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Chapter 013: The Struggle for the Secret Area (1)

His ear turned out to have been recovered. It seemed that this playboy also had a little luck!

Yesterday, Yun Tu had torn off part of Duan Minghui’s ear and it was merely an on-the-spot plan. After tearing off his ear, he threw part of the ear away and didn’t take it away. He could have immediately looked for a surgeon to stitch his ear back. However, if he had swallowed a Blood Crystal and become an Awakened, it was only natural for his ear to be completely cured, and its condition would be no different than before.

From this, the rich and powerful families were seemingly responding faster than ordinary people in facing the apocalypse. Yun Tu had determined that Duan Minghui had become an Awakened. Aside from this fact, the bodyguards around him should also be Awakened, since it was simply absurd to have an Awakened bringing a few ordinary people as their bodyguards.

The light curtain of the gate to the Secret Area had been raised. This light curtain would block all attacks from outside and the same effect also applied for anyone who was inside. So Yun Tu was also unable to shoot the enemies from behind the light curtain.

On the other hand, turning around and coming out of the light curtain and forcing himself to kill Duan Minghui would be risky, since Yun Tu couldn’t affirm that his speed would be faster than everyone’s on the scene. Including Liu Dui, there were at least 6 Awakened people, and all of them were armed with guns.

“Just consider yourself lucky, punk!”

He touched his ear to remind Duan Minghui and then sent out a contemptuous evil laugh. Then, Yun Tu placed one big Blood Crystal and 4 small ones in the slots on the light curtain’s arched door.

The tickets had been paid as lights then flashed! Under the gaze of hundreds of people in the surrounding, Yun Tu suddenly disappeared inside the gate to the Secret Area. The scene in front of him changed. And when he opened his eyes, he had appeared in valley full of dense and lush trees…

“Fuck! He ran and disappeared just like that!?” The shock everyone received had also struck Duan Minghui after seeing such an inconceivable scene.

“Is that light curtain the legendary Transmission Circle Array? Is this apocalypse originally some kind of game?”

His parents had a high IQ and Duan Minghui’s intelligence was also above average even though his character was rotten to the core. In addition, he was also an Awakened now, and it only took him 10 seconds to realize that a huge opportunity was hidden behind the light curtain. His first inference was that it was similar to computer games.

“Zhang Qiang, quickly rush back to report to the chairman! Liu Shan, you stay here to guard until I come out! And Hei Hu, you come with me!”

The second-generation noveau-riche of the rich and powerful families loved to play First Person Shooter game such as Counter Strike and Role Playing Game. And Duan Minghui had gotten a Blood Crystal from his uncle, Duan Hongyu, along with a batch of firearms. Today, just like Yun Tu, the four of them had hunted and killed zombies and were able to obtain some harvest. Not only were they successfully evolved and promoted, but they also had amassed a few Blood Crystals. Shortly after, Duan Minghui made up his mind and took out a few Blood Crystals as the three people then rushed toward the spot where Yun Tu had stood before.

Each and every Secret Area had hidden mission quests, and the gate to the Secret Area could be opened at any time if the mission quests were not cleared. Learning and imitating Yun Tu’s actions in opening the gate, Duan Minghui placed a few Blood Crystals into the empty slots on the light curtain. The same phenomenon occurred again as Duan Minghui then became the second person who entered the Secret Area.

Every Secret Area had its own transmission gate, and the Secret Area’s size varied from the biggest one of dozens of kilometers in radius, to the smallest one being as big as football field size. The areas’ scenes were also different, and each one of them had its own merits.

The world had never given free meals and since the Secret Area provided benefits for people, it also was naturally dangerous. After having been teleported from the gate to the Secret Area, Yun Tu didn’t even have the time to carefully scout the surrounding environment as a chilly wind suddenly attacked him from the back.

Regardless of any creatures in the Secret Area which attacked him from behind, Yun Tu quickly hurled his body to the side and then rolled as he finally escaped the first crisis he faced in the Secret Area.

The thing that attacked Yun Tu was a Wild Boar-like monster beast, and Yun Tu felt relieved upon seeing it. He had killed countless of this ordinary level mutated Wild Boar in his past incarnation, so he had quite the knowledge about their strength and movements characteristics. To the present him, as long as he could avoid its sneak attack, this kind of ordinary level mutated beast posed little threat to him.

After having calmed his state of mind, Yun Tu moved his axe and directly faced the enemy head-on. Both sides began to charge, as the moment they brushed fast, Yun Tu hurled to the side lightning fast as he swayed to move his axe in a large arc as he chopped the Wild Boar’s forelegs to contain its speed. Within a split second, Yun Tu consecutively launched a powerful blow at its carotid artery behind its ear. A few minutes after, the mutated Wild Boar inside the Secret Area died due to severe bleeding.

For the Awakened promoted, the mutated Wild Boar’s fangs and furs were actually quite the valuable goods. But since Yun Tu had no Spatial Equipment with him right now, he didn’t dare to harvest these valuable goods as to avoid burdening himself with them. After having killed the Wild Boar, he didn’t stay any longer and began to head over to the deepest part of the valley.

Since it was his second repertoire, Yun Tu had already known the quest for this type of Secret Area map. As long as he swept and inspected the valley to seek and kill the strongest creature in this Secret Area, then the mission quest would be completed and another light pillar would descend again to grant some treasures.

The surrounding was grayish and dusky, and this Secret Area’s region was quite big. After having solved the Wild Boar of this Secret Area, Yun Tu didn’t know for how long he had walked when he heard the sounds of gunshot from afar.

“Huh? How could someone come in this fast? Could it be Duan Minghui’s group?”

The possibility was very large, and this type of Secret Area’s transmission placement was quite random. Simply put, the people that were sent to this place wouldn’t appear in the same position. Since those enemies had the guts to chase after him, it seemed that their strength was not weak, and they also had guns. In the case that they were the first to find and cross the Boss of this Secret Area and killed it, then Yun Tu’s efforts would be wasted, and this was exactly the situation that Yun Tu must never let to happen.

He immediately changed the strategy as he quickly turned around and headed toward the direction where the gunshot was heard, and then approached it quietly and carefully. Only by observing his opponent closely would he be able to ensure that he would eventually get the mission quest’s reward.

“Bang, bang…!”

Nearly at the same time, gunshots sounded from his left-front direction. It seemed like that, aside from him, the people who had entered this Secret Area were more than one person. This would make the situation to be more difficult and complicated, and one’s luck would also become equally important.

After having arrived at the first gunshot position, Yun Tu saw a mutated beast’s body. And the fatal blow it had was neither caused by a bullet nor by a knife wound. A mutant beast’s flesh and skin were quite difficult to pierce, and seeing such a smooth incision, astonishment and surprise struck Yun Tu’s heart. He knew that the one who did it was an expert, at least the man’s arm strength was much more powerful than his. That man should have been a powerful person before he became an Awakened. This kind of people with a martial art background would have inborn superiority once they became an Awakened.

But even if he were to be singled out, Yun Tu naturally had no fear for these people. He had undergone the baptism of life and death experiences in the apocalypse. Even though he was weaker than his enemy, he still had countless means to send them to a deathtrap and kill them.

The man had left, and Yun Tu concluded that he certainly was not Duan Minghui. Although the man had left a lot of traces on the road that could be tracked, but Yun Tu didn’t plan to track him any longer, since he couldn’t let them find the target before him. The overall situation right now, was that several people had come in waves, and this meant that the situation had become chaotic. So, he didn’t want to rely on his luck for everything.

After he changed direction and strolled around for about 2 miles, he bumped into another Wild Boar, and this time Yun Tu chose to shoot it first and then used his axe. He continued retreating to hide in the nearby dense vegetation after having killed the mutated Wild Boar.

He sat back and waited for opportunities to come!

Since the others’ gunshots could make him track them, it was also the same that his gunshots should also be able to attract other people.

As he had expected, 10 minutes later, the man who was standing and following Duan Minghui, called Hei Hu, appeared. The man held a gun and knife, and judging from his stance and footsteps, it was obvious that the man was a martial arts expert.

He was the third person after Duan Minghui to enter this Secret Area. After having entered the Secret Area, he also crossed into a mutated Wild Boar. Although his Wild Boar killing process was not as relaxed as Yun Tu, however, after shooting it with his gun, he was also able to quickly solve it with his superior strength.

It was very obvious that he hasn’t enough knowledge about the Secret Area, since the only thing in his mind after killing the Wild Boar was to rendezvous with his leader, Duan Minghui. In his mind, Yun Tu should have no guns, so he immediately rushed over to this direction when the gunshot was heard.

“Big Brother Hui, is that you?”

“This is Hei Hu! Where are you?”

Upon seeing the mutated Wild Boar’s corpse on the ground but didn’t seeing Duan Minghui, the simple-minded Hei Hu loudly shouted.

After hearing the enemy’s shout, Yun Tu, who was hiding in the nearby woods 50 meters from the spot, quickly approached whilst carrying his gun. Although he didn’t know this man, but since he was Duan Minghui’s running dog, killing him was not something unjust!


In the split second, a bullet shot a lump of stone a few meters away from Hei Hu’s side, causing the stone to get smashed into a lot of crushed small stones. However, it was not Yun Tu’s shot since his marksmanship was not that appalling.

“Hei Hu, quickly climb down! What the fuck are you shouting for? Do you want to die?!”

At the same time, another voice came out from another direction of the forest. Although Yun Tu only heard that voice once at the Pop Song Singer Competition, but with his sensitive hearing inborn talent, he quickly recognized the voice’s owner. It was Duan Hongshan’s voice.

Although Hei Hu was not smart, but since his boss gave him a warning shot and reprimanded him, he hastily moved and jumped down to hide behind the boulder.

“Bang…” The gun was shot!

This time the shot was naturally Yun Tu’s. However, because he had yet to prepare for the enemies’ movements, his aimed shot failed.

Although he stealthily hid in the grove and his position was difficult to find, however, after his shot failed, his approximate position was also exposed.

It was less than 2 hours after Yun Tu had entered the Secret Area. But Duan Hongshan had come. The speed of Duan Family showed that they were well adapting in the apocalypse, this was truly hard to believe.

The fight had turned into a life and death decisive struggle. Yun Tu thought that it was only a minute after he just killed the Wild Boar and observed Hei Hu. And now, recalling about it made him quite apprehensive. Had it been him in Hei Hu’s position, he could have died by now.

He just had his second repertoire for three days and his actions had just made him careless!

He believed that he had a decisive opportunity at hand, and he had tempered his vigilance in the apocalypse, however, once his vigilance was loosened, he almost committed a fatal mistake. This mistake had now given him a severe warning to himself.

Hei Hu, Duan Hongshan, and Duan Minghui. At least there were three known enemies now, and the number could be more later. With a few bullets left in his cartridge clip, Yi Yun was unsure and hesitated. The enemies added with Duan Hongshan with his smart brain and Hei Hu with his fighting prowess. The number of the enemies could also be more, and this made Yun Tu feel the pressure.

Since Duan Hongshan’s shot had exposed the approximate position of his hiding place, the first thing he had to do was to make them frightened in order to slow down and obstruct their speed in seeking him. With this in mind, Yun Tu turned around and headed straight to hide in the depths of the nearby jungle.

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  1. This novel is really bad… I had high hopes for it because I like apoc novels but this is just stupid. Why is the enemy omnipotent? This is VERY forced, and that makes it painful to read. He purposely went to the 18th fucking floor and every body who has a little money somehow knows how to get stronger. 3 days and the military already knows too? Is china’s military that fucked or is it the author? Also the MC is dumb. Very. And that local tyrant who has almost no role? “Let’s tye my wife down on a bed now that she has a fever (5 min after the apoc starts). Huh? She turned into a zombie? Let’s feed her 10 blood bags! what a good number! What’s this? A red crystal out of a zombies mouth? You know those zombies where one scratch will infect you? Let’s eat it!” I know the author said that the guy watched the mc or some bs but the mc didn’t even eat the crystal there!

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