MOTDN – Ch 35

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Chapter 35: Unexpected News

At the present stage, the Second Order Blood Crystal from the Green Zombie was but a priceless treasure. Only after he had risked his life greatly and came out with a breadth of hair was he able to obtain it. If other people really dared to intervene, even though they were unarmed people, Yun Tu also would not hesitate to violate the Buddhist commandment that was against taking life and relentlessly slaughter them.

After having seen Yun Tu’s strength, as well as also listened to his murderous intention, the number of people who wanted to try their luck finally had to leave.

The Green Zombie’s head was truly hard, but a dead thing was also unable to stump Yun Tu. To save the time, Yun Tu did not dig out the Blood Crystal on the spot, and simply cut the head from its neck and put it into his interspatial ring.


Since the Green Zombie had died, hundreds of zombies scattered all of sudden within the range of 1 km, causing the area to suddenly become a purgatory.

Yun Tu had no intention to kill zombies and save those people, since the 3rd day of the apocalypse Yun Tu had killed a large number of zombies and harvested a lot of Blood Crystals before he entered the Secret Area. However, for some other time he also paid admission tickets for the gate to the Secret Area and also consumed the Blood Crystals to supplement his physical strength, so his Blood Crystal stockpile was running low.

Since it was hard to have a lucky day than hitting the sun, and there were also a large number of zombies around, Yun Tu once again launched a massacre.


After having slaughtered from 5PM until the sky completely blackened down, in one hunt, Yun Tu was able to collect dozens of large and small Blood Crystals.

Recalling as he wholeheartedly wanted to get the Blood Crystals and disregarded the fatigue and tiredness, he decided to stop working for a day and rested as the tide of fatigue then hit him!


In these 3 days he only slept less than 3 hours. Even if it was the Iron Man, he would also be unable to withstand it. Whilst dragging his tired body and walked along the street, Yun Tu was thinking to find a quiet and peaceful place to have a good rest for the night. But in such a chaotic state of the apocalypse and the emergence of the Green Haired Zombie, there was no place that could be said as completely safe.


While looking for a place to rest, Yun Tu was thinking that it seemed like it was the time to build his own team. And if he wanted to build a team, Gui Jiaosan would be his first preferred member. Although in his past life he only teamed up with him for 6 weeks, he knew very well about his character. But now, since Gui Jiaosan had disappeared after he appeared, it seemed that he had to rely on fate to meet him again!


It was a pitch-black darkness. The nights in the apocalypse were so dark that one was unable to see his own fingers. Turning on a cell phone and using its flashlight might make one able to see the road slightly clear, but it was obvious that it would easily bring danger. Finding a new place along the way was not an easy task, and there was no place that was absolutely safe. Yun Tu then fumbled and returned back to the previous house he left.

In the apocalypse, the populace number had been caught up with the scattering zombies everywhere. And when Yun Tu had gone back to the building, another family had come and temporarily lived in the 6th floor.

With his extraordinary hearing ability that far surpassed an average person, he could hear those people’s voices when he was going upstairs. He could tell that they were only ordinary people, and there were no Awakened amongst them. So there was no security risks and hidden dangers. He ignored them and silently walked and returned back to the 7th floor.

Even though it was without decoration and the floor was rough and not smoothed, but sleeping naturally and then waking up was one of the greatest happiness in the apocalypse.


Yun Tu took out a bottle of water from his ring and cleaned himself completely with a simple wash. He then ate some convenience food and then took out the Green Zombie’s head. Yesterday, he had yet to finish the work, and now a happy expression was revealed on his face when he had dug out a larger Blood Crystal that contained richer energy than that of the Blood Crystals taken from the Black Zombies.

Swallowing a First Order Black Zombie’s Blood Crystal could make ordinary people step onto the path of evolution, but swallowing a Second Order Blood Crystal did not necessarily make a First Level evolved individual into a Second Level.


The dividing line between the First Level and the Second Level lied on the stats of the human body. One of the stats of the First Level Awakened must reach or exceed 20 points, while the other main stats also must reach or exceed 15 points. It was true that swallowing a Second Order Blood Crystal could make an Awakened reach the Second Level, but if the main stats had yet to reach the designated standard, swallowing the Second Order Blood Crystal could only change the body’s stats to a certain extent, but it could not directly lead to the qualitative changes.


If at present, there were any Pharmacists that were able to concoct this precious Blood Crystal into an auxiliary medicine, swallowing this Blood Crystal would possibly produce much better results. But there was no one with the Pharmacist job in the apocalypse now; if there was, Yun Tu would not eat this Blood Crystal now. However, each strength’s growth was very precious and the apocalypse did not give the time for humans to wait.


The sensation and condition after swallowing it was somewhat similar with the first swallowing of the Blood Crystal, while there were also some differences. When a burst of hot energy spread out all over his body, Yun Tu stood, as his body stats were displayed inside his brain, having gone through significant changes.

Strength 13
Spirit 13
Agility 13
Vision 13
Hearing 19
Chemoreception 13



His Hearing stat was increased by 4 points while the other stats were respectively increased by 3 points. Seeing the rising numbers, Yun Tu knew that as long as he got a second Green Zombie’s Blood Crystal, he would be able to successfully become a Second Level Awakened.

Along with the promotion of each parameter stat of his body, Yun Tu’s strength was also slightly improved. The next time he encountered a Green Zombie, he might not still be able contend with it head-on, but he believed that he could face it calmly.


Dawn had already come. Although in the apocalypse the bright and beautiful sunshine had never appeared nor would it bring joyful mood to people again, but still the daytime also had lights. Humans were instinctively accustomed to the light, and would feel more secured in daytime than at night.

Yun Tu curled up and made up his makeshift bed on the floor, and was prepared to go downstairs. But he suddenly heard some people coming up from downstairs, and they were clearly acquaintances with those few people in the building. The coming people walked very quickly and directly headed straight to the location of the family who was temporarily living on the 6th floor.


“How about the situation in the Northern District?”


“Don’t raise the topic. Rather than going to the Northern District, we might as well keep staying in the Southern District. The Government in that side simply doesn’t send any food, while the entire Eastern District is fully crowded. At night, the streets are full of scoundrels, with countless robberies, rapes, murders and arsons. The Government doesn’t care about it. I went there and personally saw three families commit collective suicides when I strolled around.”

“What the…”


“Wenwen, the last time you said that when the rainbow appeared, you had seen a small light pillar falling down. Do you remember its specific location?”


“Why did you suddenly ask about this?”


“When I was in the Northern District, I heard that the military is collecting information about the light pillars. And a moment ago, I also heard that the Duan Entertainment has reorganized their structure and has become the Jiangnan Family Guild. The Duan Family is also collecting this kind of information, and they will exchange the information with 10 pounds of food. If you accompany them to find it, you may also be able to get a tiny Blood Crystal!”

“2 days ago I also heard some other people also saying that. But it was a kind of big light pillars. We must have the accurate location for it, and also determined it in advance without anyone getting it faster than us!”


“The information from 2 days ago is indeed the same. But that kind of light pillar has already been searched for by the Awakened people. As long as it’s information about the light pillar, even the small ones would be rewarded. As long as we can determine the approximate location, it’s good enough. That person also said that as long as anyone doesn’t deceive them intentionally, they won’t kill him!”

“There’s such a good thing, but Wenwen is so small and so many days have already passed. If the place was wrongly remembered and they could not find the Secret Area, they could vent their anger at us. We might also be in trouble!”

“But this is very important. Xiao Wenwen, do you remember when the light pillar was falling the last time you told us?”

“I remember. I remember very clearly! That light pillar was very thin; it was 3 or 4 layers. When it was about to fall to the ground, it quickly turned into a floating belt-like light and then finally fell on the…”

Under the adult’s inductions, a 3 or 4 years-old child’s voice spread out into Yun Tu’s ear.

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