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Chapter 27: The Monastery Inside the Secret Area (Part 2)

The frightening things did not happen. The faint light coming out from the tunnel that tightly attracted everyone’s attention, slowly faded away, as the whole hall once again went back to its pitch dark state again.

“The mission boss must be underneath!”

This idea emerged inside everyone’s heart. But confidence and one’s physical body condition had always been related greatly. At the beginning, when they entered this Secret Area, they were full of confidence. But after having passed through these few hours, being hungry and in pain, and over cautiously vigilant, even though they knew what tunnel would it lead to, nobody dared to go exploring to see what was there.

“Big Brother…”

Wang Yang held Wang Peng’s arm as he asked in a low voice. It was clear that he had just eaten some food, coupled with minor injuries, he had a slight impulsive idea.

“Brother Yun Tu, how do you see it?”

Wang Peng, who previously had been keeping his vigilance toward Yun Tu, began to change his view toward him, since he shared his food with them in the darkness. He was older than Wang Yang, and his character was firmer and more stable. Although he knew that everyone knew that the 3 of them still had the higher combat power, he still wanted to listen Yun Tu’s thoughts.

“The mission boss certainly is underneath. But I only have a few bullets in my gun’s magazine. Plus, we’re also in hunger and will starve to death. So even if we go down there, we are only courting death!”

Although Yun Tu had no doubts about their strength, but facing such unknown variables, he did not want to think that they had the strength to solve the problem. The present situation in his mind was apparently the line of thought everyone would have in the apocalypse. The situation was very clear— it was dangerous to go down there. But if nobody was going underneath, everyone would starve to death. As long as they could calm down, some people would be more anxious than them, and he did not want to work as a fool to go down there first.

Upon hearing Yun Tu’s words, Wang Peng and Wang Yang immediately understood his thought.

In this silent night, they spoke with very low voices in their conversation, but some people were still barely able to hear it. Under Yun Tu’s hint, after a few minutes, some people began to speak, “Everybody! If we don’t rush there, sooner or later we will be starved to death here. We’ve been in this Secret Area for at least 50 or 60 hours. If you wait till dawn, everyone won’t have the strength to even lift a knife, and the final result certainly is death!”

A stone hit the water surface, and thousand waves overlapped afterward. After the first person had spoken loudly, discussion raised up amongst everyone; and soldiers, who usually had more courage, some of them finally moved forward to walk toward the tunnel.

When someone entered the tunnel, the tunnel released shimmering lights again, and everyone’s eyes immediately turned toward the tunnel’s entrance.

But, quickly after, gunfire sounds came from the inside. The gunshots sounded 5 or 6 times and then stopped, followed closely by screams. The glimmer from the inside of the tunnel began to weaken as that tens of thousands pound Buddha statue began to slowly turn and close the tunnel up.

“Let’s go!”

Yun Tu rushed into the tunnel in the next second, followed by Wang Yang and Wang Peng. After Wang Peng went in, a soldier behind him also wanted to squeeze in, but the slowly rotating Buddha statue broke his body into two. The rotating force of tens of thousands of pound Buddha statue, was not something a human’s strength could stop. After the Buddha statue closed the tunnel, both in and outside the tunnel reverted back to darkness.

The tunnel was around five feet wide, and Yun Tu did not blindly rush forward. He stopped for every 10 steps or so. And by the last light, he could see the tunnel’s end, the soldier’s corpse who rushed here first was there, left in  a daunting sight.

“It’s only the 3 of us here. You brothers won’t take me as outsider, no?!” Yun Tu asked with a smile.

“What the hell?! You look down on us!” Wang Yang and Wang Peng replied with some anger.

“Then, it’s good. We’ll sincerely help each other and stay united!” Whilst speaking, Yun Tu took a cell phone from his interspatial ring. Although it was impossible to have a signal, but since it had a flashlight, Yun Tu kept the cell phone.

After he adjusted its brightness state to the highest, the dark tunnel finally had light.

They walked side by side and went to the tunnel’s exit, as suddenly, a monster rushed over. Since Yun Tu was holding a phone to illuminate the surrounding, his response was slightly slower. Wang Yang and Wang Peng moved first and the 2 of them held long swords and stabbed the monster simultaneously, nearly at the same time, distinctly piercing the monster’s 2 eyes.

But, for this kind of monster that lived in darkness, stabbing its eyes was of no use. The monster roared again and rushed closer. The 3 of them drew back quickly as Yun Tu fired. With 3 consecutive shots, he accurately hit its throat.

The light pillar of this Secret Area did not fall, so it was obvious that this monster was not a mission boss and only a small monster.

After having gone through the tunnel, they finally came into a hall with a radius of 33 feet in size; and the present scene in front made them stared at it with eyes turned wide.

It was a tall and giant monster, with a body at least 10 times bigger than an elephant on Earth. It was chained with 4 big chains in the middle of the hall.

Upon seeing their arrival, lantern-like eyes slowly opened and closed again. It was as if it had nothing to do with the fight a moment ago.

“This should be the mission boss!”

Wang Yang’s voice was trembling a little. If the monster was not chained with such huge chains, he knew that the monster would be able to easily crush the 3 of them.

The creatures of the Secret Area were also divided into grades; and the ordinary creatures were generally comparable to ordinary zombies. An ordinary mission boss’s strength could more or less be compared to a First Order Black Zombie. And by seeing the big thing in front of him, Yun Tu got quite a headache, since he could tell that this chained monster was at least a Second Class or even Third Class monster.

“How should we hit it?”

Looking at the shiny black body of the monster, Wang Yang and Wang Peng, who also had encountered mission bosses, knew that that this big guy was not a thing that could be simply fought with a gun. Although it was chained and was restricted to a certain extent, but the 4 chains were very long, and this monster was still able to do a small scope of actions in the middle of this hall.

Although it could be considered that guns would be quite useless, Yun Tu tried to shoot it a few times, and eventually found that bullets were unable to inflict any injuries even to the weakest part of its body, the eyelids.

“Let’s separate and disperse its attention. We need to look for a chance to cut it through with swords!” Yun Tu quickly made a decision when he knew there were no other monsters around.

“OK! It’s a good strategy!”

They separated to 3 directions. Yun Tu continued shooting and Wang Yang firstly rushed behind the monster’s back.

He confidently stabbed the monster’s back, but his confidence dropped sharply as his eyes turned wider. Even the soft sword in his hand, which was the product of the Secret Area, was also unable to pierce the monster’s hard cerebral cortex.

Feeling the attack from behind, the monster opened its big eyes again. Its body swayed and the chain, as thick as an arm, swept over toward Wang Yang.

If Wang Yang was hit with this hard chain, even if he did not die, he would also be severely injured. However, even though Wang Yang was unable to break the monster’s defense, but he moved extraordinarily fast. He jumped away to avoid the monster’s counterattack.

“Look at me! Swift Thrust!”

Even though Wang Peng’s sword had a different characteristic and quality to Wang Yang’s, but the differences were only minute. However, he had a job as a Fast Swordsman and quickly released his job based skill. From the side, Wang Peng rushed as the long sword in his hand flashed, piercing at the monster’s thigh.

The strike was driven with all of its might, but it was added with the Swift Thrust skill from his Fast Swordsman’s job. Although Wang Peng’s sword only had a poor effect, his strike was finally able to pierce about 2 centimeters into the monster’s cortex.

Such a little injury in regards to this huge monster was simply nothing. But nevertheless, it was angry toward these 3 small and weak humans, because they had attacked it one after another.

The monster roared loudly with an earthshaking sound that shook the 3 people’s eardrums and made it numb! At the same time, the 4 chains that shackled it swung to the left and right in a large arc. And Wang Peng, after he had striked the full blow, could only move slowly, and was scratched by the chain as he heavily fell to the floor…

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