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Chapter 40: Killing is a Way Out and Method to Stay Alive (Part 2)

“Why are you stopping me from kill them?! Do you even sympathize with those lunatic beasts?”


“You can’t kill them like this! You will only expose our location to them, and put us on danger early!”


“Hell no, I don’t fucking fear them finding me. Didn’t you say that if I don’t learn how to kill people in the Apocalypse then I’m not qualified? You’ll see that I can kill them! I’m not afraid of death!”


“It’s not enough not being afraid to die! Killing is only a way out and a method to stay alive. Besides, the gun’s bullet speed is slower than the speed of sound. On the average, it’s only one third of the speed of sound. We’re 100 meters away from them, and it would take 0.1 seconds for the bullet to hit. For an Awakened in high vigilance, within that time, there is a 90% chance they will be able to dodge the bullet. Moreover, the effective range to kill an ordinary person with a bullet is only 50 meters away. Blindly shooting at this this distance at an Awakened is highly unlikely to hit him.”


The moment he finished speaking those words, a cold light flashed from Yun Tu’s eyes as he turned around, going downstairs. For his specific plan to gradually arrange these two women to learn step by step, then they were already unqualified. There had never been fixed methods in battles, since everything must be according to the circumstances. These two women had arrived in the Apocalypse time, and later he needed to teach them with a good lesson. But he could not raise them in a cradle, and instead must throw them into the battle to make them experience and comprehend it firsthand.

Before he went downstairs, Qing Yi’s Willow Staff moved as a wisp of light, as though a halo, fell into Yun Tu’s body, causing him to feel his turn lighter. Yun Tu knew well how high the pressure he would face, so they had divided their roles beforehand.


The sky in the Apocalypse had always been forever dark red, with the reek of blood eternally lingering around. Some people would feel deep fear and anxiety, and some others would become excited and more brutal.


The first ones were the weak; as for Duan Minghui and his team members, they belonged to the latter kind. Killing Wenwen and her father would not only save them a Blood Crystal, but also could make them feel bolder and more powerful.

The risks and dangers inside the Secret Area were very heavy. Even if ruthless and strong people were not necessarily safe there, the Duan Family had a fine custom as they were really good in managing people with evil nature.

“This is the Eastern District, basically there won’t be any human around. We need to adjust our original set of plans to break through the Secret Area within the shortest time. Three men will keep guarding the gate now, while the remaining ones must enter the Secret Area. After we’ve completed the mission task, we’ll return to the Southern District and I’ll give each one of you two celebrities to play with!” The Duan Family’s people were not limited to only Awakened people, but they also had a large number of actress stars under their banner.


In the peace era, these actress stars were not really to be used for the enjoyment of the ordinary military staffs and hired thugs, but at present, they become excellent goods for the Jiangnan Family to inspire their subordinates.


“Hail the mighty Young Master Duan!”


“Wow! Young Master Duan is really great! Sending two celebrities to each one of us! Even if we die, following Young Master Duan is really worth it!”

Upon hearing the reward from Duan Minghui, those suited member’s faces were full of expectation and hurriedly flattered him. They are the dead, hardcore followers of the Duan Family. Before the Apocalypse, they might be security guards or drivers for the Duan Family, but at present, they were the core force of the Duan Family, as they were also called as Masters by people from the outside.

However, they were yet to become aware that today, their good days must come to an end!


Having went down from the building where the two women were hiding, Yun Tu at first moved in a circle to the side as he carefully traced the wall along the street.


The opposite party had a total of 13 people. Yun Tu did not know whether they had learned their professional occupation or not, but since Duan Minghui was Duan Hongshan’s son, he must have a professional occupation. In addition, he also had seen Hei Long, of whom he suspected that the man should also be a core member, and it was highly likely that he also had a Main Job.


Yun Tu knew that even if he was careful and had a sensitive hearing as an Awakened, but it was nearly impossible for him to get closer than 30 meters and took the shot, so he did not have high hope on doing so.

When the rays of light flashed on the gate to the Secret Area, 5 people amongst the 13 had entered the Secret Area. The 6th one, who should be Hei Long, suddenly felt a trace of murderous intent when he was about to set his foot on the gate to the Secret Area.


“Who is it?!”


Hei Long shouted out powerfully and turned his head as he saw Yun Tu who pasted his body on the nearby wall in the street.

Bang, bang, bang…


Since the other had found him, Yun Tu immediately shot his gun 3 times. Within the distance of 50 meters away, the first one he shot was Hei Long, the second one was Duan Minghui, and the third shot was aimed at the man beside Duan Minghui.


But some people were born with the talent to fight. Although Hei Long was the first one he shot and he was hoping that it would hit, however, Hei Long had moved ahead of time to the side as the bullet passed by him.


However, Duan Minghui, who was behind him, was not that lucky. Even though Hei Long’s powerful shout made him instinctively move, but he could not escape the bullet as the bullet pierced through his left arm, causing his blood to seep out.

The other man was even more miserable. He was the third one to be shot and he should have the most time to respond, but at that time, his back was facing Yun Tu and his reaction was naturally slower for half a second, causing his back to be hit by the bullet, which pierced through his chest and made him fatally injured. Unless there was a high-level Priest at the scene, nobody would be able to save him.


“Some people are sneak attacking! Protect Young Master Duan!”


There were still 5 people remaining who had yet to enter the Secret Area. Under Hei Long’s leadership, they rapidly responded and took out their guns. If Yun Tu were to close over and forcefully tried to kill Duan Minghui and the rest of his men, he would only send himself into a perilous situation and die a horrible death.

Therefore, Yun Tu did not forcefully enter the range and instead drew back, as he kept shooting his gun whilst withdrawing to the side.


Those people quickly reacted and hid from the second wave of Yun Tu’s intense suppression fire, whilst he was escaping, as they then struggled to find the chance to fight back. However, Yun Tu had already hid himself inside a house!


Although he failed to approach within less than 30 meters of distance to kill Duan Minghui, however, he had killed one of them and successfully injured him. The effect of this first wave of sneak attacks was quite effective; and more importantly, he retreated to the building of which he had pre-selected. The building was only 30 meters away from Qing Yi and Feng Ling’s hiding place. Within this distance, they could support each other with cover fire. As long as the other party dared to attack, then this battle would have a perfect ending.


“He’s only one man! Let’s rush over and kill him!”


Duan Minghui had clearly seen Yun Tu’s face. This fellow was as though a ghost that haunted him, and he really had long been hating him to the bone.

Since the enemy had run back into the house, it could be said that he was in the dark and they were in the open, so Hei Long did not plan to immediately execute the plan to swarm over at him. But since it was Duan Minghui’s order, he had no choice but to rush over. Although based on the talent and the recent performances he had successfully become a core member of the Jiangnan Family, and on the surface was the leader for this mission, however, the Jiangnan Family was after all headed by the Duans. So he had no choice but to listen to this Young Master of the Duan Family.


Hei Long then put down his gun and replaced it with a cold weapon. When he pulled out his long blade, a layer of red flames flashed from his body.

“Berserker Swordsman!”


Seeing such a situation, Yun Tu was perfectly aware that this was the most powerful occupation in the early period of the Apocalypse, the Berserker Swordsman. Once one had learned and activated it, it had at least two formidable skills. The first skill was named the “Red Flame Armor”, which could be seen from the red light flame around the body, and the skill was able to resist ordinary swords and spears. The second skill was called the “Mountain Slasher”, which could multiply one’s arm strength and was almost invincible against other Awakeneds in the same level. [1]

With Hei Long moving as the vanguard, apart from one man assististing Duan Minghui bandage his wound, the other 4 men were lining up behind Hei Long with their guns as they rushed over toward the house where Yun Tu was hiding.

The situation was not as good as Yun Tu had expected, since those people were rushing over. However, Yun Tu knew that his previous plan to destroy them was unlikely to be achieved. Such a high alerted Berserker Swordsman was somewhat quite invulnerable, and he did not have any other choice but to change his strategy.

He chose not to fight them head-on and climbed to the second floor, and then hid behind the balcony.


Since the enemies had been staring at his hiding place, as long as they were closing up, Feng Ling from another angle would certainly open fire.

As expected, even though she did not know what the red flame light on Hei Long’s body was, but Feng Ling instinctively felt that it must be an amazing skill, so she ignored Hei Long and shot a man behind him instead.




Almost at the same time as Feng Ling shot her gun, in order to hide his jumping sound with the cover of the gunfire’s sound, Yun Tu also jumped down of the balcony from the second floor. Otherwise, he would not be able to hide his jumping sound from the upper floor and would be unable to execute his strategy.

Since the soldiers did not follow the regular formation, then he must be just like water, being able to change according to the circumstances.


After having jumped down to the floor, Yun Tu’s body flashed over as he bypassed several buildings within the next few seconds and arrived at a place near an iron-walled warehouse.

[1] The raws said it was Huashan, you can refer to mountain Huashan. However, I took the liberty to translate the terms from Huashan Powerful Slash into a Mountain Slasher.


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