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Chapter 43: Trial and Decision

“Young ladies, you can come out now!”


When Yun Tu had confiscated the three men’s weapons, he circled around the house as the two belles went downstairs to the first floor with disbelieving expressions.

“Are they all dead?” Feng Ling asked with a somewhat unreal feeling.


“You’re injured!” Qing Yi found a wound on Yun Tu’s left shoulder.


The smell of blood around this place was too strong, and the zombies would definitely swarm over shortly. Yun Tu was physically and mentally exhausted from the fight. He was somewhat more mentally tired, and it was not something the Healing and Small Rejuvenation skills from a Priest could solve.

Hei Long had returned to the Southern District and it could be estimated that at the slowest, it would take 5 hours for the large force sent by the Jiangnan Family to come. If they recklessly entered the Secret Area, when the Secret Area was broken, they would be rammed over and made into mincemeat by the enemies.


Along with the two girls, he headed to the Secret Area’s entrance. Yun Tu did not enter it and directly raised Duan Minghui. Then, he retreated 300 meters away from the warehouse and hid inside a house.

Should they enter the Secret Area or not?


Would they enter the Secret Area?


And how to enter it?


These three questions certainly must be carefully thought of. But everything had to wait after interrogating this little evil bastard Duan Minghui before they decided it.


“What’s keeping him? Looking at such hatred from this bastard, let’s just kill him and leave!”

Feng Ling did not understand Yun Tu’s intention in treating such a scourging existence. The things that she could not figure out the most was that Duan Minghui was bleeding and covered with blood. Even his appearance did not look like he amounted to anything.


“He could still have some uses, no?”

Yun Tu was receiving the healing from Qing Yi whilst watching his enemy in front that looked like a lump of soft meat as he was thinking to begin his trial.


“You wouldn’t be thinking of using him as a hostage to extort his father, would you?” Feng Ling asked.

“Unfortunately, he’s not Duan Hongyu’s son. The true leader of the Jiangnan Family is Duan Hongyu and not Duan Hongshan, no?” Yun Tu faintly replied.


“My uncle only has a daughter! I’m also his flesh and blood child, the son of the eldest son’s first wife of the Duan Family. As long as you release me, my Jiangnan Family will definitely pay any price you want!”

Upon hearing that he might have some uses from Yun Tu’s words, Duan Minghui, who originally thought that he would certainly die, suddenly saw a trace of uncertain hope. He quickly interrupted with a weak breath.

“What you said can never be ascertained! How the hell can you know what Duan Hongyu thinks about you? The difference between a son and relatives are too far away!”

“You don’t know, but I’m my father’s son in name only. Truthfully, my uncle is my biological father!”

In order to maintain his life, Duan Minghui blew out such an outrageous news, causing Feng Ling, who was drinking, to spat out the water from her mouth. This bastard was really too unreasonable, he even defiled his mother’s chastity and innocence with such words because he wanted to keep his wicked soul.


“It seems like you really want to cooperate, eh?!” Yun Tu reacted apathetically to this Young Master Duan’s outrageous claim.

“As long as you release me, I promise that my uncle—father—will comply to anything you want. I really am his own son. My Mother told me this personally. Even my father doesn’t know about this!” Duan Minghui stressed it out.


“No wonder you are so smart, eh! It turns out that your father is the other man. However, I don’t know what kind of treasures your Jiangnan Family has, so I’m clueless as to what type of ransom I should ask for!?” Yun Tu asked again.


“The actresses and celebrities! We have more than 300 female entertainers. The list of those flowers’ name is in my interspatial ring. You can freely pick anyone you like and as many as you want, you can even have your Wang Nuobing!” Duan Minghui quickly answered him. The first half of the words he had said was true, but his eyes flashed when he added the last phrase, “you can even have your Wang Nuobing”. It was because Wang Nuobing had disappeared and was missing ever since the 4th day of the Apocalypse. She even had stolen away a large Blood Crystal from him.

Upon hearing Wang Nuobing’s name, Qing Yi’s face changed in an obvious manner. She naturally knew that Wang Nuobing was Yun Tu’s ex-girlfriend.


Yun Tu’s complexion sank as he heard Wang Nuobing’s name. He did not care about her, but he could tell that Duan Minghui deliberately lied to him. With an ice-cold expression and tone, he warned him, “I don’t give a damn about those things. But if you also dare to even spit out any lies in front of me again, then you can expect to have your time of death!”

“Yes! I-I won’t tell you a lie, absolutely!” Duan Minghui could feel a murderous intent from the ice-cold words and tone from Yun Tu.


“Does Jiangnan Family have a Shadow Assassin Main Job Scroll?”

“This…” Out of habit, Duan instinctively wanted to lie; but under Yun Tu’s gaze, he finally could only tell him the truth, “There are a lot of Secret Areas we’ve entered and broken up, but never once have I heard about the Shadow Assassin Main Job Scroll. But we have the Storm Swordsman, a powerful archer class, as well as swords, and other useless scrolls. Those are originally being kept to award and encourage our members. As long as you want anything, we can talk about it!”


Upon hearing that they had no Shadow Assassin Main Job Scroll, Yun Tu’s interest to extort the Jiangnan Family faded. Besides, extorting a large organization such as this Jiangnan Family would be a huge risk; he could die a horrible death without a burial ground. But Yun Tu clearly did not reveal his thoughts on his face.

“If you really want to live, first of all, you have to be sincere. Now, tell me, how do you contact your people after you’ve entered the Secret Area?”

“There are some fireworks in my interspatial ring for that. It’s to save the bullets and our means of communication.”


“Does each member have it?”


“No, only the core members have this kind of signal flare, and the other members must obey their orders!”


“Good. Formerly, five of your men have entered the Secret Area. What are they called?” Yun Tu asked again.


When this question was asked, Duan Minghui slightly hesitated. He could tell that Yun Tu wanted to chase those few brothers of his from the Secret Area and kill them.


“What is it? You don’t want to answer? Then, the next thing now is about yourself. I’ll let the ladies deal with you!” Yun Tu threatened him.


The death of his friends did not mean that he himself had to die miserably. Holding onto the last trace of hope he had, Duan Minghui finally told the five men’s names, and also told everything about them in detail.


“Thanks for your cooperation Young Master Duan. Just like you, I also fear death very much. So it’s time to end all the games between us to conclusion. I don’t think that I have the ability nor can I afford to take any offers of benefits from your Jiangnan Family!”


Since Qing Yi had tended and cured his wounds, Yun Tu’s physical state had been recovered. He already made a clear decision, that Feng Ling would deal with the next matter.


“Hundreds of beauties and you can pick anyone you like, eh? Are you really not tempted?” After Feng Ling’s knife dealt with Duan Minghui, she cracked a joke at him.


“Beauties are very cheap in the Apocalypse. Even a piece of bread could be traded to have two of them in the Northern District!” Yun Tu’s reply was actually to intentionally make those girls seethed in anger as they were left speechless. They knew well that Yun Tu might not tell them the truth, but the truth that the situation was heading toward that, was not far.

After a long time, Feng Ling then asked, “That Shadow Assassin Main Job is an amazing occupation isn’t it? How powerful is it to be compared to Hei Long’s?”

“Each occupation actually has its own merits and advantages, but the things that one must be looking at is the one who learns it!” Yun Tu explained.

“Actually, if we did not kill that Duan Family’s Young Master just now, we could have exchanged him with 1 or 2 other occupational scrolls. Anyway, his arms had been broken, and he didn’t have any strength left to harm other people anymore.” Feng Ling had seen and experienced formidable skills from people with Main Jobs, and she also badly wanted to have one.

“Basically, each Secret Area would produce at least one scroll. Now you can see one Secret Area in front of you. As long as you have the guts, I’ll give the needed Blood Crystals for you to enter it.”

“But, Hei Long is mobilizing forces, and even if we broke through the Secret Area, we’ll be…” Qing Yi reminded.

At present, the Secret Area was quite valuable, and he did want to open it. But after he went in and broke it through, Yun Tu had yet to have a complete plan, he gave out the issue as a probing test to Feng Ling.


Although she was a girl, but Feng Ling did have a slight violent character. She had killed zombies as well mutant beasts, and also people in the last few days. She could be said as not being a greenhorn anymore in regard to fights.

They had collected a large number of guns and bullets from today’s battle. But the most important thing was Duan Minghui’s interspatial ring. There were also five anti-tank military grenades that had big explosive power. With such rich resources, it should not be a problem to take down the Secret Area.

Risks and riches were placed at the front. It was like the risks in gambling. Feng Ling’s eyes looked at Yun Tu and Qing Yi as she finally nodded with a serious expression.


“Then, I must enter it too!”


Qing Yi was worried about her. Although she was timid and did not have much courage, but for a friend’s safety in critical times, her courage had never been small.

“Each person will be teleported to a random place inside the Secret Area. Even if you enter it, you won’t be able to do much to help. Moreover, you have a more important task now. For now, the key to victory is not to break through the Secret Area. Whether the Jiangnan Family’s second wave force comes before the Secret Area has been broken or not, we still have to keep them off outside together to give more time for Feng Ling!” Yun Tu replied with a solemn tone.


“Ah, then let me go in alone!”


Upon hearing Yun Tu’s statement, Feng Ling’s suddenly turned big as she stared at him.


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