MOTDN – Ch 36

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Chapter 36: Unexpected Reunion (Part 1)

The small light pillar had fallen to the ground, which then turned into a band of light that fluttered with the wind. When the rainbow scattered and fell down in the apocalypse, the thick light pillars were the first that attracted the most eyes, and those small light pillars, was perhaps only child’s play  that were paying attention to them. Even in the 7th day of the apocalypse this kind of celestial phenomenon perhaps had yet to be discovered nor was it hit by anyone.

Even after he had prepared in advance, Yun Tu also only recorded 4 light pillars. And to have heard such valuable information accidentally, was an unexpected wealth for him.

However, the child did not speak of the street’s name so Yun Tu walked downstairs and looked for that family member. After having explained his intention, he exchanged it with a large Blood Crystal and 5 packs of instant noodles to buy this information.

After purchasing the exact information, killing them might be the best possible mean to ensure that he held this information exclusively. However, Yun Tu did not do that, and only stressed over and over again that his offer was higher than the market transaction price, so it was obvious that his offer was an exclusive buyout, so they must not to resell the information.

A large Blood Crystal would enable one of them to become an Awakened. And in the apocalypse which was looming with crisis after crisis, this was a benevolence that could be said to be higher than the heaven’s blessing. The family raised their hands together to swear that they would never sell the information again.

“You’re a kind hero! This Mo Chi will never forget this, and certainly will uphold the same righteousness to never speak about this matter again!”

But Yun Tu knew perfectly well that there was no oath that could be trusted in the apocalypse. Since he did not have the heart to kill them, he could only take the chance of having more time and quickly left this temporary residence after the transaction.


“Husband, you’ve succeeded!”

Half an hour after Yun Tu left, the head of the family immediately took the Blood Crystal, and half an hour later, the man’s face flushed red and back to his calm self as his wife immediately asked.

“Yes, I have succeeded. I can see the stats in my mind!”

The man was excited as he stood up. Although he had no opponent to verify it, but he also felt that his whole body was full of strength.

“Son, we have to thank that benefactor just now. But, the apocalypse only has the law of the jungle. You must do everything quickly. Now that we are hiding here, take these 5 packs of noodles and then eat to the full. Then, you must hunt and kill those zombies and make each and every one of us become an Awakened one by one!” The old parents were also excited.

This was also the suggestion given by Yun Tu to this family before he was leaving. This was also the best common solution for ordinary people.

“Great. Just wait for the good news from me!”

After becoming an Awakened, the man’s confidence greatly increased. He quickly ate the instant noodles given from Yun Tu with cold water and then came out of the building.

But, as hope had always been held high and beautiful, the cruel reality was much more brutal. Even if the man had successfully become an Awakened, he had no hunting experience. With only a kitchen knife and such meager skills, it was not that easy to get those Blood Crystals. Half an hour later, he finally found an ordinary zombie in the alley and fought against it for a few minutes before finally killing it. But he did not have the time to dig out the Blood Crystal from the zombie’s skull as a Black Zombie chased him out and he was forced to run away.

This first failure did not completely make him to lose his confidence as half an hour later he also fought again and successfully killed 2 ordinary zombies. But when he was digging out their Blood Crystals, a group of zombies swarmed over toward him.

After braving death and struggling his best to get out of the tight encirclement, his confidence shattered, and he finally went back to the temporary residence empty handed.

“How was it, husband?”

Upon seeing that her husband had come back, the sensitive wife could tell from his face that something was wrong, but she was also anxious to know the result.

“I just knew it! Fighting alone simply doesn’t work! If there are two Awakened people, it should be much better. Killing ordinary zombies on my own is not too difficult, but the difficult thing is that those zombies will swarm over when they hear something loud and come in a group!”

When the man told them about the two fights, the entire family fell into deep thoughts.

“It seems that we sold our information too cheaply! That time we should’ve asked the man for 2 Blood Crystals!”

“But that man’s price is much higher than the Duan Family, and he wanted us to be content!”

“Or , I can go to the Duan Family again and sell this information to see whether we can trade it with a Blood Crystal again!”

“No! This is not good! We’ve promised that benefactor not to resell the information!”

“But no one can guarantee that we are the only ones who saw the light pillar from our house. Even if you sell this information to them, that man cannot be sure that we broke our promise!”

“Yes, whatever it is, he’s the one who took advantage of us…”

After having discussed with their interests in front, the family that originally had good faith and integrity finally made a new decision.

Certainly, Yun Tu did not know about this as he was rushing on the way to the destination.

Although the two places were only 10km away, but it was also not an easy trip for Yun Tu. He used a car on the way, but after he entered the Eastern District, he was unable to pass a lot of sections and streets due to the war and chaos a few days before.

After he abandoned the car, he travelled by foot. It was inevitable that fighting was unavoidable!

Fortunately, after his strength had increased, as long as he did not meet a Green Zombie, those ordinary zombies and Black zombies did not pose a threat anymore to him even though he acted alone. But still, his travel speed was greatly affected as even two hours later he had yet to reach the destination.

The entire Eastern District has now become a zombie realm. He could not tell whether there were humans left in the Eastern District, however, there was no living humans in this place as only zombies were present in the surrounding.


After having left the Heaven Care Orphanage, Qing Yi and Feng Ling led a group of disabled people as they had yet to leave more than 300 meters away from the orphanage. The Secret Area in the orphanage had been broken, and all the creatures from within the Secret Area burst out all of a sudden, causing the battle to begin immediately.

They were simply unable to rush forward since there were only 4 Awakened people to guard dozens of physically handicapped children. The correct choice for this kind of situation was to abandon the old and weak to ensure their survival. However, the group did not pick this choice and chose the difficult retreat instead.

After having gone through tough and difficult battles, under Feng Ling’s leadership, they went all the way as there were also a few casualties; leaving their dead bodies behind, the remaining 30 plus people then retreated to a small business hotel that was six storeys high.

Although they had retreated into the building and it was easy to defend, however, they were trapped, as hundreds of creatures from within the Secret Area made them stranded. And in the case that all the Awakened got injured, wishing to protect those children would only become a dream.

By using a piece of Blood Crystal from selling the location of Secret Area a moment ago, coupled with 2 Blood Crystals from Pock Face—Zhang Feng—the number of Awakened in the group now had increased to 7 people; but 2 of them were only teenagers.

After they were spotted, the Secret Area’s creatures had launched dozens of attacks toward the building in the night sporadically, and they retreated one after another. The group insisted until the early morning of the second day, as the 7 Awakened people were dead tired. Everyone had retreated to the highest 7th floor and their numbers also reduced to 20 more or so people as the remaining six floors had now become the domain of those mutant beasts.

“Zhang Feng, Feng Ling, Qing Yi, Li Xin, Liu Wei, and all the children, now all of you listen to this Grandma’s advice. We’ve been together for a while, regardless of some of us being old and weak. In the case that we rush out together and scatter to all directions to escape the beast’s attention, you don’t need to care about anything or anyone. Whether anyone can leave, everyone can only count on themselves!”

If they persisted to go like before again, the final result was they’d be annihilated. Making sacrifices for children in the age of peace was worth it. But at present, insisting on it basically had no meaning, because they were doomed to not have any reinforcement as they continued fighting. And seeing that everyone had been fighting all day long every day, the old President Yang desperately made the decision.

And on the occasion of death and parting forever, there had always been some words to say…

“Grandma Yang, I’m sorry!” The first one to speak was the simple-hearted Zhang Feng.

“Don’t say it. You are the most outstanding child my Heaven Care has ever educated! To be able to die with such child like you in the same place makes this Grandma very gratified!”

“Although I’ve promised Junjun’s grandparents to have Junjun alive and well, but at least I could get to know you, Feng Ling and Qing Yi. So I can die without regrets!” Li Xin’s feelings made her fall to the depth of her emotions as she spoke with tears.

“In fact, when I first became an Awakened, I really wanted to betray you and leave you. But your bravery made me stay…” Liu Wei suddenly rushed and grasped Feng Ling. It was the final moment, so he confessed his feelings toward her.

“Blah. Don’t speak disgustingly like that. Once we rush down there just kill a few monsters. But I think that amongst all of us, the only one I’m really hopeful to go on living is only Qing Yi!” Feng Ling quickly chipped away Liu Wei’s confession.

“Huh? Why would I be the only one who has hope to go on living? You have always been braver than me!” Qing Yi was puzzled.

“Because you are the most kind-hearted one, so you have the best retribution!” Feng Ling said with a forced smile.


“Children, let’s delay no longer. Be ready to rush out!” President Yang knew that the more they delayed, the slimmer their chances of survival would be.

After having made such unexpected decision, everyone stood up all of a sudden.

“Remember, we’ll rush down together at once. Nobody must go fighting! Whether you can escape or not you can only count on yourself! Do remember this!”

President Yang stressed once again as everyone nodded quietly. Only Qing Yi was looking outside the window with bewildered eyes.

“Qing Yi!” Feng Ling called out in a low voice.

“No! There’s someone coming from that side!” Qing Yi lifted her right hand and stopped Feng Ling.

Somebody was coming?

Ever since being besieged, Feng Ling had never hoped that anyone would come to save them. This wave of Secret Area’s creatures was far more intense and stronger, beyond what the rumors had described. Those soldier bastards who broke the Secret Area also finally met their bad luck and were also killed by the wave of the Secret Area’s creatures afterward, leaving only their remaining bones.

But when she leaned on the window and saw the direction of which Qing Yi was pointing, a familiar figure appeared in her line of sight.

“It’s Yun Tu!”

“It’s him!”

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