combo Strike”, it was a single attack which had a powerful storming assault with a good destructive power.

Certainly, Feng Ling did not know this. The Job Scroll only had a relatively simple introduction. It only explained that the scroll referred to a double-edged sword based occupation.

“Do you like it? If you do, then learn it.”

Yun Tu also knew a little about this Main Job. It was inconvenient to give too much explanation as for learning it or not, since it was Feng Ling’s will and wish whether to choose it or not.

As a matter of fact, being able to pick and learn any occupation in the Apocalypse was a heaven-defying luck in itself. Each and every Main Job Scroll was incomparably valuable. Even if she followed Yun Tu—such a veteran of the Apocalypse—she also was not able to pick any of it without paying the price.

Not to mention that inside the Secret Area, she fell in love with this occupation. The Scroll came with a pair of feminine-curved blades, which should be the necessary weapons to support the occupation. At that moment, by the time it was in her hands, Feng Ling was tempted and almost directly learned it. However, she then thought that since she followed Yun Tu, she had to listen to his arrangement as she finally suppressed and endured it.

She had seen the formidable Hei Long with his Berserker Swordsman Main Job. She had experienced the mysterious ability of a Priest from Qing Yi too. She had long been eager, hoping that she would get herself an occupation. And now, upon hearing from Yun Tu that she could have this occupation, she was suddenly struck with happiness as jumped, almost making her kiss him.

The scroll in her hand crumbled as a gentle ray of light pierced into her glabella. Immediately, she got the occupational attribute as well as the 2 exclusive skills from the Job.

The qualitative changes occurred instantly. For it would never be forgotten for her entire life.

Then, in the dark night, she tried the 2 skills in the living room, causing a set of top grade leather sofa to be destroyed by her.

Although Qing Yi was unable to see the results from it, however, Yun Tu could sense it from his hearing. The 2 skills were truly extraordinary.

“It’s very late now, so don’t make any ruckus anymore. And since one of us was having too much of a relaxed time in the Secret Area and has a surplus of energy, then she’ll be taking the night watch!”

After having a high-intensity battle for a whole day while he also hugged Qing Yi’s fragrant and soft body, a faint impulse struck Yun Tu’s heart as he smelled her body’s fragrance. Yun Tu last sleep time was 2 days ago when he came out in the morning before he saved Feng Ling. And now, since Feng had come back, he might as well have a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow, other battles would come and at any time, powerful people could fall in the Apocalypse. Much less that he had yet to have his own Main Job.

Qing Yi was wounded. Since Yun Tu was the leader, he handed the responsibility to be a night watch to Feng Ling. Feng Ling didn’t say anything, since she did only received minor injuries in the Secret Area, and also did not spend too much strength and effort since she made those five men from Jiangnan Family as the shields and scapegoat.

“Qing Yi, accompany him to sleep!”

Upon seeing that Yun Tu went into the bedroom upstairs to sleep, inside the darkness, Feng Ling leaned to the side and whispered an advice to Qing Yi’s ear.

‘Accompany him to sleep?!’ Wasn’t this sentence too crude and had another meaning?!

Although nothing could be seen at night, Qing Yi’s face was as though being struck with high fever. A moment ago, when Yun Tu hugged her, she did not have such a feeling. But when Feng Ling wanted her to enter Yun Tu’s room, she suddenly felt embarrassed.

“Today you’ve been physically injured, so he won’t do anything reckless to you. But it’s hard to say though, since I can tell that this guy is just like a werewolf who has the tendency to turn violent!”

Feng Ling felt Qing Yi’s mood and added a few more words. Then, she directly escorted her to Yun Tu’s room and quickly closed the door.

Yun Tu and Qing Yi liked each other, and it was obvious for anyone to see. Feng Ling was not a shy young girl even in a peace era; she had a straightforward and crude character.

Since she had entered Yun Tu’s room, and in any case, Yun Tu also had hugged her a moment ago. Besides, Feng Ling had told her that since she was wounded today, Yun Tu definitely would not do something reckless to her. With a blushing face, Qing Yi silently approached the bed in the darkness, as she quietly laid down next to Yun Tu.

Sleeping together on the bed was completely different compared to hugging her because she got injured. Although Yun Tu was sleepy, but his acute hearing ability was at fault. He could hear the two girls’ conversation although they intended to hide it from him.

But, since a shy girl had come in, he could not let it go without any impression. Yun Tu took his stand and gently hugged her.

When Qing Yi had just come in, she had a little bit of fear, as she was afraid that Yun Tu would fall to his instincts. However, when Yun Tu gently hugged her, she instinctively felt very safe, so she did not even move. She even curled up her body as though a small lamb that snuggled inside his arms.

Originally, an “evil” thought also sprouted inside Yun Tu’s mind. However, the pureness and innocent manner Qing Yi had turned out to be able to calm him down. A few minutes later, he quickly fell asleep.

3 hours later, Yun Tu woke up using his own biological time. The belle next to him was still sleeping soundly with a soft and long breathing. It seemed like that her internal injuries had gotten a lot better.

Although he arranged for Feng Ling to be the night watch, but Yun Tu also knew that she had not slept for a few days. Since he had recognized her as his future team’s core member, she could not have her physical fitness continuously spent. Each and every individual had their own physical fitness limitation, even though it also had quite a flexible upper limit. Even if they had a Priest with the Small Rejuvenation skill to heal the injuries on the body, however, it would also not be able to recover in a short time.

Yun Tu gently got out of the bed quietly. The nights in the Apocalypse were as though a pitch black ink as the reek of blood smell in the air carried along with it a bloody atmosphere of a tense and restless feeling.

Feng Ling was on the night watch in the balcony. Although she was still excited due to having advanced in rank and gotten her Main Job, but the drowsiness feeling that struck her was getting stronger as she stood watch in the balcony. She had experienced deeply about the dangers brought by the Apocalypse, as even the slightest negligence in the seemingly calm and tranquil night could send the whole team into a death trap. She did not dare to slack for even a second as she forced herself to stay spirited and kept her vigilance.

As she heard footsteps coming, she knew that it was Yun Tu who came over, causing her to feel warm inside. Originally, she thought that she had to keep the night watch until dawn, but now she could go to rest.

“A beauty in the arms. You can hold her, but you cannot eat her, eh? And that made you unable to sleep, didn’t it? Since you can no longer suppress the urge, you got sick of it, didn’t you?” She threw a joke at him.

“You did have a great idea, but still, you also have the nerve to say it?!” Yun Tu pretended to look angry. In fact, even if he only had slept for a few hours, but it was better that the usual rest he used to have.

Ignoring Yun Tu who pretended to be angry, Feng Ling continued teasing him, “Do you want this beauty to compensate you?”

Yun Tu knew that Feng Ling had a crude and straightforward personality. She even dared to say those things in the peaceful era. Thus, Yun Tu asked, “With how and what means will you compensate me?”

“Whatever you want!”

In the dark night, the two of them were unable to see each other’s face. Feng Ling, who had always been bold, continued to carry on with her usual manners and act.

This girl had a tomboy-like personality. Although she had no favorable impression toward Yun Tu in the beginning. However, after the Apocalypse came, her feeling quietly changed gradually even though she did not realize it.

Although she knew perfectly well that Yun Tu liked Qing Yi more than the feeling he had toward her, however, when she escorted Qing Yi to Yun Tu’s room, she actually felt that she was quite bewildered and flustered.

“How do you do that?”

A few words from Feng Ling broke the shackles and burned up the “fire of evil” Yun Tu had already suppressed inside his heart.

“I’m not Qing Yi. I’m not afraid of you!” This girl with a big nerve still did not realize that she could be in “danger”.

This girl with a crude and unreasonable manner should be punished, otherwise, she would continue to bug him. Yun Tu grasped her and pressed her to the balcony parapet as his palm moved to her back, stroking and rubbing her body all the way down to her hips. Yun Tu was quite surprised as he could feel her slender and supple waist and buttocks.


She did tease and provoke him first. But she had never thought that Yun Tu would strike at once all of a sudden. Afterward, she tried to break away from his arms and ran away to Qing Yi’s room.

Yun Tu did not expect that Feng Ling’s body was so hot and so good!

But Feng Ling had already entered Qing Yi’s room to sleep and closed the door. Yun Tu could only lick his lips of the aftertaste in the dark.

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