MOTDN – Ch 12

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Chapter 012: The Descent of the Rainbow

The demons died. The three days of rain of blood began!

It was noon, the third day of the apocalypse, and the heavy rain of blood was reaching its peak. Under the influence of the environment, the people with sickness and corpses turned into zombies in just 10 minutes. Several thousands of soldiers from the garrison’s army had all been dispatched whilst thousands of disturbances occurred in the entire city. Coupled with the interruption of communication means, the government and the army were absolutely unable to manage them anymore. Since the zombie epidemic was deemed unable to be put under control anymore, the army gave up most of the city area and began to focus their force on defending the Public Hospital and Municipal Government’s core area.

Wearing a black raincoat and roaming through the streets everywhere in the city, Yun Tu was like a hungry specter, roaming and hunting everywhere, going all out to collect Blood Crystals. Everything had been turned upside down, and Yun Tu was perfectly aware that the end of the first stage would soon be over.


He only had 3 bullets left in his assault rifle and Yun Tu didn’t want to use them, as he brandished his fire axe back and forth under the rain. He had nothing else to hold back and directly rushed over to the direction whenever and wherever screams sounded.


In the presence of the wives killing their husbands…


In the presence of the sons killing their mothers…


As long as there was zombies, Yun Tu boldly rushed forward. Coming without any notice and leaving without even a word.


Going out hunting and killing this time for Yun Tu was to collect Blood Crystals, and there were no other clear purposes. Whenever and wherever screams were, he would rush with his fastest speed only to obtain more.


Perhaps, the thought about Gui Jiaosan lingered in his heart, or perhaps the thought that the Duan Family’s father and son kept crossing in his mind. However, a few hours later, he stopped and looked around at the surrounding environment as he found himself at the Southern District.


Under this thick and heavy rain of blood, the chances of crossing Gui Jiaosan were close to nil. But Yun Tu still hoped that he could find some thugs. However, he had yet to find any street thugs, but a race car suddenly sped from his side, splashing pools of blood water at him.


“Fucking Bastard! The next time this Big Daddy sees you, I’ll kill you!”


A sudden fury raged inside Yun Tu’s heart as he saw the racing car that reminded him about Duan Minghui, even though he knew clearly that the racing car just now was not Duan Minghui’s. If it was really him, he could have chased after the car to the end of horizon, even if he must pursue it on foot, since he swore not to let him see the sun tomorrow morning.


However, the thought crossed his mind that at this time, the playboy was still having his ear being sewn by a doctor. Even under normal circumstances, he couldn’t be strolling on the streets right now.


He lifted his wrist and looked at the full mechanical Rolex watch he had just taken from a rich man who had just turned into a zombie. It was 5 PM now.

The continuous heavy rain finally stopped. It was so sudden and abrupt, that it was unexpected for the people who were staying in their homes and near their balconies. Not only had the heavy rain stopped in just seconds, but they also could feel a cool breeze blowing from the dark red sky, sweeping away the haze and bringing about a clear blue light all of a sudden.


Although Yun Tu had long known about it, however, he also inevitably fell into confusion upon seeing the sight in front of him. He took a deep breath and calmed himself down before he quickly climbed up to the building’s roof, seeing, and greeting the very important moment that would soon come.


After the blowing breeze, the darkened dark red clouds which covered the sky for 3 days suddenly burst open, as multicolored sunlight as though arrows pierced through the haze and darkness which had made people feel depressed, suddenly turn into joy and happiness…

Everything was cleared out as the sun came out!


This happiness came too abrupt and sudden, as countless people almost didn’t believe their eyes as they saw the phenomenon from their balcony or street corner with full joy.

“Look, a rainbow came. It’s so bright and clear, so beautiful!”


“Mom, Daddy hasn’t died, right? God has come to pick us up and Daddy would soon be alive, wouldn’t he?”

“The disaster is over! Maybe those three days of rain of blood were just a dream. Now, we have awakened from the dream. Everything will be just like before, even better and happier!”

Yun Tu saw the sky for the moment that the rainbow was raising. And it seemed that all zombies in the entire city also stopped killing.




Whilst standing on the roof of the building, Yun Tu’s complexion turned solemn. He was the only one who knew about the world now. The rain of blood for the past three days was only the prelude, the foreword chapter of the apocalypse. No one knew who was the one who set up the bigger fraud that was being laid up front.

The bright and joyful hope was only temporary, and lasted for a short half an hour. The seven colored rainbow that hung up in the sky suddenly broke into countless large and small spectrum of lights as the dark red curtain quickly fell down and enveloped the whole sky, which was even gloomier and darker than before. Yun Tu perfectly knew that, that sunlight was the last ray of sunlight. It disappeared now, and the world would never see the sun from this moment on.


The time for the light pillars to descend was too short, whilst the entire city was too big, and people’s eyes to track objects was limited. Although Yun Tu had prepared a map, pen, and paper in advance, in these short 10 seconds, he could only barely record the approximate position of the four fallen light pillars within 3 kilometers of his current position. Other smaller light pillars dissipated in the air hundreds of meters away from the ground, and it was nearly impossible to record them.

Each light pillar was actually a gate that led to a Secret Area, and each one of them had one or many quests. After the light pillars disappeared, the gates were basically invisible, and the Secret Areas were not visible. Most of the gates could only be used for one time, and it would shatter after the quests inside the Secret Area had been accomplished. Only a few gates could repeatedly be used to enter its Secret Area.

In his past incarnation, apart from those gates which could be entered repeatedly, Yun Tu had only one lucky strike in entering the one-timed Secret Area’s gate. And since now he had been preparing in advance, he should have more opportunities than others.

At the very same time the sky turned darker and the rain of blood didn’t fall down again, Yun Tu got down from the building and quickly headed straight to the place where the fallen light pillar he had recorded. It was at a small park near the downtown. When he arrived there, a hundred or so people had been gathered at the small park.


“What the hell? How would this gloom suddenly fall down?”


“What the hell has happened to the world? How would the rainbow suddenly break into light pillars?”


“The light pillar has just obviously landed here. I don’t believe if there is no treasure down here…”


After the light pillars fell and then disappeared, some people came out to seek it out, either driven by their curiosity, hunting for treasure, or watching for some fun. The short light seemingly had suppressed the zombies and brought a short period of calmness and tranquility for people.


Ordinary people who had yet to become Awakened couldn’t trigger the gate to the Secret Area. Now was the third day of the apocalypse, and Yun Tu inferred from his past incarnation experience that there would be no more than 200 people in the city that had become an Awakened. Within such a big city, and under normal circumstances, Yun Tu didn’t worry that the others would bump into the gate to the Secret Area.

However, at this time, Yun Tu’s calculation was greatly mistaken. It was because he had on the first day of the apocalypse killed and cracked open a zombie’s intracranial, causing humanity to directly be ahead of the time about zombies’ anatomy and dissection research.

At present, the number of Awakened people in this city far exceeded his previous calculations.


Whilst standing at the corner of the park, Yun Tu was planning to wait for those curious people to disperse before moving again. It was because he wanted to minimize the ruckus and sensation. However, when he was thinking about it, a few fully armed soldiers came over.


“Wasn’t there a light pillar that just fell down here?” The leader was a 30-years-old officer, and judging from the flower on his shoulder, he should be a second lieutenant.


Ordinary people had natural fear toward firearms and nobody answered the soldier’s question. Everyone fell back for about 100 meters from the place.


“Liu Dui, that light pillar must have been fallen here. But even if there are some treasure, they must have been picked up by those people nearby!” A few soldiers were sweeping up and down in the vicinity where the crowd just gathered. However, apart from some trash bags and tree leaves on the empty lawn, there was nothing else that could be found.

When they were about to leave, a bright light suddenly shined under Liu Dui’s foot as 5 light frames about one meter in diameter suddenly appeared. At the same time, an arched door composed from light and shadow emerged in front of Liu Dui.

“Awakened! The Gate to the Secret Area has been triggered!”


Yun Tu was as though a startled horse that was unable to bear to rush toward the gate. However, he held back the urge after seeing that there were 5 small pyramid-shaped holes.

Even if that Liu Dui was also an Awakened, however, he not necessarily had 5 Blood Crystals. And Yun Tu’s guess was correct. After Liu Dui had seen the arched door, he only touched it with his hand for 10 seconds. Since he was unable to come up and put 5 Blood Crystals, the array diagram shot back 10 meters away as all the light curtains then vanished and everything turned calm again.

The Gate to the Secret Area had been successfully triggered and Yun Tu has accurately pinpointed the position. He didn’t wait for the squad of soldiers to leave anymore as he shot forward directly toward the location Liu Dui had just stood.


The lights shone again but Yun Tu suddenly felt a murderous intent fixated at his back. He looked back and saw that Duan Minghui along with 3 men in black suits were standing near the park entrance as the 4 men and 8 eyes tightly locked and stared at him.

“Do you want to explode him directly?”


A man in black suit who was standing beside Duan Minghui asked, as his right hand slipped into his suit coat. It was obvious that these people brought guns, and since it was difficult to hide a submachine gun inside a suit, the guns they were carrying should be an airgun.

“Those soldiers are still there! That curtain of lights seems quite unusual. We’ll have a look first for what kind of tricks he can play. Since we’ve found him, he can’t run either!”

A ruthless light beamed from within Duan Minghui’s eyes…

Never once he had felt wronged from his childhood until now. His ear had been ripped, and it was a great shame and humiliation for him. Yun Tu must pay it with his life!

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