MOTDN – Ch 10

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Chapter 010: The Belles Want to Meet

The third day of the apocalypse…

The rain of blood started from 5 AM and kept raining unceasingly. The ever overwhelming rain even brought troubles and inconvenience to people from going out.


There was no longer living patients in the hospitals, and the owners decided to send all nurses for a holiday leave to save money, whilst Feng Ling had been sleeping well and woke up at 8 AM.


She swallowed 5 red pearls yesterday afternoon and felt a kind of heat energy that flowed and spread out all over her body. Afterward, she realized that her vision, hearing, and her physical strength suddenly became a lot stronger.


Qing Yi also followed her and swallowed three small pearls. She also had the similar sensation even though the degree couldn’t be compared to Feng Ling’s. After Feng Ling had woken up, she could sense that the changes within her body were becoming more obvious than yesterday. She sat on the bed and looked at the visual test table 4-5 meters away on the wall, and she could clearly see the bottommost symbol.

She was also a girl. Even though she was a tomboy, she still cared about her skin. She looked at both of her hands and was struck with the same astonishment. The originally pale yellow-colored skin now became whiter, with a trace of a rosy color.

It was only a day. She was a nurse and naturally knew about how drugs worked. And now she fully understood that after she had swallowed the pearls yesterday, she was improved and enhanced. She naturally knew that there were many drugs out there, but now she fully understand that yesterday, in swallowing those beads to enhance the body was only a part of its role, sleeping after the drug allowed it to fully play out.


Feng Ling close her eyes and wanted to feel the changes with her body. But her mind suddenly perceived a list of digitized data.

Name Feng Ling
Level 1
Sex Female
Job None
Strength 10
Spirit 8
Agility 11
Vision 10
Hearing 8
Chemoreception 7




‘What the heck are these?’

‘Although a nurse is only a low-wage type of work, but my job is definitely a legitimate career, right? But why the hell does it say that I have no job? What the heck does that level mean? Is it just like a role-playing game where everyone has a level?’


She was not Yun Tu, who had experience from his previous incarnation. Running into such a hard-and-almost-impossible-to-understand situation all of a sudden, even though she tried very hard to figure it out, her research resulted into nothing. She called Qing Yi and asked her whether she also could see that parameter table in her mind. But even though she asked her 3 times, Qing Yi said that she didn’t know about it. The emergence of these changes didn’t occur to her.

Each and every aspect of the changes from quantitative to qualitative. For an ordinary person to transform into an Awakened, 3 main parameters had to reach at least 10 points. Although Qing Yi also swallowed 3 red pearls and had some improvement with her body, she had yet to reach the threshold to become an Awakened. Hence, she was still only an ordinary person.

Discussing it with Qing Yi was fruitless, and they were still unable to figure out the reason. However, even though they didn’t see the data, Feng Ling and Qing Yi could really sense that their physical body’s functions and abilities had been enhanced.

With this, they must find a way to find Yun Tu. There must be something in the middle of everything, and it was a huge secret! At this point, the two girls had the same idea on this huge issue.

Wireless signal had been completely out of order, and mobile communication technology and features had been rendered useless. Chaos had just finally begun on the third day of the apocalypse.

The communication services stopped working, even satellite phones couldn’t get through. The number of policemen in the streets increased by several folds as they were also unable to use any communication gadgets, since their walkie-talkies were also useless. They could only shout to communicate with each other as the sounds of gunfire could be heard coming from all directions from dusky, distant places.


“Liu Jie got sick!”


When Feng Ling and Qing Yi were still wondering as how to find Yun Tu, the other nurse, Xiao Wang, who lived next door in the dorms, ran over with a panicked expression.


“What kind of sickness did she get?” The two girls asked in unison.


“It’s that kind of new disease, her face has those freckles and spots…”


“GOD!!! How could this happen? I haven’t heard that she got wet by the rain?!”

“Listening to Liu Jie, she said that yesterday a patient scratched her hand, leaving a small scratch on her. She ignored it and only wiped it with some iodine…”




They quickly reported it to the police, causing the streets full of police to rush over to the dormitory in a short moment. But, they couldn’t solve the problem. Nobody on Earth had the means to cure this virus, and the Public Hospital had long been full with patients. Moreover, those people’s fate absolutely had already been sealed.

Temporary measures announced by the government was to handcuff the sick patient onto the bed frame. After speaking about a few notes that should be paid attention to, the armed policemen quickly left.


Even though the patients only got sick yesterday, but their fates had already been sealed. Everyone had already known that the virus was very powerful. Much less that the rumors that the judgment day had arrived had been spreading, causing more terror, and left people in frightened states.

After the armed policemen had left, the other colleagues in the dormitory began to pack their things and went home. Feng Ling and Qing Yi were not from this city, and they simply didn’t have a place to stay except for this dormitory. The supermarket nearby had been looted by some people and the policemen’s gunfire was getting more and more intense. The timid Qing Yi was simply afraid to even go out.


“Hey, you do have a crush on him, but you don’t know where Yun Tu lives? Have you never asked your classmates?!”


“Some students have mentioned it in the group a few months ago. But since I didn’t have the thought to have any relationship with him, I paid no attention to memorize his address. I only know that he lives in the east part of the city. But since I can’t login on QQ right now, I have no way to check it!” Qing Yi replied with a desperate expression.


“You really can’t remember which street and district!?”


“I really can’t remember anything!”


“I have downloaded a map on my PC. The internet is off right now, but I can get the downloaded map. So let’s get the map first and see. It might help you to pinpoint the location.”

After evolving and became an Awakened, Feng Ling’s brain processing speed was faster than before. Her actions were also more efficient. Although Qing Yi had stressed that she couldn’t remember it, Feng Ling still open the map and patiently read the places and streets’ names one by one.

“Is it East Wind Road?”


“Jinhua District?”


“Front Park Road?”


“Huafeng Edifice?!”




“Dream Flower Village”

“Three Ponds Well?”


“Eh? Wait, wait a sec. What did you just say?” Qing Yi who was lying on the bed, quickly sat up.


“I just said Three Ponds Well! Is it there?”


“Yes, that’s it! Three Ponds Well. There’s a shopping mall on the opposite side of Three Ponds Well. I remember I’ve seen this address!” Under the painstaking efforts and questions from Feng Ling, Qing Yi finally remembered.


“Should we go and find him now?” Although it was also the desire she longed for in her innermost feelings, Qing Yi wasn’t mentally prepared to see Yun Tu even though she really wanted to see him.


“Sure! But, I really can’t believe you. A big belle taking the initiative to deliver and throw herself to some kid. Damn! That cripple is really something, eh?!”

With such a teasing remark from Feng Ling, Qing Yi’s face to neck suddenly turned crimson.




Love this chapter. Short chapter is a blessing (for me at least)

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