MOTDN – Ch 14

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Chapter 014: The Struggle for the Secret Area (2)

After having raised his vigilance again, the skill Yun Tu had polished after so many years in the apocalypse began to manifest to the peak. He traversed through the jungle whilst constantly changing directions and hiding his traces. Sometimes he strode forward and then retreated on his own footprints for dozens of steps. Even if the enemy was a soldier who had a scouting and field operation background, it would still very difficult for them to track him.

Gunshot sounds constantly resounded in the surrounding, letting Yun Tu t realize that the number of people that had entered this Secret Area had changed. Since this was the first gate to the Secret Area in the last phase of the prelude, it was highly likely that it had attracted a lot of experts. The most likely was that the military higher ups had already paid attention to this place.

The situation had become complicated, which meant that the mission quest to find the mutant beast boss had been added with the difficulty to guard against sneak attacks from other people. Along with time, the atmosphere inside the Secret Area became more and more thrilling and dangerous.

“How did you come here?!”

After having carefully approached the gunshots source, Yun Tu bumped into an old acquaintance who once was pursuing to catch him, Wang Yang.

“Yun Tu! They did say that the first person who had entered this Secret Area was you!” After seeing Yun Tu, Wang Yang greeted with a slightly excited expression.

That day Yun Tu used the military to disclose his information, and Wang Yang quickly told his brother Wang Peng, as they then successfully evolved and become an Awakened.

“Let’s hide first and then talk!” Yun Tu quickly pulled the oblivious-to-danger Wang Yang into the grove.

“What the hell is this place? Can we go back from this place?” Similar with everyone else, after Wang Yang had entered the Secret Area, he didn’t know what to do.

“No problem, we can go back. My friend in the military told me about it. If I knew nothing in advance about the situation here, I wouldn’t have the balls to be the first one to enter this place.” Yun Tu patted his chest and reassured.

“It’s not difficult to enter the Secret Area. However, if we want to go out, we must complete the mission quest. If everyone can’t complete the task, then we can only stay in this place until we get killed by the creatures inside the Secret Area. It seems like this Secret Area only has a few creatures and they’re not powerful. In fact, those creatures keep spawning along with time. Shortly put, we can never completely kill them.”

“But now, judging from the situation, we can quickly go out of this Secret Area because there are more than 20 people here right now, with most of them bearing guns. Sooner or later, someone will find the strongest mutant beast.”

Yun Tu told Wang Yang half of the necessary information and hid the other half of the information as the two of them then began to seek out the mutated boss beast together.

“I heard that this time the Duan Family has sent nearly 10 people and a lot of people from the military have also entered this place. I think there will definitely be some experts that will continue to come in!”

Whilst the two of them were walking and chatting, burst of gunshots suddenly came from the front!

“The BOSS probably has come out, let’s go quickly check it out!” They quickly changed direction and approached the place where the gunshots came from.

“Hearing from the sounds, it should be at least 2 miles away from here. Do we have enough time to get there?” Wang Yang seemed as though he was slightly wanting to give up.

“Even if we go now, it’s not too late to see the fun!” Yun Tu didn’t explain.

The BOSS for this mission quest was not that easy to face. It was at least a level more powerful than those ordinary mutated Wild Boars. This was the first Secret Area and everyone else had no experience, so it was nearly impossible to kill it without having any casualties.

As expected, when they quietly rushed to the approximate position of the gunshots, and then followed the traces and examined the scene, a few corpses in military uniform were left behind along with mutated beast’s footprints on the ground. After having pursued again for a mile, they finally saw its shadow, which was squatting and resting not far in the front.

Mutated Wind Wolf with a copper head and iron back!

It was almost an invincible existence on the scene for the Awakeneds who had no proper knowledge with weapons and occupational skills in such areas!

“How is your marksmanship?”

Yun Tu held his hand upon seeing that Wang Yang seemingly didn’t want to use his gun.

“Hitting it at this distance is not a problem!”

“Can you shoot the joints on its hind legs?”

“I’m not sure, it’s such a small target! But… why must we fight that thing?” Wang Yang was puzzled.

“It’s only an appetizer, really. Otherwise, in this apocalypse, you will die at any time. Those people seem to have at least shot it more than 10 times, and apart from the wounds on its hind legs’ joints, do you see any wounds on its other body parts?”

Yun Tu was quite sure that although Wang Yang had an overall good physical quality in his past incarnation, but it could be affirmed that he didn’t live long and had died, else he would have seen him with Wang Peng before.

“Holy Lord! Big Brother, you came here for that, right?!”

Although Wang Yang’s mind was simple, but he had normal intelligence, and quickly understood Yun Tu’s remarks as well as becoming surprised by Yun Tu’s keen observational ability.

Then, he unexpectedly even handed his gun to Yun Tu. Although the two were currently friends, but it was not to the point of absolute unbreakable bonds. Being careless to this extent… this would only lead him to the possibility that he would lose his life by inconveniently giving his gun to others.

Yun Tu originally wanted to teach him, but then thought that such a straightforward friend was very difficult to find, so he didn’t act too hard on him.

“Hey, DON’T easily give important things to others later. I also have such a toy!” Yun Tu opened his windproof coat, revealing an assault rifle and axe on his left and right waist.

“Big Brother, this is amazing. You even have this powerful firearm!” Wang Yang was shocked.

“But I only have 2 bullets left!” Yun Tu took his gun up, but unhurriedly took his aim. Wang Yang thought that he might have no assurance to hit it and waited at his side.

In fact, Yun Tu had an excellent marksmanship and he believed in his ability. He was waiting for the others to shoot first, since he could tell that there were definitely other people apart from him and Wang Yang.


Someone finally shot, and the moment Yun Tu heard the gunshot, he quickly pulled the trigger as he shot at the wolf’s hind legs joint.

Other gunfires also followed from several places from nearby surroundings.

With its two legs injured, the Wind Wolf couldn’t use its speed superiority again even though it was still much faster than an ordinary person. It crazily rushed to the left, of which the fiercest gunshots were aimed at it before. It was obvious that the people at that position were soldiers. The Wind Wolf rushed over to the position of the rifle’s sound. Shortly after, miserable screams sounded over.

Upon seeing that the Wind Wolf didn’t die after being shot, everyone else in the surroundings stopped shooting and hid. They began to run away for fear that the Wind Wolf would rush to their position.

“I’ll fight it! Lure it to us!”

“Are you crazy? Why must you fight it? Even dozens of bullets are unable to kill it!”

“Believe me, I have a way! The moment it rushes over, you must quickly run away and leave me!”

“Heck! Don’t blame me later!”

Upon hearing that Yun Tu had a way, Wang Yang clenched his teeth and shot 2 times in succession.
The Wind Wolf immediately turned its head toward Yun Tu and Wang Yang’s direction and hurled over. Suddenly, someone shouted, “Stop shooting! We brothers will do it!”

2 men in suit rushed out from the side, one of which was the Hei Hu Yun Tu had seen before. And the other man who rushed out with him had similar appearance, so he could tell that these two were brothers.

The Hei Hu Brothers were holding a thick black machetes as they faced the Wind Wolf and quickly flushed over it. Shortly after, their fight with the Wind Wolf began.

The sharp blades proved to be more useful, and it was unexpected that the two blades were even able to pierce Wind Wolf’s body which even bullets were unable to play its might!

Superior strength and simple brains. Only did what they were told and executed the orders without even asking. Such good thugs, Yun Tu didn’t know from where the Duan Family had recruited them. This made him quite envious of them. But after all, these men were his enemy’s lap dogs. After sighing, he quickly took his aim and shot at the middle of Hei Hu’s waist.

“Someone sneakily sniped at us, scatter quickly!”

Duan Hongshan’s voice came again from the bushes. Hearing such warning and looking at the unknown situation, Hei Long promptly picked his brother up and withdrew hastily. Having a simple brain didn’t mean that he was a total idiot. Even if the two brothers weren’t necessarily able to win against Wind Wolf, but now, added with some people aiming their guns at them, it made him retreat at full speed without even a trace of hesitation.

“What the? You did this intentionally!” Wang Yang at the side spoke with a bit of disbelief.

It was such an obvious question to ask, but Yun Tu only glanced back at him and didn’t reply.

He had used his last bullet on Hei Hu. Yun Tu put away his empty assault rifle and extended his hand toward Wang Yang, “Give your gun to me!”

Wang Yang hesitated this time. Regardless of who those people were, sneak attacking people from behind didn’t seem like the proper and right thing to do. In just a short 3 days, people wouldn’t have the time to have their train of thoughts and principles transformed.

“I won’t kill other people this time, I need it to kill the wolf!” Yun Tu gave his assurance.

The Wind Wolf chased Hei Long and rushed over toward the Duan Family’s group’s direction. There were at least 5 or 6 guns since bursts of gunfire could be heard afterward.

Knowing that guns were unable to kill the Wind Wolf, Duan Hongshan’s group assisted Hei Long and Hei Hu by suppressing the Wind Wolf with gunshots and then retreated.

After having gotten injured, the Wind Wolf’s speed was constrained and limited. Having pursued the Duan Family’s group for a little while, it could feel that the possibility to be able to catch up with them was low, so it slowly stopped.

By now, there should be no other people around it!

Yun Tu quietly followed behind the Wind Wolf as he waited until there was no gunshots anymore. He put his ear on the ground and carefully estimated that the people in the surroundings had left far away. Only after he affirmed that did he feel slightly relieved.

Now, this Wind Wolf was finally Yun Tu’s. After all, he was the only one who knew that this Wind Wolf was this Secret Area’s key task. He had affirmed and believed that no one else would come back to fight over this obviously fierce mutant beast.

It was certain that to kill it also needed some luck, but fighting with beasts had always been easier than fighting human, since the beasts’ intelligence couldn’t be compared to human’s.

This was the time that Yun Tu must go on stage. After having taken a deep breath and preparing himself, Yun Tu suddenly got up and shot the Wind Wolf’s waist. He successfully pulled its aggro and lured it to Yun Tu and Wang Yang’s position. The guns had no big significance in fighting this beast so he quickly gave the gun back to Wang Yang and removed an axe that hung on his waist, as he then hid in a pile of bushes.

The Wind Wolf had a copper head and an iron back, however, it also had a weakness— its abdomen. Upon seeing that the Wind Wolf was chasing at their direction, Wang Yang promptly run away toward the direction pointed by Yun Tu and escaped from the Wind Wolf’s line of sight, whilst Yun Tu stayed behind and hid at the position the Wind Wolf would pass by.

Everything was as Yun Tu had anticipated, the Wind Wolf didn’t move around the bushes, but directly jumped over the bushes. Seeing that the best time to strike had come, Yun Tu, who was squatting on the ground, instantly exerted all of his strength as he brandished his fire axe and chopped at the shadow.

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  1. its really wam!bam! just like that kind of novel, and the reader just kinda ride along without willy-nilly knowing anything at all. but maybe thats just its kind of uniqueness. gotta read some more. btw thanks again for tl

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