MOTDN – Ch 20

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Fourth chapter of the week (May 18)

Chapter 020: Secret Area’s Island (1)

Sunshine, coast, beach, and warm breeze. It was a beautiful painting!

This was a small island where the sky was bluer than the sky above Maldives in the real world. The water was blue with the smooth sieves-like curtain of sands on the sandy shore.

The scenery inside the Secret Area was ever-changing, and Yun Tu was infatuated with the current beautiful scenery in front of him. This Secret Area was well hidden, and he was quite void of worries that someone else would break into it and compete with him. The transmission placement sent him to this sandy beach, and he could tell that there were no dangers in the perimeter of a few hundreds meters after glancing around. All of this, caused him to fall into a fascination, as though he was on a short holiday, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery in front of him.

He was born and lived in poverty since childhood as he then became a youth with a heart that longed to have a long journey and travel around the world, but yet he had no money for it.

Before he participated in the Pop Song Competition, Wang Nuobing was his girlfriend. More than once she had said that she wanted to go to Maldives the day she got married, saying that she must marry and take the wedding photos surrounded by a luxurious sea view.

At that time, he was but a simple and naïve young man. He thought that it was only a desire of a girl that wanted to become a rich person, and he just simply thought that the girl spoke like that out of her love of wanting to look good and beautiful. But now, as he recalled in retrospect, the girl had been a degenerate.

Everything in the past had all become illusions. For the pursuit of fame, Wang Nuobing abandoned him and rushed to Duan Minghui’s embrace. After she had won the Pop Song Competition, she even broke into movies to garner more attention; even her nude pictures were circulating online. Whether it was real, speculations, or only hypes, in Yun Tu’s eyes, she had become the embodiment of bad luck.

All the things might have remained the same, but people did change. In this moment, everything was blurred, as Yun Tu couldn’t help but sigh.

In an inexplicable fashion, he suddenly remembered Qing Yi. In the early morning when he just came back to his flat, that girl almost flew into his arms.

A young nurse with big eyes and innocent, pure looks. He knew perfectly well that the two girls came to find him to seek shelter. But he could not care about it due to considering about survival chances. Yun Tu could tell that her thoughts and personality were too pure. It would be extremely difficult for her to survive the apocalypse. Even though such a girl became an Awakened, she would barely be able to become a formidable powerhouse. So, he could only run away from them without considering about face and feelings.

And now, being influenced with the current beautiful scenery, he suddenly remembered her. Perhaps it was just like seeing an artwork that could make people feel melancholic. Yun Tu took a flat stone from the ground as he slanted and threw it onto the sea’s surface, splashing the seawater as it hit the water’s surface.

He forcefully calmed down his mind and tried to control the silly thoughts of these tender emotions, as he then began to walk around to circle the island’s coastline.

In his previous incarnation, whether the Secret Area’s space was a fantasy land or a real world, it had always been the issue that was unceasingly being debated, and no conclusion could be made. Had one been unable to complete the mission task, and could still stay in this beautiful world, Yun Tu would have been willing to do that. But he knew that it was impossible.

Once the gate to the Secret Area opened, the creatures would keep spawning, and their population would keep increasing. In the end, the outcome would still be either you died or those creatures died.

There was only Yun Tu inside this Secret Area now. If he was unable to quickly find the most powerful boss creature and eliminate it quickly, the pressure he would have to face would increase along with the passage of time.

From his past incarnation, he had heard and experienced that the approximate location where the mission boss would emerge usually occurred at the center of the Secret Area. So he kept circling around the island of this Secret Area to find out the size of this place, and to quickly pinpoint the mission boss’s location. With this thought in mind, Yun Tu’s footsteps accelerated.

This Secret Area was small, with only 6 or 7 miles in circle with 2 or 3 miles in diameter. But since the island had a dense vegetation, traversing through the island was inconvenient.

After leaving the beach, Yun Tu took out the upgraded fire axe and began to enter to depths of the jungle. Shortly after, he met a few strange creatures of this Secret Area.

When Yun Tu was fighting this Secret Area’s creatures, the burning with anger Li Jian also entered this Secret Area. This was his first time entering the Secret Area, and the anger and hatred made him ignore the dangers, as he quickly found Yun Tu’s footprints on the beach and immediately pursued.

It was out of Yun Tu’s calculation as he killed the creatures in this the jungle. He had never thought that somebody was trailing behind him, so he didn’t hide the traces of his movements and actions to confuse the trackers. The evolution commando background, Li Jian, quickly caught up with Yun Tu.

In quite a wide open space at the center of the island, Yun Tu had killed a group of more than 10 Secret Area’s creatures as the mission boss finally appeared. It was a buffalo-like beast but with long hoof and tiger-like claws with horn on its head.

This kind of Secret Area’s creature was absolutely never seen on Earth. But Yun Tu recognized the beast from his past incarnation. Along with the unceasingly broken Secret Areas, be it a small or large sized Secret Areas, various kinds of beasts and creatures would be unleashed into the real world and quickly change the composition of living organism species on Earth, as people then also gave a name to these creatures.

“Fireshooter Horned Bull” was the name of this mutated beast.

If one had no knowledge about this creature, they would definitely suffer the first time they faced this beast. After all, this beast had the ability to shoot fire and had never been seen on Earth before. But Yun Tu was an old snake of the apocalypse, and this was his second repertoire, so he only smiled after he saw this beast.

Know yourself and know your enemies better, and one would come out unscathed and undefeated in battle. The Fireshooter Horned Bull had big build, strong legs, and an extremely high defense power. Although its movement speed was relatively inferior to an Awakened. Even if Yun Tu’s upgraded fire axe was also very good, but its body nearly had no weaknesses except for its soft underbelly, so he must use his strongest blow to directly kill it before it used its strongest ability to shoot fire.

Sometimes the strongest ability a creature had, would be its strongest weakness. Its ability to spit fire was truly against nature, but it could only be used for a short time, and the beast would fall into a weakened state for a short while after releasing it. And when its body’s defensive strength dropped, that time would be the best time to kill it.

Yun Tu’s body was moving like the wind as he circled around and entangled the Fireshooter Horned Bull in a dogfight, but he had yet to exert all of his strength. He knew that provoking its anger was not an easy task, but still he must do it.

One minute, two minutes, five minutes, ten minutes, time passed by constantly. Yun Tu did not use his speed advantage, and only used his strength with his fire axe and hit the Horned Bull Fireshooter’s hind legs more than 10 times to contain its movements. Even though it didn’t cause much damage to the beast, but judging from the bull’s breathing that was becoming faster, Yun Tu could tell that its anger had been piling up and was about to reach the edge for it to explode.

“Go to hell!”

Yun Tu suddenly let out a loud shout as he exerted all of his strength and slashed the bull’s ass, leaving a shallow wound on it.

The Fireshooter Bull’s anger finally exploded after it saw its own blood. It suddenly turned around and opened its mouth wide. This time, it must use its unusual innate ability to cinder this hateful human into ashes.

At this time, Yun Tu suddenly rushed away. After having retreated back for 10 meters, he immediately hid behind a big tree.

He knew this Fireshooter Bull’s nature. Since it was prepared to spit its fire, he would be unable to withstand and suppress this fire with his physical strength.

However, heaven’s plan had always superseded human plans. When Yun Tu’s eyes were focused on the Fireshooter Bull, a pair of blazing eyes tightly stared at him from 20 meters away.

It was Li Jian. It’s been 10 minutes since he had come here. Although he was burning with anger, but he did not lose his mind. He had already regarded that anyone who entered this Secret Area through his basement was his personal enemy. But now, he could not shoot him to death, since he needed to squeeze Shen Yanrong, his wife’s whereabouts out of Yun Tu’s mouth.

Moreover, Yun Tu moved with a high speed when he fought the Fireshooter Bull, and Li Jian was not sure whether he be able to hit him in this distance. So Li Jian hid within a thick patch of grass.

Now, the opportunity had finally come. Yun Tu, who had been moving as though he were a storm, suddenly retreated and hid behind a big tree. But from Li Jian’s direction, Yun Tu’s position was only at his side, and with his experience with bows and crossbows for so many years, shooting an immobile target was very easy for him.

A moment after, the Fireshooter Horned Bull sprayed out a thin of tens of meters long flame from its mouth as it swept crosswise toward Yun Tu.

The flame’s temperature sprayed out by the Fireshooter Horned Bull was extremely high, and once one swept over by it, even if they did not die, their skin would be burnt.

Although he hid behind the big tree, the heat waves still made Yun Tu lift his arms to cover his face.

When the Fireshooter Horned Bull sent its the strongest attack, an arrow’s sound suddenly came out of the blue. Yun Tu had no time to put down his arm to block it.

Out of instinct, Yun Tu reacted as he frantically rolled over. But he was still too late as his calf was shot by an arrow from his originally accurately targeted waist.

“Who is it?!”

Whilst enduring the pain and rolling again to hide behind a boulder, Yun Tu put off his axe and pulled his gun out.

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  1. That bastard want to kill my bro godyuntu.. Tsk backstaber kill that shit bro.. Tnx for the chapter

  2. Serves Yun right, he ruined that woman’s life, she’s probably in that guys basement being gangbanged because he let it happen. Actually it would’ve happened either way, but her husband would’ve saved her as per the past iteration, this time things may be worse.

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