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Chapter 37: Unexpected Reunion (Part 2)

“It seems that you are really his woman who has been ordained by the heaven!”

Feng Ling did not know the reason as to why she continuously disliked Yun Tu, but the moment she saw him, she instinctively felt that she was saved.

“What’s this predestined woman by the heaven?! You still have the guts to joke right now? Quickly call him out for him to stop! Otherwise he won’t be able to find and run toward us!” Qing Yi’s heart thumped and jumped hard.

“Since he has come, then this is his fate. He absolutely cannot get away!” Feng Ling assured in a very confident manner.

As expected, even before the both of them had yet to make any noises, Yun Tu, who was 200 meters away, was as if he had telepathy, looked up at their direction and approached the business hotel.

From time to time since he passed through this street, mutant insects with carapace from the Secret Area appeared in front of him. So Yun Tu knew that a Secret Area near the vicinity must have been broken. The destination he was about to reach was still about a kilometer away and he did not have the intention to fight them, and wanted to change the path to bypass this area. But after several times trying to change the course, groups of zombies with Black Zombies in their midst blocked the path, so he finally had no choice but to pass from here.

Just at that time, he looked up, and with his sensitive hearing could hear that some people talked about things that would be the most sensitive for anyone. And the content of their conversation was undoubtedly his own name.

That seven floored building was still 200 meters away from his position, even the windows were not opened and the two girl’s voices were very low, but Yun Tu’s ears could catch their voices, this was quite unexpected for him.

It was Qing Yi!

Seeing Qing Yi here, Yun Tu was naturally surprised.

Upon seeing that Yun Tu did not speak when he looked at their direction, Qing Yi smiled!

Her smile was a little shy and charming. And that pureness, for so many years having gone through the apocalypse, was not something he had ever seen. Even in the age of peace, if such a smiling Qing Yi was caught in a photo, it would surely be able to take some photography award.

The smile was as though a blooming lotus flower in the snow-capped mountain…

When a six-legged, two chela beetles sneakily attacked Yun Tu from behind, and he was yet to be aware about it, Qing Yi then shouted, “YUN TU, LOOK OUT!”

His body trembled and got his composure back, and in reflex, moved his saber and then cut off the beetle’s neck.

He was strong! Too strong!

Pock Face—Zhang Feng—was an orphan, and he grew up in the orphanage and later he enlisted and joined the army. His looks might be a little bit wooden, but his fighting prowess was extraordinary, otherwise his Captain would not have given him some face before. But Yun Tu’s simple movement and his strength made him feel that his strength was far below his. Even if he had no injuries, he could tell that he was not his opponent.

Such a thought also rose inside Liu Wei’s mind as he could tell that Yun Tu was too strong! No wonder that when the two girls saw him, they felt that they could be saved!

In fact, to really succeed in rescuing them, only relying on Yun Tu for reinforcement was certainly not enough. There were at least nearly a hundred mutant insects in this small business hotel, and some of those mutant insects were far stronger than the chitin insect Yun Tu had fought outside; fighting them would prove to be very difficult.

Yun Tu did not speak any words as he approached again for another 100 meters. He sent out a simple signal as he stood underneath to exchange the signals with the two girls for a moment. After that, he understood the general situation to the people upstairs.

Then, he first killed the chitin insects within the 200 meters of the surroundings one by one as to avoid being attacked at the front and rear with his saber. After which, he exchanged to his gun and shot a bullet to the business hotel’s lobby, luring 10 more insects from the inside of the building.

In such a complex situation, he quickly rushed forward with his saber and killed those 10 beetle insects with nothing remaining.

He used the same tactic again, and then after having done it for three times, the insects in the building had been done for most than a half. His arrival from the outside made the confidence of the Awakened people on the 7th floor increase as they also joined the fight and put forth their final strength to coordinate with Yun Tu as they rushed downwards together. Under the joint attack from top and bottom, everyone finally cleaned up the rest of the insects inside the building.

Inside the lobby at the business hotel’s first floor, Yun Tu took out a bottle of drinking water from his interspatial ring and gave it to Qing Yi. Then, she and Feng Ling told their 4 days of experience in a warm tone. However, their story made Yun Tu’s complexion changed since he could tell that the immediate situation was very bad to the extreme.

Upon seeing that Yun Tu’s face turned gloomy, everyone’s heart was as though being pressed by a boulder. Humans had abandoned the Eastern District as the apocalypse began, and Yun Tu hand helped them killing those Secret Area’s creatures and completely saved all of them.

“The heavenly law is truly balanced since there is always a way out to pass through the difficulties. We all believe in you!”

The 80-years-old President Yang now also wanted to know that even if they went to the Northern District, could these children still live in the apocalypse? The answer was still unknown, but seeing this formidable man, it made her see a glimmer of hope.

“Help them! You can do it, or we can build a guild and you become our leader, to lead us to find zombies and kill those beasts!” Qing Yi pulled Yun Tu’s lower hem corner.

“We are in the apocalypse now. More than zombies and beasts, the most difficult to thing to face is our own kind. While weapons, scrolls, food, medicine and even drinking water, these resources are very valuable in the apocalypse. With these interests up front, perhaps our own most beloved will be the one to betray us, while killing against other humans are becoming more difficult to prevent. Everyone must become strong and continue to become strong. That’s the only way out to have the possibility to survive!”  

“Nobody would be able be a single lone wolf fighting in the apocalypse. I do think that I need to build a team, even I want to establish and take a base. If you and Feng Ling are willing to follow me, I can consider that. But taking so many people now, who can guarantee that we can have a large number of food supply constantly? Who can make sure that we have enough medicines for the injured and the sick? Since we cannot guarantee all of these, how many days will this team last?”

After Yun Tu stood up and spurted out those rhetorical questions, he expressed his point of view very clearly.

Amongst these people here, he could only take away Qing Yi and Feng Ling. Everyone’s hearts in the surrounding suddenly cooled off and were disappointed all of a sudden. There were 7 Awakened people in this group as each and every one of them that were injured had yet to eat anything for a day and night. Even if they abandoned all the children in the Eastern District which was rampant with running amuck zombies, they might be able to live, but still they had to face endless fights afterwards.

“You said everything correctly, but in addition to the truth you know, there must be an invisible force and everyone has their own destiny. Just as I have given birth to a disabled child, and then embarked on the road to manage the orphanage, I have crossed dozens of hardships and difficulties which I had encountered treading on this path. But still I live today. And I still have no fear even if we are in the apocalypse!”

Everyone was unable to refute Yun Tu’s words, and instead, it was the elderly Yang Suyan who took over the conversation.

“In my heart, you’ve always been praiseworthy, and a mother who is worthy to be admired. But only the strong has a say in the apocalypse. And the strong are destined to walk the lonely road!”

Before the apocalypse, Yun Tu had read about President Yang’s deeds. He respected her conviction and did not refute her words, but he similarly would not change his own ideal.

Knowing perfectly well that Yun Tu’s decision had been firmly made, the elderly was silent again.

“Do you really can only take the two of us?” In her heart, Qing Yi did not have the heart as she looked at Yun Tu with some hope. From his eyes and expression, it looked like Yun Tu liked her and was hoping that he would comply with her request to help these people more.

And for Yun Tu himself, if he insisted to pick another person amongst the people in this group, he would choose to take this elderly Yang Suyan. He could tell from the dialogue a moment ago that her heart was extremely strong. But Yun Tu knew also that if he did not take these children, she would never go with him.

Nobody knew better than Yun Tu about how brutal the apocalypse was, for the weak were doomed to be eliminated in this time. So he could only face the Qing Yi’s earnest eyes with silence.

Before the farewell a moment before, everyone had said their words just before Yun Tu came as Feng Ling pulled Qing Yi’s hand and silently stood behind him.

Yun Tu had just said a moment ago that he would accept Qing Yi with her, and now she decided to go with him. In her heart, Qing Yi also had no second choice but this one.

“You really don’t want to help these children? If so I can’t go with you!”

Qing Yi made her choice, even though she felt afraid of this decision. He broke off from Feng Ling’s hand and drew back a few steps. However, her hand pulled Li Xin’s lower hem as though she was hoping to gain strength from her.

How could this be?

Yun Tu clearly felt such a result was unexpected.

From Qing Yi’s expression, Yun Tu could clearly tell that this weak and timid girl obviously liked him. And he was also crystal clear that he also had fallen in love with her. But what kind of force had driven her to have such a firm will, was not something Yun Tu was able to understand.

“Go, you must go. Grandma has just repeatedly stressed that nobody must depend on anyone else from now on, whether you can escape now or not, it depends on yourself.”

Li Xin gave her sleeping son in her bosom, Junjun, to Qing Yi, and pushed her toward Yun Tu’s side. She saw the firmness from Yun Tu’s complexion. But if Qing Yi hugged her son and took him along with her, then she could die without any regrets.

Perhaps under the heavy pressure between life and death, this was the limit of what a mother like her could do.

Whilst holding Junjun’s hand, Qing Yi felt the heavy responsibility she had to bear. In fact, she also knew that Yun Tu was correct. Even if she knew perfectly well that Yun Tu liked her, she could not ask too much from him.

“Go, if you can go on living, even if only one person can be survive, I’d feel very happy. After all, the fact is that we have come to a dead end, but we cannot give up other people, so we must organize ourselves together and put up the fight to the last second!” President Yang Suyan said after having gone through much difficulties. From the beginning when they left the Heaven Care Orphanage, on the surface, Feng Ling might be the leader for the team, but this elderly had been the group’s spiritual leader.

“Qing Yi, Feng Ling, tell me your stats!”

When Yun Tu was about to step out of the business hotel’s front door, Grandma Yang’s words made Yun Tu stop. He did not change his mind, but he decided to give help to these children.

“My stats are not that good, but Zhang Feng, Liu Wei, and Li Xin’s stats are very strong. Although at present they are injured, but as long as they recover, we will be able to succeed!” Qing Yin could tell that Yun Tu had a change of heart.

The stats Zhang Feng, Liu Wei and Li Xin had, were not the standard parameter Yun Tu was considering in recruiting his core team members. Because in the apocalypse, those are not of the most important standard for him.

Feng Ling told her stats, and she could be said as below the standard, because she became an Awakened without the large sized Blood Crystal.

“You’re are slightly subpar. So you need to work hard if you want to follow me. If you cannot keep up with the requirements, I won’t hesitate to ruthlessly kick you out at that time!”

After Feng Ling told her stats, Yun Tu gave such an answer.

Qing Yi’s process to become an Awakened was also the worst kind of patching type, even her stats were unexpectedly less than 6 points in average. She did not dare to answer, as it was Feng Ling who answered on her behalf.

Her overall stats were even more dismal than Yun Tu’s imagination. But other than the average value of less than 6 points, the basis stat of her spiritual value was as high as 11 points.

If this 11 points were to be compared with others stats, it could be said that it was only of the standard value. But considering Qing Yi’s stats, her spiritual points were actually very strong and far surpassed the others.

Yun Tu’s complexion slightly changed when Feng Ling reported Qing Yi’s stats with a little embarrassed expression.

“Your Spirit stat reaches 11 points?” In order to confirm the fact, Yun Tu asked and observed Qing Yi again.

“Yes. I only have this strong point. But I don’t know what’s the use for this, but at present I only have 7 points of it.” Qing Yi answered his question with a whisper.

Everyone was tired and wounded, so there were red negative numbers behind their stats points. Therefore, at present, Qing Yi only had 7 points in spirit, so Yun Tu understood her condition.

“Very good! It seems that the things I’ve picked up are really valuable!” Yun Tu smiled as he then pulled out a Willow Staff and handed it over to Qing Yi.

“This is…” Qing Yi was puzzled and asked.

“Take this also. I want you to become a Priestess!” Yun Tu then took out that precious Main Job Scroll.

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