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First chapter of the week. (May 15)

Chapter 017: The Hidden Secret Area in the Villa (1)

When Yun Tu was sleeping in his flat, an important meeting was under way in the Duan Family’s mansion. Although the Duan Family had lost several men and spent more than 10 Blood Crystals, but it was not like they had no gains.

They had figured out something about the Secret Area. And this information was wealth.

The first point was— The gate to the Secret Area and the scattered light pillars from the rainbow were closely related.

The second point was— The gate to the Secret Area must be activated by an Awakened and needed a certain amount of Blood Crystals to enter.

The third point— To get the mission reward, the most powerful monster boss must be killed, and after having successfully cleared up the mission, the Secret Area would break open and they would return to the real world.

These were certainly not all the rules the Secret Area had. But being able to summarize these conclusions sure were not an easy task.

Some people in the Secret Area also had seen that Yun Tu and Wang Yang had obtained some benefits. Wang Yang came out from the Secret area and showed his soft sword to the other civil policemen. And the soft sword was absolutely impossible to be built on Earth. This made the Duan Family jealous. If it were not because of police task force’s presence at that time, they would have robbed it on the scene.

“From now on, everyone is divided into two teams. One team is to hunt zombies and harvest Blood Crystals, and the other team is responsible for looking for Secret Areas and strictly controlling the zone around it. We must never let anyone or other forces enter it, and guarantee that the final mission reward will fall into our hands. As for the items obtained from the Secret Area, all of them must be turned over and will be distributed!”

Nobody dared to oppose the unanimous decisions made by the Duan Hongyu and Duan Hongshan Brothers!

Shortly after, after having divided the core jobs and organized the teams, the 40 Awakened and nearly 100 goons and soldiers the Duan Family brothers had recruited immediately executed the plans, and went into separate actions.

At the end of the meeting, the Duan Family absolutely didn’t forget Yun Tu, who had sneakily attacked them in the Secret Area. The order was, “Kill at first sight!”

After having made the final decision about Yun Tu, the Duan Family printed Yun Tu’s photo and decreed that all of the manpower under the Duan Family will be granted a hefty reward if they saw, reported information, or was able to shoot and kill him.

Such organized actions and discipline were truly effective. Yun Tu didn’t know that the Duan Family had hung bounty rewards over his head while he was sleeping. Moreover, in this short period of time, the Duan Family, by means of having manpower, firepower, and capital had already broken through two Secret Areas.



With an Awakened physique, Yun Tu had woken up after having slept for 6 hours, although he had not slept for nearly 24 hours. He put everything he had bought in the supermarket at the first day of the apocalypse, his beloved guitar and clothing into his interspatial ring. Then, he opened the door and went out. He was perfectly aware that he would never come back again to this flat he had been living for nearly a year.

Upon hearing the shutter sound of flat #703’s door, Qing Yi and Feng Ling who stayed next door quickly followed out. Although today Yun Tu seemed not too friendly, but they still intended to follow this seemingly omnipotent fellow.

“Ah, your foot has recovered!”

Previously, before Yun Tu entered his flat, because their attention was focused at Feng Ling who had been bitten by a zombie, they didn’t notice the changes in Yun Tu’s body, but they suddenly saw such an unexpected scene now.

“Thanks for your concern! It looks like you have succeeded too Qing Yi, congrats!”

Yun Tu glanced at a few zombie corpses in the corridor and then looked carefully at Qing Yi’s complexion. She wasn’t wearing her glasses, so it was obvious that her myopia had been fully cured after she became an Awakened.

“Thanks to you too. If it weren’t for you, we could have turned into zombies by now!”

Before the apocalypse, only a few people straightly looked at her like that, and Yun Tu’s gaze made Qing Yi slightly embarrassed as she lowered her head with a blushing face, even her voice was also lowered.

Looking at this girl’s expression, Yun Tu’s heart was chilled. He was aware that Qing Yi had a crush on him. But talking about love in the apocalypse, even if he were a Deity that descended to Earth, he neither had the chance nor could he afford to savor this novel feeling in this game.

Today was the fourth day of the apocalypse, and the Green Haired Zombies with their spiritual wisdom opened should begin to appear. From tomorrow and the day after, it was estimated that the entire Eastern and Southern District would fall. The Green Haired Zombies with their wisdoms would be commandeering the Black Zombies and ordinary zombies to sweep clean the entire city.

When he thought about it, for not even a moment did Yun Tu feel that he could have the slightest delay!

“I still have something to do. You two, go now to the Northern District, the government core area is relatively still a safe place!” These delicate and pure girls might be the type that Yun Tu liked, but in the end, deep love between a man and a woman in the apocalypse was something he could not afford, and was intolerable. After having gently looked at Qing Yi, regardless of the two girls’ expression, Yun Tu turned away to leave.

“Even seeing a girl who likes you, you don’t even dare to chase her! Are you still a man?!”

Behind him, Feng Ling’s carefree voice shouted her dissatisfaction, but Yun Tu had no intention to stay and did not budge.

Unlike the previous days, this time he didn’t take the path along the street, but turned over to the district’s parking lot.

After having learned Alchemy and becoming an Alchemist Refiner, Yun Tu had the ability to change the shape of metals. He inserted his flat’s door key into the Land Rover door’s keyhole, and focused his mind to change the key’s shape to open the car’s door. He was like a skilled thief, and opened it as though the car was his. He gently swayed open the other doors and did not trigger the car’s alarm.

Whilst driving along the road, Yun Tu was not idle. He single-handedly controlled the steering wheel as his other hand took out the wolf fangs and the fire axe with the same hand.

After having learned Alchemy, his body had “metals smelting power”, and this power had the ability to melt all kinds of Five Elements, that was “gold or metal”. This generally applied to all hard and sharp objects.

Grasping both the wolf fangs and the fire axe together in his hand, Yun Tu directed the metal smelting power in his body as the wolf fang and the fire axe unwittingly fused into one. The hard wolf fang completely disappeared, and the originally grayish fire axe began to change with a speed naked to the eye. Although the shape and the size was the same, but it became heavier and the texture became more solid. A faint bright light shined from the sharp front as if the original axe had transformed into a genuine sharp killer weapon.

Toughness : 15
Sharpness : 11
Composite Lethality Assessment : 24

The Alchemist Refiner occupation also gave along an appraisal skill to detect weapon and equipment stats and attributes. After the alchemy fusing process for the fire axe was completed, Yun Tu casted the appraisal technique and looked at the Battleaxe’s properties. A trace of a smile was revealed on his face. Before the synthesizing, his fire axe’s Composite Lethality Assessment was only 16, but now it had been enhanced by 50% at once. After his Basic Alchemy job was promoted to the next level and he found some more advanced materials, fusing them into the axe would enhance these stats further.

Although Secondary Occupations could not be directly used for fighting, but by upgrading the quality of weapons and equipment, Yun Tu’s combat effectiveness would also be indirectly enhanced. If Yun Tu had this Battleaxe in the Secret Area, he wouldn’t have to sneakily attack the Wind Wolf, and would be able to face it head-on.

In this apocalypse era, street lights were simply useless as Yun Tu drove his car ignoring red lights from the Eastern to the edge of Southern District within only 20 minutes, while also upgrading his axe along the way.

The Fujing Area was quite a famous neighborhood in the Eastern District, and this area was specifically known for its upscale single-family villas. The gate to the area now was void of security personnel as corpses could be seen everywhere on the empty spaces of the area. The wealthy who lived here had some connections, and the majority of them had moved to the Northern District to seek protection from the government.

Yun Tu took the note of where he recorded the fallen light pillars and carefully looked at the note sketch and compared it. He had roughly tracked 4 fallen light pillars under dozens of seconds and its position. However, because it was too far, the location in his note was not very accurate. He carefully compared his note in his hand with the area layout in front of him. Yun Tu was not sure whether the cluster of light pillars had fallen to the third, fourth, or fifth row of villas in this area.

Since his note was not accurate, the only thing he could do now was to directly investigate it. Yun Tu quickly moved. The scattered rainbow light pillars could penetrate the walls and finally would fall to the ground. As long as he stepped on the first floor of the villas, he would be able to find the gate to the Secret Area.

When Yun Tu was commencing his inch to inch investigation at the fourth row of the villas, another group of people came to this Fujing Area.

The coming group had a total of 10 people, and the leader was the local boss, who was the second person after Yun Tu to become an Awakened, Huang Guohao.

“Dad, it’s here! I saw that light pillar fall to this house that day!”

Under the guidance of his son, Huang Yuan, Huang Guohao’s group quickly arrived at the third villa in the fifth row.

Everyone’s luck and chances were different. Although Yun Tu was the first one to know and had made preparation, however, because he was too far, he could not pinpoint the exact position of the fallen light pillars. Huang Guohao was able to find the exact location because, when the rainbow shattered into beams of light and fell as light pillars to this area, his son, Huang Yuan, was in this area when it happened. They didn’t know what significance the light pillars had previously. However, they accidentally heard that Yun Tu and Duan Family’s men had successfully entered the Secret Area in the downtown park and gained benefits. At the same time, this astute local boss immediately realized the great significance that the Secret Area had.

Much less, he was the other person aside from Yun Tu that knew the secret of the Blood Crystals. Although his family had yet to reach the degree of power between the civilian and military cooperation such as the Duan Family, but their foundation was much higher than the Duan Family’s people. More than half amongst the dozen of their manpower had completely become an Awakened after swallowing the Blood Crystal from 1st Order Black Zombies.

Coupled with their background as construction workers, their people were used to the works that needed physical strength, so their physical quality was their forte, and killing was a cinch for them.

Before coming to this area, they also had broken through a Secret Area, and their luck was even better compared to Yun Tu. They got a two-edged sword and a “Berserker Swordsman” main occupation scroll.

Upon hearing the commotion in the other villa, Yun Tu stopped searching as he went to the second floor of the villa and opened the curtain to look at the third villa in the fifth row. Within a minute, more than 10 people broke the villa’s door and left 2 people guarding outside the door.

“Boss, there’s a girl hiding in the cabinet!”

“Damn, she’s beautiful! I will have to sate my thirst and addiction first. After we’ve completed this mission, everybody will have their party time!” Huang Guohao was a pervert and sex maniac. However, since his wife was strict, he had only a slight chance to play with hookers. But now, after his wife had died, he was busy in building his force and had not touched any woman. And now, seeing that this house had an attractive young woman, he didn’t want to miss this chance.

Yun Tu was unable to see the situation inside the villa, but with his superb hearing ability, he could clearly hear their conversation. The moment Huang Guohao’s group entered the villa, followed by the scream of the woman, he knew well what was happening there!

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