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Chapter 45: Step by Step Sniping and Ambushing (Part 1)

Hei Long was but only a formidable hired thug. But he was also a hired thug who had always had a full sense of responsibility to accomplish his tasks. Since he had no family in the Apocalypse, he could successfully enter the core team of the Jiangnan Family, and it was also the main reason for his success.

He was severely injured and could only barely suppress the pain. He dashed through along the way and it only took him an hour and a half to pass through the Eastern District, which was rampant with running zombies, all the way back to Southern District.


His team, responsible for sweeping the Secret Area, originally consisted of a total of sixteen men. Three men had been killed in action after they encountered a small tide of zombies. The remaining thirteen successfully arrived at the target location and then encountered and were ambushed by their old nemesis, Yun Tu. Three other men died on the spot and Young Master Duan Minghui was severely injured, even his arms were wasted away. All of the incidents were too sudden, and the five men who had entered the Secret Area were oblivious to the situation outside. There were still three men who had yet to enter the Secret Area, and they were being suppressed by the enemies’ suppressing fire and retreating to hide in a residential building.


When such a shocking piece of news was passed to Duan Hongshan’s and Madame Duan’s ears, even if she had become an Awakened, Madame Duan was, after all, still a woman, and fainted on the spot.


Since he was too anxious to think of anyone to tend to those wounded and fainted people, Duan Hongshan put on his armor and personally went into battle. He immediately summoned a group of officers and assigned tasks to them. Four core team members and forty ordinary members then gathered and were mobilized within 20 minutes. Afterward, to speed up their movements, two military armored vehicles were also dispatched quickly.

This team was large and very powerful as they went out toward the Southern District with one intention: to kill!


All the other forces also paid special attention since the higher ups of the Duan Family members were in motion. It was suspected that they had found a special Secret Area, and nobody could even guess or think that they were only out to kill someone.


This time, to speed up their pace, they did not leave their vehicles in the Eastern District as the footmen and the armored vehicle joined forces to break through, combining the cold and fire weapons to directly sweep away all obstacles and created the shortest path toward the target’s location they had to kill.


With his extraordinary sensitive hearing, Yun Tu was able to hear the enemy’s’ armored vehicles 2 kilometers away from his place.


“They have come. Two armored vehicles and at least forty people!” Yun Tu spoke and drank his water.

“So many people?!!” Qing Yi, who was close to him, replied with a somewhat tense and anxious expression.


“Don’t panic! We’ll fight them while retreating. They cannot do anything to us!” Yun Tu gently lingered his arm around her shoulder to give her some warmth and to calm her.


He turned around and bent. The Jiangnan Family’s forces had appeared within Yun Tu’s field of vision. It was 1.5 kilometers, a distant grounded sniper rifle could afford to shoot. However, Yun Tu did not shoot immediately. He was waiting, since the first shot was a shot that was very hard to guard against by the enemies. He must let them see blood first.


When they had entered approximately within the 1 kilometer distance, Yun Tu gently pushed the window glass and finally took his first shot.

Shooting from such a far distance was obviously not easy. Duan Hongshan was sitting in the second vehicle and Yun Tu was unable to find any angles to shoot at him, so he chose to aim at the first vehicle’s driver.

The speed and initial velocity of sniper rifle’s bullets far exceeded the speed of sound. With average speed, the speed of sound also could be achieved within this 1 kilometer range. So it was simply impossible for the target’s hearing ability to be able to hear and react to the shot. As long as he was able to accurately calculate and aim at the mobile target, there was almost nobody able to avoid the first shot.

He pulled the trigger, and took his shot. As he had calculated, the first vehicle’s driver died instantly on the spot.




The officer next to him saw the bullet hole and immediately made a judgment.


The enemies had a sniper rifle.


Duan Hongshan’s heart sank, since he knew perfectly well what it meant! In the peaceful era, many people had guns, but this kind of high-precision sniper rifle was absolutely not something ordinary people could have. Even the Jiangnan Military Garrison only had a few of it. In the last few days, Duan Hongyu came and brought some of them as one was given to Duan Minghui.

“Search the target’s location!!! Get ready to counterattack that sniper!”


If there were no enemies with a long range sniper rifle targeting them, no matter how strong they were, and knew accurately the sniper’s exact position, they could only make a detour and leave. Otherwise, when that sniper took his shot, regardless of how many people they had, charging forward would only be courting their own deaths. And that sniper was also able to shoot a dozens of times within this 1 kilometer range.

But if the sniper no longer shot, finding his exact position would be nearly impossible. Even if he shot in front of that very narrow angle and scope, that sniper could have been in one of those hundreds of doors, windows and balconies. So if that sniper did not take the shot again, how would they find him?

Yun Tu also understood these truths perfectly well after having been through so many years in the Apocalypse. He only peeked at them from behind the curtain and did not take another shot. Although they had many Awakened people who walked on foot surrounding the armored vehicles, Yun Tu still had many possible optional targets. However, he had no intention to kill them, unless that big boss—Duan Hongshan—was stupid enough to stand up and come out.  

Most of the enemy’s men shrunk to hide behind the armored vehicles as they used their binoculars to begin the search. In order to avoid being found by them accidentally, Yun Tu also put down the curtain. For the time being, Yun Tu and Qing Yi were absolutely safe.


He put his ear on the wall. With his hearing ability, those armored vehicles were still motionless, and he was still able to notice any big moves they made.


“That sniper is no longer shooting. It’s impossible for us to find him like this; we must change the course to move forward!” After having spent 10 minutes without any results, the field commander asked for another instruction.

“Go ahead with the detour! And take over the Secret Area location first!”

Duan Hongshan quickly made a decision. Their forty people were extremely unhappy of being pinned down by a few people; even he himself wanted to rush forward to shred and tear those enemies. However, he finally suppressed his emotion due to reason. His decision made his subordinates feel gratified.

Upon hearing that the two armored vehicles’ engines were making sounds, Yun Tu opened the curtain again. His calculations proved to be accurate. The enemies did not storm over, and they began to turn around. And for such a situation, this could be said to be the best way to reduce the losses and casualties.


The enemies came with armored vehicles. This point in itself had gone beyond Yun Tu’s expectation. And now the enemies’ armored vehicles suddenly turned to change routes, so it could be said that his previous planning to have a fixed point to ambush them had also come to nothing. However, there has always been infinite methods in battles. Since the enemies changed their route, then, follow their new route he will.

The enemies’ two armored vehicles had just completed the U-turn when Yun Tu braved the risks to be exposed and being targeted. He shot again at those Awakened who were marching forward beside the armored vehicles a few times.

Although those running Awakened certainly were not the core members of the Jiangnan Family; however, they were also part of the enemy’s strength. If he could kill them, then kill them he will. Since the enemies had decided to change their course and strategy, they would not rush over to their leader to revise the strategy just because of these ordinary members.


As he expected, after leaving a few dead bodies, the two armored vehicles changed courses again and arrived at a crossroad. Each one of them took one end of the road and separated.


The enemies had divided their forces into two teams and marched forward separately. With such situation, if Yun Tu wanted to ambush them, there would be one team that would be able to march without any resistance. However, since they split their forces, the disturbance and pressures from the zombies were also doubled. Their speed would be slower and their trip would also be much farther. After having calculated this aspect, Yun Tu took along Qing Yi to quietly draw back from their original sniper point and quickly retreated. And shortly after, some beetles from the other Secret Area were locking and chasing them.


Qing Yi’s strength was too weak. And Yun Tu did not want to let her fight alone. Not to mention that she was also still thinking about Feng Ling who was still inside the Secret Area. Thus, he did not have the intention to zealously continue fighting, causing them to fight while constantly retreating. Seeing that Yun Tu and Qing Yi had only ordinary strength and were easy preys, the beetles kept locking at them and continued pursuing without any signs of stopping.

Those creatures were the signs that a Secret Area had been broken through and shattered. Since the Duan Family had passed through this road and seemed to have not met these beetles, couldn’t this be used to do something to them?

Suddenly, an idea sparked inside his head. The enemies detoured to this road section and were oblivious that another Secret Area had been broken around this area. As long as Yun Tu led these Secret Area’s creatures, killed them and scattered their corpses around several hundreds of meters of the Secret Area’s gate’s vicinity, it could create a false appearance that the Secret Area had been broken.


Special circumstances would need special means and methods; otherwise, with only one man’s strength for Yun Tu was alone, facing the enemies that he did not know how many Awakened with professional occupations, he certainly must go all out even if he was powerful and not necessarily die.


Whilst thinking what he was about to do, he circled around the alleys in the vicinity for several times. Yun Tu attracted five or six Secret Area’s beetles and led that group of insects toward the warehouse in front of the street and killed all of them to make the false appearance look real. He killed a large part of the beetles and left some of them, cutting off their feet to make them howl on the road.


After everything had just been prepared, he could hear that the enemies’ armored vehicles had come approximately 400 meters away. As long as they turned over and bent, they could see the scene. This place was the last section of the road and it was difficult to bypass it.


However, although he had made such a false appearance, but he must not stay still. He had to continue sniping and ambushing them; otherwise, they would march forward without any resistances, for the enemies must never arrive at the Secret Area’s location to explore what had happened.


As the two groups of the enemies converged again and emerged on the street, Yun Tu and Qing Yi had hurriedly hidden themselves into a residential building a few seconds earlier.


With such a close distance, it would be very difficult for him to not be found by the enemies. But Yun Tu did not have a plan to do that, as he suddenly opened the window and began to shoot at them.

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