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First chapter of the week (June 1)

Hey guys, Leo (one of the editors for this novel) here. So, 2 weeks without a release. Udeze was busy with RL stuff… But dont worry, he’s back. This week there will be 5 chapters. Finally, in the end of the chapter there will a note by Udeze. Enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 021: Secret Region’s Island (2)

“I’m the one who wants to kill you!”

Li Jian readied an arrow again as he clenched his teeth. He knew Yun Tu had been injured, but he did not know what kind of gun he had. From the thick patches of grass where he hid himself, he slowly approached Yun Tu’s position.

“Why the hell did you attack me!?”

“What the fuck you have done, you know for yourself, you even dare to ask me why, huh?!”

Li Jian let out a long laugh, bringing infinite anger along with it.

Yun Tu could feel the emotions within his voice, for he did not understand it for a moment. But now, this was not important since he could hear Li Jian getting closer. Yun Tu knew that the opponent did not know what kind of gun he had, so it was his chance. No matter what misunderstanding the opponent had, since he dared to attack him, Yun Tu did not need to consider anything to kill him.

Yun Tu’s strongest stat was his hearing ability. Whilst listening the sounds to distinguish Li Jian’s position, he knew that Li Jian was only about 10 steps away from him. Yun Tu leaned his back onto the boulder while didn’t looking back and fired a shot.

An Awakened was unable to avoid bullets at such a close distance. However, Li Jian was not an ordinary Awakened. He was an Awakened with a special task force background. Comparing strength only, he might be stronger than Yun Tu. Seeing that a muzzle was suddenly aimed at him from the boulder, he responded instinctively as his left arm moved to the side of his body, covering his chest and substituted the fatal wound that should have been inflicted on his chest.

His reaction after getting injured was similar to Yun Tu’s. Whilst enduring the pain, he rolled toward the other side of the boulder where Yun Tu hid. At the same time, his finger moved a buckle and shot with his steel crossbow.

The second turn of the killing move was initiated by Yun Tu, and he was much more mentally prepared than Li Jian. In addition, a bullet’s speed was much faster than an arrow’s. Yun Tu’s figure quickly moved to the side as the arrow only shot the empty corner and scratched his lower hem.

Since a crossbow could not burst continuous shots, Yun Tu held his gun and pointed its pitch black muzzle tightly at Li Jian’s body. After having finally passed through this life and death ordeal, he finally obtained the right to speak.

Li Jian had never thought that his revenging sneak attack would fail and he’d end up defeated like this. However, regret had already become meaningless.

Upon seeing Li Jian’s face, Yun Tu suddenly understood the cause of the matter. Li Jian was the man he saw on the photo 2 hours ago, so it was impossible for him not to recognize him. He finally confirmed that the present Li Jian was the husband of the Black White Demon Couple in his previous incarnation.

Then, should he kill him or not? Yun Tu was really a bit hesitant in facing a person who was a powerhouse in his past incarnation. Besides, this hatred Li Jian had was also still unexplained.

There was no division between good and evil people in the apocalypse era. The situation in front of him right now was only a common occurrence. To kill or not to kill was actually not important. But, this couple was one of the powerhouses Yun Tu once looked up to.

However, his own safety was of the first priority. After having a short hesitation, Yun Tu clenched his teeth and made up his mind.


When Yun Tu was about to pull the trigger, the previously weakened Fireshooter Horned Bull had finally regained its strength. It stood up once again and began to approach them.

“Bang…” Yun Tu fired.

The gun previously pointed at Li Jian, changed directions and shot at the Fireshooter Horned Bull’s foreleg joint. The Fireshooter Horned Bull’s defensive ability after having just been restored was quite lower than normal. However, shooting it at a close distance was unable to inflict serious damage on it, but since the bullet pierced the skin and wounded its tendon, the bull bent down again after having just gotten up.

Seeing such a sudden change, the vowing to die Li Jian seized this opportunity to shoot at Yun Tu again. Although his arm was injured, but compared to Yun Tu’s injured leg, he was nimbler. Within this split second gap, he smashed his steel crossbow directly at Yun Tu’s chest.

The steel crossbow’s weight was at least three kilograms, added with the power of an Awakened that striked a full blow, if it were to land on his chest, Yun Tu would have been seriously injured.

Since he couldn’t move his legs and feet conveniently, Yun Tu was unable to quickly dodge. He turned his wrist as an axe suddenly came out of thin air and firmly blocked in front of his chest.

Li Jian’s steel crossbow then fell onto the ground, but the great impact’s force pushed Yun Tu three steps backward, separating him and Li Jian by 3 steps. After having stabilized his body, Yun Tu pointed his muzzle again but still did not take the shot this time.

Yun Tu knew that he had missed the best time to deal with the Fireshooter Horned Bull when he shot it and saw an effect on it a moment ago. It was caused by Li Jian’s sudden appearance. And now, his legs were injured. If he were to kill Li Jian, then who would kill the Fireshooter Horned Bull?

Even if Li Jian had confidence in his ability, he did not dare to move heedlessly after being pointed at by a muzzle at 3 steps distance. He was at Yun Tu’s mercy, whether he would be killed or not. But, Yun Tu was in a dilemma right now!

Yun Tu’s bullet had wounded the Fireshooter Horned Bull’s tendon, and its intelligence was not low to begin with. After the bull had been injured twice, it did not rush to attack the two as it stepped back gradually.

“Li Jian, I’m not the one who brought disaster to your wife. But you have injured my legs. So, I’ll give you the opportunity to make atonement. Pick up this axe and go kill that Bull first, and I’ll explain everything to you slowly!” Yun Tu’s gun magazine only had a few bullets left, after which such an idea crossed through his mind in a flash. Then, an axe suddenly appeared in his hand as he threw it 10 meters away.

In battle, having leg injuries were much more damaging compared to having wounds on the shoulders. And relying on only firearms to kill this Fireshooter Horned Bull was basically useless. Although Yun Tu also knew that he could not complete the mission task by using Li Jian, but if the Bull completely recovered, the final result would be that the two of them would die.

Under the pointed muzzle and upon hearing Yun Tu’s words, Li Jian felt somewhat bewildered. He was not a fool, he could tell that there should be another story behind this whole affair. Still, he could not dispel his hostility toward Yun Tu, but since Yun Tu held the gun, he could kill him easily as long as he pulled the trigger. Although Li Jian had doubts inside, he could only temporarily cast it aside.

Being hurt in the arm and bleeding, it made it very difficult for Li Jian to kill this Fireshooter Horned Bull. But he was truly worthy of being an Awakened who became a powerhouse in Yun Tu’s past incarnation. With only an axe from Yun Tu, he could use it proficiently. More importantly, since the Fireshooter Horned Bull had just used its inborn skill, its body was also in a relatively weakened state.

The Bull and man twisted and turned in fight for a few rounds as the Bull was also bleeding unceasingly. Moreover, even though Yun Tu had yet to join the fray, but at critical times, he shot the Fireshooter Horned Bull to help Li Jian. After 10 rounds had passed by, the special task force Awakened, Li Jian, with his superiority in speed, was finally able to completely cut off all the Fireshooter Horned Bull’s legs’ tendons.

“Stop, the bull is unable to overturn the situation now. We must tend to our wounds first and then kill it afterward!”

At this time, the Fireshooter Horned Bull was downed to the ground and unable to move any longer. It was bleeding, and also could not spray its flame again. So, Yun Tu decided to leave it alive and use its aura to suppress the other creatures in this Secret Area, temporarily calling off the fight. Li Jian then withdrew from the battlefield and they began to tend and dress up their wounds.

Yun Tu’s story was not long, and Li Jian did not fully believe it. But since he had seen a few dead bodies around his house, even if what Yun Tu had said was not necessarily true, the basis of the majority of his story was truly based on facts. Not to mention that he also had a gun and he could clearly kill him. But under the premise of cooperation and such explanation, he did not have a reason to die without knowing his wife’s whereabouts.

“As long as you can take me back to my wife, the grudge between us will be written off!” After having listened to Yun Tu’s explanation, Li Jian went back to his pressing worry, his wife.

“It’s impossible to take you and find your wife since I still have something to do. But I’ll tell you important clues about the Secret Areas. As for whether you’re able to save your wife or not, it would have to depend solely on your abilities!”

Yun Tu did not fully take all the cakes and left. He knew the most important information from those people. He told Li Jian that Huang Yuan was one of the construction staff that had once renovated and decorated Li Jian’s house’s outer wall. He believed that by relying on this information only, Li Jian would have the opportunity to save his wife.


With supplementary energy from the Blood Crystal, the Awakeneds wounds healed very quickly. Even though it would take some time, but since this Secret Area’s monster boss had already been incapacitated, this Secret Area was the safest place to be. So, Yun Tu decided to cure his wounds first and then leave this Secret Area after he could move without obstruction. Therefore, he waited for the time when he would leave this Secret Area before he spoke any more words.

Although Li Jian was anxious and impatient to save his wife, but he was wounded in the fight and lost more blood than Yun Tu. His body was very weak now, and he needed time to restore his physical ability.

While the 2 men were healing themselves inside the Secret Area and chatted, Qing Yi and Feng Ling, who were left aside by Yun Tu in the early morning, followed Yun Tu’s suggestion to move from the Eastern District to Northern District where the City Hall was, as they also encountered quite a number of troubles on the way there.

It was the 4th day of the apocalypse.The military and the police force had shrunk even more. The relatively poor Eastern District municipality had been the first area that the government had given up on. Through rumors, some people heard that the police would soon withdraw from the Eastern District, so a large number of people began to panic, while people with political positions had flocked to the City Hall in the Northern District. Some people in the government and the military force still had hope that they could still eventually control the epidemic situation and overcome this disaster.

Qing Yi and Feng Ling were originally homeless. So they naturally went along with hundreds of people and marched toward the Northern District. But on their way there, a 2-meter-tall Green Haired Zombie led dozens of zombies to rush the crowds, causing more than 50% in casualties as the rest then scattered away to all directions. The running away Qing Yin and Feng Ling also led away a young mother who carried a child and were being pursued by a few Black Zombies, causing them to hide in panic in a two-storied small house.




Sorry for the late updates everyone. It’s Udeze here, my Editors will be posting the chaps—Leo will post Monarch of the Dark Nights, and Cherry Blossom will be posting Great Dao Commander on as well as responsible to post Returning from the Immortal World on

The schedule for my 3 projects, Great Dao Commander, Monarch of the Dark Nights and Returning from the Immortal World would be AT LEAST 5 chaps a week starting from June. It’s because I got occupied with work and family so I could only churn out to max 18 chaps a week for these 3 novels. So for the sake of steady release, all the novels will have at least 5 chaps a week. I WILL add bonus chapter if there are some special occasions and for every 1,000 reading list increase on Novel Updates.

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