MOTDN – Ch 42

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Chapter 42: Killing is a Way Out and Method to Stay Alive (Part 4)

Humans would learn and develop faster if they were put under pressure. The moment when Yun Tu was leaving and jumped downstairs, Qing Yi moved her Willow Staff and quickly buffed him with the Small Rejuvenation skill, fully displaying that she was ready to enter battle mode.

However, after Yun Tu was gone, the pressure on the two girls had not decreased. After seeing that Yun Tu went downstairs and made a detour back to the warehouse, the two girls waited and directed their guns to shoot at the enemy within their scope of fire.

When Yun Tu went back to face the enemies, the both them understood his tactic and intention. However, unexpected things happened, as they saw that on the other side, Hei Long suddenly released a red light from his body. Feng Ling immediately adjusted the strategy and finally gunned down another person. Although she slightly made a contribution in this fight, however, looking at that Hei Long in red light that led the other three people to rush into the building where Yun Tu was hiding, their hearts palpitated.


Would Yun Tu be able to survive against four?

Should they rush there to help him?


The two girls glanced at each other. They did not speak, but their innermost feelings were struggling. If they were to run out of the building, their position would be exposed and become the target of the enemies’ muzzles. If they did not rush to help him, then Yun Tu could only depend on himself to face those four men by himself.


At this time, each second passing by was each second of suffering!


“If I have to die, then I will die! But I don’t want to die being cursed by Yun Tu because of my timidity and fear!”


Feeling that Qing Yi was trembling, Feng Ling clenched her teeth and suddenly turned around. However, at this time, Qing Yi pulled her back.

It was because she saw Yun Tu was approaching the area near the gate to the Secret Area from another direction.


“Holy mother! This guy really appears and disappears mysteriously!”


Feng Ling rejoiced that she did not rush out earlier, otherwise, she would have really died by now.


Just as Feng Ling’s words finished, Yun Tu entered the warehouse. Then, gunfire sounded, followed by Duan Minghui’s miserable screams transmitted from the inside.


Hei Long, who had rushed to the house where Yun Tu was previously hiding, immediately rushed out. Feng Ling shot at him from a higher place about 30 meters away from him. However, the bullets were unable to inflict any injuries on him. Hei Long turned around and looked at their direction. But he decided to head straight to the warehouse. At that time, Feng Ling and Qing Yi were also under pressure and were unable to lift their heads up. The windows’ glasses then fell broken one after another, leaving them battered and exhausted as they were struck in a dilemma. They finally decided to leave the third floor to the second floor and gently opened the curtain. The enemy’s gunfire had also stopped by now. Since the two buildings were facing each other, such a situation where they would confront each other had been created.

Three others of their enemies also had guns as the 2 of them only had one. They also only had a few rounds of bullets in the magazine. Obviously, their strength was in a much more inferior position. They knew that Yun Tu had changed his position and they naturally felt that they would not be successful.

Fortunately, the enemies did not know how many people were hiding in their place as they did not dare to storm over at the building.


Both sides ceased firing. However, it did not mean that they could have a relaxed moment to rest. It was a battlefield, as every second passed by, it would strain anyone’s nerves.

When the battle on the warehouse side had started, they were unable to see it and could only hear some sounds. It was not until Hei Long made Duan Minghui crawl out to trigger the gate to the Secret Area that they were able to see the situation clearly.


The enemy wanted to run away into the Secret Area and that little evil bastard obviously had been seriously injured as his hands also had been wasted away. The moment the gate to the Secret Area emitted out the lights, Hei Long also ran away. However, he had not forgotten that he still had three other comrades in arms.


“All of you go into the Secret Area and protect the Young Master! By the time we come back I’ll record your merits and recommend you for promotion and rewards!”


Along with the fading figure of Hei Long who was leaving, the two girls’ minds wandered again. Why did Yun Tu have yet to come out of the warehouse?


Could it be… that Yun Tu was killed by that Hei Long?!!


However, looking at the situation, it did not look like it!


Whilst hiding behind the curtains, the two girls paid attention to any movements the enemies made as they turned toward each other and were speechless.


Just like the two girls who were puzzled, the three other members of the Jiangnan Family inside the building on the opposite side were also confused. Their leader was gone, and it did not seem that he had won. Young Master Duan should have long known that it would need Blood Crystals to enter the gate to the Secret Area. Could it be that he was waiting for them? Could it be that he had something important to tell them?

They could tell that something was amiss from Hei Long’s last message. The three people discussed it for a moment and finally decided to stay still.

Five minutes later, Duan Minghui popped out from the Secret Area’s gate as he fell heavily on the ground, and was no longer able to crawl again.


However, Yun Tu still did not appear!


“If Yun Tu didn’t die, he also could have been seriously injured. Should we have a look there?” Feng Ling was puzzled and asked.


“No, you can’t!” Qing Yi instinctively shook her head. In fact, she was the also the same as Feng Ling and did not know the whole situation. She was also at a loss and did not know what to do. But she instinctively could feel that Yun Tu would not fall that easily into accidents.

Just like the two girls, the three men inside the opposite building were also at a loss.

“What should we do? Young Master Duan’s arms have been severed. But we don’t have Blood Crystals to enter the Secret Area, and the man who supposedly we’re chasing has actually disappeared. Could it be that he bypassed us from behind?” A man amongst them, who had the idea to stay still, burst out his suspicion.

“We need to be careful, let’s look again!” The other one who was older than him, slightly felt that something was obviously amiss. But he could not tell the reason for this feeling.


“If Hei Long killed that man inside the warehouse, and Big Brother Hei Long wants us to protect Young Master, we will look like a damn joke here. We definitely won’t have any good days later!” The last man also expressed his thoughts.


Time was passing by, and the fickle and impatient would make wrong decisions!


“If we jump down from the second floor’s balcony in the back, we can avoid gunshots. The Secret Area is 100 meters away from this place. Even if those people are shooting at us, they cannot hurt us!”


After a few minutes of silence, one man amongst them was unable to endure anymore. If they did not go to rescue Young Master Duan, they would simply have no way to stay in Jiangnan Family. He would also miss Young Master Duan’s promises to send him his female actresses.


“Right! Even if Hei Long did not kill that man a moment ago, he could have been severely injured. Besides, we have three guns. Why should we be afraid of him?!” Another man also backed him up.


It was two against one. And their plan to act was also a safe one. If the other insisted on not going back, that would be unreasonable and outrageous. Finally, the eldest man nodded.

The three of them silently headed toward the second floor’s balcony and then jumped down one by one.

Killing was a method to stay alive. If everything went according to their plans, Yun Tu in the warehouse could only stealthily attack and kill one of them. However, Yun Tu had used his sharp dagger to cut open the metal walled warehouse and sneaked back in a circle and hid. So he could intercept the three people on the way back.


The three men jumped down from the second floor and then went out in a line. When they had just walked for about 10 meters, Yun Tu suddenly rushed out from the side corner. Three gunfire sounds were heard continuously as everything happened completely out of the three men’s expectations.

Originally they thought that even if Yun Tu was still alive, he must be hiding inside the warehouse. They planned to help Duan Minghui first, only then would they get rid of him. So they had never expected that after they jumped down and took only a few steps, he began to attack and tried to exterminate them.

However, Awakened people were after all an Awakened. The first and second man died on the spot, but the third man’s reaction was quite fast as he moved to the side to avoid the bullet.


Their four eyes met as their fists and legs then moved like the wind. The two men immediately got engaged in a hand to hand fight.


The man also had a veteran soldier background. His body could also be said to be strong and well trained. Unfortunately, he met Yun Tu, who had higher stats than him and fighting skills and techniques as the old bird of the Apocalypse that were also stronger than him by several levels.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Both sides exchanged a number of blows for a few seconds. As within 5 seconds’ time frame, Yun Tu slided to the side a step and made a feint move as he sent his dagger to straightly slashed at him and cut his carotid artery.


Along with the last three people who were killed. This team sent by the Jiangnan Family, apart from the five people who had entered the Secret Area, the remaining eight people, their Young Master Duan Minghui had been wasted, and Hei Long had run away. The other six men had already registered for their spots in the Netherworld.

Hence, although it could not be said that Yun Tu had obtained a total victory, but the current state for the first half of the fight was, Yun Tu’s overwhelming superiority.

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