MOTDN – Ch 34

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Chapter 34: Fighting the First Green Zombie (Part 2)

Should he give his life back to Gui Jiaosan in this second repertoire?


The thought flashed inside Yun Tu’s mind lightning fast as his finger reached the interspatial ring and took something out. He took a breath and accelerated his pace again, and at the same time, threw something from his right hand backward. It did not look like that the thing was not from his hand as it rapidly popped and bolted backward.

A hidden weapon!

For such existence as strong as the powerful Green Zombie, this light concealed weapon Yu Tu released was certainly unable to injure it. Although Yun Tu suddenly released the hidden weapon and his speed was extremely fast, but the weight was obviously very light. The Green Zombie’s big hand quickly grasped firmly the concealed weapon released by Yun Tu.


A hot energy transmitted out from its hand as the Green Zombie found that the thing caught by its hand turned out to be a zombie’s Blood Crystal.

The sudden attack, which turned out to be a Blood Crystal, was not because Yun Tu was panicking and grabbed the thing mistakenly, nor was it because he wanted to bribe it and save his life. All of this was his planning, because he knew that even if he shot it at the Green Zombie, it would not be effective. He calculated that the Green Zombie was sensitive to the Blood Crystal, so when it found that the hidden weapon turned to be a Blood Crystal, it should be at a loss for a moment.


As expected, when the hidden weapon released by Yun Tu turned out to be a Blood Crystal, it instinctively hesitated for a moment and then quickly threw it into its mouth.


Losing a Blood Crystal in exchange for about 2 seconds of hesitation. Using this time gap, Yun Tu hit the front door of the building at the side and rushed inside.


There was no high-rise building on both sides of the alley, and there were only 6 or 7 floors of old-fashioned residential building. Yun Tu could not afford to think much further. As soon as he rushed in, he desperately rushed to the 7th floor. After recovering, the Green Zombie quickly reacted and followed closely. As Yun Tu was rushed to the 7th floor, the Green Zombie was faster than him and also had pursued to the 7th floor.


Yun Tu broke the windows on the 7th floor and did not think further as he suddenly jumped out.


Although the Green Haired Zombie had opened its wisdom, but its intelligence was slightly lower than a human’s. Much less that this Green Zombie had just evolved and never once it had encountered a particularly strong opponent before. Upon seeing Yun Tu jumping out of the window, it directly followed and jumped out, since Yun Tu did not fear to fall then of course it had no fear also.

Falling from the height of the 7th floor, even if ones were not dead but they would also seriously get injured. Certainly, Yun Tu also did not dare to really jump and drop from the sky. In the process, he took out a Willow Tree Staff and used it to reach the windowsill of the 6th floor with the Willow Staff.

An Awakened’s body sensitivity and reaction were far superior than that of an ordinary person’s; with only a little bit of leveraging, it was enough for Yun Tu to grab the window.

Such a small trick had fooled the Green Zombie. But certainly, making the Green Zombie fall from the 7th floor’s height was still unable to kill it, otherwise this Green Zombie also would not want to jump downward. But since the Green Zombie’s mass was twice heavier than Yun Tu’s, even if it would not die, it would also meet the heavy impact of the falling force and would make it fall into dizziness for a few seconds.

So how could Yun Tu miss such a good opportunity?!


From the window of the 6th floor, his eyes swept over the room and quickly picked up the thing with largest weight in the room, a large refrigerator, without hesitation and threw it following the fallen Green Zombie as it then powerfully smashed it down.

A big fridge, with more than 50kg in weight, was dropped from the 6th floor and smashed down toward the Green Zombie that was still dazed as it was once again hit by a heavy blow from the sky on top of its head.


A fallen large refrigerator from the 6th floor brought a huge impact force according to Law of Physics calculation, and the amount of impact force absolutely amounted to a few tons. Even if the Green Zombie was formidable, it could not withstand again and got really injured this time. The injury was quite severe as it was unable to get up even after a few struggles.

Yun Tu knew that the Green Zombie had a superb restoration ability, as long as there was no fatal wound, it could still wake up as time passed. It was impossible for Yun Tu to give it the opportunity to recover again; it was better to take advantage of its precarious state and quickly claim its life. But if he rushed downward and killed the Green Zombie only by relying on his own ability, it would be very difficult. Yun Tu quickly got out of the 6th floor and rushed to 7th floor again. For the sake of insurance, he picked up a large refrigerator with several insulation heaters and increased the overall weight to more than 150kg. But he did not drop it directly, and instead went to roof.


The topmost of the 7th floor building, in fact, had the height of an 8th floor as Yun Tu then looked at the Green Zombie. He estimated that it still would not be able to recover from the current state for the next 10 seconds. Then, Yun Tu forced in cement tiles with the large refrigerator and several heater insulations to increase the weight to more than 150kg. Then, he aimed and threw them down to the Green Zombie from the 8th floor.


The weight compared to the refrigerator from the 6th floor was more than doubled, and the height was higher by two floors. The impact force that would be produced at least could be more than 10 times from the previous refrigerator of the 6th floor.


When the loud crashing sound came from the ground, the tough battle ended!

It was true that the Green Zombie’s whole body was invulnerable. But as long its body was not made of solid iron slab, under this huge impact, it was absolutely unable to live.


The formidable Green Zombie had died in this way, and a large number Black Zombies and ordinary zombies in the surrounding suddenly lost the invisible command control as they began to scatter to all directions to feed on the populace again. The degree of peril Gui Jiaosan had to face from a certain extent had not changed to a relaxed state as he had to face more complex situation instead.

In the 6th day of the Apocalypse, the streets were full of trash and flying rubbish. When he was in the escaping process, his foot treaded on a disposable plastic bag as he slipped and lost his footing and fell heavily. He clenched his teeth and crawled up from the ground when he heard Yun Tu shouting at him.

He did not have the time to think as to why such an unknown expert favored him, and even also desperately wanted to help him to withstand the zombie tide at the cost of his own life. He finally decided to get up again and disregarded the danger to pick that Black Zombie’s head. By now, he was being pursued by a zombie, and it was only 10 meters away from him.


In this life and death moment, Gui Jiaosan also decided to resolutely throw away the kitchen knife in his hand and hit an ordinary zombie. Although the zombie’s injury was not severe, but it was also slowed down for a few seconds. Using this time, Gui Jiaosan got up and directly headed toward the small alley in the opposite direction from Yun Tu.


To be able to escape from the zombie group that was chased him down was naturally impossible. But today, Gui Jiaosan’s luck had really come as there were 4 or 5 men in this alley and all of them were powerful people in which there were 2 Awakened people amongst them. When several zombies were pursuing Gui Jiaosan and came at them, the 2 unknown Awakened men immediately rushed over.

They did not know Gui Jiaosan. And naturally they did not have the thought to save him. Their intention was to collect Blood Crystals, and quickly, the 2 Awakened with their men took only 2 or 3 minutes were swarmed over a dozens of large and small zombies that rushed over one after another.


However, 2 or 3 minutes for the always vigilant Gui Jiaosan was enough. He crossed the street and passed through the alley and had escaped for a mile, and then carefully hid himself in an abandoned warehouse.


After having smashed the Green Zombie with such barbaric method, Yun Tu was worried about Gui Jiaosan’s safety. Then, he quickly went downstairs and did not clean up the Green Zombie’s corpse due to these thoughts. He immediately returned back to the original street to find the whereabouts of his brother, Gui Jiaosan. However, he did not see his trace nor did he see his body.


Then, he might as well submit his fate to the heaven! Recalling as Gui Jiaosan was able to last until the 9th week of the apocalypse in his previous incarnation, he estimated that he would be highly unlikely to be killed by the zombies in the first week of the apocalypse. With a heavy mood, Yun Tu went back to the wall in the street where his Cavalry Saber was thrown out to recover it, and then went back to that small alley again.


“That brave fool has gone away. So this Blood Crystal is mine! Hahaha!”


“Who said it’s yours. It’s mine since I came here first!”


“Who said you’re the first to come?! When that man smashed the first refrigerator, I saw him, so it’s me who’s the first here!”

When Yun Tu had arrived and prepared to harvest the Second Order Blood Crystal from the Green Zombie, he actually found several average people with kitchen knifes surrounding the Green Zombie’s corpse and wanting to split open the Green Zombie’s head.


Fortunately, the Green Zombie’s skull was very hard. On the other hand, they were also quarrelling while chopping the head. Even after they had chopped for dozens of times, the Blood Crystal had yet to be dug out.

“Get lost!”


Yun Tu rushed past and kicked those people’s asses.


“How the hell you want us to leave?! This thing has no owner, the one who sees it has the shares!” Several people also wanted to argue as they turned around and found that it was the fool who they had mouthed.


“If you don’t get the fuck out, I’ll butcher all of you!”


Yun Tu was not in the mood to reason with some idlers, as he quickly took out his axe and cut an ordinary zombie’s head that came from behind him into two halves without even looking.




Oh, Law of Physics in fight…

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