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A monster erupted from the residential area on the Southern part of the Island, cracking and decimating many residential areas around the impact.

Azief was about to enter the Quorum building when that monster appears as his eyes could see even from such a far distance

Azief sighed but his eyes is sharp.

He only needed to focus a bit to spot the large creature. It is a thirteen feet monster of hideous appearance.

It possess a dragon claw on its hand, a Weronian Head with seven horns, a crocodile feet and its tails is the combination of many creatures.

The tails when whipped around slices the building around him to pieces and it also emits poisonous fog that kills the civilians of the World Government.

But what shocked Azief the most is the fact that this monster possess a Divine Comprehension cultivation.

Of course Azief once clashed with a Divine Comprehension and winning even though he was at the Seed Formation level at the time.

It was the battle that ended the Weronian War and cemented his status and title as the strongest person in the world

But that was because he walks the Perfection Path and the Divine Comprehension Weronian was restricted by the World Orb.

Not to mention that Weronian do not practice Laws.

If any beings that reached the standards of the Divine Comprehension the orthodox way then that means they possess the power to understand the Laws.

And what Laws is that?

The Laws of the Universe.

For example, Disk Formation gather the energy from many sources of energy that is scattered throughout the Universe.

By creating Disks one is essentially creating a fuel tank. Of course this analogy only applied when one reached Divine Comprehension.

If talking exclusively about Disk Formation than it is the ability to condense energy that exist all over the Universe into Disk that would enhance one attack and spell.

And when one reached the Divine Comprehension one could use the fuel stored in the fuel tank to activate the Laws.

Imagine one possessing the power to command the Laws of the World.

They could theoretically change or even alter certain Laws depending on their comprehension of the Laws that they cultivate.

Azief felt a foreboding feeling. He is now a Disk Formation and he possess five Disk. It already made him the strongest in this world.

But this creature that is just erupting from underground and heading towards him possess a certain aura that is telling Azief that it is dangerous.

His instinct is telling him that this is a formidable opponent. But this did not falter his valiant heart or shakes his confidence of his own prowess

‘So, is this the trump card of the World Government? This is the reason why they are so confident?’ Azief snickered

‘A mere mindless beast’ But Azief did not underestimate the monster

Azief immediately understand why he felt a foreboding feeling as he watches the creature. He could see strands of energy that he is familiar with surrounding that monster body.

And Azief face changed

‘They are crazy!’ Azief thought to himself. He discover that the World Government nurtured the monster using the life force of its citizen and the energy veins in the Island.

And there is also the trace of Destruction Laws around the monster which puzzles Azief. But his disdain trumps his anger

Azief also shows disdain not just because of the fact that the World government basically harvest the energy of its citizen but it was also the fact that they uses Weronians.

Weronian has been regarded as humanity enemy after the Weronian War since they killed so many people and even intend to annihilate humanity from the face of the Earth.

The fact that the World Government is using experiment to craft this hideous monster also pointed to the fact that they might even did human experimentation.

Azief need only one second to determine that this monster is the result of the World Government experiment.

The monster seems to be patched from many other beast organs and genetics

Before Azief had even a chance to think a few more moments, the monster had already reached him, charging at him with its claws, creating a wind rip as it jumped towards him.


Azief roars and his energy exploded, disrupting the wind directions as the area around him distorted and breaks

Azief eyes glows blue and it shines like a sun that lit up the world. His body give off an indescribable sense of majesty like the Overlord of the Universe.

Some people like Loki would recognize that blue light and that aura.

It is the aura of Etherna. Azief race is after all Etherna Sacred. He has long discarded the notions he is homo sapiens long ago.

Of course Azief himself only knows a bit about the Etherna Race that conquer all Universe.

And that is only what Alsurt told him

He did not know the backstory of the race and its annihilation, nor did he knows that when an Etherna dies they turned into the Laws of the Universe at least not in details.

Humans possess that one strand that connected them to the Etherna race making them the ideal race to be gifted the World Orb.

Odin knows this since this was not his first time.

He knows he is experiencing a time reversal and he stills need the Orb to be on Earth…..for His Ragnarok to end….because here on Earth Prime lies his last hope.

Azief saw the monster charging towards him but he has no fears in his eyes even though the monster is bigger than him

The monster might possess superior cultivation base but Azief has determined its weakness. It has no intelligence.

Simply a beast.

Azief let out a roar that split the tile road and crack the nearby building as all the glass exploded.

The clouds above parted.

Azief thrust out his palm and a huge blue palm materialized in front of Azief formed entirely by his Worldly Disk.

His Worldly Disk in his Inner World dimmed as the energy inside that Disk was drained to create that palm.

The speed of the palm was beyond imagination before it formed into a titanic fist and smashed into the monster body.

The sky is filled with thunderous rumbles and the earth shook violently as the eastern side of the island crack.

The fist punch out towards the monster as the monster internal organs break down, turning it into mush but the Destruction Laws around it negate around fifty percent of that strike.

Behind him, the shockwave obliterated everything turning the area behind the monster into a flat land devoid of any life or buildings.

The monster was pushed back ten kilometers away, it clawed feet dragged the land beneath it, creating a scratch mark seven feet deep.

But like a mindless beast, it roared in pain, instead of running away and strategize, as golden blood keep dripping from the edge of his mouth

Even as the fist push back the monster, a huge vortex appear and rotated rapidly around Azief.

It was large and boundless as the energy of the world was quickly absorbed by him to quickly heal his Worldly Disk

‘Stay down you beast!’

Azief fly forward with the swiftness of lightning and punch the monster on the face.

The wind howls around his fist as tribulation thunder strike down from the sky complementing Azief attack

With one punch, the shockwaves destroy anything around a ten kilometers radius.

Many buildings were flatten completely as the monster was thrown back a kilometers away, dragging more portions of soil below it feet as it tries to resisted being pushed back too much.

Azief did not relent as he kept punching and punching in a storm of fists until they reached the Northern part of the Island.

It was then this monster begin its counterattack


It roared as it aura and energy rose to the peak and the space around it seems to distort and vibrate

It punched Azief on the face with a force that forces the area around them to be compressed. This punch created a vibrational shockwaves that circles the world one time.

Azief was flung backward fifty kilometers away, his body landed on the ground.

The moment he crashed, the land exploded like a bomb being detonated, sending a large portion of earth to exploded upwards, with a shockwave that rattle the sea and shakes the island.

A twenty foot deep crater was created at the site of his crash.

‘FUCK!’ he cursed in his heart

Azief got up almost immediately and fly up immediately to the monster with a speed that broke the space around him.



The monster and Azief traded blows, each blows produces thunderous rumble that echoes endlessly, making the sea rages and the land quakes and break.

By now, the island is like one of the scenes of apocalypse.

As Azief and the monster fights each other, their strikes and attack reaped countless lives that did not have enough time to evacuate the area.

When Azief shot his fist how many building crumbles with people still in it? And when the monster claws and swipe its tail, how many more were killed?

People, soldiers all run away from the sites of the battle. Those that did not manage to get out would just become a collateral damage of the Death Monarch and the monster

Azief was coughing blood as the battle continue.

The Destruction Laws around the monster causes Azief could not effectively his Death Source ability because it will be neutralized by the Destruction Law

For the first time in a long time his physical body felt pressure.

Even though the monster have no comprehension of Laws by itself, its body is after all the body of Divine Comprehension experts.

Azief is curious about the Destruction Laws enveloping the monster body. It is given and is not wielded consciously.

And the monster healed as fast as Azief dishes out his attack and almost at the same speed his own body is regenerating.

They could only keep trading injuries as their blood stain the ground below and the sound explosion rocked the sky.

Unless Azief uses Laws to defeat this monster, this battle would take a long time and Azief realizes that his Seal over the Island is weakening.

His eyes narrowed and nodded to himself

‘So, that’s what you are planning?’

Azief understand almost immediately what those Council members were thinking.

They know they would not have a good ending if Azief enter the Quorum Building but they could not teleport since he already seal the Island.

So, they sent this monster to weaken him so the seal could be broken.

Just when Azief thought of this he saw the roof of the Quorum building opens and emerging out of the roof is a large cannon that is aimed at the sky.

Azief gritted his teeth

He knows he could not delay anymore. He wanted to use his saber but he also fears that using it would put him into a vulnerable position.

The price of using that Saber is steep and he could not afford being vulnerable.

The World Government may not have an expert of his caliber but they have deep reserves.

Even Azief did not know about this monster

If he is vulnerable and was defeated, how could he save his comrade?

The more they wanted to run, the more Azief believes something is wrong with Sofia and Wang Jian.

They should already negotiate Sofia release with him yet they did not say anything about negotiation and instead wanted to run.

Has something gone wrong somewhere?

Azief was thinking of this even as his face was punched by the monster as he once again flew backward but this time he stabilizes himself and force himself to stop breaking the air and space around him as he tries to stop the momentum of him being pushed backward.

‘Fine! Since you are so stubborn let me show you my power!’ Azief shouted to the sky making the whole island hear his declaration.

He spread out his arms and blue light with a mix of gold envelops the sky.

Azief body turns blurry as he closes his eyes and then he disintegrated into the air like a dust being blown by the wind.

He disappears.

But the spectators seeing this from the safety of their shelters far away, could not feel at ease.

After all they have seen this kind of technique once before….in Poland.

A person in a dark room somewhere in Rome, Italy spurted out his drink as he recognize this technique.

Merging with the world!

The other spectator that is seeing this battle using some seeing device also recognize this.

Last time Azief did not yet from his fifth disk.

But this time with his five disk, he intend to merge with the world, usurp its power and drew the power of the world laws.

As Azief tries to usurp the will of the world, nets of golden light appeared all over the heavens of Earth.

Azief strength is almost at the limit of the world, forcing the world to prevent that power from overpowering the Will of the World

For the first time in a long time, the World Orb glows a bit and the world gained the power to prevent Azief full domination of the will of the world.

The World Orb glows again and some undersea monster could understand the spirit of the World Orb as they whispers among themselves in their languages.

It will strengthen the world again since there is already someone that almost surpassed the strength of this world.

All of this happens in an instant but for Azief and the Will of the World, their fight for domination felt like an eternity

But even though Azief did not manage to usurp the entirety of the Will of the World, he manages to usurp it for a while.

Thunder shoots out from the sky, slithering all over the world like a thunder dragon being unleashed as it freely traversing the clouds

And with it comes a heaven crushing presence that pervaded the island as mountains and hills were flattened by an invisible pressure.

Hundreds of people that is late to run from the island felt like their cultivation base being grinded to dust.

Even Azief Battlestar has already retreated from the island using their FTL drive.

And then there is an eerie silence…but those that is watching this scene all knows what comes next.

The monster not understanding anything roar and began destroying anything in front of him but did not step near the Quorum building.

Inside the Quorum building Pandikar is sweating bullets but his hand is holding the kill switch of the monster.

The monster might not be intelligent but it have a sharp instinct that is almost supernatural. It felt danger to its life coming from the building so it dares not come near the building.

The monster was angry when its opponent suddenly disappeared.

It was about to enter into another bout of rampage when suddenly, the sky cracked and a giant foot descended from the Heavens, its momentum forces wind path to change directions and broke space creating a mini black hole.

When the foot landed on the ground, earthquakes shakes all parts of the world.

The three Chain islands that was connected magically to the Island of Peace was flatten, its connection severed before it cracked in all places from the center to its seams, all of its life forms was sunk down to the seabed.

Thunderous rumbles echoed all over the world as a world of thunder descended upon the Island.

Hundreds of building was reduced to piles of rubble and dust under that feet

Then Azief roar.

And with it the world roars with him, shocking the whole world. Reclusive experts that hides all over the world felt shaken.

The spectators seeing the scene and hearing the roar could not help but sighed inside their hearts.

This battle and this scene would surely imprint itself into the minds of everyone.

The Death Monarch position as the greatest hero under the Heaven, the strongest man in the world….from this moment will be planted firmly into everyone minds.

His image will be unassailable

Azief figure was impossibly large as his voice came from the sky, echoing all over the world

‘World Government, I decree you guilty for the crimes of lying and conspiring against me! Witness your destruction!’

That sound was hundred times more violent than the sound of thunder, and it replaced all other sounds on the world, killing any avian creatures nearby the island.

This sound echoed in everyone’s ears.

Some of the soldiers whose cultivation levels were lacking bled from their ears and their miserable screams echoed as some even felt their Orbs cracking and Pillars breaking.

Somewhere on the other side of the Island, Hirate has come out from his prison with Oreki carrying him out of a hole, when he saw that gigantic feet on the island.

He was startled and he raised head to follow the sound of the voice and as soon as he did so, his face turned pale and he sucked in a breath of cold air!

Azief figure is so large it was almost impossible to describe. Hirate couldn’t even see the face of the Death Monarch; he could only see up to his waist that lies beyond the clouds

But he could feel a large gigantic eyes that is looking down on all creations, like an all seeing God.

It is true. Azief is looking down but that is the only thing he did. He looked down and he saw the monster.

He did not realizes that Hirate is at the other side of the Island. Simply because he is preoccupied trying to focus on one thing.

When you merge with the Will of the World….it does not come without some heavy pressure. Azief could feel everything.

The waves of wind over a blade of grass, or the fluttering of flower blossoms on a tree, the sensation of earth when a person step on the ground, the pulsating waves of the oceans, the cries and pleadings of even worms.

An All Seeing and all hearing God. And seeing and hearing everything is not as awesome as one thinks.

With Azief cultivation level it is already impressive for him to be able to focus on destroying the monster.

He had no other mental power to pay to everything. It takes him quite the mental burden to focus himself on his objective which is to kill this monster.

The people around the world also saw this scene, the gigantic feet and the impossibly large figure of the Death Monarch that seems to be a Titans of old itself and they could not help but feel startled and afraid.

Azief on the other hand knows he could not maintain this state for too long so he punched down bolstered by the Will of the World.

Whistling sound sounded all over the world, the sound traveling around the world five times as it shakes the heart of all of the enemy of the Death Monarch all around the world.

The fist collided with the air producing the whistling sound.

A powerful gust of wind descended from the Heavens as a Heavenly Fist descended down.

Even before the fist landed on the ground, the gust of wind forces the monster to suffer many wind cuts all over its tough body that even with its regeneration power, it proves hard to keep up with the rate of destruction inflicted on him.

Even that strand of Destruction laws around the monster body seems to be shear off by the pure force of the gust of wind

The ground beneath the monster feet has already began cracking and producing web like patterns.

Many soldiers collapsed unconscious and die under this powerful gust of winds that seems to produce sharp gales of wind that slices everything.

All of their corpses were incomplete as their bodies were all cut in many places and scattered all over the land

Raymond and Sofia on the other side of Hirate prison has also comes out and when they saw this attack, even they were filled with fear.

Sofia looking at this has complicated feelings. She was captured by the World Government but she knows this is not the decision of Hirate and Raymond instead they were caught in a conspiracy

And Sofia knows some of the soldiers that is dying in this battle.

Truthfully, after she understand her predicament and why she was captured, she did not hate the soldiers that much.

They were doing what they were trained to do. Which is following orders

And Sofia could not ignore the fact that the soldiers were ignorant of the inner conflict of the World Government highest echelon.

But she also knows Azief. For him….ignorance is not an excuse. And she is also touched that Azief would go this far to save her.

Thus, her feelings right now is complicated as she watches the soldiers she once fought together with dying and the man he still love.

Her feelings about him has also become complicated especially after seeing the interaction between Katarina and Azief.

She mourns him and yet at the same time hated him. She did not even have the chance to prove to him how much she loves him like Katarina.

If Azief heard this he would surely scoff.

Azief don’t know that much about love but he does know that a love that needs to be proven is usually not love at all.

At least, he didn’t want that kind of love. He did not love to be loved. Of course if the person he loves love him back, it would be happy for him.

But he did not have to be loved by that person, to love someone.

Sofia need not prove anything to him.

And Sofia also felt jealous. Jealous of the woman he protected and envious that Katarina seems to share some special connection she did not have with Azief

She sighed. Raymond who was beside her could only bitterly smiles as he look at that gigantic figure. Then shaking his head and regaining his calm, he said to Sofia

‘We need to hurry! We need to stop this!’ Sofia was startled but she nodded

Then they immediately tries to fly through all the destruction of the Island and fly toward the center of the battle.

Even as the battle rages on the Island, Storm Tide arrives and they stop at a safe distance on the Western part of the Island.

Narleod look over at the burning fires all over the island in the distance and he laugh.

‘The Death Monarch did not seal the way in!’ He laughed both at the Death Monarch actions that helps him and he laugh at the destruction of the World Government.

Let them fight each other and he will reap the benefits. This is Narleod thoughts.

Warp is standing beside him and ask him

‘You want to attack Raymond?’ Narleod smile and shakes his head.

‘It is almost impossible…right now’

‘He is weak’ Warp shot back.

‘Just because he is weak you think it is easy to kill him. Did you forgot who is beside him? The Divine Archer. I don’t want to chase my luck away and offend the Death Monarch. I could not yet afford to offend the Death Monarch.’

Then hearing the continuous sound of explosion that seems to never stop Narleod smiles

‘When will the World government had such a day again. This is the time to plunder their treasury and strengthen the foundation of our faction!’

Warp noticed the hint of regret in Narleod as he talk about killing Raymond. Warp knows what drives Narleod.


And even though the person he wanted to kill the most is not far away he could not help but keep that anger and hatred until the opportune moment.

Warp nodded as he put his hand on Narleod shoulder and they teleported into the Island.

Meanwhile not far away from them, the shabby looking man that become a ferryman for the Oracle landed down not too far away on the Eastern side of the Island which has many destroyed buildings and fires.

The Oracle and her bodyguard alighted there.

The oracle look at that gigantic feet and her eyes shine with excitement

‘Let me see you future….Death Monarch. I am curious. I am very curious’

Pandikar who was also seeing the effect of that fist and the subsequent appearance of that gigantic foot revealed an unspeakable terror and his body trembled in fear

‘Shoot the cannon. Break the seal!’

The cannon that revealed itself is an energy cannon and will shoot out a compressed energy of the world.

It began shooting at the sky but even before it manages to shoot at the sky, Azief who saw this, wave his finger and a powerful wind snuff out the cannons energy, rendering its powerless.

Pandikar shouting crazily

‘SHOOT IT! CONTINUOUSLY!’ Even the other council member is as much as distraught as him.

Pandikar body trembled and cold sweat soaked his body. His eyes were locked onto the sky, and he seemed like he wanted to say something.

‘DEATH MONARCH!’ He seems to roar to the sky


Part one of the conclusion of the Kidnapping of the Divine Archer. Next chapter would show the full might of Death Monarch. “And then there is an eerie silence…but those that is watching this scene all knows what comes next.” I recommend hearing to Jen Titus- Death around this part. Anyway a character that Loki has searched since the beginning will show itself next chapter. And also the motivation of Pandikar will be explained in the next chapter

This is the release for Monday next week since I already posted this week chapter. Leave a comments like always and donate if you can

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