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Pandikar roar seem pathetically weak compared to the echoing effect of Death Monarch sentence of guilt towards the World Government

His word seems to echoes through the space of the world and the whole world hear his decree. Like a Monarch ordering his officials to die, his tone was imperious and contains a hint of an inviolable majesty

So, Pandikar in his anxiousness, in his fear, in his defiance keep ordering the soldiers to shoot at the seal.

And each time Azief waves his finger and the wind comes down snuffing out any of the cannon energy, like a finger waving away a fly.

But then even as he keep ordering the soldiers to fire to the sky, as the energy of the cannon keep bombarding the seal, even as the space on top of the sky seems to thinning out indicating the seal is beginning to weaken, Pandikar and the other council member is not happy at all.

They all sense it. The surging power that keep increasing. Like a calm waves slowly building up its rage. Like a slow breeze slowly turning faster…faster and even faster.

It is a brewing storm

The Death Monarch has not uses all of his power yet…..and the people inside the room all knows it.

The pillars of the Quorum building shakes as dust slowly fall down, the result of the grindings of stones on the ceilings.

Pandikar began to laugh like crazy, but his laughter contained a hint of madness.

‘Was it so wrong to contend against you, Death Monarch? Even if we do not seek problem with you, who like an overlord like you?’

He shouted to the sky and the soldier inside the building all heard it but they could only grit their teeth in anger towards the Death Monarch.

The private soldiers of Pandikar also shares the same sentiment

Looking at the sky, Pandikar shouted, probably hoping that the Death Monarch would be able to listen.

Or maybe….he is just venting what is in his heart all along.

‘You never care about other people other than your family. The world suffers and even though you could have united the divided factions in the world you chose to stay on the outside, content on being an observer. With your existence alone you have causes the world unable to be unified!’

Pandikar release the hate he had of the Death Monarch.

True, the Death Monarch is powerful but what did he do with all of his power?

If Pandikar even had a fraction of his prowess, he would have united the world under one banner and protect humanity.

Pandikar is a power hungry dictator…at least he used to be. But the years passed and he learn to sympathize with the common people.

People….do sometimes surprise you. People do change. It is what is called being human.

His eyes was opened during the Weronian War. He saw how humanity suffers under the hands of Weronian invaders.

He saw an entire village were eaten by Weronian. He saw a pregnant mother being devoured in front of her other children before the Weronian eat the children.

He saw all manners of atrocities in the Weronian Occupation.

And when the Death Monarch defeated the Weronian, he also signaled the end of Weronian supremacy with the pillars crumbling.

But the result of that war also brings the end of the world strongest person, signaling the end of his era.

And the world losing that pillar of support, that deterrence influence that the Death Monarch provided to the world…..went into chaos overdrive

The crime families comes out of the woodwork, and wars were fought all over the world for the ugliest of human motives…..profit.

People like the Death Monarch and those transcendence existence like Oreki, Hikigaya, Raymond may not care much about profit and the likes but they are strong…and they will always shine no matter where they are or what they do,

But the weak? The poor? The latecomers? Not all in the wake of the Fall grab that opportunity immediately.

Of course this is not the fault of the Death Monarch. But one could understand why those people chase profit

And in the wake of the chaos that followed after the supposed death of the Death Monarch Pandikar realizes one truth.

The World Government needs to be stronger.

It needs to unite all the factions in the world and create a one global world orders to make sure that humanity stand on one side when the next invasion from the stars come down.

Pandikar realizes that the reason why humanity was so easily defeated during the Weronian War is because the self-interest of many factions.

League of Freedom, the Republic to name a few and even the World Government always put the interest of their organization first instead of those slogans they spouted.

And Pandikar himself views Hirate as a weak leader. And his obsessions grew, to make the World Government stronger by any means necessary.

It is because of his pure desire…pure desire to save humanity. A pure person is terrifying. Pandikar believes that he is doing it for the good of humanity.

And this is the kindness that is most oppressive. Sometimes it would be better to live under a corrupt leader than under omnipotent moral busybodies.

The corrupt leader corruption may sometimes stop, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience

Pure…sometimes do not mean good.

He is simply doing it to make sure those nightmares that haunt him in those sleepless night will never be repeated again.

And when the Death Monarch reappeared onto the world stage, Pandikar knows that the Death Monarch presence will be an obstacle on his plan.

Because that is the unfortunate truth.

As long as the Death Monarch remains an independent force, no one would truly obey the World Government as they would rather maintain the original détente and status quo.

And all the while, secret wars will still be fought in the background, chipping away humanity power to fight off invasion in the future.

The entire world knows that while the World Government is powerful, yet they fear one man and it is the biggest shame of the World Government.

How could they commanded the world and forces people to obey them when they all knew that if they possess the power that the Death Monarch possess they could ignore the World Government?

But how many people could reach the level of the Death Monarch?

Those stupid idiot all think that it is easy to reach the Death Monarch level but it was that stupidity that causes them not to believe in the World government superiority.

And with the Ice Princess return, the Republic also gain many more support. This is not only a matter of personal prowess.

Death Monarch reputation is his greatest weapon.

If he truly wanted he could declare he wanted to create a faction and people will flock to serve under his banner

Especially after the Weronian War aftermath.

But he never did that and he is not interested in doing that. So the World Government and all the other factions had an unspoken rule with the Death Monarch.

You do your business and he will look the other way as long as they do not block his way

If this continued, how could Pandikar unite the world? If only the Death Monarch would submit…then why would Pandikar do such stupid thing as provoking this monster?

It is because he have no other way than this.

He knew that as long as the Death Monarch is not defeated by the World Government, the world could never be truly unified.

His plan was perfectly laid out.

He would use the Divine Archer as his insurance but when the Death Monarch landed on the Island and he was about to order Special Guards, the loyal Guard that he trained to go down to the prison, they were only silence.

Even until after Azief defeated Hikigaya no report were given.

And when Pandikar send another squadron they reported that the previous squad is all dead and the jail is empty.

He knew knows someone is planning against him.

As Pandikar is thinking of all this, the pressure emanated as the pillars of the Quorum building shakes and the enchantments around it cracked

The Quorum Building possessed one of the most heavily fortified charms and enchantment on Earth but even it could not withstand the emanation of power from the Death Monarch

Pandikar coughed out a mouthful of blood because of the oppressive pressure, and he laughed. This sudden scene startled everyone.

But not one man.

Not too far away from him is a young man wrapped on a wolf fur clothing, looking like a man from a mountain, smiling in a carefree state like nothing that is happening would threaten him.

His silver hair covered his left eyes and his face was beautiful almost looking like a girl.

He smiles a devilish smile as he retreated into one of the corridor and take a step and the space around him spirals as he disappeared

If Azief saw this he must be shocked since he already seal the Island yet someone could bypass his seal and teleported away

That young man appeared on a cliff mountain of an island a few hundred kilometers away from the Island of Peace.

He stand on top of the highest peak of that mountain cliff, his eyes seems to be able to see the battle on the Island of Peace, as he smile and laughed

‘I am the last of my brethren. My Great Master that governs Destruction through All Universes have sent me here on such a backward and weak planet. But just in a few years, these primitive life forms have progressed so fast that it rivals the great civilization beyond the Source Wall.’

But then he smirked

‘But everything has limits. The All Source is wondrous treasure but…..in the end it is still a weapon. How could a sword…be mistaken to be a healing medicine?’

If Loki was here he would surely tries to gain more information on this young man. After all, he seek this young man in Kyoto before the Weronian War.

This is the vessel of Yewa- Hafar the last Acolyte of Dark Tidings. (Refer to chapter 131)

Yewa Hafar only smiles as he contemplates his awkward position on Earth and his mission. He already found the All Source but he could not take it out.

He himself dares not touch the All Source since it would incinerate such a tainted souls. Of course he have other mission to prepare for His Master descent

There is only a few existence in the Universe that could wield the All Source without being erased from existence.

‘Hmmm’ he sighed as his gaze look towards the battle.

On the other hand, the people inside the room didn’t notices that young man going out into one of the corridor and teleported away, as the gust of wind from the sky became even stronger.

Someone looked up at the raging stormy sky and saw a black dot in the distance that seems to possess a heaven calamity power.

This black dot became larger and larger and with it a pressure toward every one cultivation base as their Pillars, Orbs, Physique and even Seeds were vibrating and seems to almost crumble.

In an instant, as the wind became even more intense, the black dot turn out to be an unimaginably large fist that seems to blot out the Heavens, descending down like a gigantic flaming meteor that is about to wipe out all creation.

It was like a piece of fiery land that was going to come crashing down, and the shadow it casted replaced the red and lightning filled sky.

Even as the fist is coming down, on the island a portal opened up on outer space. Azief activated the Ring of Great Summoning one of the Ten Rings of Eternal.

With Azief temporarily usurping the Will of the World, some beings that Azief could not summon could be summoned.

A finger comes out from the portal and with it the sound of a humming that filled the entire space.

It was as large as a planet, and the finger was surrounded by devilish wind that devours the stars and destroy gravity.

The finger seems to ignore space and time as it is heading toward Earth.

And then just right before it enter Earth, it collided into something.

A World Net appears as the finger tries to enter Earth, by now revealing its wrist that seems to be full of weird symbols and mark.

The collide of the finger and the net create a sound resembling the sound of tolling Bell that echoes in the vacuum of space and the World Net repel that finger.

That finger slowly retreated back into the portal, and a sound of sigh could be heard, the sigh causes a star a trillion years away to explode.

But even though the finger retreated, the demonic energy surges out from the portal.

And if one could see, they could see from inside the portal, thousand and even millions of Devils and Demons, is living on top of the wrist of that being hand.

The finger then shoot out a dark lightning from the tips of its nail before it retreated.

Azief is not yet powerful enough to summon the entirety of the hand of that being which is why the finger is so easily repelled by the Will of the World.

On Earth however the world turns blue, even as the black lightning comes from beyond the Heavens and the fist is coming down.

The sun was blue and the moon and stars vibrates….at least that’s what it seems to the people that look up.

And runes fills the lands as millions of rushes symbols merged itself to the world.

From a single blade of grass to the very invisible elements that governs the world, the runes claim it mark

Blue light spill from Azief eyes, lighting the world, erasing any darkness and any concealment.

Of course, some people are powerful enough to maintain their concealment like some reclusive experts that hid from the world and people like Loki and the man that is shrouded in white mist

On the Island, stars, clouds, wind and even thunderstorm gathered around Azief hands, and with one grasp he could take all of these into his palm.

The sky above his head seems to be cracking under such pressure and Azief aura overwhelms the world and its creation.

Heavenly energy surrounded Azief and making him appear sacred and holy even as the Will of the World is struggling to expel Azief will.

His vitality and blood energy soared to the Heavens, covering all existence and creation with blue colors as his body resounded with thunderous explosion.

Spatial fabric and time around his body distorted and wither and break apart as the energy inside his body rising up.

A World Tree with nine leaves appeared on one part of the world and below it is a sea. The sea seems to be bursting with vitality and life.

This nine leaves contain the essence of Death, Life, Rebirth, Time, Darkness, Elements, Destruction, Destiny and Fate and the World Tree has silver barks and golden root as it embed itself deep into the world

Azief was projecting his Inner World to the real world taking advantage of the Will of the World.

The scene that displayed itself to the world right now making everyone felt fear deep from inside their hearts.

They do not know why the world turns blue and why even the sun turns blue but everyone knew it had to do with the Death Monarch.

This caused everyone to suck in a breath of cold air.

At this moment, Azief for a moment is truly a God. Everything is under his control. Who he wishes to die will die as it was decreed by fate and the will of the world itself.

Loki looking at this from his island even remark that even though this is far below a Sovereign power, but it reaches at least one fraction of a Sovereign ability.

The monster expression becomes more hideous.

It might not be intelligent but he poses its instinct and it felt that the fist and the aura that its enemy is unleashing is something threatening to its survival.

The monster forcefully reach the peak of its power as it launches itself to the sky as the land beneath his feet depressed into a thirty feet deep depression.

And with it that strand of Destruction Laws were infused into its body. Dark gas moves around the monster veins like a worm.

Then the monster threw its punch.

The titanic fist descended and as it clash with the monster fist, it creates an ear deafening sonic booms and there is loud bang and crackling sounds came from the monster arms.

Then its arms exploded. And the titanic fist collided with the monster body.


A sky erupting-shaking sound and unimaginable impact spread out like crazy that it blasted anything near their battle site into dust and ashes.

The Island is already cracking in many parts and the lives lost in their clash has already exceed millions of lives

And even before teeth dust manages to settle the sound of something travelling down from the sky could easily be heard.

The world also already returned to normal as there is no longer blue sky and blue sun and moon.

The World Tree and the sea also disappeared almost immediately.

Surrounded by dust nobody should be able to guess the person. But the moment that figure falling down everyone knew who it was. It is the monster.

The thirteen feet monster seems to be lifeless as it sailed down to the earth.

Popping sound come from the inside of its body as even those on the Island could hear it amidst the sound of fires and explosion in many parts of the Island.

The moment the monster fall down to the ground, a crater is formed and with it, a ripple of shockwaves is produced, obliterating any structures within 5 kilometers radius around him as greenish black blood is coughed out involuntarily by the monsters.

From that blood pieces of its internal organs is also spewed out.

The monster complexion is pale and even as it tries to resisted the pain the pain seems to be traveling over its nerves gnawing at its vitality after the Destruction Laws around him dissipated with that heavenly fist of Azief.

As the dust settles in the sky as a figure that seems to be the Overload of the world stares down.

His face is pale and the auras that commands the world he emanated out when he first came is no longer there.

But no one dares think that the Death Monarch is weak.

To usurp the Will of the World and produce his Avatar using the Will of the World, there is not many in the world could stand toe to toe with the Death Monarch.

Of course, no one knows the price of usurping the Will of the World other than Azief. All of his Disk cracked this time and his vitality greatly expended

But he still smiles. Like everything is still under his control. His blue eyes returns back to his original color of hazel.

The whole world that watched this battle all looked at figure of the Death Monarch with dread and fear.

That scene just now was something they could never forget in their life.

Even though right now Azief seems to be weakened after his usurping of the Will of the World none of the soldiers and his enemies dared to take fight him

At this moment, all the soldiers hearts is still pounding violently from what just happened and hadn’t calmed down

As he just floats there on the sky, he gave off an invisible sense of majesty. No one notices that Azief hand is trembling, numbing sensation could also be felt on his feet.

But his eyes only shows an endless will to fight. But he did not move. He only look at the monster.

People seems puzzled by this.

Azief smile grew wider.

The monster get up. And then people understand why the Death Monarch was smiling. The battle has already been decided


The moment the monster get up, the sound of cracking grew louder. Azief laughed, his laugh seems to fill people with fear.

With his black robe swaying in the air and his face hidden under the black hood no one knows the expression on the Death Monarch face.

But not knowing makes it even more terrifying. Being mysterious and unfathomable has its advantages.

The effect of the fear Azief instill on people is because of his prowess and at the same time his mysteriousness and unfathomable actions.

While it made him get labeled as an unpredictable elements in the World Government books, it also made people fear him

The monster body at the sound of the crack, slowly had its face distorted and it was about to roar but no sound comes out from its vocal cord.

With a movement the monster body shattered immediately like a broken mirror being smashed by a hammer

The rate of destruction is very fast as the cracking fragments turns to dust and is blown by the wind.

The monster was finished off just like that. It was then the Death Monarch floated down, as the seal on the island strengthening itself again

He landed down on the stair steps of the Quorum building. The thunder stops. The lightning stops flashing on the sky.

The storms subsided. The quakes stopped. The raging seas went to sleep. The whole world turns calms….and silent.

The Seven Battlestar is nowhere to be seen. The moment Azief merged with the world, all of them retreated.

They were briefed on it before they went into battle. Azief look at his left and right the moment he floated down. It was like he was looking for any other monster to pop up

‘So…that’s it huh?’ Before he even had a chance to say anything else, the ground near him seems to shake as a person and a girl appeared in front of him from the underground.

It was Raymond and Sofia. Azief should be happy seeing Sofia but he notices Raymond holding Sofia hands and his face remains expressionless.

‘Why did you get caught?’ Azief asked. It was like he was not surprised at all to see Sofia here. Instead he straight up rebuked her

Sofia was taken aback and she also wanted to get angry at Azief but for some reason she couldn’t find the words.

Azief words shows no trace of anger. But she could feel it. Bubbling on the bottom, rising slowly to the surface.

He is not angry with her. No…he is angry with the people that kidnap her. And she…understand why instead of consoling her and asking why she is not hurt he scolded her first.

Because she is family. You are always a little harsh to family. That has always been the case. By being too close…sometimes you can’t see.

Azief on the other hand seeing Sofia is safe is entertaining a new conjecture. And it only took him, a second to glance some clues.

He is already suspicious that Hirate would so boldly and stupidly broke their unwritten agreement.

She did not answer Azief question and he didn’t press her for an answer. Azief look at Raymond and nodded

‘We meet again’ Azief said coldly

Raymond smiles bitterly.

‘The common people have no fault in this. Was it necessary to wreak this much destruction?’ Azief scoffed

‘I read this somewhere once. Gratitude is the rarest of all human virtues. I have spared your people from death before. And today, like that day before, I come upon the World Government. I order them to fulfil my request…just like that day. And once again….once again, they took up arms with the intent to kill.’ Azief said, his voice was calm.

But the calmer he sound, the more terrifying he seems. For Raymond could feel the anger….the fury, the wrath.

‘How many more times, Raymond? You are the Grand Commander of the World Government. You understand war. It is not a child play. It is not a game. People bled. And people die. The World Government knew that if they touched my people…..that means war. The implication is all clear to see. Should I once again spare your Island? Just like that day? Raymond…..you are a hero. I’m not’ and he said that with an incisive and clear cut determination.

Raymond couldn’t stand it any longer and he shouted

‘Then what about the lives of those you killed?!’ Azief did not answer.

Silence followed them. On the distance Hirate is slowly approaching the area with Oreki, as they are flying to the buildings.

But they are still far away.

Azief on the other hand looks at the destruction he wrought and he takes another step towards the Quorum building

‘Will you kill all of them!’ Raymond ask as Azief takes another step.

Sofia then said

‘Hirate is not responsible.’ But Azief seems to be ignoring that statement as he takes another step to the Quorum building steps.

On the left and right of the archway to enter the Quorum building is two statues.

A globe on the right and the statues of men flying the flag of the World Government on the left. Azief smirk, like he found something very funny about it

He is already on the tile floor of the entrance of the Quorum building and his killing aura is slowly being emanated out of him.

He walked forward ignoring Sofia and Raymond.

Even Sofia did not understand what Azief is trying to do. Raymond on the other hand could not help but feel that the people inside the building will all be massacred.

He knows he is powerless to stop what is about to happen.

First, since he is truly weak at the moment. Even if he is at full strength he had no confidence of truly beating the Death Monarch.

Third….the Death Monarch did just save him.

Of course, Azief didn’t know that Hirate and Raymond thought that he was the one who ordered their rescue.

After all they now know that Loki sent Oreki and since Loki is Azief subordinate it is understandable why they make that mistake.

Azief walk step by step and just before he pushed the door of the building open he stop.

He turns back and look at Raymond and Sofia at the bottom of the stairs and he said with almost a lazy attitude.

‘I am the wolf in the dark forest. I am the shadows that lurks in the darkness.  I am the name that people spoke in hushed voices. I am the darkness itself.’

Raymond does not understand. And Sofia do not understand.

But if Katarina is here…she would understand. Because she was ruled by it for a long time and in some ways it affect her still, today.

Azief is talking about fear.

‘You do not understand, Raymond? Sofia?’ Sofia shakes her head. Azief smiles beneath his hood and said

‘Fear…..is my weapon.’ Saying that he push open the door and enter the building.


Here is the new chapter. Yewa Hafar…the Acolyte of Dark Tidings have appeared and it seems he is the one that gives the Destruction Law to the monster making Azief struggle to kill the monster

Pandikar motivation explained. And Azief thoughts is also revealed. Like always, hope you like the chapter and donate if you can

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