MOTDN – Ch 22

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Second chapter of the week. (June 2)

Chapter 022: Trusting the Military (Part 1)

The miserable screams continuously came and went around the surrounding buildings!

3 women and a child were hiding in a small building. After having locked up the door, they rushed back to the room on the 2nd floor. Although the Black Zombies outside the house downstairs had yet to discover them for now, but when people in the surrounding were bitten to death unceasingly by those zombies, the situation they would have to face would become more severe.

On the way to this place, Feng Ling had experienced the Black Zombies’ strength. Relying only on the fruit knife in her hand, she was only able to kill ordinary zombies, and it was simply impossible for her to deal with the Black Zombies.

As for Qing Yi who just became an Awakened today, because she was not a one-timed Awakened and was only a filled-and-patched Awakened, the stats she had gotten were much weaker than Feng Ling’s. Not to mention that she did not know about its roles and uses. Her Spirit stat was 11, while Strength, Agility, and other stats were very weak. They were less than 6 points in average. Added with her timid nature, facing ordinary zombies had already made her dead scared, much less the overwhelmingly strong Black Zombies with their fiendish appearance. Even she could not raise her courage to fight these zombies.

“What should we do now? Will there be soldiers or policemen who will come save us?”

The young mother who hid with Qing Yi and Feng Ling was called Li Xin. She was only an ordinary person. Early this morning, her husband had just turned into a zombie and bit her parents-in-law. Although the whole family was able to kill the husband zombie, but the previously injured parents-in-law themselves were afraid that they would turn into zombies and then bite their daughter-in-law and grandson. They committed suicide and knelt on the ground, begging her that regardless of any situation, she must bring her son and live well in this apocalypse.

“I think that the military and the police will never back come again. I could tell that the garrison troops in Jiangnan City have gone to the Northern District and are guarding there at this time!” On the way to this place, Feng Ling proved to be a relatively strong Awakened. She also had an open personality, so she could obtain more information through conversing with other people.

“Then what should we do? It seems like those zombies also have a keen sense of smell. Sooner or later, they will find us hiding here!” Qing Yi asked with a worried expression.

“You ask me, but to whom should I ask? Who told you to be so thin-skinned and unable to tie Yun Tu up? That guy seems to be awesomely strong, we definitely wouldn’t have to face dangerous situations if we were to follow him!” Feng Ling sighed in one breath.

“I did want to do that! But he simply ignored us. Moreover, we’re also girls, and I’m too embarrassed to follow him!” Qing Yi’s complexion blushed scarlet.

“Saying this now is useless. Besides, he did help us enough. All we need to do now is to rely on ourselves. But then again, the next time you see him, we must brew some countermeasures. And we must never let him slip away by any means!” Feng Ling opened the curtains as she looked through the window, and at the same time, talked to Qing Yin in a low voice.

“But that’s only if he’s willing to do that!”

“What’s this willing or not, huh?! I could tell from his eyes when he looked at you today. He’s obviously interested in you! As long as you take the initiative, even just a little, he’d be your man!”

Although the situation was urgent, there was temporarily no danger. Li Xin also stood quietly as she looked down the window. Although she was only an ordinary person, she was very intelligent. She knew that these 2 boudoir mater girls were Awakened, so she followed them tightly all the way here.

“Well, those zombies seem to have smelled us!”

Upon seeing a few zombies sniffing back and forth downstairs and were getting closer to their house, she carefully reminded them.

“Go to the kitchen and look if there is a heavy kitchen knife. If there is something with strong smell such as gourmet soy sauce or smoothing, take all of those bottles and randomly scatter them on the stairs to confuse their sense of smell.” Regardless of what the effects were, Feng Ling thought of ways and immediately arranged for Qing Yi and Li Xin to do it.

Qing Yi had always believed in her suggestions. She did lack the courage to face zombies, but she could quickly do such small things. While Li Xin, even though she was only an ordinary person, Feng Ling also knew that she was also a capable person. The two of them left, leaving only Feng Ling staring downstairs.

As expected, when they prepared and scattered the smelly substances, a few zombies that encircled this small house, slowly walked away.

They continued hiding in the house for 4 or 5 hours. The zombies in the surroundings presumably had killed all the remaining people here and then began to move as they walked in a large number toward the northern direction. Whilst these 3 women believed that the danger had passed and were ready to bypass to the north, a group of heavily armed soldiers that seemed to be prepared for battle appeared, as they came toward this small house. Their numbers were about 7 or 8 people.

“Mr. Soldier, this is the building. I’m definitely sure.”

They were led by a young man called Liu Wei. He’s an ordinary person and lived in this vicinity. Early in the morning he heard from his colleague that the special task force’s members were collecting the fallen light pillar’s location since yesterday. As long as anyone told them the location, they could obtain Blood Crystals. Liu Wei saw such said light pillar after the rainbow was broken and fell, as one of the light pillars then fell onto this house from his own balcony.

Swallowing Blood Crystals from zombies would allow one to become an Awakened. And the news was no longer a secret. Liu Wei was not courageous, but he did have a quick brain. He indeed did not dare to face a zombie and kill it, but as long as these soldiers were able to find the gate to the Secret Area, he could become an Awakened. Such a good chance was not something he would want to miss.

“There are troops coming. We’ll certainly be safe if we go with them to the north!”

Upon seeing the coming heavily armed soldiers, Qing Yi simply believed that a good thing was coming. She was about to open the door when Feng Ling quickly pulled her back.

“Be careful! We cannot tell what’s their intention, let’s hide first!”

After having whispered this, under Feng Ling’s leadership, the 3 of them returned to the second floor from the first floor!

Shortly after, the soldiers pushed the door open and began to conduct an inch to inch investigation. Since the location was pinpointed accurately, it was very easy to find the gate to the Secret Area. It only took 2 minutes to find it. The hidden 3 women on the 2nd floor’s staircase mouth quickly saw lights flashing from the living room on the first floor.

And then, a soldier in front of the gate to the Secret Area placed Blood Crystals into the slots on the gate. After which he then disappeared.

This special task force consisted of 7 soldiers, and the 5th one to enter was their Captain, while the last 2 soldiers remaining acted as a sentry to guard the gate. The captain then said, “You two guard here, and don’t let anyone enter this gate.” After that, the captain gave a meaningful glance to the two as he looked at Liu Wei. Then, he smiled and set his foot into the gate of light.

When the captain had just disappeared through the gate into the Secret Area, there were only 2 soldiers left in the living room with Liu Wei, who escorted them here.

“Boss, since you’ve found the gate to the Secret Area, can I take the Blood Crystal reward now?” Seeing that the captain had left, Liu Wei suddenly felt that something was amiss as he began to feel nervous. He carefully asked the soldiers and ignored the rudeness with his smile.

“This is not our business! If you want the Blood Crystal, you’ll have to wait for our Captain to come out and ask him!”

After seeing that the captain had entered the Secret Area, the soldier sentry, who was responsible for guarding the gate, relaxed his mood as he patted Liu Wei’s shoulder and then half-lied on the sofa and lit his cigarette.

“But I heard that by the time the Secret Area has been finished, massive mutant beasts will burst out. And these mutant creatures are as fierce and powerful as those zombies. I’m only an ordinary person and have no guns. If you don’t give me the Blood Crystal now, how can I block them when…” Liu Wei spat out the key problems.

“That’s your own problem. If you’re afraid, you can leave your Blood Crystal and leave!” The soldier replied to him with a sneer.

“Hey! You are from the government! A soldier! You can’t act roguishly like this. We had an agreement. I lead you here to find the gate to the Secret Area and you’d give me a Blood Crystal. But now you actually…” Liu Wei felt that he was deceived as he began to grunt.

“If you want the Blood Crystal, then you have to wait here. If you don’t want it, then fuck off! A little chap like you wants to bargain conditions with a military officer, huh? Are you tired of being alive?!” Another soldier stood up and slapped him on the face.

But how would an ordinary person be able to receive a slap from an Awakened? The slap directly hit Liu Wei as he crookedly fell and sat on the ground.

Five blood-red fingerprints appeared on Liu Wei’s face. He could feel the burning pain on his face. He had always been smart enough and finally realized that wanting to get something without any effort in this apocalypse was something stupid to do.

He suppressed the humiliated feeling inside his heart and stood up, walking outside without saying a word. A gentleman’s revenge was never late, even if he had to wait for 10 years. He knew other places where the light pillar had fallen, so as long as he was successful in killing zombies and became an Awakened, he would be able to open the gate into the Secret Area. It would not be too late for him to become an expert later.

The moment he came out of the door, Liu Wei truly set firm his resolve. Even if he braved the dangers and risked his life, he must succeed in killing the zombies and strive to be an Awakened.

But the end of the matter was far from what he previously thought to be that simple. Just as he stepped out from the door, and was less than 10 steps away, the previously lying soldier on the sofa then raised his gun and pointed it at him…


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