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Third chapter of the week (May 17)

Chapter 019: The Hidden Secret Area in the Villa (3)

They left?! Just like that?!

There were still 9 people that had fighting strength left and it was impossible to say that they posed no pressure for Yun Tu. But seeing that they suddenly admitted defeat just like that, it was quite unexpected.

However, the defeated and fleeing enemy was still a good thing for Yun Tu. He was also worried that they would still leave behind a few men in the villa. But since he saw that they also carried away the tied woman whilst retreating, Yun Tu knew that this temporary organized mob should not be that astute.

But something was not right!

A moment ago, that group of people had affirmed the position. But then, they seemed to not have found the gate to the Secret Area. This was a bit absurd and unscientific.

Moreover, Yun Tu’s note also had recorded this position, and it could be proved from their finding and angle. So, it should be impossible to have problems, unless… someone else had already broken through ahead of them.

But even if someone had acted swiftly and got there first, after they completed the mission task, the Secret Area would be broken and there would be some creatures of that Secret Area in the surroundings. But when he entered this neighborhood, Yun Tu could tell that the corpses in this neighborhood were still relatively complete, so it was obvious that there were no creatures from the Secret Area.

But there should be a major reason as to why that group of people led by Huang Guohao gave up. And it was certainly that they were not sure whether the fallen light pillar here would have a Secret Area or not. But for the reborn Yun Tu, he had the absolute assurance that it would be here.

Although the possibility that they left a few people in the villa was not high, Yun Tu still kept his vigilance up for the unexpected. He went out from the villa in the sixth row and detoured to the back of that villa in the fifth row. He threw 3 stones to smash 3 glass windows first, pasted his ear to the back wall, and carefully listened to the voices. After having confirmed that there were no sounds, he circled around to the front door and headed straight into the villa.

Yun Tu felt that it did not make sense to inspect the situation in a conventional manner; he only looked around in each room of the villa. But when he turned around, he saw a photo of a couple in their wedding dress on the wall of the main bedroom.

The woman in the photo was beautiful and was happily smiling. Yun Tu sighed as he recalled that the woman was the one that was running away and was grabbed back toward this villa.

Due to the apocalypse, everyone’s fate changed. The deceased had died and the living turned undead. Some of the dignitaries and celebrities in the peace era fell lower than beggars in the apocalypse. But some butchers and lackeys from the peace era now turned into powerful big shots who ruled over others’ life and death due to some chances and coincidence.

“Li Jian and Shen Yanrong’s third wedding anniversary commemoration!”

Reading the lines at the edge of the photo frame, Yun Tu felt that the two names of “Li Jian” and “Shen Yanrong” were quite familiar, but he could not remember it.

But, after having read it in his mind for 3 times, his heart suddenly shivered. A nickname from his past incarnation suddenly pop out:

“Black and White Demon Couple!”

After the advent of the apocalypse, a lot of people’s real name was rarely mentioned and even forgotten. People often only remembered their nickname. Yun Tu had never personally seen the Black and White Demon Couple. He only heard their real name accidentally from someone who boasted that he knew about the Black and White Demon Couple in the peace era.

The reason why the two of them were well known as the Black and White Demon Couple was because they wore a black and white veil every time they went out. Some people who investigated it speculated that it might be because Shen Yanrong’s face was devastated by some people, so she often came out with such a black mourning attire, so nobody had seen her face clearly.

There were many people with the same surname and given name, but if the couple’s names were the same, the possibility of it were minute.

On the other hand, having good luck in the apocalypse was also an important factor for someone to become an Awakened. If someone was able to break through the Secret Area in the beginning period of the apocalypse and learned a suitable occupation, that meant they had established the first step to becoming experts.

Could it be the previously kidnapped woman was Shen Yanrong who would be the “Black and White Demon Couple”? Was her face destroyed by that group of people?

These thoughts sprouted inside Yun Tu’s mind, and he felt that it was becoming more likely. If this villa really had a gate to the Secret Area, and that Shen Yanrong also successfully escaped from that group of fiends, then this explanation was highly likely to be reasonable.

If so, he must conduct a thorough investigation!

After having made the inference that these names were the famous people in his past incarnation, Yun Tu’s calmness rippled again. The woman before was a powerhouse he looked up to in his past life.

However, after half an hour later, and having thoroughly swept every floor of the entire villa, Yun Tu still didn’t find the gate to the Secret Area.

Generally speaking, the gate to the Secret Area was small, only half a meter radius in size. As long as an Awakened approached the area, the gate to the Secret Area would be triggered. Thus, finding the Secret Area’s gate inside a 100 square meters area should be a very easy. But now, it did not even appear. Could it be that group of people were really mistaken?

Although Yun Tu was skeptical, but the thought that this villa was the Black and White Demon Couple’s home, made him strengthen his resolve and recommence the investigation again, as he began to hit the floor tiles.

“Thump! Thump!”

“Huh? The sound is different, could it be there’s a basement here?”

Just when Yun Tu was about to give up, he found something big.

If there was a basement, then the location was right!

The rainbow’s light pillar could penetrate through the wall and would eventually fall to the ground. Since this villa had a basement, then the bottommost ground level was at the basement, not the first floor.

Since there is a basement below, the only thing left was to find the entrance to the basement. After he found the location, 10 minutes later, Yun Tu finally found a narrow door in the bathroom. The channel was only passable for one person and lead straight to the basement.

After having closed the door, Yun Tu carefully entered the villa’s basement, and soon triggered the gate to the Secret Area. Lights then flashed as though it was untied from the bottom ground.

Whilst having a relieved feeling that he would be the only person to enter this Secret Area, Yun Tu stood inside the light curtain and put a few Blood Crystals in. The light curtain of the Secret Area’s gate disappeared as his figure then disappeared from the real world. At the same time…


Less than 10 minutes after Yun Tu disappeared from the gate to the Secret Door, the man he had seen from the photo, Li Jian, came.

Seeing that the house had turned chaotic and his beloved wife was gone without any traces. Coupled with seeing the shreds of his wife’s clothes on the ground, the 30 years old man let out a loud and earthshaking sad roar as he began to frantically sweep and circle his house outside.

After a while, Li Jian hardly calmed himself down and began to think. A few corpses with fresh blood were found in front of his house. It was obvious that there was a fierce fight here.

Because his family had a government official background, he quickly learned the info on the second evening of the apocalypse, that swallowing Blood Crystals from zombies would make a person evolve. And by the third day of the apocalypse, he killed the public building’s frequent visitor that had turned into a Black Zombie with his steel crossbow, successfully becoming an Awakened. However, his wife, Shen Yanrong, was still an ordinary person. In order to help his wife become an Awakened, he refused his father’s offer to take refuge at the government area in the Northern District and stayed alone in this neighborhood, waiting for zombies to appear. Suddenly, the rain of blood stopped as the clouds were opened to reveal the rainbow that quickly shattered into light pillars, one of which then fell onto his villa.

As an Awakened person, he naturally discovered the gate to the Secret Area very quickly. He repeatedly researched the gate inside his basement. And after having seen the Blood Crystals’ shape and a few prismatic slots on the gate, the couple quickly knew the conditions to open the Secret Area. Unfortunately, they only had a few tiny Blood Crystals, since the gate to the Secret Area in his basement needed 2 large Blood Crystals that could only be harvested from Black Zombies.

After having a discussion, the couple then made up their mind as Li Jian led his wife to carefully hide at home whilst he went out to hunt alone. But he didn’t expect that after he successfully obtained 3 large Blood Crystals and finally came back back, disaster had struck his home. And judging from the fresh blood from the corpses, the disaster must have just happened half an hour ago.

There was nobody left in the neighborhood, and not even a clue could be found. After having pondered for a long time, Li Jian finally opened the secret door to his basement.

The enemies were either had entered the Secret Area or they did not find it and then left. However, he decided to look in the sure place first rather than wandering around everywhere, so he might as well enter the Secret Area first to see the outcome.

“No, matter what and who they are!”

“Regardless of being separated to the ends of the earth!”

“Even if I have to dig three feet deep for every inch of the earth, I, Li Jian, must avenge this vendetta and drag out the enemies and make them taste that it’s better to die than being alive!”

Carrying along the fine steel crossbow he had always been proud of on his back, Li Jian clenched his teeth as he triggered the gate to the Secret Area. The others entered this Secret Area to find treasures, but he entered for another purpose. Those precious treasures were not the things he sought. It was revenge.




Truth be told, I have to fix the flow and wording in the raws before I translate it into English. It was because the story felt jumpy for quite a lot if I followed strictly to the raws completely. The writing got better after c50+, so I assumed that this novel was the first time the author wrote a story.

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  1. As a Yue Zhong fan, i find his actions intolerable, he’s disgusted yet he lets it go every time, he just watched the woman get dragged away, Yeah sure youre a brooding numbed survivor, but that doesn’t mean that you should just let everything go no? For a time traveler he lacks insight towards the butterfly effect, he saved like 10 people in the hospital, and hundreds of people by indirectly publicizing the information on the blood orbs. He gave them a head start, sure it unfortunately also helped his enemies but for fucks sake. Take a page from other second chancer’s book will you?

  2. Fcking MC just die already! you think they’re disgusting? what do you think of yourself? such balls you have there watching them humiliate a girl when you have the capability to fck those people up.

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