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Chapter 026: The Monastery Inside the Secret Area (Part 1)

The looming conflict and danger amongst the people was temporarily resolved, but then, bigger trouble approached.

Inside such a small monastery, both the military and civilian forces were about 40 to 50 people. But nobody had found the creatures inside this Secret Area. At the beginning, everyone was in high spirits and rushed everywhere to find the creatures. But after they had looked everywhere 2 or 3 times, they became confused.

“How could there be such a Secret Area? There’s no mission boss, how will we pass the test? And how would we come out from this place without it?” Wang Yang asked.

“Don’t ask me, I know nothing about it either. But still, you need to be careful and live to the end. You’ll definitely be able to go out!” Whilst seeking along with everyone unhurriedly, Yun Tu calmly answered Wang Yang’s question.

Having been granted his second repertoire did not mean that he knew all the answers. Yun Tu did not know how to break out of this area!

In his past incarnation, he only entered a Secret Area once, and yet still he did not panic. Even if he had yet to see other types of Secret Areas, it did not mean that he had not heard about them. There were various types of Secret Areas, and there should be a way to crack each and every one of them. Perhaps, the time had yet to come and since he did not know how to break it, it was better, and most important, to keep his vigilance against the people in front of him.

Upon hearing Yun Tu’s answer, Wang Peng was surprised inside. He knew that this person was not simple.

Wang Yang said that Yun Tu was his friend in primary school. But he could not recall anything about him. The students in primary school was too many to count, it was natural that he could not remember. The brothers were able to become an Awakened because of Yun Tu, it was a relationship that he could not deny. But since it was their first meeting, even though he had a bit of gratitude, at the same time, he also had a reserved vigilance against him.

The time passed hour by hour. The 40 to 50 people in this small monastery had nearly turned everything upside down and searched everywhere, and yet, not even a mouse could be found. The squad of soldiers was the first to become impatient and began to smash things around, and the civilian forces quickly followed after them.

The first to be smashed was the candlestick table case, and then the windows and doors. And finally, those of smaller sized things, such as Bodhisattvas statues, were also smashed. And still, there was nothing to be found.

“What fucking damned place is this?! At this rate, we will starve to death here!”

The moment the comment was shouted, everyone who had been inside for half a day suddenly felt the hunger and began to panic.

Apart from Yun Tu and Wang Peng, who had interspatial rings, everyone in this place obviously did not bring any food.

In this kind of situation, Yun Tu and Wang Peng were also unable to take out food and eat even if they had any. Doing that would only push them to become the target of everyone’s scowls.

But still, there were quite a lot smart people here. After another hour passed, they began to stare at Yun Tu and Wang Peng’s fingers. When the both of them took out their weapons, they had long exposed that they had interspatial rings.

On the other hand, Yun Tu and Wang Peng perfectly knew the meaning behind everyone’s stares. At present, nobody voiced it out, but this situation would eventually be broken sooner or later. And that was the situation Yun Tu and Wang Peng had no choice but to face.

Apart from a few bottles of water Wang Peng had put into his interspatial ring, he indeed did not bring any food. But Yun Tu brought a lot of food inside his ring.

When another half hour had passed, officer Li Wei finally took the lead and spoke, “Brothers, take out the food inside your interspatial ring. It’s not right to keep the food for yourself and let everyone suffer in hunger!”

Upon seeing that the first person who spoke was the military officer, Yun Tu’s eyes flashed and said, “Since Mr. Soldier has spoken, then I will not hide it. I have a few breads inside my ring. Then, I’ll have to trouble Mr. Soldier to share it with everybody!”

While he was talking, Yun Tu took out 5 pieces of bread from his interspatial ring and left himself a piece, throwing the rest to the officer’s side.

The office seemed happy as he did not expect that Yun Tu would cooperate. He immediately took all the breads into his arms.

All of a sudden, everyone’s eyes stared and pinned on Yun Tu. What they really saw was not entirely food, but they were coveting Yun Tu’s interspatial ring more. And this time, not only was the civilians Awakened, even the officer’s men had the intention to snatch Yun Tu’s ring.

“Hey! The owner of the food said to share them. Why did you hog all of them for yourself!?” Some people amongst the crowd began to attack.

“What the hell are you saying huh? Divide them? Who the hell do you think you are? The breads is too few, and not enough for everyone to eat!” The officer retreated a step backward as his hands held the breads even tighter. He could be said as an intelligent person, but just because a few pieces of bread, he suddenly became a fool.

“You won’t divide them, but our squad has always shared a bit for everyone!” A tall soldier beside the officer stood up.

It was very obvious than even the relationship between the soldiers began to break apart because of the bread.

“Everyone get equal shares!” A few bold Awakened bolted forward.

The situation turned chaotic as everyone pushed and pulled each other, while the soldiers and the civilians suddenly mixed together.


A gunshot was heard and a man fell.

This time, it was not Yun Tu who opened fire. But everything was not important anymore as everyone brandished their weapons as they saw that the blood had been shed. The unlucky guy was the office who first became the center of the affairs, as he was cut down within a minute of the confusion.

Upon seeing that Li Wei’s blood flowed and immediately disappeared into the ground, Yun Tu instinctively felt that something was trembling, and it came down from the earth.

“Quick, go against the wall!”

Yun Tu took the Wang brothers and fell back to the corner with their fastest speed.

At the same time, hundreds of inexplicable Blood Bats were suddenly seen flying in the sky as the already chaotic situation intensified once again.

This kind of Secret Area’s bats were several times larger than that of ordinary ones in the real world. Each and every one of them was at least a pound in weight, with sharp knife-like claws and extremely fast flying movements. In less than a minute, nearly all the people here had been wounded by them.

“These bats rely on their hearing to lock onto their targets, don’t make any movements!”

Nobody had a good way to deal with this kind of Secret Area’s small flying creatures. Some Awakened, relying on their fast reaction speeds, were able to kill one or two of them easily, but there were hundreds, or even thousands more, that were still alive. Killing all of them would take a lot of time. Yun Tu and the Wang Brothers could only stay with their backs against the wall and reduced their attacks to a certain extent, as those bats mainly gave the most trouble for everyone in the field.

The strategy was proved to be correct since the pressure against them was much smaller. The 3 of them leaned on their backs on the wall side by side since it was relatively easy to defend only one side in front of them with their six hands.

Along with the passing time, 40 to 50 people on the field had spent about an hour to finally kill all the bats unceasingly, as the ground was then covered with their corpses.

Although they acquired the victory, but the price they had to pay was huge. Apart from Yun Tu’s group who were slightly better, the vast majority of people were injured and had shallow wounds. But since those soldiers fought with their guns, the friendly fire had caused at least 4 deaths due to stray bullets.

After the small bats’ attack, the Secret Area returned to the same deathly quiet ambience. But everyone was becoming hungrier and tired, and now bleeding injuries were added. The entire 40 to 50 peoples’ fighting strength had now declined sharply.

The few pieces of bread from a moment ago had long been snatched and eaten by some people, and now after the battle had ended, their eyes stared at Yun Tu.

“I really don’t have anything left. Just like you, I have also been hungry for 10 hours…” Yun Tu spread out both of his hands.

But it was obvious that everyone did not fully believe his words and closely watched him constantly.

However, nobody raised the issue again, because they perfectly knew, if Yun Tu threw a few breads to anyone now, it would not help that person but instead would harm them.

Time passed by minute by minute, as keeping the food in secret and being unable to eat it, was also a kind of suffering for Yun Tu. But he had tempered himself to be patient for years in his past incarnation. He could still tolerate it. And enduring for 3 days and nights was not a problem for him.

This Secret Area seemed to be different from the real world. And after the time had passed by for a very long while, Yun Tu looked at his watch. He entered this Secret Area near dusk, and more than 10 hours had passed by already, but the sky still had yet to darken.

Yun Tu was not the only one who found the same problem. But since this Secret Area was quite small, everything that could be smashed, had been destroyed by everyone. They could not vent their vexed feelings and could only wait for now.

Then, the sky in the Secret Area finally turned black after another 10 hours had passed.

Although everyone was in a very poor condition, but after having experienced a wave of Blood Bats, even if it was dark, nobody dared to put down their vigilance to sleep.

After having watched Yun Tu for more than 10 hours, and yet they did not see any sign of him taking out food from his ring, the people in the surrounding began to believe that Yun Tu really had no food anymore. The sky had also turned dark, making everyone unable to see their fingers. And this situation was really good for Yun Tu, since he could finally eat in secret. He did want to hide it from the Wang Brothers, but since both of them were sitting too close, Yun Tu felt that he had no means to conceal it from them. After having talked with them for a moment, he took out a few bottles of water and breads quietly, as the three of them silently shared them in the dark.

Suddenly, sounds resounded in the middle of the night as the 10,000 pound Buddha’s bronze statue in the center of the hall suddenly moved. Without any external forces, it slowly rotated by itself. Shortly after, a tunnel mouth was exposed at the base of the statue, as dim light emitted out and instantly attracted everyone’s eyes in this pitch black dark night.

Everyone’s muscles tightened, and they readied themselves for battle. Even the always calm Yun Tu could not help but involuntarily take out his cavalry saber…

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