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Third chapter of the week (June 3)

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Chapter 023: Trusting the Military (Part 2)

“Watch out!”

Although hiding on the staircase’s mouth on the 2nd floor made Qing Yi and Feng Ling unable to see the complete situation on the first floor, but they could clearly hear the conversation in the living room. In addition, the rumor about the Secret Areas had also been spreading to the public, so these 2 girls knew perfectly well about who was in the wrong here.

They originally thought that the military would betray and get rid of the man who led them to this place. But then, when they saw that the soldier wanted to shoot and kill him, the kindhearted Qing Yi involuntarily shouted.


The gun discharged. But because of the split second of disturbance from Qing Yi’s shout, the moment the soldier’s finger pulled the trigger, his head was slanted, causing his aim toward Liu Wei’s head to hit his thigh.

“Who the fuck is it?!”

Hearing that the voice coming from upstairs, the 2 soldiers immediately turned and aimed their gun and rushed upstairs!

“Go to hell!”

In this life and death situation, Feng Ling grabbed the chair at her side and threw it downstairs. An Awakened’s throw with all of her might came in full force as it directly smashed down from the top of the stairs toward the soldier below. The hard, solid wooden chair smashed broken when it hit his head, as the soldier then rolled down from the stairs with his head bleeding to the shoulders.

“There’s an Awakened hiding upstairs!”

Having perceived the extraordinary impacting force, although another soldier had a gun, he did not immediately attack, and instead, backed down as he leaned his back against the corner and was ready to shoot.

“What should we do now?!”

The situation had turned intense and dire as Qing Yi was asking with a silly and frightened expression.

“He wants to kill you, what must you do, huh?! Who the hell are you to even play the good person?!”

Feng Ling picked up a solid wooden chair again as she stood in vigilance near the staircase mouth. But still, she did not forget to teach Qing Yi in a low voice.

Knowing that she was in the wrong, Qing Yi also held her knife and followed behind Feng Ling.

“Don’t be such a goody-good person. Whatever it’s good or evil, you’re still an Awakened. You have to be ready for anything. Let’s see who’ll be afraid of whom right now!”

Having felt movement behind her back, Feng Ling could tell that Qing Yi’s body was trembling. Not to mention that she was only holding a knife, which was useless against a gun. She felt that she must encourage her.

Both sides only confronted each other for a few minutes, and nobody from upstairs dared to rush downstairs, and nobody from the first floor dared to shoot. Time passed by in a tense and restless atmosphere as Li Xin’s son suddenly cried.

The cry of the child certainly would make the people upstairs panicked. Feeling that the opportunity had come, the 2 soldiers downstairs fired their guns as they began striding upstairs. In a split second, another chair pounded down at them, and even though the 2 of them had already prepared themselves and succeeded in blocking it, the force behind the pounding chair still forced them back to the living room.

Li Xin knew that she was only an ordinary person, therefore, she was crystal clear that the situation was very tense. She ignored her crying son as an idea flashed inside her mind. She immediately rushed quietly to the kitchen and quickly grabbed a barrel of cooking oil. Then, she crawled toward the staircase mouth whilst opening the lid and quietly poured down the oil onto the stairs.

This vat’s oil had at least 4 or 5 liters of cooking oil, and it quickly wetted a dozen of stairs. The 2 soldiers were completely unaware about it and prepared to begin their third charge. This time, when they had just turned and stepped onto the staircase’s bent, their feet suddenly slipped as they directly fell down before they even began attacking.

Upon realizing the whole staircase was nearly covered with cooking oil and that they had no means to have stable footing, the 2 soldiers went back to the living room, worried. Even if they knew that there were only a few women upstairs, they did not have any particular means, and neither were they able to attack.

At this time, maybe due to the gunfire, whilst also sniffing the smell of blood from the injured Liu Wei, the 2 zombies would quickly came over toward the house.

Upon seeing that the zombies were getting closer, Liu Wei, who was outside, climbed back to the door despite the danger inside.

This time, the 2 soldiers did not shoot at him again, because the zombies were right in front of their eyes!

Bang, bang, bang…

A burst of gunfire sounded as the first zombie fell. But the other zombie had rushed in, and this one was a soon to be 1st Order Black Zombie. Its body was nearly covered with a carapace as it quickly caught the injured soldier. The last remaining soldier did not dare to face it alone and frantically ran away.

After the zombie bit and killed the soldier, it unexpectedly did not rush toward Liu Wei. Instead, it sat on the ground and let out a strange wail.

Upstairs, Qing Yi and Feng Ling, who looked at it, quickly understood— it was… evolving!

“I’ll fight that one!”

Feng Ling looked at Qing Yi, and suddnly braced herself and jumped downstairs alone. She picked up the soldier’s gun on the floor and aimed at the zombie’s body.

Bang, bang, bang…

The zombie was shot unceasingly.

The zombie’s defensive ability might be powerful, but since it kept being shot with heavy gunfire, the Black Zombie was finally unable to endure it any longer and collapsed.

The danger was temporarily lifted. Qing Yi and Li Xin carefully leaned on the stairs’ railing and went downstairs from the second floor, since they now had some chance to escape this excessive tension due to Feng Ling.

“I’m sorry! You have always been saving me every time!” Qing Yi spoke with an embarrassed expression on her face.

If it were not because of her involuntarily shout a moment ago, they would have avoided such a life and death fight.

“You are a good person. But you’re too timid. Even if you have become an Awakened, you still need another Awakened to protect you!” Feng Ling replied her with a smile.

“Now, what should we do!?” Qing Yi asked again.

“I’ll take the responsibility to stand guard, you should hurry to dig out the Blood Crystals. Listening to this guy, he said the once those people come out of that Secret Area, at the same time a massive number of creatures from the inside will also burst out. So we have to get out of this place quickly!” Feng Ling spoke coldly as she looked at Liu Wei who was on the floor.

“I’ll dig it!” Li Xin quickly turned to the kitchen to find a cutting tool.

“No, Qing Yi you take it out!”

After having gone through several life and death situation, Feng Ling had begun to adapt to the survival way of the apocalypse. So she directly rejected Li Xin’s proposal even though Li Xin went to the kitchen to find a knife.

They only met her by chance, and simply had no much deep emotional attachment toward her. And it was obvious that Li Xin wanted to get those 2 Blood Crystals.

“It’s not the same for whoever digs it, ah?!” Qing Yi herself was not accustomed to take out the Blood Crystals from zombies, but she still obediently took the knife from Li Xin’s hand.

Qing Yi’s work was slow, because she feared the reek of blood. So it took her more than 10 minutes to take 1 large Blood Crystal and 1 small Blood Crystal from the 2 zombies’ skulls. At the side, Li Xin repeatedly helped her in the process.

She also knew the use of Blood Crystals right now. Although the desire to have it was clearly written on her eyes, but Li Xin knew that the Blood Crystals would be taken by Feng Ling afterward. Even if Qing Yi wanted to give this poor woman one Blood Crystal, she did not have the right to speak about it.

Now, they must leave!

After having obtained the Blood Crystal, and although the sky had already darkened, Feng Ling decided to leave this place immediately.

Everyone knows that there was a bomb on the verge of exploding in this place. That was, once the team who entered the Secret Area a moment ago came back, then there would be a fierce battle in this place.

“If you give me that big Blood Crystal, I can tell you another Secret Area location!”

Liu Wei’s injury had been wrapped, and when Qing Yi and Feng Ling were about to leave, he stopped and called them out at the last minute.

“You also know about the Secret Areas?”

Feng Ling instinctively knew that it was an opportunity. Otherwise, the military would not have looked for this kind of thing with all their efforts.

“I swear to heavens that I’m not lying to you!” Liu Wei raised his hand and swore.

“Now is the end of the world. I don’t believe in anyone’s oath!” Feng Ling sneered and pulled Qing Yi to leave.

“I can take you to the Secret Area just like the one here, and then you can decide it later!”

Liu Wei had no better way left. His leg was now injured, and moving was very inconvenient. If he were to stay here, by the time the Secret Area was broken through by that squad of soldiers, the creatures from that Secret Area would burst out. Even if the soldiers did not kill him, he would still be unable to live.

“Are you not afraid that I’ll be like them and kill you off to eliminate a potential informant?!”

“Then, die I will. I don’t care about it anymore. But I believe that you’re good people!”

Liu Wei shifted his sight from Feng Ling’s face to Qing Yi’s. He could tell that Feng Ling was not someone that his words could get through. But Qing Yi was a clearly a good person. Even her face was as though being labeled with a “virtuous and good person” label.

“How far is it from here?!”

“It’s about 2 kilometers!”

“But your leg is making it inconvenient. Even if I take you there, it will still be difficult. And now,  it’s already dark and the entire city had a blackout; there’s no street lights lit. Perhaps we’ll bump into a group of zombies and then be wiped out even before we reached the destination!” Feng Ling was still hesitating.

“Well, let Qing Yi help me hold my son while I support him to walk. This will make us faster!” Li Xin immediately took over and spoke from the side.

The present situation for her was very obvious. Feng Ling did not have the intention to take her along. If she did not take the initiative to approach Feng Ling and Qing Yi, relying on her own strength, she would not even be able to survive until tomorrow.

After her husband died, she wanted to commit a suicide. But seeing her son’s lovely face, coupled with the strong urge her mother-in-law gave her, no matter how hard and arduous it was, she must keep on living.

Feng Ling was still hesitating. But Qing Yi was looking at her with a face full of hope. It was obvious that the tenderhearted Qing Yi had long been persuaded by Li Xin and Liu Wei.

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  1. I’m glad that there’s characters like wang yang and Qing here, Yun alone would drive my empathy-meter nuts.

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