MOTDN – Ch 18

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Second chapter of the week. (May 16)

Chapter 018: The Hidden Secret Area in the Villa (2)

“What a group of fucking bastards!”

Upon hearing the screams of the woman from the third villa in the fifth row, Yun Tu subconsciously cursed inside. Although these people’s actions were rather outrageous, but he didn’t jump to play the hero saving the belle.

Murders, arsons, robberies, and rape was not something that was frowned upon in the apocalypse, and neither was it something special. It was common occurrences of which Yun Tu had long seen. The most fundamental survival rule of the apocalypse was the law of the jungle.

Although he had neither abused nor raped women and did such lowly actions, but in the case that he needed to get laid due to the ‘hormonal imbalance’ in his body, he did exchange the ‘service’ with a piece of bread with a woman who accompanied him once in awhile. But still, he didn’t of think himself as someone much nobler than others.

Not to mention that the group had quite a lot of people, and looking at their movements and imposing manners, they were a bunch of powerful and brave Awakened. On the other hand, the weapon in the group leader’s hand was not a product from the peace era. As from where the object came from, there was no need to ask.

Yun Tu analyzed the details bit by bit, as acting rashly would only make him lose his life in a matter of minutes.

Although he neither had the plan nor the consciousness to play the hero who saved the belle, but Yun Tu’s mind spun faster. These people could accurately pinpoint the light pillar’s landing spot, which meant that he didn’t need to continue investigating the villas in the third and fourth rows.

It was not accidental that, since that group of people had found the gate to the Secret Area, they would leave some people to guard outside to prevent outsiders from entering. Yun Tu might not have the chance to enter the Secret Area, let alone completing the Secret Area’s mission and obtaining the task reward.

Such a result was not what Yun Tu wanted to get. But it was 1 against 10, and the pressure was as high as the mountains. For a bit, Yun Tu really had no means to act and intervene.


Another scream came, but this time it was a man’s voice.

Followed by a woman in her 20’s with messy clothes who suddenly ran away from the villa. But a man who guarded the door quickly grabbed her back.

“You fucking bitch, you dare to bite my fucking dick~! Do you wanna die?!”

A loud wicked voice came out, followed by a burst of the woman’s screeching wail and burst of men’s laughter.

Although he couldn’t see it, but Yun Tu could clearly hear it; listening to them disgusted him. With such an important thing before their eyes, this group of people unexpectedly didn’t rush to find the gate to the Secret Area, but instead committed adultery openly. Those chaps didn’t seem to have the sense of crisis.

However, wealth and riches had always been accompanied with lurking dangers!

This seemingly strong group was but only a group of unorganized disciplined men and would easily break each other. Thus, Yun Tu finally made up his mind.

For such enemies, it was certain that honest and upright strikes would not work. Although in his past life he couldn’t be called as the most powerful Shadow Assassin, but at least, he could live for many years after the apocalypse, and that meant that he was also a qualified Shadow Assassin. Even though he had yet to obtain the Shadow Assassin occupational skills, but his experience in assassination through so many years were all the real deal.

He quickly came out from the third villa of the fourth row, taking a detour toward the second row, and circling around to the last one and arriving at the sixth row. Then, he hid himself in the corner of the fourth building in the sixth row. He threw a stone to smash the back walls’ windows of the fifth row fourth villa.

Luring a snake out of its hole was not brilliant a move, but it was the simplest and most practical.

“Ah Er, you stay here, I’m gonna take a look!”

Because the sound was not coming out directly from the third villa of the fifth row, the two guards didn’t care much, as only one of them ran toward the sound’s direction.

For Yun Tu, sneak attacking someone didn’t necessarily require him to hide in the corner. When the man who came to see the situation from the third villa circled around to the back of the fourth villa, he found Yun Tu was standing there, looking at the window he had just broken.

“What the fuck are you looking at, just get lost you punk!”

An ordinary construction worker had become an Awakened, causing his temper and guts to turn slightly bigger. But even though his words were big, it brought no murderous intent. For people who had never killed others, it was very difficult to condense a murderous intent.

“How could it break so suddenly?”

Yun Tu acted like he didn’t hear the man’s roar as he spoke his thought out loud.

“Hey punk, it’s the end of the world. It’s just a fucking broken piece of glass. Fuck off or else this Big Daddy will kill you!”

Seeing that the man didn’t seem to hear his roar, that man directly went over Yun Tu’s side as he took a knife out from his waist and put on a threatening appearance.

But he had yet to draw out the knife when a shiny axe suddenly appeared in Yun Tu’s hand out of thin air.

With the axe in hand, Yun Tu quickly cut the man’s throat. The man was unable to shout and lost his life in an instant.

Killing a person would need a method and a trick, but dealing with such a careless man was not worth it to even be called as a challenge or a match. Yun Tu didn’t even need to think, he directly chose the easiest and ‘dumbest’ way, but yet the most effective way, that was, waiting for the soon-to-be dead man to come.

The first man had left and didn’t return for a long time; the second person would naturally come to find him. As long as one was not anxious and rash, the target would naturally move.

As expected, a minute later, after having shouted to call his companion and yet to have him respond, Ah Er left his position to find out what happened. And since his comrade didn’t even respond, his vigilance was higher and the previous trick definitely would not work again.

After having dragged the corpse to an empty place, Yun Tu laid down next to the corpse after painting some bloodstains onto his face. Ah Er, who had circled around the back of the villa, suddenly saw 2 bloody corpses and immediately screamed, “Somebody, come out! Something happened!”

2 men quickly rushed out from the third villa because of his shout.

“What the fuck is going on?! Whose body is next to him?” After the three of them gathered, only then did they dare to approach and examine it.

At the beginning of the apocalypse, everyone’s logic had yet to change, and the majority of the people would not suspect that the already dead person would suddenly be alive. Thus, despite it being 1 against 3, Yun Tu suddenly launched a direct strike and successfully killed Ah Er and the other man before they even reacted. He originally thought that the last one would take out his knife, but the man actually turned around and shouted whilst running away from him.

The situation had turned chaotic and it was impossible to sneak attack again. Yun Tu calmly took out his gun and shot him. The last running man then fell into his own pool of blood.

The moment the gunshot was heard, Huang Guohao led the rest of his group as they rushed over from the villa and quickly swarmed toward the gunshots’ direction. Yun Tu shot once again and then quickly bolted toward the fourth villa in the sixth row and rushed inside.

In just 2 or 3 minutes, the enemy had taken down 5 men. Even though Huang Guohao was extremely bold, however, he began to feel scared. Much less that the enemy also had a gun, so he didn’t dare to bring his men to rashly rush into the building.

There was no need to calculate anything at this point. After Yun Tu had entered the villa, he didn’t hide behind the door and wait for them to charge in, and instead headed straight to the third floor.

An Awakened’s level at the beginning of the apocalypse was not high; they were still unable to avoid bullets from a close range. However, firearms were the most important resource in the world in this era. So, after Yun Tu had arrived at the third floor, he opened the curtain and aimed accurately at his targets and quickly shot them.


A man’s knee was pierced by a bullet. This time, Yun Tu chose not to kill and instead only wounded them. It was because the injured would wail and scream unceasingly, and it brought along a more intimidating and threatening effect to others than directly killing them.

He kept changing his position to shoot and slid quickly to the first floor when all eyes still looked up to the windows on the third floor.

The gunshot sounded again and another man fell to the ground. It was still the same, he was wounded and not killed.

“Fuck! Scatter quickly and rush back to the villa!”

2 men from the more than 10 of the group of people who rushed out had been injured. Huang Guohao perfectly knew that he had met a difficult enemy and immediately shouted to his men to quickly rush back to the villa.

“What should we do? He’s got a gun!” Huang Guohao’s eldest son spoke with a frightened expression.

“Keep a lookout on each window toward the four directions, and the rest of you quicken the search for the gate to the Secret Area!”

Opportunities to gain riches and wealth were truly accompanied with dangers. Huang Guohao didn’t dare storm over the building where Yun Tu was in. But he also did not want to retreat and lose the big opportunity before his eyes. Previously, they did not feel the urgency to find the Secret Area and instead wanted to have some fun and toy with the beauty.

But now, the rest of them immediately moved over and acted. However, after having spent 10 minutes and sweeping every inch of the floor, even with 10 men including Huang Guohao himself, they had yet to find the gate to the Secret Area.

“How the fuck could it not be here? I obviously saw it clearly when the light pillar fell on the top of this villa. We have just renovated this villa’s outer wall last year, so we shouldn’t be incorrectly remembering it, right?”

Had it been the one who gave him the information was not his son, Huang Guohao would have killed him. It was because a lot of his men had been downed.

The gate to the Secret Area had yet to be found, and yet there still a chilling gun staring at them outside!

“Let’s get the fuck out of this place. And take this bitch back with us!”

After having stepped on each tile on the floor, Huang Guohao finally issued his order, despite only reluctantly doing it.

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