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Third chapter of the week (June 24). We’re back! Despite the late release, there will be 5 chapters this week.

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Chapter 33: Fighting the First Green Zombie (Part 1)


To be suddenly awakened for no reason from a soundly sleeping state… for Yun Tu, this was his forecast instinct for danger after having gone through exercises for so many years in the past life’s apocalypse.


The perceptions people had in their sleeping state might look like that they were weakened. But in fact, since the cerebral cortex was resting, it became more sensitive. Such as hearing, the information collected by people’s ears were not processed when they were sleeping. On the surface, it would appear that they did not hear anything, but for Yun Tu, who had experienced a sea of bloody battles, a lower safety threshold had long been formed inside his brain. He would quickly wake up from his sleep once he heard any dangerous signals.


Yun Tu carefully climbed up as he rolled the mat and put it into his interspatial ring. Then, he went to the window and began to observe.


Some pedestrians occasionally lurked around the surrounding streets, and it seemed that everything was normal. But Yun Tu believed his instincts, so he immediately turned down the assured feeling and turned around to leave. When he arrived at the 1st floor, he pasted his ear to the ground and carefully listened to the voices. He could hear some chaotic footsteps’ sounds. His sensitive hearing also could detect one particular kind of soft and calm footsteps that were mixed amongst the thousands of different sounds.

Every step of evolution for the zombies had a clear sign!

When human beings were infected with Rose Virus or they were injured by a zombie, they would change into basic, ordinary zombies. The most obvious feature was that fangs grew inside their mouths as their nails would also change into claws. This type of zombie alone, according to the autopsy report, was said to be much more powerful than adult men. But the most fearsome aspect, was that these zombies had no sense of pain. They were not distracted by anything else, but only driven by the instincts to bite and suck blood, causing even four or five men who ganged up against it to still be unable to face it. At this stage, the zombie’s footsteps were different than that of ordinary people.

When these ordinary zombies bit and sucked 10 people’s blood, they would evolve into Black Zombies with chitin covering most of their bodies. Apart from a few and limited vital and critical spots, for ordinary people they were basically invulnerable. Without having heavy firearms and equipment, saying that ordinary people wanted to kill them was undoubtedly morons talking nonsense. The Black Zombies also had simple rhythmic footsteps, and the sounds they produced when they walked were much bigger than ordinary people, and could be clearly distinguished against human footsteps.


To evolve further, the Black Zombie needed to suck 100 persons’ blood, and then green hair would grow on their bodies. Their body was still invulnerable, but no longer looked like a Black Zombie that had rigid and stiff movements. However, it was far stronger, as the previous vulnerable weak points would be strengthened a level, even firearms would be unable to do anything. At the same time, it’s strength and agility would rise a level, becoming quite a nightmare for the current Awakened. However, the most fearful thing for this type of zombie was that it had grown its consciousness and wisdom, of which, granted it the talent and ability to command the other low level zombies. Once it howled, all the lower order zombies within one mile of the surroundings would be called over as they would go to battle with teamwork and coordination.

“The Green Haired Zombie has appeared!”

Judging by the sounds he could hear, Yun Tu estimated that the location should be about a few hundred meters away. But, this distance could not be considered safe. The Green Zombie was not a simple Second Order Zombie, since there would other zombie groups following along it, as though rolling blood cells. And the possibility for that was higher. At the same time, there had yet to appear a Second Level Human Awakened in this beginning period of the Apocalypse, so this Green Haired Zombie would be a kind of immortal existence, and not the kind of possible prey to get.


If Yun Tu could obtain the Shadow Assassin’s Main Job Scroll and match it with the altered Shadow Dagger, perhaps he’d go after it as an opponent to try his own prowess.

But after having entered three Secret Areas, he could only get Alchemy as his Secondary occupation, so he could only choose to flee.

“What the fuck!”

After having gone out and ran for less than 200 meters from his hiding place, Yun Tu saw a Black Zombie blocking his way.

He quickly dodged to the sideway, sliding and slashed his saber like the wind!

In order to quickly finish the battle, Yun Tu slashed his weapon toward the critical spots and quickly brushed past the Black Zombie. His Cavalry Saber intertwining crossed from the 2 sides and cross-slashed the critical points of the zombie’s ribs.

At the same time, because they were too close, Yun Tu was also heavily clawed by the Black Zombie as he staggered back, causing his blood to suddenly seep out.

Yun Tu had no interest to prolong the fight and did not turn around to face the Black Zombie. He did not change his direction as he continued to run.

After that, the Black Zombie responded as it turned around to chase him. But Yun Tu had already ran 50 meters past it, and it would be unlikely that it would be able to catch up to him. But at this moment, Yun Tu suddenly stopped.

“I’ll fucking kill you! Take it you fucker! Gimme your life!”

A figure suddenly rushed out between the both of them from the streets. It was a limping ordinary man with hands grasping a kitchen knife as he was pursuing the Black Zombie which was pursuing Yun Tu, and recklessly slashing at it.

An ordinary person with an ordinary kitchen knife wanting to kill the Black Zombie could be said that it worthy to be praised as having courage, but this kind of courage was often at the cost of his own life.

The kitchen knife chopped the Black Zombie’s carapace-like skin as it issued a metal collision-like sound. However, it was unable to break its cortex, let alone to kill it.

At this critical time, someone was actually helping him to attract the aggro of this Black Zombie. It was originally a good thing, since Yun Tu could take this opportunity to easily escape the danger zone. But he actually had no choice but to go back again.


It was because he was familiar with that figure’s voice. Without his words and sacrifice, Yun Tu would have died in the 9th week of the Apocalypse in his past life, and it’d be impossible for him to persevere for so many years had it not happened.


“Gui Jiaosan! Run away quickly! The Green Haired Zombie has appeared!”

The last trip when he went to the Southern District, Yun Tu was unable to find him. He asked several people and did not find him. But at this terrible time, this Gui Jiaosan suddenly came out, so Yun Tu yelled and went back quickly, and slashed his saber at the Black Zombie’s foot bend.

Ordinary swords were useless against the Black Zombie, but the saber in Yun Tu’s hand was probably the sharpest blade in the world now. Although his action was rushed and too hasty, but because his practice for so many years in the past life, he could conveniently cut the relatively weak bend spot on the Black Zombie’s foot.


Poisonous white, corpse blood gushed out as the Black Zombie that was previously plunging towards Gui Jiaosan turned around again and faced Yun Tu as it smashed both of its hand toward him.

With two sliding steps, Yun Tu moved to the sideways, as his Cavalry Saber then precisely cut through the first wound he had inflicted on the Black Zombie’s rib…


Its chest had been completely split open, and coupled with its ankle that had been cut by Yun Tu, the Black Zombie was unable to stood firmly as it splashed down to the ground.

“Let’s go! Let’s leave quickly with me!”

After he grabbed Gui Jiaosan’s neck, Yun Tu spoke whilst walking.

“Who the hell are you? Don’t grab me! Blood Crystal, Blood Crystal. You don’t want it, but I do!!”

Yun Tu was only dragging Gui Jiaosan and ran for more than 10 meters, when suddenly Gui Jiaosan bursted out with powerful force to break free from him. Once again with his crippled foot, he rushed again to the crippled zombie that had fallen to the ground.


The present situation was obvious. Gui Jiaosan simply did not know Yun Tu. The Apocalypse had come and the way of the world had changed. Even though Gui Jiaosan was only a young thug with a crippled leg and foot, he did not want to die. In addition, he was also quite smart and was quick to gather news and information, and also had heard about the matter of devouring the Black Zombie’s Blood Crystal would make one evolve. He had been looking for opportunities, therefore when all the other ordinary people were running everywhere to escape from the zombies, he was strolling along the street, hoping he could pick up an opportunity.

And just now, when he was strolling in the street, he saw that Yun Tu only slashed the Black Zombie and made it injured without killing it as he continued running away. Gui Jiaosan instinctively thought that his chance had come. It was impossible for an average person to kill a Black Zombie in its perfect state, and it was only natural that he saw that this injured Black Zombie was his opportunity. But he had never thought that even though the Black Zombie had been slashed injured by Yun Tu, this Black Zombie was something the crippled him could be done of.

If it were not for Yun Tu turning around to solve that Black Zombie, at this time, he could have been already done for.

His obsession for Blood Crystals and became an Awakened had made him confused, and he simply disregarded the danger. After he broke free from Yun Tu’s hand, he returned back to the Black Zombie’s side immediately and picked up the kitchen knife from the ground and slashed its skull.

From 200 meters away, hundreds of zombies were swarming over toward their direction as the pitiful screams continued. All the people inside the private residences on both sides of the street realized that something was amiss as one after another hastily came out of their houses and ran away.


“The Green Zombie!”

Passing through the chaotic zombie group, Yun Tu’s vision stared at the zombie leader behind with its whole body covered with green hair.

“Run away quickly! If you don’t run away now, there will be not much time anymore!”

Yun Tu went back to Gui Jiaosan again. He put out his saber and cut the zombie’s head with all of his might. It looked like even if Gui Jiaosan was to be given another 10 minutes, he also would not be able to dig out the Blood Crystal from it.

“Thank you for this big grace, Brother. If…”

Although Gui Jiaosan did not fully understand Yun Tu’s intention, but it was impossible for him to give up the Blood Crystal in front of him. He picked up the zombie’s head that was cut off by Yun Tu and wanted to say something again, but he suddenly found a large number of zombies on the street in front of his eyes.


“Brother, your strength is so powerful! After giving such a big grace, please do it again!”


Even in this final time, Gui Jiaosan must still speak before he ran away again. In his anger, Yun Tu kicked his ass and yelled, “Get lost! This Big Daddy might not be weak, but if you come here again, I will cut you off!”


Realizing that the situation was serious, the crippled Gui Jiaosan finally run away. But the zombie group arrived in front of Yun Tu, and he actually could not run away since the crippled Gui Jiaosan had yet to leave far away. By this group of zombies’ speed, he would be caught up within seconds, so Yun Tu had to hold them off.


“Howls wooo~~~!”

The Green Haired Zombie’s sight finally fixated on Yun Tu. It was very sensitive toward someone’s aura as well as zombies’ murderous intent. Although it only stimulated and drove behind the zombie group, but the Green Zombie was very clear toward the overall situation. Everyone was escaping and only Yun Tu with his Cavalry Saber stood in the middle of the street, as though he was an Arhat Buddha. Even fools would know that the opponent was not the friendly kind.

Along with the Green Zombie’s order, more than 10 zombies then rushed toward Yun Tu immediately.


*Slash, slash, slash!*

With 3 slashes, Yun Tu slashed the next 3 ordinary zombies and then retracted back 10 steps as he set his previous stance again.

“Howl wooo~~~!”

The Green Zombie howled again. And this time, 3 Black Zombies rushed together toward Yun Tu.

“Slash, slash, slash!”

It was another 3 slashes as he retaliated against the three Black Zombies. Although it was impossible to directly kill these Black Zombies, but he also had injured them separately. After having done those 3 slashes, Yun Tu drew back again for 10 steps and stopped again.

“Howl wooo~~~!”

The Green Zombie howled again as the zombie group suddenly separated and created a path. It was very obvious that this Green Zombie intended to personally tear into shreds the first human who dared to challenge its majestic dignity.

Yun Tu was perfectly aware about how powerful this Green Zombie was. That was the existence the current him was absolutely unable to contend with. As he quickly turned around to flee, he suddenly found that Gui Jiaosan, who was supposed to be about 200 meters away, was sneaking and slipped in with his hand grasped the zombie’s head and also tried to grab the other ones a few meters away from his place.



Yun Tu shouted desperately. Gui Jiaosan heard his voice as he turned his head, and saw the zombie tide was about to come. He also knew that he needed to act fast in this pressing situation. But he did not listen to Yun Tu’s suggestion who was unfamiliar to him. He gritted his teeth as his crippled leg tried hard with difficulty as he lamely walked toward the zombie’s head.

At this time, his heart could not withstand the pressure to keep the hard-earned Blood Crystals. Along with the passing time, the number of zombies in the Apocalypse would become more and more populated, and their levels would be higher. He could not be sure whether he could survive for a few more days in this world.


Nobody knew what kind of power source that drove his heart. In the dark days of the apocalypse, ordinary people’s life was as cheap as mustard, even worthless. Let alone he, a lame crippled leg hoodlum, dweller of the bottommost of the society. In the previous incarnation, Yun Tu did not know whether Gui Jiaosan had a family, because he knew that when his family were dead, Gui Jiaosan had never taken the initiative to mention it. But now was the 6th day of the apocalypse, and Gui Jiaosan’s frail wife and his only 8-years-old son were hiding in the cabinet at his home, waiting for him to bring back water and food.


Gui Jiaosan saw Yun Tu as only a stranger, he simply did not listen to his shouts. Under desperation, Yun Tu threw up high the Cavalry Saber in his hand toward the Green Zombie. In his past life, Gui Jiaosan had helped him against a Black Zombie with his average person’s strength with all of the strength he could muster. Regardless of how difficult today was, Yun Tu had to go all out to stop the Green Haired Zombie and strive for the slim lifeline of survival for Gui Jiaosan.


The flying Cavalry Saber was as fast as lightning and its force was absolutely powerful. But it was simply nothing for the Green Zombie, since when it saw that the saber was flying over it, the zombie waved its hand to strike at the flying saber. After the Cavalry Saber was hit, it flew away toward the wall next the street and pierced it a few inches deep, as the trembling saber still issued the buzzing sounds in the air.

The opponent was too strong. Yun Tu knew perfectly well that with his current strength and speed, continuing to attack the zombie was simply impossible. But he insisted for a few more seconds to give Gui Jiaosan more opportunities.


After blocking Yun Tu’s saber, the Green Haired Zombie moved. Its body flashed and changed into a green lightning, with left arm’s sickle-like claws slashing Yun Tu’s neck as though wanted to harvest it.

Since his Cavalry Saber was gone, Yun Tu stepped back a few paces as the altered Fire Axe was suddenly revealed in both of his hands and blocked the zombie’s first strike on his vital spots. However, the tremendous strength the zombie had forced Yun Tu to draw back even though he drew back for several steps to dissipate the momentum force. The strength the zombie had was even able to shake the tiger’s mouth to feel numb.


There was no way to continue fighting! He resisted again against it and ended up in a dead end alley.

Having blocked the zombie’s powerful strike, Yun Tu drew back again a few steps as he suddenly rushed to the direction of a small alley to the side. If he could not stop it, then he could only lure the Green Zombie away. And afterward, whether Gui Jiaosan was able to escape from the chase of those Black Zombies and ordinary zombies, he could only look at his good fortune.


Seeing such a rapid movements from Yun Tu, who suddenly changed his direction a moment ago and ran away, the Green Zombie stared blankly and was surprised. In his dazed moment, Yun Tu with his extremely fast speed had ran for 20 meters away to the small alley.


Yun Tu’s speed was fast, but the Green Zombie was even nearly twice faster than him. Although it started half a beat later than Yun Tu, and Yun Tu had yet to run away for 50 meters, its claws already drew close toward Yun Tu’s back…


Ugh… long chapter. I thought the author would at least stick to 2-2.5K characters. But now he went back to his 3K+ chapter again… almost 3000 words in English, and here’s 6 pages for you!!

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