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Second chapter of the week (June 24). We’re back! Despite the late release, there will be 5 chapters this week.

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Chapter 32: The Weak Bravery (Part 3)

Fight? Or wait for the adjudication?

Feng Ling also had a gun hidden inside her windproof coat. Although she only just entered the rank of Awakened for a few days, but after having gone through several life and death battles repeatedly as well as becoming a group leader now, at this time she also almost had the psychological capacity one should have in the apocalypse.

Silently, her hand slowly stretched into her windbreaker coat…

Liu Wei, who was at her side and followed her blindly, seeing her small movements, his right hand also moved and gripped the hilt inside his windbreaker coat…

“Put the gun down!”

Feng Ling and Liu Wei had yet to move when an unexpected change happened in the scene. The pockmark-faced soldier, who just got reprimanded, suddenly moved and pointed his gun at the officer’s back.

“Pock Face, what the fuck are you doing?”

The military officer leader turned his head with a look of disbelief as he looked at his own man, the pockmarked face Zhang Feng.

“I will never let you hurt Grandma Yang!”

The nicknamed Pock Face soldier did not even flinch as he faced his own leader.

“Why, give me a reason!”

“Grandma Yang raised me! She is my blood grandmother. Whoever dares to act against her must cross over my dead body!”

“What a fucking joke! You’re a northeasterner, while President Yang is this Jiangnan City’s native. It’s just damn nonsense if you say that she brought you up!”

“Little do you know about Grandma Yan! Heaven Care Orphanage is bigger than Jiangnan City. It belongs to the country! Now, PUT THE GUN DOWN! Look for your Secret Area yourself while I escort them to the Northern District!”

“Fine! Fine! Fine!”

Under the pointed muzzle, the officer even said three fine words. He finally put down the muzzle and no longer pointed at president Yang Suyan.

“Thank you, child!” The elderly lady’s eyes lightened up by her tears.

Along with the officer’s lowered muzzle, Pock Face also put down his muzzle. But right after, the officer lifted his gun again, and this time he directly pointed his gun at the pockmarked soldier.

Pock Face did not respond and only glanced coldly at him, “Even if you shoot first, I can also kill you!”

The officer did not shoot, but only coldly spoke, “That was before, but now I am also an Awakened person and am no weaker than you. Considering that you have shared a piece of Blood Crystal with me and let me become an Awakened, we’ll put down this matter and let it go. But the next time we meet, of which I hope that you could still be alive, this Elder Brother of yours will give you one last advice: In this end of the world, people who are tenderhearted will always be forever weak!”

“Thanks for the care in the People’s Army for the past few years. I also hope that you can live well!” Pock Face also lightly replied.

The story had evolved again, so there should have been a peaceful farewell as they went their separate ways. However, the officer then looked around and realized that there were things that were out of place, such as the dead bodies on the ground as well as the cutting rope and so on.

Upon seeing that the officer was frowning, the other soldiers under him also began to investigate the courtyard.

“You are not people from this welfare home. Tell me for what purpose have you come to this place. You should be looking for the Secret Area, yes?” The office pointed the gun he just put down toward Li Xin this time.

“I can tell you the entrance to the Secret Area. But you have to give us 2 Blood Crystals!” Upon seeing that Li Xin was pointed at by a gun, Qing Yi boldly stood.

“No one dares to negotiate any conditions under my muzzle. If you know about the entrance, tell me immediately!” The officer’s tone suddenly turned severe.

“No one can talk about conditions under a muzzle, but what if we all have a gun!” Feng Ling at was afraid that Qing Yi would suffer a loss, so she stepped forward in front with her hand still inside her windproof coat and did not take it out.

Looking at the development that went in the wrong direction, while also seeing that Liu Wei at the other side also put his hand inside his coat, the officer finally put away his gun, as it seemed that everyone had a gun.

“Since you know there is a Secret Area here, then help me find it!” The officer said with a smile.

“That place is hard to find!”

Qing Yi said with a light smile. Anyway, they still had to go, but exchanging it for 2 Blood Crystals was also a good thing. On the surface her character did not change comparing when she was in peace era; but in fact, she was changing, albeit quietly.

5 or 6 minutes later, after both sides calmed down, the few men under the officer were still unable to find the entrance. The officer finally made a concession, “How about 1 Blood Crystal?”

One was better than nothing! Besides, the other side would definitely find it!

Qing Yi and Feng Ling glanced at each other and tacitly understood. They were about comply with the officer’s counter-offer when Li Xin, who had just been pointed at by the gun, suddenly took over the conversation.

“Heh, never once have I seen such a stingy little man. We are all Awakened. Are you taking us as beggars or something?”

Li Xin had been the weakest in the group, and she also brought her son and gave much trouble for the team. It was imperative and urgent for her to become an Awakened, otherwise she would only be a burden for the team, and it would be either that she’d eventually drag the team down or she would be abandoned later. So she must have the courage to strive for the interests of the team.

“Fine, then 2 you will have!” The officer took out 2 tiny Blood Crystals.

“What the… you wanna cheat any children with this thing?! Let’s go! Let them look for it slowly, I can tell that they at most can find it by tomorrow.” Originally, Qing Yi said 2 Blood Crystals as referred to the tiny ones. But now, upon seeing that the opposite party had made a concession, Li Xin aimed for more from the army.

“Two large Blood Crystals? Have you gone crazy out of poverty? Since when the Black Zombie is that easy to kill?!”

“At least 1 big and 1 small. You want it, then buy it. If not, just knock it off!” As the only man in the team, Liu Wei finally spoke at this critical time.

Upon seeing that the two of them seemed not to care about Blood Crystals, the officer conceded and finally exchanged one tiny Blood Crystal to a large one.

When she received the Blood Crystals, Li Xin’s hands were trembling. She knew that she was finally able to strive and give benefit to the team.

But when Feng Ling told the officer about the accurate position of the gate to the Secret Area, the officer suddenly felt that they also could find the spot within half an hour even though it was slightly hidden. But the transaction had been done and the both sides had settled with the money and goods, so it’s not good to go back on their words.

The gate to the Secret Area was activated as it released rays of light. Apart from Pock Face, the military officer took the other 4 soldiers as they paid the tickets one by one and disappeared from the real world. After they were gone, under the request of President Yang, Qing Yi, Feng Ling, and the other people also began to lead the children to quickly leave.

Although the group had quite a lot of Awakened along with Pock Face, however, wanting to lead several dozens of people to the Northern District safely was a mission impossible to complete. After which Qing Yi suggested to everyone to go 500 meters away from the place first and then look for another building to hide, while also giving the chance for Li Xin to evolve into an Awakened and brew another plan again.

Upon hearing Qing Yi’s suggestion, Li Xin was so excited she even cried. She tightly clung onto Qing Yi as she spoke with excited emotion, “You are a good, stubborn person! This Elder Sister will forever follow you!”

Seeing Li Xin holding Qing Yi, Liu Wei also looked at Feng Ling as he also said quite a meaningful sentence, “Yes, so do I!”

“Bah, don’t be such a nauseating drama queen here. Everybody spark up! Let’s go!”

Feng Ling pretended not to hear the meaningful sentence directed at her. She stared at him and then took the lead and went out of the Heaven Care Orphanage.

It was the third day after the rainbow fell. The Earth had never seen the sun again. Although there was no longer rain of blood these days, but the dark bloody cloud in the sky seemed to have been pressed lower as it floated in the air forming visible, formless fogs. Ordinary people at the most could only clearly see things within 100 meters.

Although an Awakened vision could look further ahead, however, looking at the gloomy deserted avenue caused Feng Ling, Qing Yi, and the others in the group instinctively tensed their nerves.

This group had residual traumatic experiences and disabled conditions, and there were dozens of old and young people. The goal was really too big. Once they were found by zombies, even a few ordinary zombies were able to tidy this group very quickly. By that time, the commotion would lead the other zombies to them; that was a disaster they would be unable to withstand.

Liu Wei and Feng Ling took the lead with the Pock Face—Zhang Feng—as the guide, while Qing Yi, Li Xin, and Grandma Yang were guarding dozens of children as they carefully left the Heaven Care Orphanage. When they were about 300 meters away from the orphanage, rays of light suddenly flashed from the institute building.

“It’s bad! The Secret Area has shattered. Children, quickly follow me!”

Feng Ling had yet to finish what she wanted to say when a sudden burst of hundreds of forms that looked like praying mantises came out from the orphanage toward the few hundred meters of the surroundings. These mutant creatures from the Secret Area were even taller than humans, and also had carapaces…

To survive in the apocalypse, one could only struggle step by step and barely survive. Let alone the likes of Qing Yi and Feng Ling, who were of the common people as their life and death were unable to be predicted. Even the more formidable Yun Tu, who was the old bird of the apocalypse, also could not 100% guarantee that he could survive safely.

After having come out of the monastery inside the Secret Area and also decisively broken through the soldiers’ encirclement, Yun Tu hid himself on the 7th floor of the unfinished building. He had not had slept for the last two days, and after having confirmed the security from the surrounding and done some temporary security measures, he took out a mat he had taken from the inside of the Secret Area and casually put it on the ground as he prepared to sleep.

However, he had only slept for 3 or 4 hours when he was suddenly awakened from his sleep as though he was a sleeping person who was suddenly drenched with a pot of cold water.


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