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Chapter 38: Unexpected Reunion (Part 3)

In order to become a powerhouse, the Awakened in the apocalypse must have a suitable Main Job for them, which was the most important means. But if one were to evaluate what kind of Main Job was the weakest, the answer was very obvious, that was the Priest.

In one on one fights and under the same stats, any Awakened with a Main Job could easily kill Priests. It was because the Priest Job had nearly no attacking skills.


But as everything, a coin has two sides. Even though a single Priest is very weak, but it was the most valuable Main Job in team fights. At present, all the major forces were still struggling and putting forth their efforts to compete for the resources from the Secret Areas. At the later stages, large scale battles would happen, and the Priest Job would be a very important supporting member; their healing and treatment skills would become the core strength of the team beside the leader. They would become the key character whether the team would be able to defeat superior enemies. Simultaneously, teams with formidable Priests would also be more attractive for other powerful Awakened to join and ally themselves with. Nobody could make sure that they would not be injured in the Apocalypse. If anyone was sure that they could be healed after they got injured, they would charge more courageously forward in battles.

Yun Tu’s consideration was very simple- when he saw a very strong conviction from Grandma Yang to give more help, the first thing that came to his mind was the Priest’s Healing skill. But now at present, the members he could think of were only Qing Yi and Feng Ling, so he could only select one between the two to become a Priestess. He had never thought that their stats would be so dismal, but amongst them Qing Yi’s incomparable weak stats actually had so high Spirit stats.

Although 11 points for the Spirit stat was nothing to other Awakened, but Yun Tu knew that her Spirit’s future growth rate was the key amongst the key.


Her Spirit’s growth rate was relatively the opposite with his own stats. This aspect would make the said stats become more powerful and grow faster than the other ones. It was just like his growth stats when he first used the Green Zombie’s Blood Crystal, his Hearing was the one with the most Growth Rate, and it improved the strongest compared to the other stats by a level.

If he used that Blood Crystal for Qing Yi, he even suspected that although Qing Yi’s other stats would also grow a level, her Spirit stat might be doubled. Once the accumulation effect kicked in, Qing Yi would be able to rise above the 3rd Level Awakened or more. By then, she would become a very precious existence. In his previous incarnation, Yun Tu was at the guild which had the first Priest. Although the other powerhouses had risen to the 9th Level and that Priest was only at the 6th Level, but nobody was able to control him. At that time, Yun Tu was at the 6th Level Awakened and was also at the same level as him, but in the guild, he was not qualified to be supported by that Priest.

If one were to describe a Priest with any kind of animals, then the most appropriate animal for them are the Pandas, because they were “National Treasures”.


In this world, some people were strong, and some were intelligent. But they forever could not be compared with lucky people. When the Main Job Scroll in Qing Yi’s hand was crumbled to pieces, she became the first Priestess in the Apocalypse, and in the same instant knew the meaning and essence of her occupation.


Her Basic Holy Light Priest only had 2 basic skills, one was “Small Rejuvenation” and the other was “Light Healing”.

“Small Rejuvenation” could restore a tired person instantly back to their initial state. While if it was casted on a normal person it would give the person a buff for 10% increase in stats for half an hour.


“Light Healing” did not need the any explaining, it was a drug-free healing and treatment. It was some kind of Qigong treatment by a Qigong Master. But the effect was much better than a swindler Taoist Priest’s drinks in the peace age. It was ineffective for minor injuries, but it would accelerate the healing rate for any serious injuries.


“How does it feel?”


Upon seeing that Qing Yi successfully took her professional occupation, Yun Tu was also excited.


“It’s amazing! I can help them to cure their wounds immediately!”


Comprehending each own occupation was subconsciously understood through a flash of enlightenment, which meant that a person would clearly understand it by instinct without any doubts.

Whilst reciting the secret incantation, the Willow Staff in Qing Yi’s hand emitted out a mysterious symbol as a vague light was sent out from her Willow Staff, covering the wounded child’s body. In a short span of a minute, the wound on his body was healed at the rate that could be seen by naked eyes.

Everyone was astonished by the scene in front of them. But they knew that everything could happen in the Apocalypse, so they watched quietly as Qing Yi treated all the wounded one after another.


“In addition to Healing Technique, I also have a Rejuvenation Technique!”


“You need to restore your physical fitness first. Excessive overdraft will be disadvantageous for your future improvement as an Awakened!”

When Qing Yi was about to raise her Willow Staff again, Yun Tu quickly stopped her and handed over a tiny Blood Crystal. He could see that after having given a series of treatments to over 20 people, beads of sweat were seeping out of Qing Yi’s forehead.


After she absorbed the energy within the Blood Crystal, she casted the Rejuvenation spell onto each Awakened, causing her physical strength to be almost consumed again. But a happy smile was revealed on her face, as for her, being able to help others was her greatest happiness.

Yun Tu knew that she had matched her best talent with the most suitable Main Job, and later, she would become a formidable Priestess.


Although with the emergence of someone with a Priest occupation his team condition could improve greatly, but Yun Tu still had something important to do and he did not change his decision in coming to this area. After everyone thanked him profusely, the three of them left the business hotel, Qing Yi gave Junjun back to Li Xin, since after she was healed and her strength was recovered, she did not want her son to part from her. Yun Tu, on the other hand, gave a large Blood Crystal to Grandma Yang Suyan.


Yun Tu actually had enough Blood Crystals to make all those people here evolve. But he did not do so, since he could only give these Blood Crystals to people with strong hearts only. In the other hand, since the advent of the Apocalypse, the food production had ceased to operate, and it was much more of a threat to survival compared to the zombies’ threat. Even the weak Awakeneds would not be able to live longer in the Apocalypse. Moreover, a person with a strong leadership ability to lead this group of weaklings was undoubtedly the most important.


“You’ve seen how this Secret Area was broken. Were those Awakened who broke the Secret Area also unable to escape?” After they had arrived at the Heaven Care Orphanage, Yun Tu asked.

“Yes, I was on the way to escape when I saw those few Awakened people being surrounded by those carapace insects and then dragged into that side of the alley!” Qing Yi replied with a lingering fear on her expression.


“Since they can break through the Secret Area, those Awakened must be quite formidable. Let’s see if we can pick up any weapons or guns!” Even though Yun Tu said it like this, but his true hope was that he could pick up any of their interspatial rings.


However, he also knew that the greater the hope, the bigger the disappointment, so he did not focus on it.


As he expected, at the direction Qing Yi had pointed, Yun Tu quickly discovered that a few insects were sucking and devouring some dead bodies. Along the way, the three of them not only picked up the guns and a lance from the Secret Area, but Yun Tu also took an interspatial ring on the finger of a man with black clothes, giving him some hope he was had.

“You are my lucky goddess!”


After pulling the ring out from the corpse’s finger, Yun Tu said to Qing Yin sincerely.


“It seems that my good luck is over!”


But Feng Ling was a bit sour. Qing Yi had always been her fortune bringer, and now the luck seemed to be transferred to Yun Tu.

“Be happy gal. Besides, you didn’t have to put any effort to get that lance. Isn’t this also good luck?”


Since the owner had died, the things inside the interspatial ring could be taken by anyone. On one hand, it was unexpected for Yun Tu to find such interspatial ring on the roadside. And on the other hand, aside of some life necessities goods, there also was a green-colored Shadow Dagger.

The weapons in the Apocalypse were graded. And the weapons produced by the Secret Area were much sharper compared to the cutting tools produced on Earth in the peace era. However, those weapons were still the most basic grade weapons. Later on, after everyone had more knowledge about more advanced equipment, they usually called it as White Tier weapons.


Items that were a tier higher than the White Tier ones were the Green Tier weapons. Just like those of the weapons that had been altered with Yun Tu’s Basic Alchemy Refiner skill, those weapons’ grade was only White Tiered. And now, seeing the sudden emergence of a Green Tier weapon, which was the kind of weapon Yun Tu most excelled at, was a truly surprising harvest for him.


He took out the dagger from the interspatial ring and directly gave it to Qing Yi. And then, he also altered and transformed the newly acquired weapons and asked the two women to take on guard duty.


They occasionally fought along the way, and Feng Ling was able to fight 6 ordinary zombies by herself, only being aided with a Small Rejuvenation buff and with an altered lance from Yun Tu. Yun Tu himself did not want to act, as he enjoyed the mood of having the belles fighting zombies all the way forward.


Soon after, when he was near the destination, black-suited people, the symbol of the Duan Family that turned into the Jiangnan Family Guild, appeared in his field of vision.

Something was gained and something else was lost. It turned out that playing as a good person with good intention back then at the temporary residence and exchanging the information about the Secret Area with a large Blood Crystal had now been paid and snatched by his old nemesis…

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