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Fifth chapter of the week (June 4)

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Chapter 025: Taking Advantage of the Crisis

Would the recorded fourth Secret Area still be intact? Or did someone else enter and solve it faster?

Yun Tu did not know, so he could only race against time!

In his note, the fourth Secret Area was the most inaccurate. However, Yun Tu still headed straight to the approximate location. But now, his worry seemed unfounded, since the circumstances in the location was the same with the first Secret Area, with the place encircled with people.

“Get lost! This Secret Area has been reserved by the military. If you hang around here, the moment the mission has been completed, the creatures from inside the Secret Area will storm over here and hurt you. By then, you can only have yourself to blame!”

The man who sternly reprimanded the people was a man who stood near the gate of light and was wearing a second lieutenant’s epaulet on his shoulders.

There were also some Awakened people amongst the masses. But they could only watch the soldiers being transmitted one by one. Although they also wanted to go into the area, but since the military had taken a tyrannical stance, they did not dare to approach the gate to the Secret Area.

“How many people have gone in?”


“Are all of them soldiers?”

“Yes! Apart from the first person who triggered the Secret Area, the rest who entered after him were all soldiers!”

Yun Tu squeezed into the crowd and quietly inquired about the information, which then made him quite disappointed. More than 20 Awakened soldiers from the army had entered the Secret Area. They were fully armed, with organized discipline, and fully prepared for battle. Even if he forced himself to enter, what could he do?

While Yun Tu was still hesitating, a few people’s conversation next to him sparked his interest.

“There are so many soldiers that have entered the Secret Area. It seems that our brothers need not waste any Blood Crystals!”

“The Awakened who was the very first to enter seems to be the one who has completed the mission task from the first Secret Area, and has gotten a Divine Sword, Wang Yang. His friend was informed about this when he had come back. I heard that his brother, Wang Peng, was even more amazing, and he has even gotten an Awakened occupational skill, a fast swordsman. The moment they come, they will definitely ignore those soldiers. The way I see it, perhaps we can join in on the fun, mingling ourselves into that school of fishes and enter the secret Area under luck.”

“Take a look again! In any case, the military now has no communications facility. They only assign a few people to guard outside. They won’t have the chance to completely control and dominate the gate to the Secret Area.”

“Rumor has it, that every time the Duan Family enters the Secret Area, only 5 or 6 people will enter, while they assign at least 20 people to guard outside. It seems like the military has never eaten a loss before. They don’t know that the Awakened people are difficult to deal with.”

Regarding the Awakened people who had joined the festival of carnage and blood, killing ordinary zombies was not something difficult. The Black Zombies might be a little troublesome, but as long as they were careful, it was also within their ability. Therefore, at present, the Awakened were divided into 3 types: the stray ones, who ran around, such as Qing Yi and Feng Ling; the second ones, who tried to kill zombies to get Blood Crystals and make their relatives and friends become Awakened; and the last ones, the Awakeneds like Yun Tu, going all out to enter Secret Areas, hunting treasures and becoming more powerful.

Upon hearing the conversation from those few Awakened, Yun Tu had a new realization of the whole situation. This place was the last Secret Area he had recorded. If he did not enter it, then, he had no other things to do for now. Much less that those people also mentioned Wang Yang. This simple, pure guy called him affectionately as his Eldest Brother, and Yun Tu’s impression toward him was quite good.

Such a simple and pure fellow even dared to compete with the military soldiers to snatch the mission boss. If there were some black handed people and manipulators behind the scenes, even if Wang Yang had an inborn talent for fast speed, he still would be unable to escape death. Yun Tu did not want to see such a result.

Whilst hiding himself amidst the crowd, Yun Tu watched the game contest in the surrounding while also paying attention to the environment, waiting for the opportunity to come. After a short while, Wang Peng, with a few men, had also come to the scene.

The long sword and rings. It was clear that Wang Yang’s big brother had succeeded in breaking through a Secret Area.

His brother was the first one to discover this Secret Area. And now there were so many people from the army who had entered the Secret Area, but yet, they forbid the others from other forces and influence to enter afterward. Wang Peng was worrying about his brother’s safety and he wanted to enter the gate, so both sides quickly had a dispute.

“If you approach us anymore, we will open fire!”

“You only got the balls because you’re holding a gun, eh?! But if you dare to shoot me, I’ll fucking kill your entire family!”

“Get the fuck out! Do not force me!”

“My younger brother is the one who discovered this Secret Area, so the people who have the fucking rights to guard it should be us Wang Brothers…”

“Fuck it! No way in hell is what you said reasonable!”

“Fine! Since you don’t speak reason, let’s speak with our force! If you got the balls you can come out and fight me!”

“Fight you?! Fuck! You’ll find who’s afraid of whom!”


After a chaotic quarrel, the sound of gunfire suddenly sounded as the fight for the gate to the Secret Area finally burst out between the military and Wang Peng’s group.

The shot was fired behind a windproof coat, and nobody knew that Yun Tu was the one who fired the gun. The gunfire instantly made the scene turn chaotic as Yun Tu took advantage of the chaos and sprinted toward the gate of the Secret Area. His cavalry saber suddenly appeared in his hand and he quickly killed the nearest soldier near the gate, after which he precisely stood on the gate to the Secret Area.

The gate to the Secret Area emitted out brilliant light as the surrounding people who were tangled in the fight paused for a moment, before they immediately engaged the fight again. A few Awakened who were conversing a moment ago, also easily dealt with the soldiers as they followed Yun Tu and rushed to the gate into the Secret Area.

In just less than a minute, the 2 sentry soldiers who were left to guard the gate had died. The Awakened who originally stood and watched amongst the crowd came out. There were 7 or 8 Awakened who held machetes and joined the close distant fight. And in such a dog fight, guns were not better than cold weapons, causing those people’s strength to suddenly take an overwhelming advantage.


“Don’t move!”

“Put your hands up!”

Rays of light flashed as Yun Tu entered the Secret Area. He had not had the time to look at the surrounding when a cold muzzle pointed at his back.

Even though the man’s murderous intent was not thick, but Yun Tu could not act rashly and blindly, since he was being pointed at by a gun this sudden.

He obediently raised his hand on top of his head, and at the same time, looked around toward the surroundings. He quickly understood the situation. This Secret Area was a small one and it was centered at the hall, while there was only a thick and a vast expanse of white mountain fog outside the hall’s walls.

The complete space of the area was approximately only twice the size of a football field. The position he happened to get transmitted to was in front of the vestibule of the main hall. With 20 people entering such a small area, it was no wonder that the moment he entered, he was quickly found by the people from the military.

“Eldest Brother, how did you come in?!”

A familiar voice came as Yun Tu looked toward the voice’s direction to the left side. At the corner near the side building, the unlucky Wang Yang had been handcuffed by the military as he squatted there with a bitter face.

The soldiers’ leader was called Li Wei. He was the one who issued an order to the guarding soldiers outside and forbade anyone from any forces from entering the gate. Upon seeing that Yun Tu was sent in here, he instinctively frowned. But since someone else had come, he needed to control the humans and situation first, so as to avoid any accidents.

“Both of you crouch now! If we succeed and you do nothing harmful, we will release you after the we find the mission boss!”

Whilst talking, Li Wei came over toward Yun Tu with a handcuff. He did not command the soldiers to directly shoot, and Yun Tu could tell that this military officer was not ruthless. But, no matter what, he dared to command the soldier to point a gun at him and now he also wanted to handcuff him. In Yun Tu’s eyes, this military officer was as good as have been sentenced a death penalty by him.

Everyone here was an Awakened, and Yun Tu did not think that his fundamental strength was much more powerful than him. But he had fought for so many years in the apocalypse, so he could tell that his overall combat strength was definitely much higher than this military officer. Even though there was a gun pointed at him behind his back, but if they wanted him to obediently be handcuffed, that was simply impossible.

“I did not break any laws whatsoever. You want to handcuff me, eh? Isn’t that inappropriate?!”

When Li Wei had pulled his hands and was about to handcuff him, Yun Tu let out a smile. As he turned his wrist, he pulled out a gun out of thin air and pointed it at Li Wei’s chest.

“You also have a gun?”

Li Wei’s tongue began to knot the moment he was suddenly pointed at by a gun.

At this time, bright lights flashed in the air as another group of Awakened were teleported inside. The situation suddenly turned lively and tense as more than a dozen soldiers inside the hall felt something was wrong, and suddenly rushed and encircled the 2 newly arrived Awakened outside.

“Brother, can you first put the gun away, how about we get along in peace!”

Officer Li Wei, who was pointed at by the gun, was afraid that the situation would become chaotic. Even if he could kill this man by himself, but it was inevitable that he would also suffer a great loss. Therefore, the first thing he had to think of was to take the initiative and look for the proper steps.

“Heh, you’ve got so many guns, and I only have this one. If I put my gun down, I can tell that I’ll last for only 3 seconds!” Yun Tu replied with a sneer.

“We are the soldiers of the government, not the serial killer devils…”

He had yet to finish his words and solve the situation with this newly arrived man, but other people had come, and more would enter this area. The situation had gone beyond his control, so he spoke no longer and gave up the discussion. He motioned to the soldier behind Yun Tu to put down the gun first.

After having felt that the muzzle behind his back had been put down, Yun Tu felt the pressure was reduced, but yet, he did not put down his muzzle and still pointed his gun to the military officer’s chest.

“What’s the meaning of this? You think that I’m not sincere enough?” Officer Li Wei shouted loudly with an ugly face.

“Open my brother’s handcuff!” Yun Tu knew crystal clear about his own ability, and it was not enough to fight more than 20 people of this squad, so he set up this condition.

“How does this relate with your handcuff? Is he even that close to you?” The officer apparently did not want to release Wang Yang.

“Do you think everyone is a fucking idiot?! Ah, right. Your military obviously wants to monopolize all the mission rewards, no? You’re even ignoring the other Awakened just like us, yes?” Under Yun Tu’s reminder, the other 2 people who had just came in, immediately reacted. And after having confirmed that there was no danger in the surroundings, they immediately shouted, “Release us! Are you looking at us as fucking idiots?!”

The officer was in a dilemma. There were only 4 of them, and although his squad had 20 men, it was obvious that the gate to the Secret Area had been occupied by civilian forces. Who could guarantee how many people would enter in the next minute? The situation had developed against his favor, and it was impossible to take out the mission boss for themselves today. He could also have gotten heavy casualties, and this result was not something he wanted to see.

When the officer had yet to make up his mind, beams of light flashed again in the air as the influential figure, Wang Peng, finally entered, and saw his brother handcuffed in the corner. Upon seeing Yun Tu pointing his gun at the officer, although he did not recognize Yun Tu, but he quickly understood the whole situation within this Secret Area.

“Brother, you’re damn good!”

Wang Peng raised his thumb up at Yun Tu as he strode toward Wang Yang, extracting his sword out, and cutting off Wang Yang’s handcuffs.

The light continued to flash. The Awakened civilian force increased to more than 10 people. Yun Tu felt that the situation had changed, so he pulled out the officer’s gun from his waist and then put down his muzzle.

“Count yourself amazing enough. You did look good a while ago!”

After Yun Tu had put down his gun, the officer spoke and immediately returned to the main hall with the other soldiers and stayed there. For a while, the a hostility between the military and the civilians would be unable to be resolved. But at present, it was highly unlikely that the military would be able to eat these civilian forces.

“We haven’t seen any blood yet though. And everybody is also a friend, so you don’t need to throw such ruthless and cursing words at me!”

Then, Yun Tu smiled as he walked together with Wang Yang and Wang Peng.

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