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Chapter 28: The Monastery Inside the Secret Area (Part 3)

“A full blow strike with all of my strength and I was only able to inflict a small wound. It basically has no effect!”

After crawling and propping himself up from the floor, Wang Peng was a bit worried. It was his full strength strike with his job skill. He could only release such a skill 10 times at the most before he was devoid of any strength. The monster’s body was huge, and 10 injuries such as that small wound were simply harmless for the monster.

“I’ll try!”

Yun Tu could see the results of their attacks, but he had yet to personally experience it.

Under the cooperation with the Wang Brothers, Yun Tu also began to attack from behind the monster’s back. Although his speed could not be compared to the Wang Brothers, but since his target was chained, it was not a problem. He rushed to the back of the monster and used his cavalry saber. The saber’s shadow flashed and heavily slashed the point above the monster’s calf’s leg.

The cavalry saber was also an item from Secret Area. Its sharpness was commendable and its weight compared to the Wang Brothers’ swords were heavier, so it was only natural that it’s striking force was stronger. Certainly, Yun Tu’s attribute altering process played the most important role. Yun Tu’s blade slashed down and finally obtained a small result, since his saber was able to cut a shallow 2 inch wound on the monster’s body.

He quickly retreated after sending the full blow strike. He was almost swept over by the chains, but was finally able to step back safely.

After having been attacked repeatedly, the monster was finally thoroughly enraged. It kept roaring as the 4 chains that shackled it shook and sent out clanking sounds.

The 3 men unable to attack again for a while. They could only retreat back to edge of the hall to avoid its rage!

“What’s your job?” Upon seeing that Yun Tu’s strike with the saber produced a better result than his, he naturally thought that Yun Tu was using his job skill.

“I have no main job. But my saber is heavier than your sword. It’s also sharper, so I can inflict a deeper wound!” Yun Tu explained.

“Unfortunately, this sword blade seems to be not sharp enough. Otherwise, I could have given the monster a greater wound with my job skill!” Wang Peng watched the raging monster from the side whilst thinking to find the solution.

“Gimme your sword! I’ll temper and alter its attribute!” Wang Peng’s words reminded Yun Tu. Since they were now facing such powerful and difficult to kill opponent, he could no longer hide his private skill.

“Tempering and altering?” Wang Peng and Wang Yang looked back with doubt.

“Although I don’t have a combat main job, but I have Alchemy as my secondary job, so I can temper and alter weapons. My cavalry saber is the end product of the altering process!”

Since Yun Tu’s explanation was quite clear, Wang Yang was the first to believe and handed his sword to him. He looked at Yun Tu, who took out a fang from the previous Wind Wolf, and pasted it onto the soft sword in his palm. Afterwards, the Wind Wolf’s fang gradually turned smaller as it changed into a light that looked like a twinkling star and fused into the sword’s body.

Yun Tu gave the altered sword back to Wang Yang. Yun Tu did not tell him how much its stat changed. But after receiving the sword from Yun Tu, Wang Yang could clearly feel that his sword’s weight had changed. Although he did not have such appraisal technique as Yun Tu, but relying on his intuition, he also knew than the quality of his sword had significantly improved by a level.

All of them had attacked the monster just a moment ago, and only his strike inflicted no damage to the monster. Now, since his weapon had been newly tempered, Wang Yang’s confidence suddenly soared again. He rushed back to the hall and began to attack the monster again. This time, it really succeeded. Although the result was not too good, but the degree of wound he had inflicted was comparable to his Big Brother’s strike previously.

“Wow! I’ve never thought that Brother Yun Tu also had this kind of awesome secondary job. I can tell that we can complete this task today!” After Wang Peng saw the actual results, he gave his sword to Yun Tu.

Yun Tu did not hesitate and directly took Wang Peng’s long sword. He used his Metal Smelting power again and fused the Fireshooter Bull’s horn. And soon after, the quality of Wang Peng’s long sword had been upgraded.

Under the cover provided by the other 2, Wang Peng sneakily attacked the monster again. And this time, he also added his job skill, as his sword directly pierced the huge monster’s little calf.

Seeing the new weapon’s might and Wang Peng’s exploding attacking power, they smiled ear to ear!

They now had the ability to injure the enemy; while the target was also being constrained by the chains, and could only move in a small range. With this premise, as long as they were able to endure the time and be patient, they could slowly grind the monster along with time and eventually complete the mission.

When the idea had just emerged from their minds, small monsters, just like the previous small monsters they killed in the end of the tunnel, appeared on the scene.

It seemed like, slowly grinding the monster and playing the attrition strategy should be discarded since it would not work. It was because Yun Tu knew that along with time, this level of small monsters would only be more and more in numbers.

“Wang Yang, you are responsible for killing those mobs, while I’ll be responsible to attract that huge monster’s attention with my gun. Brother Wang Peng, you try to inflict damage with your sword in one spot as deep and wide as possible. Enlarge the wound until it is unable to automatically stop the bleeding.”

Yun Tu perfectly knew that such small wounds like they had inflicted amounted to nothing to this huge monster with self-recovery ability. And facing such a new situation, he immediately made a new plan.

3rd, 4th, 5th strike. Wang Peng continuously struck behind the huge Boss’s back and hit the same spot on its thigh, stabbing and pulling his long sword repeatedly, finally causing a deeper wound a half foot deep and a foot-wide blood trough.

Having such a big wound, if the monster did not calm down and rest, it could not stop the bleeding within a short time. But it was impossible for Yun Tu to let the monster have the chance to heal peacefully. Each time, Yun Tu moved around and kept shooting his gun at the same wounded spot. And being attacked by the 2 of them, the monster fell into thundering rage as the chains that restrained it swept over toward Wang Peng, but were unable to seriously injure him. By the time Wang Peng had used all of his strength to launch 10 consecutive attacks and was exhausted, the monster had a few more severe wounds.

They were limited by height and had no way to inflict any damage to this monster boss’s vital point above its chest. But this bleeding tactic also had caused the monster heavy losses.

After having spent his strength, Wang Peng retreated into the tunnel’s mouth to take cover and rest!

Everything was as Yun Tu had expected, the huge monster boss was restrained and roared again and again repeatedly. It caused the small monsters to spawn faster and overwhelm Wang Yang, who was responsible for cleaning them up.

At first, facing one by one was relatively easy for him, but now he was surrounded by 3 or 4 of them. Even Yun Tu had no choice but to withdraw and help him fight them.

“Fast, accurate, ruthless! Avoid doing unnecessary moves and wasting your strength!”

Although he never asked Wang Yang, but Yun Tu could tell that each stat Wang Yang had must not be low. But after Yun Tu joined him in the battle, the killing efficiency immediately changed. The experience accumulation for so many years in the apocalypse was no trivial thing. And Yun Tu every so often was able to fatally strike those small monsters, it was intended to give Wang Yang a simple and straightforward killing lesson.

“Damn, Eldest Brother, you’re awesome!” Seeing Yun Tu’s technique, Wang Yang praised, and the high pressure on him was greatly reduced.

Wang Yang also needed time to learn through experience to hone his sport fencing art in the real battlefield and become a true expert. But he had good talent and was able to adapt quickly. So after Yun Tu helped him killing those monster mobs, he sneaked from the side to sneak attack that huge monster boss again.

However, all of these strikes were only the prerequisite to carry on the plan. He just need to maintain and rise the monster’s aggro and rage, so it quickly lost its blood due to raging and roaring.

The big boss’ roars finally became whines as its tragic wailing vibrated all the dust on the surrounding.

At the same time, the monster mobs’ spawning rate suddenly increased. Almost in just a minute, a dozen more appeared on the scene. Seeing such respawning situation, Yun Tu knew that this was the monster boss’ final strength and summons. As long as they could persist and withstand this wave of attack, victory would eventually belong to them.

“Get back to the tunnel’s mouth!”

After killing a few small monsters, Wang Yang returned back to the previous path, and the three of them finally defended the 2 meters wide corridor.

They defended against wave after wave of violent attacks coming from those small monsters. The big monster boss was finally unable to withstand any longer and fell due to excessive blood loss. It sent out a feeble and weakened wail from its mouth as it fell down.

The small monsters’ respawning speed also slowed down as they were also killed one by one, until the last one was finally killed.

The next thing to do was to wait, since overall situation had been set. The three of them also no longer took any risks again and only waited for the big monster boss to drop its last drop of blood.

Finally, more than 10 minutes later, the 10 feet mutant beast boss finally lost all of its strength and closed its huge eyes. At the same time, a dazzling light pillar fell down, illuminating the entire hall chamber.

“They have succeeded! We’re saved!”

Above the mausoleum chamber, those who were injured and lacked in strength also saw that a light pillar descended from the sky and finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The mission boss had been killed, and the Secret Area would be broken after 10 minutes. By then, the creatures in the Secret Area would burst out along with them to the real world. So the battle was far from over. If possible, they also did not mind coldly killing and snatching the mission rewards from those three people who entered the tunnel.

Having this thought, everyone was as though they were suddenly injected with chicken blood. They suddenly stood up from their half sitting position whilst at the same time getting a hold of their swords and firearms.

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