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The computer café in Temerloh is just beside the elementary school of Joy Park (At my place it is called Taman Bahagia. When it is translated to English it becomes Joy Park).

A customer parks his bike outside the café and rushed inside pushing the door. The outside is raining heavily.

There are not many customers today considering the heavy rain. It is the monsoon season in Malaysia, but at least the rain lessens the effect of the fog from Indonesia.

Quickly he asked the cashier to open his computer. He is a regular customer and he is in a hurry. He needs to open his Garena account and defeat his friend today.

Thinking about it the customer smiles in glee.

‘Brother Azief, open Computer 6.’ The man said.

‘Okay wait a bit.’ The unsmiling man called Azief clicks the button on the server and click the screen on PC 6 and its open.

Right now its 3.00 pm. He finished his shift at 5.00 so he still has 2 hours left. He just finished eating and he put his lunchbox inside his bag and put it under the counter.

He then returns his gaze back to the computer in front of him. He is reading some novels in Wuxiaworld, the new chapter by Er Gen just come out yesterday.

This is the only thing he does every day. Reading novels, watching movies and frankly its boring and unrewarding.

Of course reading ISSTH is never unrewarding but when he look back at his life he doesn’t accomplish much, all because the circumstances of his family and his lack of confidence.

After finishing his diploma, because of lack of money he could not take his degree.

Even if he takes it his country is govern by stupid politicians, arguing about race, religions, throwing shits at each other like monkey in a zoo, while the common people like him suffer, the ringgits are declining, the oil price is high, taxes are high, people is being choked by their own government, while the ministers live like Gods, some of those in religious position do not even say anything to those politicians, and jobs are scarce.

What good is it to have a degree in a nation like this? One might say he is wrong but that is his opinion.

There is something wrong about his country. It’s not even a world power yet the scandal is world level.

The corruption, the nepotism, the lack of free speech and all of that problem with human rights. (Just hope the ISA will not arrest me for this if they ever decide to scour the internet)

So, when he got a job at a nearby internet café he accepted it. At least he will have some money for his own expenditure.

He lives in Malaysia. The country near him is Thailand, Indonesia and what else? To be honest he sucks in geography.

This job is not too bad but the salary is not too high. But still. It’s better than not having any money.

He has no girlfriend. Not because he can’t get one mostly because he doesn’t have confidence.

In his eyes, girls only like you when you have a car, money or looks. He doesn’t have money, doesn’t have a car, and his look is okay, not great.

He doesn’t have acne like when he was in high school. That was the worse time to have acne.

Sometimes the work can be stressful after all the kids entering the café are usually kind of act like a thug.

Even though he has told them to smoke outside so many times they regarded him as nothing but a tool.

If not because he doesn’t want to cause trouble he would kill them. Azief is mild mannered, and only proactive with his friend.

But his head is full with dark fantasy.

But of course he never did any of the things he imagines to anyone. He doesn’t want to get the death penalty.

After all he is not insane. But who doesn’t have some dark fantasy in the back of their minds when they are being scolded or when they are powerless, and really angry at a person.

And how many acts on those instincts? Not many. Today the rain is heavy and not many people come to the café.(For the sake of convenience the internet café will be called café now)

Sometimes he asks himself where his life is going. He spends 3 years acquiring a diploma and now…..he is working on an internet café.

To be honest there is nothing wrong working at an internet café but….if that is his career path why did he even bother using the loan to further his studies other than putting himself under debt.

It’s not even a career…it’s just a job.

Sometimes, there are days he just wants to run away, from the problem which is student loans, and with not a good job ever knocking his door.

He has been in many interview but coupled that with his shyness around strangers he doesn’t really do well.

He is also not handsome. He is not ugly though. The one thing he noticed that handsome people is usually easier to get a job.

And science has proven that right.

Then another person entered the café.

‘Oh, you. PC 9 right?’ Azief immediately recognized the person.

The man nodded and smile, while Azief quickly open the computer.

Arial then sighed and then return watching YouTube, reading novels and listening to songs.

Then suddenly he heard a voice inside his head.

‘I am the World Orb. Your world is undergoing great changes. Either become strong or perish. Luck and perseverance will help you in the coming days. Considering your aptitude, the most suitable weapon for you is a dagger.  Prepare yourself for the worst is yet to come.’

Then the voice disappeared. And then with a flash of light a dagger appeared in his hand. Azief was so surprised he falls from his chair.

Then he looks at his customer who also in the café with him. He looks at the regular customer and at his hand is a blade.

The other has a bow and arrow behind his back. The customer also looked dazed and shock fills his face just like Azief.

‘What is happening?’ Azief said when suddenly an explosion happens that shakes the foundation of the building.

Quickly he tossed his earphones, and seeing the cracked walls he ran out of the building as fast as possible.

‘Run!’ Azief yelled to the two people in the café and quickly those two customers tossed their earphones and run to the exit when suddenly the roof gave out and the two people were crushed to death by the debris.

Azief was trembling; his hand is trembling holding the sharp dagger.

‘What is happening? What the fuck is happening!’ He screams in his mind.

Then suddenly he looked upwards and sees meteors, big red fiery balls falling from the sky and his eyes follow the ball as he finally realize where it is heading.

Oh my god!

Just across the street from the café is an elementary school. Many kids studied there all came from the suburbs (in my place it called Taman kind of like suburb I guess) and then it crashed to the football field, leaving a huge crater, as the fire burns the football field grass.

And the street shakes like an earthquake just happens, the nearby building around the football field either caught fire or their walls cracked.

All around him people are crying and running, some hide themselves under table fearing this is an earthquake when suddenly something appear in view of him

Name: Not yet Given

Gender: Male

Level: 01

Class: None

Strength: 12

Agility: 6

Vitality: 9

Stamina: 7

Spirit: 11

Endurance: 10

And then he looked at the crumbled shop in front of him and he could see the seeping blood from the two customers.

He looks at his bike outside the shop and remembers he left his bike key on his bag. His bag is under the counter of the café.

People have already been calling firemen, police and all of that service. Usually he would not go to the debris and wait for the firemen to arrive but then he could see that there are still many of that fiery ball is coming.

‘I don’t have time to wait. Maybe the next time that thing falls, it would land on me’ thinking like this Azief made up his mind.

He then looks around him. Some even kneels and pray to God.

‘I need to get my key and get the hell out of this place’ he said. He steels himself and goes to the debris.

What could make the building crumble like this? He mused.

It was like that planned bombing of a bridge or buildings. It falls downwards like something melted the pillars.

He was looking when he spotted a big egg.

‘What is this?’ He is thinking to get his key and quickly get out of here.

Then another ball of fire fall not far away from the school, and its make another fierce shakings and the streets cracked and some cars who are rushing to get out of this got into an accident with a truck.

People screamed and horned the cars, while some are just plain running from the area.

‘I need to get it fast’ Azief said, his tone is full of anxiety and he ignored the egg when suddenly the egg cracked.

‘What is this?’ This time he notices the egg. It was like something is clawing its way out from the egg.

Suddenly from the cracked egg appear the most hideous chicken he has ever seen in his entire life with one a beak shining like sharp knife and having a pure black eyes, kinda like that demon in those Supernatural TV series.

It also has a horn at its head, making it abnormally ….scary.

‘Oh fuck. What the hell is this thing!’ he screamed when the chicken lunged into him and accidentally by luck he swings that dagger in his hand and accidentally slit the chicken throats.

Almost at the same time a little blue book and golden coins come out of the chicken corpse and fell within his reach

What the hell is this? A game? He mused. And then he looks all around him and he could not believe what he is seeing.

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  1. Ok, first of all, grammar is terrible. Your notes in brackets take away from the flow and immersion of the story. By the way, you also have religious people reading, this could be extremely offensive but I bet I am the only muslim who reads these things and I could barely get mad at somebody’s opinion but ya know, atleast give the readers some good vibes. You made your MC extremely pathetic which I like because I relate lmao. But honestly, just going on a political/religious rant isn’t gonna help with anything in the story, rather it could be demeaning. I digress, you should get a proofreader or something if you actually want to continue this story seriously, the grammar made me pause many times because I am a grammar nazi. Also the foundation of your world is pretty shaky and random imo. Thanks for the chapter!

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