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Chapter 004: Mutated Zombie

The Special Care Ward area was located on the fourth floor, and the path to the ward was guarded by a security guard. Because the virus had yet to be identified to have an infectious nature, neither outsiders nor family members were allowed to enter!

Yun Tu was standing in the Family Waiting Lounge. He lit a cigarette and saw that the female patient was being pushed to room #418. He memorized the room’s number and then looked at the clock on the wall. It was 6:20PM.

According to his memory, it would 10 minutes later that the first patient would mutate into a zombie. In the first 2 minutes, the zombie was weak, and ordinary people could easily kill it. Yun Tu had vast experience in slaughtering throngs of zombies after the apocalypse. If he were to act and terminate this first outbreak of zombie mutation, he would perhaps be able to stop this zombie from biting up to 10 people, and prevent a tragedy.

However, it was only under assumptions, since Yun Tu couldn’t act rashly. The things he knew right now, was that the first patient who would turn into a zombie was this female. But he had no reason to act and prevent the tragedy, doing that would only make him get charged for murder. He must avoid this. Much less, he did not rush to this place for the purpose of exterminating this zombie as to protect the people. He was perfectly aware about the core rule of the apocalypse ‘game’It was selfishness and everyone for themselves, nothing more.



The clock hit 6:30 PM. A commotion suddenly happened at Special Care Ward room #418. The female patient in white suddenly turned crazy and broke her way out of the ward with a lot syringes and needles in her arms. Several doctors and nurses were pursuing behind her.

The color of the rose-shaped pattern on the woman’s face had changed from purple to black. At this phase, she had yet to have her mutation completed, and had no fangs in her mouth. But dozens of seconds’ later, a horrible scene would begin to emerge immediately.

Yun Tu subconsciously put his hands into his windbreaker coat. But he quickly controlled himself and stood motionlessly, and carefully observed with cold eyes.

The scene’s development was as Yun Tu had anticipated. When the woman had just run out of the ward for about 10 meters, the 2 male doctors who pursued behind her successfully grabbed her arms. But at this time, the woman’s head looked at them and let out a strange howl. She became terrifyingly powerful and violent. Even with her hands being grabbed, she forcefully pulled one of the 2 tall male doctors and bit his neck ferociously. Even though the 2 male doctors kicked and punched her unceasingly, she didn’t loosen her mouth.

After seeing that fresh blood, the victim’s fate had been completely sealed.


Having seen the doctor’s white coat drenched red with blood, Yun Tu’s heart lightly trembled. But he quickly calmed it down.

In the era of peace, staying idle and not saving the victims was definitely against morality. But now, with his knowledge about zombies, if he rushed over, Yun Tu would have been able to finish this zombie unarmed in a few seconds, and rescue the doctor who was still uninjured.

But he didn’t have the impulse, nor did he plan to. He still stood and carefully observed. He neither fled nor did he approach the scene.

After sucking up blood from the first male doctor, the woman let out that eerie howl again. Her body suddenly changed as it gradually increased from 1.6m to more than 1.7m, causing her clothes to look a bit weird and short.

At this time, the other male doctor was still pinched in her armpit. With the woman’s height increase, the male doctor was unable to break free. As for the next scene, Yun Tu didn’t want to see it anymore, so he left and turned away his face.

After killing and sucking dry the 2 male doctors’ blood, the woman’s height had increased to 1.8m. It was only just a minute incident, but the other medical personnel who also chased and followed behind them were quickly aware that something abnormal had happened.

The security guard and the woman’s husband quickly swarmed over. Yun Tu closed his eyes. He was already numbed. Another tragedy occurred again as the two strong men were grabbed and pinched tightly by the woman zombie, and also were unable to break free.

It was chaos. The entire floor suddenly turned chaotic as the rest of medical staffs also didn’t dare to rush over to the rescue as they scattered and fled.

The floor was quickly void of people. Apart from Yun Tu and the woman zombie that pinched the 2 men, there was no one left.

“Wife, I’m…”


Her husband’s voice sounded in the aisle. The wife zombie suddenly froze. But the hesitation only lasted for a short second as the woman zombie lowered her head and bit the husband’s neck the second after.

After having sucked dry her husband and the no name security guard’s blood, the zombie looked around. Its nose unceasingly twitched, and quickly found that there was still a living human standing motionless in the corridor Yun Tu.

The woman had been completely mutated into a zombie. Even if she closed her mouth, her sharp fangs couldn’t be concealed between her lips. At this time, Yun Tu was analyzing his strength. He was aware that subduing this zombie wasn’t as easy as 2 minutes ago. But still, he didn’t move. He released his killing intent to lure the zombie out.

Newly born ordinary zombies didn’t have any intelligence, but they had a very sensitive sense toward killing intent. After Yun Tu had been transmigrated, his body was very weak. But one’s killing intent was not from the body, it originated from one’s soul. His strong killing intent might not be able to scare other insensitive humans, but zombies would be able to quickly sense this intent. Yun Tu finally succeeded in luring the zombie and pulled its hatred toward him as he turned around and sneaked into the elevator.

Movies perhaps showed that zombies were powerful, but their movements were rigid and unresponsive. However, the real situation was slightly different. Although their movements could be blocked, but zombies had infinite strength, and their speed was faster than that of average people. The Zombie was indeed fast, as it quickly arrived at the elevator. It tried to sense the wisp of smell leftover and then rushed over to the first floor to catch up. However, because a lot of people were there, Yun Tu’s smell had vanished without a trace.


It was 6:40 PM. The sky had gone dark and the blood rain was lightly dripping on the ground as though twinkling stars. However, it was much lighter than the rain at noon. If one were to put the rainwater on their hands and carefully examined it, they could clearly see that each drop had a thicker scarlet-color than the noon’s rain. The obvious thing was, zombies were very sensitive to this blood rain’s smell and stopped pursuing other people who were fleeing, scattered in the hospital. After losing Yun Tu as the target, it instinctively went outside through the hospital’s gate.

The time was too short. Other people outside the hospital didn’t receive any dangerous alarms. A Toyota car with lit fog lights stopped 20 meters in front of the hospital gate. A man and a woman opened an umbrella and got off from the car; with the woman hugging a 5 or 6 years old boy in her bosom.

Bathing in the rain of blood, the zombie found a new target once again. The man was caught unprepared. He wasn’t even able to put up a struggle as his neck was bitten.



The woman next to him fell into fright and was extreme panicked. She shouted whilst hugging her child as she turned and ran furiously toward the hospital’s entrance. The nearly 2 meter in height zombie chased with her one meter width steps. Although its pace looked slow, but in reality, it was very fast. After more than 10 meters, it caught up with the woman hugging her child.

The day had darkened and the lights had been lit. Under the dim yellow lights, the scene that could only be seen on a movie occurred in the avenue, carrying along a terrifying and frightening atmosphere with it.


After having received 110 emergency calls, 3 cops came on a patrol police car as they saw from a distance that a 2 meters tall woman was chasing another woman who was hugging a child. The 3 policemen were quite startled when seeing the suspect’s height, and the suspect didn’t even seem to be afraid of them. The three cops looked at each other before they quickly pulled out their rubber police baton and jumped off the car, and loudly shouted as they rushed past the block at the same time.

Even though the cop’s rubber baton unceasingly smashed its body fiercely, the zombie neither felt any pains nor even budged. It only coldly bit the woman and the boy’s neck as its body continued to increase in height.



Seeing that the situation was not right, one of the cops took his gun out. But the zombie simply didn’t care about the gun. It turned over and caught the gun in his hands.

“BANG!” The gun was shot.


The bullet shot the zombie’s chest and made the other 2 cops at the side feel relieved. But they didn’t even have the time to heave a sigh of relief as they saw their comrade getting pinched tightly by the zombie.

The zombie sucked the cop’s blood dry. However, this time, its height no longer increased, and instead, its body was now getting bigger. The patient coat on its body was suddenly torn apart as its huge papaya-like breasts were as though leaves swaying in the wind. Its face was distorted and deformed, and no longer looked like a human, with 2 inch fangs in its mouth. The nails on its fingers now had turned into 4 or 5 inch sharp claws, shaped like ten curved sickles.

Now the zombie’s physical ability had reached its peak. Even if Yun Tu acted, with his body’s present condition and no guns, he was not the zombie’s match. However, Yun Tu was still waiting behind a security post near the hospital entrance.

The remaining two police officers once again pulled their guns out. But they were too late. After the zombie had been completely mutated and advanced, it no longer only used its mouth to bite. Its hand moved forward and grasped the cop’s hand, creating deep scratches on it. At the next split second, the cop’s gun was thrown away. The other cop quickly shot it, but the immune-to-pain zombie immediately rushed at him with a speed far surpassing an average person’s.

At this time, the previously injured cop already succumbed to fear and ran away! The running cop had already lost his gun along with his courage. He escaped and immediately ran back to the police car to call for reinforcement.


“Humanoid monster emerged near the Public Hospital, 2 meters in height, extremely strong and immune to firearms. Headquarter, please immediately send …”


He had yet to speak “reinforcement” as the zombie had caught him after it sucked dry his colleague’s blood; shrill screams then followed from the police car’s direction.

2 male doctors, 1 Special Care Ward’s security personnel, the woman zombie’s husband, the couple and the boy, plus 3 cops; a total of 10 people had been killed.

After zombies had sucked and absorbed 10 people’s blood, they would mutate again. And the process would take about 5 minutes. It would become a powerful Black Zombie which even bullets were unable to pierce.

The Black Zombie was motionless after absorbing 10 people’s blood. It sat on the asphalt and looked up to the sky, and let out a strange howl. Upon seeing it, Yun Tu restarted his mobile and activated a stopwatch feature.

He was still waiting, and wait he must!


In the short aspect, killing this zombie perhaps could save a few or tens of people’s lives. But in fact, it held no significance for the entire picture of the apocalypse.


Millions of people in the city had been drenched wet by the rain of blood at noon today. And Yun Tu had calculated that at least thousands of people would mutate into zombies in the next 7 days. And then, they would bite other people. The bitten people would then bite more people; thus finally creating an inevitable vicious cycle. After that, the number of zombies would multiply into more than 1 million in less than 7 days. Not to mention that the rain of blood would continue for the next 2 days and was going to get thicker. People with weak bodies would never have a chance, they’d become the first ones to get infected. And then, the unstoppable advent of the apocalypse had officially begun!

If he could, Yun Tu truly didn’t want to see the zombie kill those people one by one. He did want to become their savior deep inside. But the hard fact was, he was powerless, and could do nothing about the whole picture. The only way for him was to quickly temper himself and become strong fast; for which, he must brave and take those risks.


The police force responded quickly. In just a few minutes, a fully armed team consisting of 3 SWAT members with assault rifles rushed to the incident site. From both their equipment and reaction speed, it was very obvious that those 3 SWAT members were much more powerful than the previous 3 dead patrol cops.


The 100 meters’ perimeter surrounding the streets was void of people. People had already run away, and the stores in the vicinity were already closed. The grotesque humanoid monster was sitting alone on the asphalt whilst letting out its eerie howls. The SWAT members who arrived at the scene only received insufficient information, they were also clueless about the real situation. However, they promptly made a decision and quickly encircled the zombie.

“HEY COPS!!! It’s that fucking crazy woman! And she has bitten those people to death. Use your gun quickly and blast her fucking head off!” Seeing that the 3 SWAT members with assault rifles had come, someone was shouting through the window from a second storey building. The other people from the third story even threw some stuff down and wanted to smash the monster.


Upon seeing that these 3 SWAT with their assault rifles had come, the hospital’s security captain came over. He then confirmed those people’s shouts from those buildings.

“Let’s handcuffed it first and talk later!”


Having seen a few corpses on the ground, the SWAT’ leader sent out a command.


Wait! It’s is a zombie and extremely dangerous. Please don’t get closer, or else you will be in grave danger!” (TN: its Yun Tu who’s speaking here, the author’s style made me confused)

10 people’s blood was enough for the zombie to advance to the next level. So there was no meaning to have more meaningless deaths. Upon seeing that the 3 SWAT members only hung up their assault rifles and took out their handcuffs, and directly moved forward toward the mutated zombie and encircled it, Yun Tu came out from behind the security post and shouted.



The SWAT team leader finally turned his head and glanced at Yun Tu. But at this time, the previously sitting zombie had completed its mutation and fiercely jumped up. It rushed over at one of the SWAT members and attacked with its sickle-like nails.



Having finally seen such menacing nails and fangs, the SWAT team’s leader was shocked, and he knew that Yun Tu’s shout was right. He picked up his assault rifle and started firing decisively.


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! …


A row of gunfire sounded. But the shots proved to only inflict a little damage to the zombie. The mutated Black Zombie had a different body structure than a human’s body. The blood in their vessels was no longer red, but instead was white, and carried along with it its corpse poisonous nature. Its body was mostly covered with soft carapace and was nearly invulnerable. Even though the zombie was hit by the bullet’s impact, the bullets were unable to pierce the body, and even bounced off it.

Upon seeing that the bullets were useless, the SWAT team leader was shocked and flabbergasted. He didn’t believe his eyes and stood still for quite a while. The moment he came to his senses, the mutated zombie had killed one of his comrades and turned around at him, as it gradually walked toward him step by step. He quickly removed and replaced the magazine and fired at it again with rapid shots.



The time had finally come for him to act. Yun Tu’s elbow quickly and powerfully hit the ribs of the other armed SWAT member beside him, as he then fell to the ground. He skillfully grabbed his assault rifle and quickly stepped backward 10 meters.


The zombie chased the SWAT member who fell to the ground. But Yun Tu didn’t have the will to extinguish his conscience as to use someone else as a stepping stone, and indirectly claimed his life. Upon seeing that the zombie was about to grasp that SWAT member, Yun Tu quickly pulled the trigger.



A sure shot hit the zombie’s knee about half an inch below the joint connection. Its poisonous zombie’s blood then flowed out. [1]

Yun Tu successfully drew the zombie’s aggro, as it gave up its target and chased over at him instead. But, since the Black Zombie’s knee joint had been shot and it had been crippled, it could only walk swaggeringly toward Yun Tu. However, although it was crippled and looked like it was moving slowly, its speed was even faster than that of an ordinary person’s.

“Don’t shoot! It’s enough to have only me deal with it!” Yun Tu also quickly rushed toward the hospital with his crippled left leg.


The SWAT’ team leader was quite vexed. He didn’t want to admit that a crippled could injure the zombie which even he wasn’t able to do so with his gun. He shot the zombie a few times again. But still, the zombie wasn’t even scratched. He then reluctantly chose to carefully follow Yun Tu.

Upon seeing that Yun Tu was rushing back to the hospital and leading the zombie with him, the already messy hospital turned more chaotic. Everyone scattered toward all directions to escape.

Even with its injured leg, the zombie’s speed was still faster than Yun Tu’s. Their distance was getting closer… 10 meters, 8, 5, 3, 2 …

It was only a step away left, and the zombie’s sickle-like nails would be able to scratch Yun Tu’s back.


Yun Tu was obviously only using the assault rifle in his hand for that first shot, and he neither used it again nor did he try to escape.


‘Know yourself and know your enemies. And then you will be undefeated in battle.’


He had the assault rifle now. Although his physical strength was far lower than the zombie, but Yun Tu knew the zombies’ body structure inside out. It was easy for him to kill this zombie, but he had his own plan.


After its aggro had been pulled, the mutated Black Zombie would never easily give up on the target. When the zombie’s hands were about to grab Yun Tu, he suddenly accelerated his pace and rushed to the hospital’s elevator, as he then pressed the button to the highest floor, the 18th floor.


After the zombies had advanced, their sense of smell would be greatly improve; so at this time, Yun Tu didn’t worry that it would give up on him as it’s target.


Everything was within his calculations. The zombie only missed him by a second, and was unable to catch up to him into the elevator. It then immediately crawled through the stairs to chase. The mutated zombie had a very fast speed, but was still much slower than the elevator. In order to maintain the rhythm and make the zombie could keep up with the pace, Yun Tu intentionally stopped for a short while at the 5th and 15th floor, letting it feel that it was still able to catch up with its target.

Rushing in one breath and being able to catch up to the 18th floor. Judging from this calculation only, zombies’ physical strength far surpassed any human’s. The Black Zombie finally arrived at the opposite side of the elevator, being injured and tired. Yun Tu had long readied himself inside the elevator. When the elevator’s door slowly opened, the Black Zombie instantly hurled forward lightning fast, as though it couldn’t wait to smash its opponent into smithereens.



Yun Tu, who was squatting inside the elevator, took his shot. He accurately shot the zombie from the bottom up. The bullet pierced through the zombie’s most vulnerable lower jaw and then through the mouth directly to the cranial cavity.

One shot. And it was dead!


[1] The term in the raws is kinda long… corpse’s poisonous white blood… I’ll make it short to be poisonous zombie’s blood and cut the white, because it has been explained that zombie’s blood is white.

Notes and introduction:

  1.     I HATE THIS CHAPTER. It’s so daaaamn long and took me 4 hours and 15 minutes to translate with my typing speed (which is quite mediocre :P). But, since it’s already very long, then I will make this chapter longer, Hahaha.
  2.     I will stay hidden and won’t reveal my alias for awhile since I don’t want to be caught by DMCA… LOL. So, I’ll just let Madsnail = handle the public relation for awhile (Sorry mate!). But I promise to reveal my alias later after the novel has reached 20+ chaps which I hope that we can reach that in 1-2 weeks. For a starting point, I plan to translate at least 3 chaps a week, but hopefully I can give 1-2 regular chapters a day, after I get more accustomed to the author’s writing style.
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