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Chapter 44: Feng Ling’s Fight

After inserting a few pieces of Blood Crystals in the gate of the Secret Area, a light flashed and Feng Ling was transported to a shrubbery forest full of vines.

The entire forest area had simply no pathways as it was surrounded by a dense mist. The line of sight was only a 200 meters circumference, and she could hear the sounds of beasts she had never heard of from time to time.

If she knew that Yun Tu would only let her venture alone inside the Secret Area, Feng Ling thought that she would have no courage to accept and endure it by herself. But since she insisted to enter, Yun Tu himself had never said that he would go along with her. So she could only brace herself to move on.


Since she had entered it, it was imperative for her to accomplish the mission task. And her task might be quite difficult since she had to ensure breaking the Secret Area as well as trying to exterminate those five enemies.


According to the suitable plan Yun Tu had brewed for her, as long as she did not encounter them inside, she must confirm her safety first before she sent out a signal flare to lure the Jiangnan Family’s men.


She was only a girl, who lived in the city since her childhood. For her, traversing through this primordial forest was extraordinarily difficult. After having walked for a few meters and slightly explored a small area with difficulties, Feng Ling lit the signal flare from that little vile bastard, Duan Minghui.


A few minutes had passed, and the men from Jiangnan Family had yet to respond and come. But, a head with three eyes, with a four-legged body that was bigger a few times than the tigers on Earth, was attracted and appeared.

Gunfire began from the other side about 100 meters away from her location. At present, the beast seemed to have rushed all the way to the front. A dozens of shots should have been able to kill it, a fact that she had never encountered any mutant beast that was bulletproof. However, the beasts in this Secret Area were extremely fast, and all the bullets shots from the long distance were unable to inflict any injuries on it. After several shots were fired again, some of the bullets were finally barely able to pierce its cerebral cortex after it rushed and came closer to the vicinity. However, the wound was not serious. Feng Ling quickly replaced her gun with a cold blade as the beast had already arrived in front of her and attacked.

Fortunately, after Yun Tu had altered her long sword, its sharpness was extraordinarily sharp. In the first round, Feng Ling had to pay the price as the beast was able to scratch her shoulder, but at the same time, she was also able to slash the beast with her sword.

Under such a pressure, she gave out everything she had to fight it and was finally able to sever the beast’s head after three rounds, albeit reluctantly.


“Who the hell are you? Raise your hands up! Who lit that signal flare just now?”

She had yet to catch her own breath after killing that mutant beast when two men with guns aimed at her.


Fortunately, the Jiangnan Family’s men who entered the Secret Area earlier did not know the situation that had happened at the outside. In their hearts, they believed it was impossible for outsiders to enter this Secret Area, so they did not have suspicion and did not open fire. Otherwise, Feng Ling could have been turned into a corpse by now.


“You dare to point your gun to this auntie huh? Do you wanna die that badly?”

Women were apt to acting, and upon seeing those two men in black suit from the side, Feng Ling immediately turned at them with anger and a hostile manner.


“You are?” The men was suspecting and still skeptical.


“This auntie is called Feng Ling. According to generations, that Duan Minghui boy has to call me auntie! He said that if I entered this Secret Area and had lit this signal flare, all of you will come to protect me. But I’ve never thought that you even dare to point your guns at me!” Pretending to be angry, Feng Ling stood and took out a signal flare from her interspatial ring.


“Excuse me, but are you really Young Master Duan’s paternal aunt?”


Although they put their guns away and their tone and attitude changed, however, the two men in black suits still asked a question and did not put down their guard.


Upon seeing the changes from their attitudes, Feng Ling knew that she had to call their names Duan Minghui had given her before. Posing as that Young Master Duan Minghui’s aunt seemed to be having an effect, and she no longer felt anxious and restless anymore as she spoke, “You are Tang Sanmao and you are Wang Chun! Where are Liu Lang, Liu Bo, and Zhang Wu? Why didn’t they come to see me?”


In just one breath she called five names, which made the men have no more doubts about her again. Although one of them turned out to be Li Lang who was called Wang Chun by Feng Ling, however, it was enough proof that she was a core member of the Jiangnan Family.

“Young Lady Duan, please for forgive us. It was just a complete misunderstanding a moment ago. It was for safety’s sake, for we don’t want any outsiders to take advantages of us.” Tang Sanmao and Liu Lang quickly replied with a smile.

“While waiting for the three of them to gather here, you skin this beast for me. Let’s see if our Armor Crafter would be able to make some protective gears from it!” Feng Ling walked to the side and sat down to clean up her wound while sending out her orders.

For Jiangnan Family to have an Armor Crafter, was definitely a secret to outsiders. Thus, Feng Ling’s words had made those men to be more certain of her identity and no longer doubted her.

Upon seeing that Feng Ling was wiping her wound with Iodine with difficulty, the clever Tang Sanmao came over immediately to take the initiative to help her. However, with their different status, he did not dare to even make contact with Feng Ling’s skin.


A few minutes later, the other three men also arrived. And Feng Ling was certainly disinclined to explain anything again. It was Tang Sanmao and Liu Lang who explained about her, adding some oil and vinegar to them.


As to why Young Master Duan and Hei Long did not enter this Secret Area, Feng Ling roughly explained that she only got an emergency order since there was a news about another Secret Area about less than 1 or 2 kilometers away from this place. The Headquarters’ meaning was that, since this Secret Area was located in the Eastern District, nobody would be able to compete for it, so they ordered the team to split into 2 groups; one group to complete the Secret Area’s mission task. As for Young Master Duan Minghui, he would go sweep over the other place with the remaining people. However, since she wanted to have some experience in the Secret Area, therefore, she was temporarily placed in their group.

This explanation could not be said as perfect. But all in all, it was still reasonable. In any case, they were inside the Secret Area and had no means to confirm nor verify what Feng Ling had said to the outside world. Even if they had doubts and suspected her, they did not dare to utter it out loud.

The team did not stay longer. And in order to save time, Feng Ling immediately led them to sweep away the Secret Area together. She knew that time was of the essence. Although at present she was able to deceive these men, but if she was not able to find this Secret Area’s monster boss quickly and break out of the Secret Area, by the time she went out, some people would have come and she would be surrounded by the Jiangnan Family’s forces. That was not a joke. Thus, any second and minute were completely crucial to her own life and death.


But this Secret Area’s region was truly large. They had been walking for 3 or 4 hours and they had killed dozens of beasts along the way, but they still had yet to find the mission boss.


These 3 or 4 hours were the fastest time window for Hei Long to return. If the time when they interrogated Duan Minghui before was to be counted, the safe time for Feng Ling had long been used up. Although she was burning with impatience and anxiousness; however, with such a large Secret Area, she truly had no better means and could only continue to disguise herself and calmly pretended to give orders for these men to search the boss. In order to speed up the search, she put down her young lady attitude to join the fray in killing the beasts when they encountered them.


As Feng Ling posed as Duan Minghui’s aunt and led the five men of the Jiangnan Family in searching the mission boss and tried to break open the Secret Area, Yun Tu and Qing Yi had to face a heavier pressure outside of the Secret Area.


According to a normal estimation, it was possible to break open the Secret Area within 3 to 4 hours. However, since the map and terrain of the Secret Area was ever changing, it was only used as an estimation. For the first Secret Area Yun Tu had entered, he also spent nearly 10 hours there. So he did not have high hopes for Feng Ling to be able to break through the Secret Area within the safe time window.


Therefore, he set up his first sniping point to ambush. The place was located a kilometer away from the gate to the Secret Area, in the street where he had saved Qing Yi and Feng Ling. If there were no other incidents, this would be the road that the enemies would take from the Southern District.


Everything had been prepared. And Yun had gotten a lot of treasures from Duan Minghui. Apart from that armor vest, he had given three out of five anti-tank grenades to Feng Ling and took with him the remaining two. And the most important and hard to come by item was a sniper rifle. At present, he was inside a 3-storied residential building near the window, pointing his sniper’s muzzle and looking toward the direction of the Southern District.

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