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All around him he could hear shrill screams. He look behind him and he could see many beast appears form the crater from the previous meteor.

There are some guys wielding a machete and someone using a blade to try to attack the monster. Some succeeded before being overrun by the sheer number of the beast.

And then Azief quickly understands. Aliens! Thinking on his feet, he quickly took the blue book and the golden coin.

Is this a game? It looks like a game! And then he remembers the words. Become strong or perish.

Fuck all this!

Then he quickly runs. He has no chance of survival if he waited for any law enforcement or policeman to come and truthfully he is afraid of what comes out of the craters.

He did see the beast that rise from the craters and they were not the kind of beast he has ever seen.

He knows of the back alley here and he could hide in one of the other shops considering people are in chaos.

Ah Seng shop he remembered. Ah Seng has a candy store just behind the café and sometimes Azief go there to buy some chocolate.

Then he feels something shaking and he could feel the ground is shaking. A distance away from him he could hear terrible screams, and people praying to God….no practically screaming for God help.

The cries of help and the scream are like a war drum as smokes of fire rises from the building near the gas station.

Then a huge explosion, a fire that reach such considerable height that Azief could see it even though he is block by a two story buildings.

The gas station is attacked. Hope the beast also dies. The more beast that die, the more higher his chances for survival.

His heart beats like a drum, more like an EDM factory, erratically and almost like his heart is jumping out of his body, using all his strength and vitality to run as far as possible from hat scream.

If not for survival Azief would crumble in fear. Run, and run.

Why is he afraid?

It is because he could clearly see some of the beast that appear from that crater when he was running to safety.

If he were near that elementary school he knows he is going to die. It is by luck that he killed a little chicken that just begins to hatch but if he had to fight that ugly big thing, he is surely going to die.

It looks like a cat but twice size bigger than cats, to be honest it look like a tiger and is currently now mauling and eating people like a snack.

Azief ran dodging the people who is sprinting on the opposite direction of himusing their bikes and cars to escape the area. Then a crash sound can be heard.

Another accident he mused while running with all people trying to run out of this area of course some people are going to get into accidents.

When he reached into Ah Seng shop he quickly sees no one is there. They must have run too. He thought to himself.

Quickly he run inside the store and close the door. Then when he enters he realized why there is no one.

Red blood fill the floor and he could see Ah Seng corpse lying on the floor, his innards is gone and his left eyes were crushed by something.

It was almost like whatever killed him did not finish its meal.

Then a shrieking voice sounded out near Azief and suddenly from one of the counter a flying bat is flying towards him.

‘Fuck this’ he said and he slashed wildly and one of his slash strikes the bat wings and the bat fell down to the floor.

Seeing this opportunity, he quickly stabs the bat to death.

‘Die, die you fucking bat! I’m going to grind you to meat paste and step on your fucking corpse!’

And this time only the golden coin appears. Killing the bat he quickly reached out and put the golden coin inside his pocket.

And then he spits on the fucking bat. Partly because he is fucking scared and he shrieks like a girl.

Thinking about it his cheek is red in embarrassment. If anyone ever sees him at that state, he would feel like hiding in a hole.

Then quickly he barricaded the door with glass pane, steel panes, chairs, table and anything that is heavy and sturdy.

Losing his key in the most inopportune moment! What bad luck!

‘Is this a game?’ He asks himself. Then he checks the blue book he got from killing the little chicken.




‘Beast tamer? Whatever’ Azief said. It is still a skill. And in a game the many skills you have the better.

Azief has begins to look at this as a game. Looking it like that he could at least pretend to be calm.

‘Yes.’ Then a light shone down on him, a light only he can see and then he immediately understands. In his mind a card of a chicken appears.


Then a bat card appears in his mind. So now he can tame bat too. In his mind the name of the chicken is Small Horned Chicken and the Bat is Small Vampiric Bat.

‘This is a game’ he said to himself. Or a world like game? What happen to common sense huh? He said in his mind.

Anyway after that he looks at his weapon. His eyes immediately discern the weapon and a screen appear in front of his eyes, kind of like the interface in the game when you identify stuff.





So killing two of those beasts take one durability and their HP must not exceed 6.

‘No’ Azief shakes his head. The bat need to be strikes twice so maybe its health was around 10 or 12.

Then he looks around his surroundings. The cries and scream can still be heard outside the shop.

He only knows the man is called Ah Seng. Azief shakes his head looking at the condition of the corpse.

Azief don’t know much about Chinese culture and how to handle their dead but at least he knows that this is a kind of an indignity for them.

Thinking about it, it is an indignity to corpse everywhere.

‘Ah Seng rest in peace, ok? I already kill the bat that kills you so I hope wherever you are, you will rest in peace.’

He took one of the blankets on the back room of the store and covers the corpse.

‘Now I need to check what happen outside.’ He said.

But he is to afraid looking in the front door. He also has made sure the back door is barricaded and Azief is trying to make as little as noise as possible.

Checking the back door is like the first thing he did. He learns many thing looking from slasher movies. It was always the back door.

He doesn’t want to attract the beast to come here. He went and climbs to the second floor of the shop and peer outside from the black tinted window pane.

Outside he could see, monstrous beast is running around killing people. Some were torn to shreds, others were stomped to death and some were bitten eaten right at the spot.

Azief almost puke when he sees one tiger like beat stomp a pregnant mother and then slowly rips the flesh of the pregnant mother to shreds with its claws.

There is even some beast that is flying and they seem to be leaving the area, probably to spread more destruction.

Some slither, some crawls, Azief even saw a centipede as large as a car, a scorpions as large as a humans, and spiders.

But they all begin leaving this place.

It was like this is not their initial destination. Mostly the big beast, in which Azief has decided to call them boss is not interested in this kind of small area.

Of course, they are not interested, they are the boss, Azief thinks. Surely they want more than just a few hundred peoples. So they might go to Mentakab, Maran or even terrorize the Temerloh city, or attacking the major city Kuantan.

As long it’s not him they are eating, that is fine.

Some of them are small, some of them are medium build while some of them are large . Thankfully these beast lack intelligence.

At least that is what he feels. They only rely on their sense of smell and sight to attack and do not attack the shop unless they detected humans in it.

‘Thank God I didn’t rush to my bike’ he said in whisper mode. He watched as the street is fill with burning cars and corpse burned beyond recognition.

The survivors are being chased by the beast and being eaten. Seeing all of this scene, his heart beats race faster. But he tries to remain calm.

‘Ok, what now?’ He said to himself to make himself focus.

He needs to return home and search for his family. He quickly went to his pocket and realized his phone is also in the debris.

Could he use the phone line in the shop? Quickly he went back down and he found it. But to his disappointment, there is no line.

The line is not working.

‘What happen actually?’ Azief then said calmly.Even though his family is spearetd from him by only 4 kilometre.

Usually a man who has families like him would already be in panic but he still remains calm.


Because if truth be told he doesn’t care that much about his families. Not because he hates them or because they hate him…..but because there is no bond.

There are roommates. Of course people said he has to be thankful being born into the world.

He wants to spit on to such people. What is good being born in the world? If he wasn’t born then he wouldn’t be hurt, wouldn’t have to worry about employment, about money, and all those existential problems….and most importantly he wouldn’t be here right now, in risk of being eaten by such horrifying beast

Why would anyone want to get born? If they can choose, knowing what they now know, would they still make the same decision?

He thinks not.

Azief is not athletic but he is not bad in it either. He has a good muscle, not too lean and but not too chubby either.

He has some muscles thanks to working in the electronic stores where he has to climb   two floors to send a dishwashing machine when the company delivers the order, every day.

In his family, they were more like roommates then family.

When he got home, Azief would retreat to his room, and pay some games or watch some downloaded movies from some sharing sites.

His relationship with his brothers is also not quite good. But that doesn’t mean he wants them to die.

But honestly?

Even if they die, he doesn’t think he would be that sad. It was more like losing a roommate than a family.

After all in the modern world, not everybody have the family like those in TV or dramas.

Not everyone is always eager to see each other in the holidays or always greet them with good smiles.

Hmm…then what should he do now. Then he made a decision.

‘I need to make sure that big beast and their minions leave first before I go out or I’m going to get eaten like the rest of them.’

Then he returned to the second floor and watches from the top the events happening outside not knowing in the first floor the corpse is wriggling his fingers under the covers.

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  1. Hmm.. MC is immature, irresponsible, impudent, and boring. He isn’t the only one, people had it worse than him smh he is so selfish. Either way, I like the gore.

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