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Chapter 41: Killing is a Way Out and Method to Stay Alive (Part 3)

“Damn motherfu*ker! I must kill him! This pain is killing me!”

To be safe, Duan Minghui and his other teammate had fallen back to the warehouse to dress their wounds. Although he was shouting that he was in pain, his expression was fierce and cruel. In this aspect only, the Duan Family members did have the capacity and quality to adapt to the Apocalypse.

However, now, Yun Tu had folded back once again. For him, it just happened that he could end all of his resentments.

“You really want to kill me, eh?!”

As he kicked the warehouse’s front door, Yun Tu shot the man’s head who was dressing Duan Minghui’s arm. Blood and white fluid flowed out together. The man had not even the time to scream as he fell onto Duan Minghui’s arms.


As he suddenly saw Yun Tu appearing in front and pointing his gun at him, Duan Minghui could only utter such a word.

Everything was too sudden. A moment ago, Hei Long, who had just rushed toward the building where Yun Tu was hiding and suddenly was suppressed by gunshots from the building across. The bullets instantly took down and killed two of his brothers. He forcefully rushed into the room and was unable to understand the situation. In such a state, gunfire was also heard from Young Master Duan’s position.

“You stay guard and defend the first floor! Do not ever let him out!”

He was anxious to immediately return back to protect his Master. When they go back from this trip, there must be no accident happened to Young Master Duan, otherwise, Duan Hongshan would skin him alive.

On the other side, Duan Minghui was also an Awakened, not to mention that he also already had a Main Job. He pushed his teammate’s dead body aside and took out a sword with his left hand, since his right arm was injured. At the same time, a blue light then flashed.

“Storm Swordsman!”

It turned out that Duan Minghui’s Main Job and the Wang Yang brothers’ were the same. This Main Job was well known for its speed. And from the flashing blue light a moment ago, it could be seen that he had activated the first skill of the Storm Swordsman, the Swift Thrust skill.

This skill could enhance the speed of the sword. Certainly, with such a high speed he would also be able to create a much more powerful penetrating force. In normal conditions, for ordinary Awakened, it was very difficult to keep off another Awakened who had a Main Job. However, Yun Tu was no ordinary Awakened. He was an old bird that had been re-tempered and born again. Much less that he also was an Awakened who had swallowed the Green Zombie’s Blood Crystal, while he was also still affected by the buff given by Qing Yi who was a Priest. Even if he had to face Duan Minghui head-on, he would not lose. Not to mention that the enemy was still injured and acted hastily.

His body flashed, as Yun Tu avoided his Swift Thrust. At the same time, his body moved in circles toward Duan Minghui’s back and fired his gun at him.

Since the gun was shot at the center of Duan Minghui’s back, it could be said that he was dead already. But, an unexpected situation happened. Even under such a point blank shot, the bullet did not pierce his back, and instead, was bounced back.

“Protective gears! It’s no wonder that he appeared more sturdy than usual today!”

The Apocalypse had only just begun. But the Jiangnan Family unexpectedly already had an Armor Crafter; they were even able to make such a leather armor protective gear!

The rich and powerful teams were really resourceful!

As Yun Tu hesitated slightly, Duan Minghui had already made a second move as he turned around to attack him. Although his left arm was not too convenient in using the sword, however, with a Swordsman Main Job, his reaction speed was definitely not slow.

Since his upper body was still wearing a leather armor protective gear made by the Armor Crafter, he could ignore the enemy’s weapon. Yun Tu moved to the side and kicked, sending him flying.

“Aaaa…!” A loud scream sounded.

Duan Minghui’s body was bent as he squatted down. Even if he was quite strong, but he was also unable to withstand such a piercing pain.

The gun in Yun Tu’s hand disappeared as a dagger suddenly replaced it. His body flickered and slid again toward the bent enemy who was still in pain. He slipped from the side and cut off the uninjured left arm and ribs.

To make its wearer unrestricted in a fight, the guard vest usually only protected the chest and back, as the arms and other limbs were left unprotected. However, even if that part of the body was also being protected, it was only a relative conjecture. After Yun Tu’s dagger had been improved and altered with the material from the Green Zombie, it was able to cut and pierce any ordinary level protective gear.

His arm was broken and both of them were fractured. Duan Minghui’s body rolled over to the corner as he shrunk there. He completely lost his former days’ imposing manner and attitude, trembling with look of infinite fear in his eyes. He had lost his will to fight thoroughly and turned into a lamb that waited to be slaughtered.

“Don’t die so fast!”

Yun Tu sneered. He stepped forward and trampled down on his crotch and destroyed his balls.

The scream, as though a pig that was being butchered, howled from the playboy’s mouth as Hei Long, who was returning back to protect his Master, had already rushed and arrived at the door.

Yun Tu did not look back and completely pretended to have not noticed him despite being aware of the footsteps owner. He knew that it belonged to the highly talented Berserker Swordsman with formidable fighting prowess. He did not dare to underestimate him since, after all, he had no Main Job.

However, in a fight, who would be the victor and who would be the loser were two different matters. He was but an old veteran of the Apocalypse, he went back to his past life and re-tempered himself. In his previous incarnation, sneaking and doing stealth attacks was his forte as a Shadow Assassin. If the situation was not optimal, even if he was to face weak opponents, he would also sneak and stealthily attack them. Much less that Hei Long was also quite a powerful individual who was obviously able to affect the final outcome of the battle.

He was planning to use the Young Master Duan’s sorrowful screams to lure the other party to rush over and hastily acted regardless of the risks and consequences.

As expected, when he saw that Yun Tu trampled Young Master Duan’s crotch, and even pressing and rubbing him to the concrete floor while also appearing to have not noticed his arrival, Hei Long roared loudly and used the long sword in his hand and dashed forward in a straight line toward Yun Tu to directly kill him. His speed was very fast, as though lightning.

Since he had been very vigilant and focused at him, how could Yun Tu give him the chance to use his sword? What he was planning was to make him recklessly strike with his word toward his back. In a sudden movement, Yun Tu dodged and straightly hit Hei Long’s chest with his left shoulder, and at the same time, using his dagger in his right hand to pierce at his lower abdomen with all of his strength.

Hei Long was desperate. It was difficult to stop the momentum of his sword’s attack as well as the sudden attack from Yun Tu, and he fell into a difficult situation since his upper and lower body were being targeted by a combo attack. He hastily drew back forcefully to take back his striking force. But he was still a half breath late as the dagger in Yun Tu’s hand successfully pierced through the Red Flame protective shield on his body, slashing his lower abdomen and leaving out a 6 or 7 inches long bleeding wound. Although the wound was not too deep to the extent that his internal organs were bursting out, but such a wound also made it hard to deal with it first.

With a trace of a panicked expression, Hei Long drew back a few steps and also fell back to the corner of the warehouse.

A ruminating expression was cast on Yun Tu’s face. However, murderous intent filled his eyes, and the moment their four eyes met, Hei Long’s body violently trembled.

That man was a strong enemy. One move, and he was even able to break his Red Flame Armor. Hei Long could only fight back with difficulty, and still he was wounded and bleeding. Hei Long’s hands gripped his sword as he waited to get his strength back to attack again.

“Kill him! Kill him…!”

On the ground, Young Master Duan, who had just fainted and was in an almost dead state, woke up. Upon seeing that He Long was here, he was as though seeing his savior. He yelled from his position with a weak breath.

But it was a life and death moment. Whether he could go on living or not was still in question, so Hei Long did not pay attention to his Master’s whining. He did not change his defensive posture and was motionless as he just stared tightly at his enemy.

Yun Tu was not too worried in the case that he had to leave Feng Ling and Qing Yi to confront the other people. The enemies were wounded, and he could take them down with time on his side. So he decided to move first to make the odds greater. However, those two weak women, Feng Ling and Qing Yi, would not make mistakes again the next time, and they also would be able to kill other evil and vile people. Yun Tu did not dare to delay this much longer.

Therefore, after both sides stared at each for a few seconds, Yun Tu moved to face the formidable Hei Long as he attacked him straight from the front.

An inch of attack and an inch of fighting back. Seeing that Yun Tu suddenly moved, Hei Long sent out a crossing slash with his long sword’s point to seal away Yun Tu’s attack from every direction.

Although Yun Tu was the first one to attack, he also divided his attention to the actual situation as he only used this attack to probe.  His body paused and avoided the opponent’s long sword, and then struck back with a second move. After having paused for a moment, Yun Tu’s speed accelerated faster for a level as the tip of his dagger stabbed toward Hei Long’s throat.

Since the wall was behind him, Hei Long had no way to step back, and he had already slashed his sword. He released his left arm from the sword and tried to catch Yun Tu’s wrist.

Yun Tu turned his wrist and pulled it in circling movements quickly as he moved to the side and then stepped back a few steps, leaving a few hideous wounds on Hei Long’s wrist.

Hei Long now realized that he had met the most powerful enemy in the entire of his life since he was still wounded even after he had put such a tight defense.

How to deal with him?! Abandon his Master and running way was not something he dared to think of.

After he retired from the army, he was introduced and worked for the Duan Family. It had been 5 years since then, and he had become the most trusted bodyguard for the Duan Family in these five years, from only an ordinary security guard. On the surface, it was an obvious progress, but in fact, his mind had undergone a significant change.

Over the past five years, he had become the man behind scenes and did countless evil deeds for the Duan Family. He also admired the cruel and vicious methods the Duan Family had in dealing with things, as well as thought that joining the Duan Family would certainly give him a future. And he was perfectly aware that betraying the Duan Family would only give him one fate, death.

His abdomen had been wounded. And now his arm was wounded again. Although his enemy did not have any Main Job, however, his speed and strength was truly powerful. Even if he fought him with clean and clear means, he had lost the confidence to win the fight.

Never once had Hei Long felt afraid to fight. And this was the first time he felt afraid, as at the same time, his mind was also racing! As for Yun Tu, seeing such subtle change in his enemy’s eyes, he could feel that the tide of the battle had been tilted to his side, since the enemy’s imposing manner seemed to become dispirited. He also could tell that the enemy’s will to fight was also fading away.

Kill! Yun Tu moved. His body flashed and suddenly dashed forward to the side, toward Duan Minghui!

Save him from the attack!

As expected, Hei Long also slanted and dashed toward the same direction as the two fought again!

Although he held the key opportunity, however, Yun Tu after all, did not have the defensive technique such the Red Flame Armor since he had no Main Job. If he really wanted to finish this fight in a short time, he must pay a high price for it. If he only had minor wounds, Qing Yi possibly would be able to heal him quickly. But in the case that he got serious injuries, the gains would not make up for the losses.

In this wave of attacks, the both of them exchanged ten moves. The dagger in Yun Tu’s hand was able to inflict small injuries on Hei Long’s body, but at the same time, a red color was also painted on his left shoulder.

“Young Master Duan, this man is very difficult to deal with. You go to the Secret Area. I have no confidence to win against him if I still have to protect you. Besides, he got companions also. If you enter the Secret Area, once I have solved this fight, I’ll come back with reinforcements.”

Hei Long finally came up with an idea that he thought would be suitable for the both of them. Although sending Young Master Duan to the Secret Area in such a state would throw him into layers of dangers, however, five people of their team were there. As long as he entered the Secret Area and did not encounter any dangers for a few minutes, he could send a signal to summon their members, so he would not have any difficulties to preserve his life. Judging from the current situation, he was fighting the enemy in front of Duan Minghui. As long as the enemy had  time to draw his gun and shoot, it was virtually impossible for Hei Long to guard against it.

“Okay, I’ll go in immediately! You go back quickly to the headquarters and ask the other brothers to come and protect me!”

Duan Minghui had his balls discarded. But he was still able to think clearly. After having heard Hei Long’s suggestion, he struggled to crawl toward the warehouse’s front door.

Seeing that the Young Master Duan unexpectedly complied to his suggestion, Hei Long was relieved. The Secret Area would teleport anyone who entered it to a random place. But as long as Young Master Duan was able to meet the other five and carefully hid in the Secret Area, he would be safe. Breaking through the Secret Area would at least take 5 or 6 hours, even 1 or 2 days. At this time, if he was alone, Hei Long felt that his burden would be lightened and he would also be able to leave and mobilize a big force. If Yun Tu’s group retreated and left, by that time, his time of death would come.

Whilst looking at Young Master Duan who was crawling and gradually approached the warehouse’s front door, Yun Tu stared tightly at Hei Long, pretending that he was guarding against his attack. He did not prevent Young Master Duan’s plan to enter the Secret Area. In fact, Yun Tu’s big eyes fell to the floor two meters from his position, where Young Master Duan had fallen. Nearby, there was a part of Duan Minghui’s arm there with an interspatial ring on its finger. With that, Yun Tu knew that their plan was destined to fail.

Under the pain and pressuring situation, Hei Long and Young Master Duan had forgotten that he had no interspatial ring on him now. Even if he triggered the Secret Area’s gate, he would be unable to enter it since Duan Minghui would not be able to take out the Blood Crystals to pay the fee.

Yun Tu could tell that Hei Long also must have planned to make a few feints and deceptive attacks in order to see his Young Master Duan activate the gate to the Secret Area.

As he had expected, when Duan Minghui had reached the front door, Hei Long attacked him as though a tornado. Although his attacks were very fierce, however, it did not bring out all of his strength. Yun Tu fought him whilst retreating. After having exchanged more than ten strikes with him, a flashing light suddenly emitted behind his back as the gate to the Secret Area was triggered.

Since his goal had been achieved, Hei Long jumped out to leave the fight and said, “As high as the mountain and as long as the river, we’ll cross into each other again someday!”

After having said his words, Hei Long also ran out of the warehouse as he dashed straight toward the Southern District’s direction. Yun Tu pretended to chase him for a few steps and actually stopped at the warehouse’s front door and did not go out.

He turned around and picked Duan Minghui’s arm from the floor and lightly removed the interspatial ring on its finger.

The outcome of the fight on this side had been concluded ahead of time. A few minutes later, because of the lack of Blood Crystals to pay the toll to enter the Secret Area, Duan Minghui would only be able to hide behind the protection of the Secret Area’s light curtain. As a result, he could only wait to “die”, since he could not escape. However, at this time, the fight on the other side was still in a tight confrontation.

ED Note: Longass chapter… 3000+ word count =x

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