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MOTDN—Chapter 002

The Umbrella for The Rain of Blood

Then… soon came an event that was not those sad and beautiful romance stories, but it was the reign of terror and carnage that would change the world!


In his past life, as to why the vast sky would suddenly have a downpour of blood, even though countless meteorologists and astronomers had squeezed and racked their brains, not even one of them had the answers. Many years after the apocalypse had begun, humanities’ stronghold sent a squad of powerful humans and led the first attack to break through the most dangerous spot of the Black River Valley that was guarded by a big and powerful Demon Commander. They finally found the upper part of tens of thousands of feet and finger bones that fell from the sky…

‘The dead demons! It was the three days rain!’ [1]


Afterward, the causes and the mysteries behind the apocalypse gradually began to unveil itself.


After having gotten back his composure from the long recollection, Yun Tu then looked back on the guitar. He quickly loosened the tuning button from snapped string at the bottom. Since the string was snapped at the ends, he pulled off the remaining 10 centimeters of string on the tuning knob. He changed the string, re-calibrated it again and fixed the guitar.

Less than an hour later and the first opening of the rain of blood would pour down for three days. Yun Tu knew that this first rain was the dividing timeline between the peace era and the apocalypse.

Even if he had been transmigrated to his past self, he was also unable to prevent the apocalypse, nor could he change it even in the slightest bit. He wasn’t even sure if he could live longer in this second repertoire. The mighty and powerful was revered in the apocalypse and having good luck was equally important.

‘I’ll have to find and use an umbrella to avoid this first opening of apocalypse!’


After making up his mind, Yun Tu stood up. He didn’t even pick up the scattered coins on the ground as he swaggeringly dragged himself to the tunnel with his limp leg.




“I’m really sorry! You didn’t tell me that he was your senior. Alright! I’ll never say that that he’s a beggar anymore later! But, even if he comes back to the stage again, it would still be the same. His name has already been stained since his crime has been recorded by the police. Even if he’s a good singer, but this path has already been closed for him. If you meet him again, you might as well tell him to wake up. And tell him that he’s not like he used to be. Only then can you be considered to have truly helped him!”


Inside Mengzi Noodle Shop, after having listened to Qing Yi about Yun Tu’s past, Feng Ling handed a tissue to Qing Yi to wipe off her tears as she spoke out her mind with a slightly apologizing expression.


“I no longer admire him. But, I don’t want to see him to fall down to the abyss and get rejected by the world…” Qing Yi wiped the trace of tears of her face before she eventually ate her noodles.


After having a meal at Mengzi Noodle Shop and leaving, she looked up to the sky. But the sky had no clouds as it was shrouded with a strange, dark red color. It was completely different from before she came out from the hospital.


“Feng Ling, do you see that? The sky color is really strange. Have you ever seen such a strange dark red sky phenomenon before?”


“Nah, it’s only your imagination because your mood is in a mess right now. You’re far too sad. Hurry up! Liu Jie hasn’t eaten yet, and this noodle package could have gotten cold!”


Feng Ling also felt that something was abnormal and not right when she looked up to the sky. But she was a carefree person and not the type that would think much about melancholic stuff and other strange things.


Having heard Feng Ling’s words, Qing Yi also accelerated her pace. When she had just entered the tunnel, she saw Yun Tu had sat back to his original spot and fixed the guitar’s string. He didn’t sing, but quietly played a song with his guitar.


Qing Yi didn’t know the song’s name. She could only tell that the song’s melody Yun Tu was playing was somewhat similar to Wang Feng’s. The song had a touch of sadness feeling, and it seemed that it was also his original.


Although the wound on his forehead was no longer bleeding but it was not bandaged. The area around the wound had been cleaned up, and she could see his flesh through the torn skin.


‘How could he still be here and not dress up his wound? Could he be waiting for me?’


Although Qing Yi thought like this, but she knew that the possibility was very low. Yun Tu didn’t know that she was his junior. Even though he was driven to the street and made a living from singing on the street, he had never opened his mouth to ask for tip money even once. When she gave him 20 yuan each time she bumped into him, never once did he say thanks or even spoke a word.

There was nobody in the surrounding and he didn’t sing at this time. A touch of pity filled her heart as she initiatively approached him, controlling and forcefully suppressing the embarrassed feeling in her heart. She steeled herself to pretend not to see him and acted as though she was only a passersby that passed from the sides.

“Take this umbrella, take care!” Seeing that Qing Yi pretended not to see him, Yun Tu stood up and took the initiative to step forward, pulling her hand and forced a large red umbrella into her hands.


“Why did you give her an umbrella? Giving an umbrella on this sunny day? Have you turned into an idiot after getting hit by those street thugs? And you! Do not think that because a beauty is sympathizing with you, then you think that she likes you! Look at yourself! You’re just like getting soaked in your own pee!”

Yun Tu’s sudden action made Qing Yi speechless and didn’t know what to say. But Feng Ling who had a bold and garrulous personality at her side saw all of these and quickly stepped forward as she took the umbrella on Qing Yi’s hand and threw it to the ground, she then glared at Yun Tu and snapped without even a trace of politeness or fear.

“When you leave this tunnel, you will need this umbrella because it will be raining. You must not get soaked by this rain by any means, take care!”  Yun Tu picked back the umbrella which was thrown by Feng Ling and handed it again into Qing Yi’s hands. He ignored the angry garrulous Feng Ling at the side. He knew that it was because she cared about her friend, so he didn’t get angry at her. Having said that, he opened another umbrella and headed back to the other side of the tunnel’s end.


“If he’s only crippled he still can be saved, but if his brain has broken, there’s nothing we could do. I can tell he’s true nature now. Give him an inch and he wants a yard in return!” Feng Ling intentionally increase her voice to make her words could be heard by Yun Tu who was about to leave. She wanted to vent the dissatisfaction in her heart as she pulled Qing Yi to turn around and left.




“It’s really raining!”


This rain was heavy and getting heavier. The tunnel was only 100 meters long and the weather was still good when they entered the tunnel. But when they was about to reach the tunnel’s mouth, the overwhelming rain had poured down.


Feng Ling was standing at the tunnel’s mouth as the angry expression on her face a moment ago, disappeared now as her mouth was opened wide for quite a long while.


“What a strange and eerie weather. This rain came too quickly!” A few men who had just rushed out from the tunnel’s mouth ran back inside. His mouth kept complaining and there were no buildings that could be used to take a shelter from the rain in radius of 100 meters from the tunnel’s entrance. Such a heavy and overwhelming rain would make anyone got drenched in no time.

“Hey! How come your face has covered with blood?”

“Huh! But you’re also the same!”




“Holy Lord! How come the rain is blood red? Ah no, this is not right! This rain water smells like blood!”


The man who had just returned to the tunnel wiped the rain water off his face with his hand. He then smelt it a bit and exclaimed with a surprised expression.


Outside the tunnel’s mouth the curtain rain water was getting redder whilst the smell of blood was also getting thicker. The people who were taking a shelter from the rain in the tunnel began to call their friends and their families and asked whether they also met this strange phenomenon.

They got the response in the instant. This blood rain was obviously not only happened in their area, but also in the entire city.


The rain was getting bigger and heavier outside. It was quite fortunate that the tunnel had some lights since the strange rain of blood had darkened the day as though a dark night was about to come, even though it was very obvious that it was still daytime outside.

Along with the passing time, more people gathered inside the tunnel. Some people opened access the internet and opened their blogs.


In just a few minutes the net was flooded with overwhelming information in the entire city, country, and the world. Everything was about this rain.

Qing Yi and Feng Ling had yet to go out from the tunnel although they had an umbrella. It was because the rain was quite heavy and eerie.


Seeing at the present situation in the front as well as hearing the conversations from the surroundings, Qing Yi and Feng Ling was quite shocked, “This rain was too sudden and it made everyone shocked and unable to respond, but how would Yun Tu know about it ahead of time?”


If it were not because Yun Tu stopped them for a few minutes and gave them an umbrella, they could have went out of the tunnel and got drenched with this strange and inexplicable rain of blood.


“Hey! How come it took you so long to bring the noodles? I’m really starving here!” After waiting for 10 minutes, Liu Jie called them.


Qing Yi and Feng Ling looked at each other and smiled. They opened the umbrella. Although the blood red rain was somewhat strange and reeked with the smell of blood, they could not stay in the tunnel any longer and let their colleague—Liu Jie suffer with an empty stomach.


The umbrella was big enough for the both of them. It was a type of large umbrella provided by hotels on rainy days to pick up their visitors at the entrance. It was enough to cover two people.

When the two of them opened the umbrella and was about to traverse through the rain, a piece of paper-note gently fell down as though it was a fallen leaf.


“My guess is correct, right? That toad really has a crush on you!” Feng Ling smiled whilst grabbing it.


However, her movements was slightly slower that Qing Yi as she quickly snatched the paper and quickly put it into her small handbag.

[1] I’m not sure about what the author wrote in this line, but considering that each rain of blood lasts for three days, I’ll leave it as it is for now.

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  1. These MC’s really have a heart.. because I would be limping my ass away and not wasting a second to write a note or give an umbrella.

  2. I probably would just leave them to die if it was me. In the perspective of mc, she was just a person who donated 20 bucks for few days. And her other helpful behaviour was when mc was beaten up by thugs, she just suggested him to go to the hospital (yeah, nobody would think of that)
    He didn’t know she was his junior.
    So our mc just stray away from his preparation period of few hours to just help some stranger who gave him money for doing his job (if we count begging his job). In my opinion, this is pure stupidity.
    Also, that other girl is so annoying that i would probably hit her face with a shovel.. repeatedly..

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