MOTDN – Ch 11

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Chapter 011: The Moment of Encounter

Along with the downpour of the blood rain that was getting thicker, the atmosphere in the air became more eerie and strange. The people, who 2 days ago, were drenched by the rain and stayed hidden whilst the sickness, began to surface. At the same time, the victims who got bitten by zombies two days ago suddenly rose and became zombies, increasing the number of zombies. Some people who didn’t get drenched by the rain but had weak bodies, such as the frail elderly or women, got indirect infection.

All the city’s public securities, armed police, and garrison’s regular army, had all had been dispatched. By 12 PM, the sounds of gunfire began to boil without any signs of stopping. Zombies began to emerge unceasingly and crazily preying on every street, every district, every enterprise, and every institution.


The entire city had now completely been tossed into chaos as miserable screams howled and resounded everywhere. The people in the government and the army who still had some hope, began to despair. Rogues and hoodlum groups sprouted and began to smash, rob, and loot. The world now… had officially turned into purgatory.

Whilst standing before the window and seeing such familiar circumstances outside, Yun Tu came into a realization. Even though he had exterminated 2 Black Zombies and 10 ordinary zombies 2 days ago, what he had done only had the slightest, even close-to-nothing impact to the overall situation regarding the advent of the apocalypse. Everything he had done was simply ignorable.

There were still a few hours left for this rain of blood to stop. Yun Tu finished eating a pack of instant noodles, put on his raincoat, and prepared to leave his flat.




After Yun Tu put on his raincoat and came out of his flat, the 2 belles also came to Three Ponds Well.


“It’s here!”


“I know that it should be here! But, there’s no shopping mall nearby. Damn, I don’t know which building!”


The last time Qing Yi and Feng Ling ran into Yun Tu, was when he gave them that big umbrella and stood near the entrance of Huaxin Department Store. They were now looking at a few old residential buildings at the opposite side with an anxious expression.


“Big Brother, do you know a street singer called Yun Tu? We’re his classmates and are looking for him, but we can’t get through him by phone. We only know that he lives nearby in this area. But I don’t know in which flat he lives in.” When a man with an umbrella came out across the opposite corridor, Feng Ling immediately approached and asked.


“I don’t think that there’s a street singer in the building I live in. Some people on that side haven’t come out, you can ask them!” After the man replied, he pointed to one direction as the two girls then saw a man in raincoat come out.

The raincoat covered most of his face. Because she couldn’t see his appearance, Feng Ling didn’t ask for a moment and collected her composure first. But the man then rushed out through the curtain of rain and reached a far distance quickly.


“It’s him, it seems like it’s really him!” Even though Qing Yi was timid, but she had a sharp eye, and she was more familiar with Yun Tu. The man’s figure and Yun Tu’s were similar, so she hastily pushed Feng Ling.


“No way. He’s crippled. There’s no way he could be that agile!” Feng Ling only saw Yun Tu’s back, so she didn’t think that the man was him.


“Your eyes are mistaken!”


Qing Yi was also not completely clear that time. She only felt instinctively that the man looked very similar to Yun Tu. However, seeing that man’s movement, he was obviously a normal person, and Feng Ling’s words quickly made her deny her own eyes.

“I don’t think that man is him. Damn girl, Yun Tu really has captured your soul, now you even see everybody as him. But relax, we’ll bump into him sooner or later. As long as he really lives here, I will give you the opportunity to grab him. At the worst we’ll just have to sweep this building floor by floor and ask around!”

Feng Ling thought it through decisively. She said something and pulled Qing Yi to do it. Although it was common that everybody who rented the flat didn’t know their neighbors, but Yun Tu had a distinct characteristic. He was crippled and had always carried an old guitar. After having knocked a few doors, Feng Ling quickly got Yun Tu’s flat number. He was in room #703 on the top floor. However, it was unfortunate that Yun Tu wasn’t at home.



“Dad! Please don’t!”


“Honey, she’s Xiaoya, let her go quickly!”




After the two belles found Yun Tu’s room number and waited at the corridor, screams came out from room #704 as a panicked woman furiously opened the door and ran away.”

“A sick person has turned into a zombie!”


The same thought instantly emerged from the two girls’ mind. They instinctively turned around to run away. But the extremely panicked Qing Yi suddenly hit a mop as she slipped and fell down in the corridor at the crucial time, followed by a woman who just ran away from the room where her husband zombie was tied up on a wooden bed frame.



After evolving into an Awakened, Feng Ling could tell that her strength was much more powerful than an average man’s. Coupled with her tomboy personality, she had more courage than Qing Yi. She quickly rushed over toward Qing Yi and pulled her up, and then bravely stood in front of her to keep it off.


Her words had just finished as the sharp-fanged zombie already hurled over at her. Although Feng Ling had never learnt any martial arts, she had learned a few strikes of a self-defense technique. Coupled with her enhanced physical strength, vision, and agility, she was even more powerful than an average person. The zombie’s movements perhaps may be very fast in the eyes of others, let alone that it was very close and there was no place to hide. But its speed in her eyes still gave her the chance to counterattack.

She swayed her body to the side and lifted up her knee at the same time.


Using all the strength she had, Feng Ling’s knee hit the man zombie’s crotch. However, after a man had mutated into a zombie, this body part was no longer vital and weak. But since Feng Ling had become an Awakened, her full strength knee blow carried along a few hundred pounds of strength, causing the zombie to fly backwards a few meters.


Ordinary zombies that had not mutated were stronger than average humans. But it was still weaker than a human that had become an Awakened. In addition, it had no intelligence; therefore, as long as Feng Ling could keep her composure, she would be able to kill it.

Upon seeing that her blow was fruitful, Feng Ling’s confidence rose. Her harsh and brave tomboy personality took over to the fullest. She took the mop in the corridor and fiercely pursued the zombie, and even forced the zombie to the end of the corridor.

Although she had taken the momentum and completely suppressed it, the wooden mop in her hands was not a sharp weapon; the zombie wasn’t even scratched. Much less she knew nothing about the zombie’s weaknesses. With only a wooden mop, it was very difficult for Feng Ling to kill the zombie. She could only exert her strength and used it to prevent the zombie’s counterattack, and the wooden mop had already been cracked. With such limited durability and hardness, the wooden mop in her hands began to break along with time.



Fortunately, the fighting soon attracted a few bold men on the floor. Upon seeing that a woman was able to suppress the zombie, a man with a kitchen knife pulled his courage to hand it to Feng Ling.

‘With a knife in hand, I’ll roam through the world!’


Throwing the already broken wooden mop and exchanging it for a knife, Feng Ling quickly used it to slash and stab. The already suppressed zombie was being chopped and slashed furiously by dozens of knife strikes. Finally, the unlucky zombie died under the fury of the crazed girl. However, since she had overdraft her strength, Feng Ling was also exhausted and out of breath.

It was the third day of the apocalypse, and the situation was different from the previous 2 days. Along with the downpour of blood rain that was getting thicker, the atmosphere was flooded will all kinds of variables the apocalypse had brought. The people who died and got bitten by the zombies, in just a short few minutes, turned into zombies. The woman who ran away from her flat due to her husband having mutated into a zombie, returned upstairs. She originally wanted to offer her thanks to Feng Ling who had saved her life. However, she had yet to speak anything as her mind turned dark. In fact, during the time she fought with her husband zombie inside her flat, she had been scratched by her husband zombie, and was unaware that she got infected.

“Eh, what happened to you, big sis?”


Feng Ling could feel that there was something wrong with the woman’s complexion, but she had to time to respond as an inch of bloody fangs suddenly grew in the woman’s mouth…

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