MOTDN – Ch 16

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MOTDN—Chapter 016

The Law of Survival

“I beg you, please leave! The farther the better!”

On the seventh floor of the residential building in front of the Huaxin Shopping Mall, Feng Ling’s hand was handcuffed on the railing near Yun Tu’s flat. She hastily reminded with her tomboy manner with a dreaded expression.

Nearby, at her side, Qing Yi was reluctant to leave despite her pleading.


Feng Ling had killed a zombie alone yesterday noon. She was exhausted and then got bitten by the second person who suddenly mutated into a zombie.

Upon seeing that her good friend was injured by the zombie, Qing Yi’s courage was finally ignited and also joined the fray with the help of a few men, as she successfully terminated the other zombie. It seemed like the small disaster had been able to be contained, but the fact said otherwise.


They clearly saw that Feng Ling was bitten by a zombie and she could be mutated into a zombie at any time. The comrade a moment ago now suddenly turned into an enemy, so when the fight had just finished, a man suddenly stormed at Feng Ling and tried to kill her, but since Feng Ling was an Awakened and had recovered, he was defeated quickly.

But the story was far from over. Because Feng Ling was much stronger than average people, everyone was aware of the danger and then began to run away from the building. The attacking man who was uninjured quickly ran from the 7th floor and called the police. Shortly after, a squad of fully armed policemen arrived, and after finding out about the situation, they politely asked Feng Ling to be handcuffed.

Feng Ling also perfectly aware that she had been bitten by a zombie and she could mutate into one at any time. Although she did not want to be killed by everyone like this, but still she was dejected. She handcuffed herself to the railing in the corridor and then peacefully waited for her death to come.


The next scene was also far from being a historical novel. The people who had just fled the building came back after knowing that Feng Ling had been handcuffed, and some were even trying to kill her. Feng Ling persuade Qing Yin and reminded her that she was still a normal person, but as her close friend, Qing Yi refused to see her handcuffed friend to be slaughtered, so she amassed her courage and struggled to prevent anyone from entering the corridor.

Although she had yet to successfully become an Awakened, but she still had swallowed three red pearls, coupled with her will to protect her treasured friend, the strength she could burst out also exceeded an average person’s. She had successfully defeated the waves of men who stormed over, causing the inhabitants of the building to retreat once again.

“Go quickly! Everyone on the entire floor has gone already at night and won’t come back. Even if you keep guarding here, it’s meaningless! Sooner or later, I will become a zombie and I don’t want anyone to see me turn into that appearance.”

After having been thrown in and out by the event for nearly a day and night, Feng Ling and Qing Yi had already become exhausted physically and mentally. But neither one of them gave up. Feng Ling had been trying to persuade Qing Yi, to make her go away from the coming danger. But Qing Yi insisted that she must stay here and did not want Feng Ling to be injured by others.

“We both have eaten those kind of pearls, maybe we’re not the same as others anymore!”


Qing Yi was alone in this city. Apart from Feng Ling, this boudoir friend of hers, she had no other friends.


“It’s just only in case, an if?” Fengling asked.


“Damn, I don’t care! Unless I see you really turn into a zombie, I will never leave you!”


Qing Yi was not sure that her words would be true or not. But Feng Ling had boldly saved her from the zombie yesterday. If it were not for Feng Ling, she could have long been killed by that zombie yesterday. She did not want to selfishly leave her best friend whilst she had yet to turn into a zombie. The seemingly delicate girl turned out to have more courage and stubbornness than average men.

“If I really become a zombie then everything will be too late and these little handcuffs won’t hold me much longer. Even if you fight or run away from me, you won’t win and will eventually be bitten by the zombie me.”

“Then, let’s us become zombies together!”


“If you don’t go now, I’ll kill myself and rip out my own heart rather than killing you.”


Regardless of how to persuasive the Feng Ling was, Qing Yi was not willing to leave, thus, Feng Ling can only take their own life threaten to take here life directly.


“NO! I don’t want to leave! Yun Tu will come back. And he must have a way!” Qing Yi repeatedly blurted out her not-in-the-wrong reason.

“Damn girl! Don’t be silly. The world is so chaotic right now. He hasn’t come back for a day and night so you must think that he will never come back. Leave me alone. I can defend myself since everyone is afraid and has ran away. Even if Yun Tu comes back, he wouldn’t dare to come since there’s a zombie here.”

In her innermost heart, Feng Ling was actually hoping that Yun Tu would appear. But after having waited for a day and night, he did not show up, and her hope died down.




“Who says I have no guts, eh?!”


Yun Tu’s voice came over from behind Qing Yi, refuting Feng Ling’s words.


The time in the first Secret Area and the real world was basically synchronized. Yun Tu had been struggling inside the Secret Area for 10 hours, and then came back to the real world at 4 AM on the fourth day.

He dragged his exhausted body back to his flat in the Eastern District and arrived there at dawn, as he heard the 2 girls’ conversation upon his arrival at the 4th floor. But he had not expected that he would bump into Qing Yi and her boudoir friend here, so he intentionally slowed down his pace.

“You are finally back!”


Upon hearing Yun Tu’s voice, Qing Yi’s lips shivered. She even had the impulse to throw herself into his embrace and weep there. But the fact was that she could be at the most only an ordinary friend, so she stopped herself.

After the two of them separately told him everything, Yun Tu frowned. An Awakened unexpectedly did not revolt against the cops and chose to be handcuffed? Their story gave him the impression of a complex plot inside a historical novel.

He knew that both girls’ thoughts were pure, having heavy affections and were righteous. Even though they had obtained strength that surpassed ordinary people’s, but with such pureness and chastity in thought, it would be extremely difficult for them to survive in this increasingly brutal world of the apocalypse.

“We have eaten the kind of beads as you told us. So, Feng Ling should be different from ordinary people now, right?” After having told everything to Yun Tu, the most urgent matter the both of them anxiously wanted to know was whether Feng Ling would turn into zombie or not after getting bitten.

“You’re free!”


Yun Tu’s wrist moved ash his fire axe suddenly appeared as though magic and chopped down the handcuff on Feng Ling’s wrist.

“You mean that Feng Ling will not become zombie?!” Seeing Yun Tu broke Feng Ling’s handcuff, Qing Yi was excited as she grabbed Yun Tu’s sleeve.


“If it is me, even if I know that I will become a zombie, I will still enjoy life.”


He gave that ambiguous answer to them before he went over to his flat’s door and opened it. He had not rested well for a day. Although he had absorbed Blood Crystals and replenished his physical strength along the way, but sleeping still could not be replaced.




“What the…”


The two girls had suspected about it in their hearts, however, after hearing such an ambiguous remark from Yun Tu, they becoming more confused.

“Humans swallowed zombies’ red pearls or Blood Crystals from their skull. They will then become Awakened, whilst zombies on the other hand, sucking humans’ blood become more powerful. What makes humans and zombies different then?” Yun Tu replied.

This was the question that had always been bugging him. In fact, he had always been wanting to pry open the bottom of the issue and understand it in his past life. But if he wanted to get the answer, the only option for him was to become the strongest human or… the strongest zombie. And become the one and only monarch remaining. However, without having formidable strength, everything was but only forever a dream.

“This…” Upon hearing Yun Tu’s words, the two girls were left speechless.


“Zombie sucks 10 people’s blood and it will mutate into a 1st Grade Black Zombie, sucking 100 people’s blood and they will evolve into a 2nd Grade Green Haired Zombie and open up their spiritual wisdom. The world has changed. Keep on living and being alive is the best blessing one can have. But you, as an Awakened unexpectedly even gave yourself up voluntarily to be handcuffed by others!”


Yun Tu faintly shook his head as he entered his flat and then slammed the door. From the very beginning, perhaps, it was his mistake to give them that note.


Although he was grateful for what Qing Yi had done, but he was perfectly aware that these 2 girls here were having the intention to seek refuge with him. But the apocalypse was not a place where one’s’ sympathy and compassion could be negligently abused and the weak eventually would become the-soon-to-be slaughtered pigs. He had no choice but to be ruthless and keep his distance from these 2 girls.


And as for the two girls, they finally found Yun Tu’s residence with great difficulty and even faced a life and death situation until he came back. But, never once had they expected that Yun Tu would give them the cold shoulders and would not even give any face and chance for them to speak, brazenly keeping them out of his door.

“Yun Tu! What the hell do you mean? Are you fucking afraid that we can’t pay for our meal and cannot give you the money? Whatever it is, I’m also an Awakened!” Knowing that she would not become a zombie, the tomboy and garrulous personality came back to Feng Ling as she stamped her foot in front of Yun Tu’s door and roared.


“All the money in the world has become scrapped paper now. The only valuable thing right now is having the ability to harvest Blood Crystals from zombies.”


The door opened again as a living zombie appeared from inside the flat. It was the Duan Family’s assassin that had been killed by Yun Tu yesterday. But after Yun Tu killed him and broke all of the bones of his limbs, it was just like a paralyzed zombie without any attacking strength.

“What do you mean?”


Whilst looking at the Yun Tu who was prepared to throw the paralyzed living zombie from his flat, the two girls fell into gaped and confused state again.

“Crack open his skull and dig out the tiny prism-like Blood Crystal from it. That Blood Crystal is the currency in the apocalypse era. Swallowing 5 tiny Blood Crystals at once will transform an ordinary person into an Awakened!”

This was the limit of the hints and help Yun Tu could give to Qing Yi.  If she could not go on living in the apocalypse, then, helping her any more than this was also meaningless. The moment he finished speaking, Yun Tu closed the door and began to sleep. He ignored the two girls knocks, kicks, and yells and no longer responded to them anymore.

None can rely on anyone’s sympathy to survive in the apocalypse. Nobody had sufficient strength or spare capacity to support useless idlers. Each and every individual only had an option, that was, to strengthen themselves and become stronger, and learn how to kill.

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