MOTDN – Ch 24

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Fourth chapter of the week (June 4)

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Chapter 024: Rushing Out and Coming Back Empty-Handed

An Awakened’s wound would heal quickly with sufficient energy from a Blood Crystal. Yun Tu and Li Jian’s injuries had healed completely in just 2 hours.

Yun Tu then killed the Fireshooter Horned Bull with his axe. Afterward, a bright light then beamed down and filled the Secret Area’s sky. However, since he had decided not to kill Li Jian, Yun Tu was unable to take all the mission rewards for himself.

For Li Jian, it was his first time entering the Secret Area. Although he had heard about the Secret Area, he still knew little about it. After all, only a few people had entered the Secret Area, whilst the rewards that had been given were also very few.

This time, there were a total of 5 items that had been given for the mission’s reward. One of which was needless to say that it was an interspatial ring. Since Yun Tu already had one, he was not greedy and directly threw it to Li Jian.

There were 2 pieces of weapons. One was an arabesque bow and the other was a cavalry saber. Both of which did not interest Yun Tu. Li Jian himself was using a crossbow and he looked very interested in it. So, Yun Tu directly gave the bow to him and took the cavalry saber for himself.

There were 2 Occupational Scrolls, one of which was a Magic Imbuer— a Secondary Job; and the other one was a Ranger— a Main Job.

A Magic Imbuer was able to attach some special attributes and properties into weapons and equipment. It could give the weapons or equipment additional properties such as: frost, flame, phantom, confuse, and other special effects. Naturally, all in all, it was a very amazing occupational skill.

As for the main job, the Ranger, it was mainly a battle-oriented occupational skill. The job was not only able to give mastery toward the magical, true archery skills in the apocalypse, but after it was advanced to a certain level, the job skill would also give the communication ability to converse with mutant beasts or living creatures. When the conditions were met, the person who had this job could make mutant beasts or living creatures become his pet and fight for him. Such a treasure would be able to change one’s fate.

Yun Tu, at present, was only at the 1st Level, and he had learned the Alchemy job. Although he was temporarily unable to learn other occupations, but he did want to have these 2 scrolls. It was because he did not have an advanced treasure now.

Upon seeing such a difficult expression on Yun Tu’s face, Li Jian, who loved to use bows and crossbows, took the initiative to talk. “Give me that archer skill. If I can get any treasures, as long as you like it, I’ll give them to you unconditionally.”

Although both of them met each other because of a misunderstanding, but they, after all, had helped and rescued each other. Not to mention that this Secret Area was also inside his home. Even if Yun Tu did not appear in this place, Li Jian in his past incarnation was also a Ranger. Although Yun Tu was unable to imagine as to how Li Jian faced and escaped the lethal attacks from that Fireshooter Horned Bull, but Li Jian in his past incarnation was still able to overcome it.

Yun Tu threw the scroll to Li Jian even though his face twitched. But he suppressed it and did not say a word. There were no promises that could be accounted for in the apocalypse era. And about today’s decision, whether it was good or bad, he could only wait for the future.

After having divided the mission rewards, Yun Tu then took out the Energy Crystal from the Fireshooter Horned Bull’s body, and then cut off the horn on its head and the four claws. After the Secret Area had finally broken, the both of them instantly bounced back to the real world.

At the same time Yun Tu and Li Jian were thrown out from the Secret Area, tens of creatures inside it also burst out along with them, as they cooperated and killed a few of them. The remaining creatures seemed to realized that it would be no good to face them, they quickly ran away without a trace.

After having told the final clues of the traces to Li Jian, Yun Tu parted ways with Li Jian. Whether Li Jian would be able to save his wife or not, he could only wish him a good luck, and was also hoping that he could see the Black and White Demon Couple step foot onto the road of the strong later.

Whilst driving along the way to the position of the 3rd fallen light pillar in his note, Yun Tu did the same thing as previously. He controlled the steering wheel with one hand and took out the cavalry saber, which he had just obtained from the Secret Area. He also took the horn of the Fireshooter Horned Bull to fuse it into the saber.

The cavalry saber from the Secret Area had a lethality stat of 28 points. And after he fused the Bull’s horn, the lethality stat quickly increased and reached 35 points.

He originally wanted to continue fusing more Bull’s horn materials, but Yun Tu quickly found that the cavalry saber’s stats no longer increased.

Alchemy seemed to not be a multi-purpose skill. Fusing a single type of material would not produce any better stats. And after it had reached a certain proportion, it could no longer continue to improve the quality of the weapons or equipment.

By now, his metal smelting power was only at Level 1, and he was unable to continue fusing the same type of materials to get more beneficial items. He could only wait and practice more, to make, perfect, and enhance his metal smelting power to Level 2 before he could continue altering it further.

In regards to this, after he successfully altered his 2 weapons, the proficiency of his basic Alchemy had reached 5%. In the future, after he had nothing to take care of, he planned to find more weapons, equipment, and materials to practice. This way, it would not be difficult to promote into Level 2.

He drove along the way with a moderate pace, and only after he had finished altering the cavalry saber did he arrive at the 3rd position in his notes.

The gate to the Secret Area was located at the intersection of the three roads. He stopped his car within the approximate position. However, when he opened the car’s door, he could feel that a pair of cold and chilling eyes locked at his back. After having gone through so many years in the apocalypse, his sense toward murderous intent had long been sharpened, and he was very sensitive to feeling the intents behind his back.

He looked back, and yet, he found nothing behind. It was only a cold and quiet dark street.

The enemy was lurking in the dark and he was in the light. Such a situation was what anyone didn’t wanted to face. Yun Tu walked around the corner, while his eyes swept over each window from the streets. His intuition told him that those eyes should be hiding behind a window.

Having boarded a 10,000 years old ship, one would become very careful. After practicing for so many years, his sixth sense very rarely failed him. Even if he was making a mistake now, Yun Tu would rather believe his intuition and did not hesitate.

A miserable scream sounded at his side from a nearby place, and Yun Tu got slightly distracted. Suddenly, the door next to him opened as a shadow abruptly flashed, carrying along a chilling cold wind with it.

At the same time, Yun Tu quickly retreated and cut at the shadow’s direction with his cavalry saber.

The shadow’s speed was extremely fast, it was at least twice the speed of the Wind Wolf in the Secret Area. Yun Tu simply could not see its appearance. But he could tell one thing, that it was neither a human nor a zombie.

If it was neither a human nor was it a zombie, then, it could only be a creature from the Secret Area. After having experienced a few number of attacks from this shadow, Yun Tu realized his speed limit, and he suddenly made a feint move and slipped himself onto the ground.

The shadow’s attack was not strong, and its biggest advantage was its speed. If Yun Tu blindly dealt with it, he would eventually lose. So, he risked changing the situation and showed it that he was weak by intentionally falling to the ground.

The mutated creatures from the Secret Area had a high intelligence, even though it was not comparable with that of a human’s. Moreover, Yun Tu’s feint move in making himself slip and fall to the ground was unlike an act from the movies. His body fell hard onto the ground, and it was obvious that his butt hurt and was very painful, even smart people would have been fooled by his act.

As expected, as the shadow saw it, the opportunity had come. It began to strike at Yun Tu, suddenly launching an attack with all of its might!

Mutant beasts with inborn speed superiority would exchange its speed with strength when it launched a full-force attack, and its speed would be reduced. After Yun Tu rolled and avoided its attack, he shot off his cavalry saber and firmly penetrated the shadow’s chest.

After having taken it down, only then did Yun Tu figure out the shadow’s appearance. Its length was only 5 feet, with arms that reached its knee, black hair all over its body, and large green eyes. It was the infamous creature of the Secret Area, the Evil Wind Ape, which was well known for its speed.

Animals had a territorial sense and the creatures from the Secret Area more or less instinctively wanted to return to its original habitat in the Secret Area after getting thrown out from it. If they were not killed by Awakened people, after they were out of the Secret they would go back and linger around the gate to the Secret Area. Only after a few days of having realized that the gate to the Secret Area could no longer open, only then would they reluctantly leave.

Since an Evil Wind Ape emerged nearby, that meant that the Secret Area in this place had obviously already been broken by someone. But this Evil Wind Ape was not a kind of Secret Area’s mission boss, since the boss was much more powerful than it. Yun Tu could not figure out as to how many Awakened had died after entering this Secret Area.

Perhaps, being able to enter the Secret Area could be called as being very lucky, but perhaps it could also be an unfortunate thing. Everything particularly relied on one’s own strength!

After having dissected out the Energy Crystal, claws, and fangs from the Evil Wind Ape’s body, Yun Tu did not stay any longer and immediately headed straight to the fourth location where he recorded the gate to another Secret Area.

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  1. oh, regular mutant beasts also have crystals? Speaking of which, he has 2 boss crystals, why aren’t they being described?

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