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John is running with a 4 feet long blade rushing through the zombies, mowing them down with apparent ease.

His level now is 21. He is a Dark Knight, his armour gives of the aura of death and power. He is alone in the street.

He then spotted a building.

‘Heh’ He smirked.

I guess this place again he mused. He jumped from his current position and landed on the second floor.

Then he looked down at the population of the zombies. His effort is working. Most of the zombies around this street are almost eradicated.

‘Huu’ he heaved as he walked straight to one of the room and open it with one of the keys he has.

This is the third time he would spend his days here. It has been three days since the fall.

John….is his new name. He didn’t like his name before and his life before. Fighting zombies is not too much of a problem for him.

He is 30 years old, his body is muscly and his hair is black.

There is some battle scars in his body, mark of a veteran. He opens the door and sits down on one of the chair.

Taking a breath he produced something from his ring.

A few breads and fresh water.

Then finding a bed he throws himself to the bed, exhausted from all the hunting.

He is not afraid of the zombies because he has barricade the apartment and even if they somehow manage to breakthrough he is more than enough to dispatch tem easily.

It is only the beast he fears. For these three days he did not stop killing zombies to raise his level after what happened in the underground bunker.

John was a bodyguard to one of the most wealthiest man in the world. Wilhelm Rothschild. When the Fall happened he was beside the man.

John has seen many things about the Rothschild, that he might even believe the conspiracies about them.

There is a lot of conspiracy theory about this particular family and it’s not hard to imagine. Since they have been meddling with the world since the Napoleonic War.

But when he first accept the job…to him it was just a job and he couldn’t care less about the Rothschild stories or myths..

He did his job well, and that’s it. He doesn’t have family so he has only to care for himself. Living in a dilapidated orphanage when he was young, bounced from foster home to foster home, he learns to fend for himself.

The Rothschild is his employers, that is all that matters.

But he has seen suspicious dealing ranging from people of dubious background that made John….suspicious of the true nature of this particular family.

‘Hah he sighed. All this mystery doesn’t matter anymore after the apocalypse he inwardly thought.

Then his mind flashback to that moment.

Three days ago, like always he accompanied Wilhelm to one of his mansion in London to meet with an associate.

It was a normal morning like any other. Wilhelm did not bring other bodyguard other than him. The man he is supposed to meet is someone from the IMF.

An old friend.

It was then, when they were waiting…..that happen.

Suddenly a voice speaks almost like they were beside them, and the weapon appeared in his hand.

He has a blade, Wilhelm has a dagger. At first john was confused with this turn of events, but he was fast to adapt.

He quickly surmises levels are a measurement of power and his constant protection for the safety of Wilhelm increased his level.

He meets small monsters even zombies when they were running away.

he was sufficient in swordsmanship training so using blade for him is not an inconvenience. The reason why he uses blade to fight the zombie is because he won’t get experience if he uses guns.

John quickly understands that if he did not level up…sooner or later even he could not escape the tragedy that is happening in the streets of London.

People bitten by the beast, screaming and bleeding fill the city. Some died and immediately rise as zombies, some take a little more time to become zombies.

It depends on the toxicity of the toxins the monster have and the immunity a person have….at least this is what he believes.

He never played any games but he did understand it. Levels and items. This type of thing…it is easy for him to understand.

The only problem was he did not loot the gold. He doesn’t have the time. He needed to go and escort Wilhelm to safety. How could he have time to loot the gold.

But he did loot the vials and the skills book. By now he has two offensive skills and one support skills.

It is a world…governed by game like elements laws. It works by that kind of logic. It took him a few hours of hiding, rushing, charging to finally arrive at the bunker.

Nearby the mansion, is a bunker constructed for the family in cause of a disaster.

John followed Wilhelm to the bunker and they holed up there. For a while it looks like they will be safe until night came.

Wilhelm tries to call the police, the army and the highest top of the government but it was almost like the whole world go dark.

There is no communication whatsoever. That night when they were about to go to sleep….a noise woke them up.

The bunker feels like it was being shaken by an enormous force. A beast has detected us.

The beast smells our scent and attack the bunker. The bunker that could withstand nuclear weapon could not bear the destructive power of the beast.

When the entrance was ripped apart by the monsters, both he and Wilhelm was lost for words.

It was something that resembles a dinosaur, which uses its claws to rip apart the bunker entrance.

It was hideous, its teeth was gleaming in the dark, there is a chunk of flesh lodged in its teeth, its claws was razor like sharp and it size was like a two story buildings.

John hides….Wilhelm on the other hand panicked and tries to run which resulted in him being eaten.

John on the other hand slip past the dinosaur like beast when it was occupied in digesting Wilhelm.

It tries to pursue John but it was slow. Maybe that was its weakness John thinks as he is jolted to the present.

He looks at the ceiling…and wonder….can he defeat it?

He chose the unique class Dark Knight when he reach level 10. One of the prerequisite to become a fully-fledged unique Class for him, is to defeat that beast.

Which is why he did not leave yet from London. The monster is here…so he needs to defeat it here.

John is a resolute man. Since he entered the Special Training Forces, and even was sent to some of the harshest place in the world, his boldness is what kept him alive.

And he has chosen to brave this danger to reap the benefits later on.

‘HAA’ he sighed.

‘A long way to go. But Hell always has a long road’ he said as he get up from his bed.





Raymond is in a building, overlooking the gigantic beast just near the gas station. The beast sniffs and looks around the gas stations.

Sometime it swipes its hand and vehicles exploded. It has great strength and its arms is bulging.

He is still in New York. Well, unless he could fly or teleport, he would be stuck in New York for a long time.

In the street, it was full with zombies, burning buildings and cars that blockaded the streets.

Because of the panic of the initial Fall, many accident happen in the street. There is many destroyed corpses in the stress.

Some was burned in the car. On the way here Raymond could see a charred corpse of a baby and his mother.

It was heart wrenching and eerily creepy.

Even though it has been three days, Raymond still could not believe  what has happened.

‘Is it coming here?’ a voice from behind Raymond enters his sears. Raymond did not turn back only shaking his head.

‘It doesn’t seem to notice us.’

‘Good. Let Nick take the next patrol.’

‘Ok’ Raymond replies.

Nick comes over and switch patrols. They have been using this buildings after they finished raiding a nearby stores.

By now their party has grown to 24. There is elderly, the young, womans and childrs even one pregnant mother.

There is a lot of more people from when they started and lots of them they lost too. In this journey how many friends, how many strangers have they saw dies?

It is only been three days but the destruction…oh, the destruction is in par on what people might call…apocalypse.

Raymond sits down in one corner and pat the back of his new friend, Jesse.

‘How is the leveling?’ Raymond ask showing an amiable smile. Jesse is a teenager, and the one he saved from one of the zombies during their journey here.

‘Not long till I reach level 10’ he said excitedly, his eyes is full of admiration towards Raymond. Raymond rub his head and said

‘Good.I’m going to rest for a while. If you have any question about leveling up, ask me.’

‘Un’ the boy nodded.

Raymond went into a corner and take a seat one of one of the chairs. He take his meal. Just a few snack bars in his storage rings and some beans.

Then a few others people in the group come to Raymond asking him about how to level up and what they should choose for their class up.

Raymond patiently teaches them on what to choose. He is a gamer….after all. But now who would have ever thought he is a gamer.

His level is 23,his body is getting muscly and even though he is still a little chubby, one could tell the fat is leaving his body, constructing his muscle.

Well, constant running and encountering life and death battle would surely make you lost weight.

Then suddenly Raymond feel his hair stand up and he catch the gaze of Leonard looking at him.

Leonard avert his gaze.

Just my imagination I guess Raymond mused.

Nowadays his relationship with Leonard is strained. At the beginning he was Leonard most trusted person but nowadays he always uses Nick.

For some reason, Raymond feel that Leonard does not like him.

But that couldn’t be. Raymond only has admiration for the man. He saved him, and this group.

Unbeknown to Raymond , Leonard is jealous and fearful of Raymond growth. From that chubby little cosplayer, to the man he is now, to possess such leadership and amiable personality that made people feels close to him, this is his strength Leonard mused.

When he was injured, Raymond led the group.

And contrary to Leonard first initial impression of Raymond, Raymond lead his group well…not well….but great.

They raided many stores successfully, leveling up and classing up.

Many of the people in the group admire and respect Raymond power and all that he has done for the party.

And inevitably Raymond becomes stronger than Leonard in the group. Coupled that Raymond is a full-fledged unique class, his power is almost appear godly.

He could control the earth, in minimal amount but it is enough to do the trick.

He could create quagmire, produce some shakings, move stones with his mind and senses enemies by closing his eyes and focus.

His skills and abilities rose when he defeated the Red Giant Ape. He did not do it alone. It took 20 men to restrain it and kill it.

Two died that day….and Raymond transforms into this powerful person.

When he fight with his Stone Warhammer, he is unstoppable, producing shakings and vibrations.

Leonard when he first forms the group it was out of necessity.

Now he wanted to rule this party and create his own country. He is part of a militia once. Of course, his militias are all freedom loving American…..except him.

Now, the United States has crumbled and this strange power is bestowed towards them.

He wanted to rule. He wanted to conquer. He wanted to be the ruler.

Leonard understand the new world well….but if he wanted the world he dreams of to become a reality, Raymond is  a thorn in his flesh.

And he needs to remove it, even if he has to remove his flesh.

Raymond on the other hand doesn’t notice this.

And so the game begins.




Hikigaya is one of the few that’s survives the fall. He run from the high school as fast as he can and in this three days he has managed to level up to level 26.

If anyone heard this one could not help but wonder how strong this man is.

Looking at him no one could guess how did he become this strong. He then saves his classmate, and now is forming a base near the mountains behind their school.

The leader? Him.

He who was despised and ignored in the class. Other than the members of his Counseling Club, he is despised by the school.

But now they all have to listen to him. But Hikigaya is not a man that hold grudges. Contrary to his appearance he is very nice.

He has droopy eyes, like a dead fish, a revolting smile and his hair sis always the bed hair.

But how did he become this strong? It is because he uses his head. When the voice came, all of his classmate got blades, katana, bows, and the likes but all he got was a trapping devices and a storage rings.

Good thing is …is that he has 99 of those traps.

So while some of his classmate who survived the first attack uses blade to kill the smaller monster, he went to the back of the school to fight the Black Gigantic Worm.

And fight means he prepared an ingenious trap.

He uses almost 75 of his trap to lure the worm to him and exploding it in a chain of explosion in a cave which trapped the worm and subjected it through multiple explosion.

That day, the hill is full with explosion, holes fill the land. In one kill, he level up to 19.

The beast was level 27. It took him two days to kill the beast. Thankfully the beast didn’t have regenerating power or anything that helps its health.

If not he might lose.

But of course he has planned it since the beginning and investigates the monster before moving out to kill it.

He then shakes his head, he doesn’t want to remember that day. He spend that day hiding, running in fear, eating barks of trees, while trying to survive , the mental pressure and the threat of dying.

He looks at his current situation.

In front of him, people are making their tent as the mountain is now safe from gigantic beast.

They only have to deals with the zombies but the hill provide a natural barrier.

He stood overlooking the schools. He intends to take back the school. He has saved about a 100 people nearby and under his rule.

People started calling him the tiger of Kai, maybe because of his armour that looks like the armour of Shingen Takeda.

Not to mention he is in Kai. The Tiger of Kai and the Dragon of Echigo. Hehe. He laughed. Who would have thought?

He wears the kuwagata kabuto the horned helmet, the mempo, the face mask which gives him quiet a great stats to his strength and spirit, the boots , the shoulder guard so much like the popular portrayal of Takeda Shingen, which comes his nickname the Tiger of Kai.

By now, he has a tachi and a wakizashi as his weapons.

He still uses trap, but now his strength is enormous he is thinking of stabilising the surrounding areas.

This is what the people wants he mused.

He only take the role because  no one else could take the roles and because only he has the smarts and strategy to go with the plan.

He is a Unique Class, an Illusion Archmage. His spirit is high and he has already become full-fledged Unique Class.

His magic is powerful and he has 7 skills. 3 were supports skills 4 is offensive. He looks at the school and he smiles.

‘I guess….this is the beginning’ he said and smiles under his mask.


Thus all around the world crouching tigers and hidden dragons all emerge from their respective countries.

Each of them has their own ambition and goals; all of them has strong will to survive.

The curtain to the Great Warlord Period opens.

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