MOTDN – Ch 46

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Chapter 46: Step by Step Sniping and Ambushing (Part 2)

The enemies were using the armored vehicles as a cover. Although it was quite convenient for Yun Tu be out in the open instead of hiding inside the room, however, he was completely exposed. With his wave of attacks, he was able to kill some men, but quickly got suppressed by the enemies’ fire.

Shortly after, there were no longer sounds of gunfire from Yun Tu’s location, causing the enemies to think there was something amiss.

“Chief Duan! Do you see what that is?” A man who looked like an officer reminded.

“Yes, I can see it!”

Duan Hongshan’s face was ashen.  From the sniper rifle in the enemy’s hand, he suspected that his son had already died. Even now, the emergence of the Secret Area’s creatures crushed his hope.

“Give up the original goal! Send everyone out to chase down and kill that fucking bastard. Anyone who dares to resist our guild has to die!”

A new order was finally issued, which was precisely what Yun Tu had wished for.

At that very moment, under the enemy’s fire, Yun Tu was using his dagger and silently opening the aluminum alloy window’s guardrail and successfully moved from the house.

And now the enemy’s men were too close to the Secret Area. As long as they couldn’t catch up to Yun Tu and Qing Yi who were wholeheartedly running away, they would most likely be able to confirm that the Secret Area was still active. However, Yun Tu still had some trump cards. Although his plan was not perfect, but once he risked to play this card, he believe that he could crush all of them by that he would be able to crush their thoughts.

Having bypassed a few houses, Yun Tu and Qing Yi went back to the previous house where they interrogated Duan Minghui. From this place, it was a little further to the Secret Area. Since he had successfully evaded the enemy’s pursuit, he shot a few times again toward the enemies to lure them over.


The officer who led the team was furious. As a core member of the guild, he was wearing armor leather, in addition to his high agility attribute. Therefore, he was completely unafraid of Yun Tu and Qing Yi who were hiding inside the room, as he directly led the team in to kill them.

“Then, go with your good brothers!”

Whilst shooting with a single hand, Yun Tu’s other hand suddenly raised Duan Minghui’s dead body and threw it out of the house.


Although the people behind him had long suspected that Duan Minghui had died, however, they could not help but let out shocked shouts after suddenly seeing his dead body. His lower body and vital points were also protected by gear, wrists with shin guards, and leggings to protect his legs. From top to bottom, he was nearly armed to the teeth. His Main Job was also a defensive-type one, the Titan Shield Warrior.

His left hand was holding a giant shield, while his right hand held a big sword. Both weapons were produced by the Secret Area. His equipment could be called as top-notch gears in the first weeks of the Apocalypse. Although his cunning character made him unsuitable to become a leader, however, he closely followed the Awakened who carried out the first wave of attacks as though he was a God of War in pursuit.

His son had died. He might have long mentally prepared for it, however, when he saw his son’s dead body thrown out, his body could not help but involuntarily freeze as something akin to a psychological attack struck sharply at his heart, causing him to almost spit out blood.

Everyone had a sore spot and Duan Hongshan was not an exception. Although he could not separate from women and could even have sex for a few rounds in one night, he was actually infertile.

Although he knew perfectly well that Duan Minghui was not his own son, but he really treated him as his own son. The situation drove him and his wife to tacitly approve his wife to “borrow” the seeds from another man. However, since the father was still from the Duan Family’s blood, Duan Minghui still looked like him. Because of this, outsiders had never doubted that he was an infertile man.

However, even though he had such a trump card in hand, his wife’s power and influence in the Family was very big. When his wife sometimes cheated on him with some other men, he pretended not to see it. Such an abnormal family with abnormal behaviors led to his twisted personality, driving him to be more brutal and cruel than others in the business.


Now that Duan Minghui turned out to have died, it almost made Duan Hongshan collapse from his surging emotions. But no matter how, he must kill this Yun Tu. With reason gone from his mind, he recklessly and desperately shouted and rushed over.

Avoiding the attacks’ points and edges, and catching them off guard!

The enemies had been incensed with that dead body, which meant their defeat was nigh. At this moment, Yun Tu knew that if he gave any chance for Duan Hongshan to have a fair, decisive battle with him, he would be at a disadvantageous position, much less that the enemy had dozens of people, while he had to also protect a delicate and weak girl.


The enemies had drawn too close and there was no time to break the windows in the back. Yun Tu went back to the second floor. But he had never thought that the windows on the second floor were installed with anti-theft devices. He had no time to deal with it since Duan Hongshan and his men were already so close, raring to kill him. At this time, he went back to the fourth floor directly, as the windows on this floor had no anti-theft devices installed.

“Let’s go!”

Whilst pulling Qing Yi, he directly jumped from the fourth floor window!

Jumping from the fourth floor— saying it was simple, but even for Yun Tu, whose agility and strength stats had surpassed 13 points, it was not a small task. Much less that he also had to take along Qing Yi with him, who was as weak as an ordinary person. Although by the time they landed on the ground Yun Tu forcefully used his strength to protect her, however, the huge force of the impact shocked her body as her face went pale. The impact counter made her blood surge up, and she could taste a slight salty liquid spilling over from her mouth.

“I’ve been injured and will only be a burden, you go quickly!”

Qing Yi knew that she got internal injuries, and now she was not any better than an ordinary person.

“I helped you again just now was not for an example. But as long as we have one last breath, it’s necessary for us to fight until the end!” Yun Tu quickly grabbed her as his body flashed to the corner, immediately followed by sounds of gunfire from the fourth floor.

If he was late for a second, they could have lost their lives. But since he had escaped such a tribulation, it was impossible for Yun Tu to not fight back. He put Qing Yi down and used his hand to shoot backhandedly. After which, he held Qing Yi again and quickly fled once more.

Nobody could underestimate the backhanded, aimless shot a moment ago. For the enemy, it was a declaration that he was still fighting back. So it could greatly slow down the enemy’s pursuing speed, gaining time for their escape.

After having bypassed a few alleys, Yun Tu was finally able to distance the both of them from the enemies by nearly 100 meters away. While the movements of the enemy’s vanguard also became longer.

The pressure slightly reduced, Yun Tu decided to brew another scheme. Whilst shooting back and retreating, he shouted to the side, “Surnamed Duan, count your men! You only have one third of your men left!”

His words, certainly was only an exaggerated count. However, the Jiangnan Family Guild had suffered more than ten casualties. Because their force was now stretched out at the front and in the middle of battle, nobody was counting it accurately. But now, after they heard Yun Tu’s words, they were also weighing down their calculation as the people who had rushed in the front also involuntarily slowed down their pace.

“DO NOT BE DECEIVED BY HIS SCHEME! Chase him down and rip him to pieces! There’s only one man and woman. And that woman has already fainted!”

Duan Hongshan certainly did not want to lose his power to lead as he shouted to raise his men’s morale from behind. However, sometimes, once the battle had been dragged out, it would be difficult to raise people’s morale.

It was nearly night time, and the nights in the Apocalypse were dark and thick. In the sparse amount of gunfire, Yun Tu escaped again for about 2 or 3 kilometers as the final dim light was finally swallowed by the night.

It was total darkness. But for Yun Tu, with his powerful hearing ability, he was as though a fish swimming in the sea. Listening only to the sounds, his marksmanship was nearly unaffected. As he aimed accurately for his enemies, they were blindly caught off guard. After he had lost several of his men, Duan Hongshan finally calmed himself down.

From this team, their Guild had lost at least more than a dozen of brothers. In addition to a total of 16 men previously, the total number of casualties was over 30 people. This was a very disastrous number. Even if the Jiangnan Family was a big guild and had a lot of assets, however, having such losses in the first weeks of the Apocalypse would cause an unpredictable impact for their later development.


Duan Hongshan really didn’t want to do it. But he could not lose more than 40 people in this place; otherwise, his wife and brother would never let him off easily.

A mouthful of blood spilled out from his mouth, even though he was not actually targeted and hit by an attack! He stretched out his tongue to wipe the blood on the corner of his mouth and sucked it back. Finally, he gave his order, “A man’s revenge has never been late even if it were to be had 10 years later. The enemy is in the dark and we are in the light. Withdraw!”

Hiding in the second floor of a house, Yun Tu embraced Qing Yi, who was suffering from internal injuries. After he heard the sounds of armored cars being started, only then did he finally take a long, deep breath.

Did the battle really end?

Maybe it did, and maybe not.

At the early period of the Apocalypse, the Priest Job certainly was the weakest job. She indeed was able to cure people’s wounds, however, it could not be applied for herself.

After the Jiangnan Family’s men quickly withdrew through the dark night, Yun Tu hugged and held her, as they returned back quietly to a nearby house that was 300 meters away from the warehouse. He also needed to wait for the results!

Seconds and minutes passed by, but the Secret Area had yet to be shattered.

As to what happened inside the Secret Area, outsiders would never know. And for the first time, a girl braved the hardships and dangers alone in there. Could Feng Ling be able to complete the two tasks Yun Tu had set for her?

Everything would have to rely on her good fortune!

“For now, we’re safe here. Go to the Secret Area to help Feng Ling!” After having stayed in this temporary shelter for nearly 3 hours, Qing Yi became more worried about Feng Ling’s safety.

“No one can help anyone in the apocalypse, each and every individual must learn to fight!” Yun Tu replied lightly.

“Why are you different with me? I’m so useless and you have always been protecting me!” Qing Yi asked in reply.

‘You’re not useless. You’ll be the strongest Priest in the future!’

In truth, Yun Tu wanted to answer her with this. But he finally did not say it, because the answer was not truly from his heart.

Luck was also part of the strength a person had in the Apocalypse. As for Qing Yi, she could be said to be the blessed child of the Apocalypse. On the first day of the Apocalypse, she met Yun Tu and avoided getting drenched by the rain of blood. Not only did she got the blessing of having an umbrella, she also obtained the method to become an Awakened. Later on, because she was timid, it was her boudoir friend, Feng Ling, who became an Awakened first and protected her. When the both of them fell into their most perilous time, Yun Tu appeared and helped her out of disaster once again. All in all, everything has showed her unparalleled luck.

Upon seeing that Yun Tu was only silent, Qing Yi also wanted to say something when suddenly, rays of light suddenly flashed from the warehouse’s direction…

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