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The roars of monsters fill the land, and the land were unhospitable. The sky sometimes hurls down fire and when it rains, it rains acid that could melt rocks and metal.

This is Australia.

When the Fall happens, Australia was one of the nations that hit most badly other than China.

Monster multiplied almost overnight and they were all at the level unprecedented compared to the other region of the world.

But it was also the places where there is many teleportation portals. In the beginning many of those that find the teleportation portal all teleport themselves out of the continent.

Those that survives all told the same story. There were monster in such a large numbers that if they were to have a mind and leader they could overwhelm the world.

Now, years has passed since the Fall.

While they are not many that still dares ventures to this forbidden continent, the world has at least knows the kind of monster that roams this continent.

There were at least thousands of monsters of different kinds roamed this land. This land is usually open to all, but not many came.

But today a weird sight could be seen around the entire continent.

There was a grey dome like barrier around the continent of Australia that seems to prevent anything or anyone from entering and anything on the inside from coming out.

The monsters all roared and tries to ram their body into the wall. The result was that these monsters were drained of their vitality, while some went insane and devoured their own race.

Even though the monster have no mind of their own, they have instinct.

After seeing so many of their race died after trying to break the grey barrier they disperse and continue roaming the land unable to get out.

The sea monsters that usually eat the small monster that are in the shore also could not eat anything for the whole day.

This matter is should not be widespread and many people would be curios of the person who erected such barrier if this was any other places.

They might even come and see whether a treasure was born for such barrier to be erected

But this is Australia. The Forbidden Continent. With how dangerous the waters, the land and the horde of monster inside it, not many dares venture here.

So, not many people saw that barrier. The barrier was constructed by Azief to minimize the effect he would certainly induce when he forms his fifth seed.

He was in that cave, his body cracking and wind pulsates around him before cracking and breaking.

He is absorbing the energy in the fragment of the spear, his eyes closed, his mind open as his Undying Physique slowly emits golden aura.

As he sat in the cave, his vitality and blood circulated all over his body surrounded by a trace of blue aura that seems to invade his body and quickly assimilating into his body

The spear tip was turned to blue because of the refining

Azief body shines with a golden bluish radiance.

Still closing his eyes, Azief felt his aura rises up and with it the worldly essence around him was absorbed, his body turns into a bottomless pit of absorbing worldly energy.

The beast around the cave wither, aged and dies, turning to dust as the wind blows and blows all these dust.

A white fox was near the cave.

The vortex of absorbing power absorbed the energy of the white fox and the white fox turns into dust in a matter of second.

All around fifty kilometers around the cave all monsters turns into dust.

Azief was like a holy exorcist, exorcising the Demons turning them into a puff of smokes.

Australia is one of the few places in the world that have high concentrated energy vital for cultivation on Earth.

But now, that thick energy is being absorbed by Azief, thinning it out. Poisonous fog empowered by the energy of the world in Australia becomes thin.

While it will help decreasing the severity of the poisonous fog it will also decrease energy of this continent.

The world inside Azief consciousness is formed by his Worldly Disk that created a sun in his inner world

His Universal Disk forms the moon and the stars.

His Ancient Rune disk forms the runic energy that embedded itself into the stars, the moon, the sun and the Space and Time itself in his inner world and act like Laws of his Inner World.

As long as he spoke of it, the runes in his Inner World will shape the world according to his wishes.

The Celestial Disk he had enables him to absorb celestial energy.

Unfortunately there is scarce of celestial energy on Earth. If not he could create celestial spell and even refines celestial weapons.

The Celestial Energy is also present in his Inner World but it is not many.

Now, as he refines the spear, the All Source energy fills his Inner World.

Immediately, his Inner World was shaking and an explosion happens akin of a Big Bang.

The sun turns blue, the sky parted and the runes shakes.

Celestial Energy was empowered and all in all in the brief moment Azief refines the spear his Inner World was strengthened to an unprecedented degree.

It will not be too much to say his Inner World underwent an evolution.

Vitality fills Azief entire body, erasing him of any effect of merging with the world. And Azief body, for the first time appears inside his own Inner World.

This body of his was transparent like he was not solid but he was there, existing in his Inner World, light spill from his eyes, lighting the world, erasing any darkness.

The stars gathered around his hands, with one grasp he could take the stars into his palm and the sky below his feet, seeming so fragile.

He could stomp his feet and the Heavens will crumble.

It was like Azief was in an isolated world inside his own inner world, the monarch of all creation in his inner world.

On the outside, the spear finally disintegrated as it is finally all refined.

To refine a piece of All Source is a hard task and could take many months and for some weak creatures it could take even years.

Even so, some might explode themselves midway of refining the energy of the spear because of the overloading of energy present inside the spear of more accurately the fragment of the All Source.

But this problem did not bother Azief.


Because his body hardly felt stressed or even pain when he absorbed the energy inside the spear.

This is a testament of Azief physical body prowess. In this Universe, not many could challenge him in terms of physical body.

In his Inner World, the moment the energy was fully absorbed, a blue beam shot up from the sky of his Inner world to himself.

The blue beams seems like it wanted to communicate with him. Around the blue beam, heavenly energy surrounded it, bolstering the Celestial Disk.

The Celestial Disk that has always existed but offer almost no help to Azief is now being powered up.

This beam enveloped Azief like it was protecting him and refining Azief. But not only heavenly energy revolved around this beam.

It also have the runic energy that usually only present in the Eight Realms, and the Worldly energy and Universal Energy was also present shocking Azief.

The blue beam enveloping him made Azief to appear sacred, as if he was the Universe favored child.

As Azief was enveloped by the blue beam he was reminded again about Alsurt story.

He didn’t know why he was reminded of that story but the more he remembered the more he felt unease.

He remember that Alsurt once shows the image of the most ancient races of the Universe, the Etherna race.

They were large like a small universe and they possess great powers and abilities.

And they were all surrounded by golden bluish aura. Almost like the same aura that coming off the All Source fragment.

Azief decided to forget about the story and think to himself how could it be so coincidental?

He did not want to think too much and broke his concentration of forming his fifth disk so he empty his mind from Alsurt stories and concentrate back on the forming.

As the blue aura revolves and enter Azief body, it connected the sky and him, and allowing Azief to become one with his Inner World

Azief body continuously rumbled as if something wanted to climb out from the earth and wanting to burst out.

Azief vitality and blood energy soared to the Heavens, covering all existence and creation with blue colors as his body resounded with thunderous explosion.

Blue lightning rumbles and strikes the lands but instead of the land being blown apart by the blue lightning it strengthen the lands.

The blue lightning strengthen the world.

This all signaled the forming of Azief fifth disk.

Azief floating on the sky of his Inner World could not help but be proud of himself and becoming even more confident that he could create Thirteen Disk and summons the Supremacy Stairway

Spatial fabric and time around Azief body distorted and wither and break apart as the energy inside his body rising up.

As Azief moves his finger spatial crack was formed and a continent inside his Inner World exploded.

With just a simple movement it had such a disastrous effect on his Inner World but he made a grabbing motion with his hand and the continent reforms back.

This is his Inner World…where he is the God.

Gentle waves of energy pacify the world, as buzzing sound creating a harmonious melody that seems to resonates with the heavenly energy of the Heavens, heal the world and strengthen it.

Then the energy gathered, amassing concentrated energy in Azief Inner World, the pressure bearing on the Inner World was unprecedented.

It was so pressuring that the heavens started cracking and the land fractured into countless division.

It was then a Disk formed. It was large and the rotating of the Disk spreads out power all over the stars, and planets that is being formed in his Inner World.

Azief Inner World expanded. His Galaxy expanded by a thousand folds and new planets form on the outskirt of his Universe.

And in the center of his Universe was his fifth Disk, the All Source Disk.

This Disk were different from all other Disk.

What is the difference?

The All Source Disk was titanic in its size.

It was as large as three Earths. Azief thought of it and he appeared in front of the disk like he was stepping out of some space crack.

He look at his Titanic Disk and slowly float towards it, the energy washed over him like a cool water being poured into a body in heat, it was refreshing and comfortable.

He touched the large Disk and the Disk dispersed, its energy embed itself into all creations, into the suns, the moons, the stars, the grass , the wind and the Laws of the Inner World.

Everything have a little bit of the essence of this Disk. He called this Disk All Source Disk

Azief has finally succeeded in forming his Fifth Disk which gave him more confidence of raiding the World Government.

Outside the cave, Azief did not realize when he was forming his fifth disk, his ten rings were giving an odd resonance.

All of the ten rings glows with blue color.

Azief once talked about this ring with Alsurt once.

Alsurt said this ring did not belong to the Demonic world as its origin seems to be from a world of pure energy that transcended the limitations of the Demonic World.

If Azief was conscious right now and saw the blue aura that glowing off from his ring Azief might have gained a clue regarding the rings origins.

But the moment Azief formed the fifth disk the glow on the rings dimmed and disappeared.

Azief opens his eyes. His body was glistening with blue aura that seems to repel anything worldly around him.

He was sitting cross legged but he was floating from the ground.

He then realizes his body was full of sweat. He chuckles a bit as he could not remember the last time he sweat.

He got up and he no longer floats as his feet touched the ground. He tries to rotate the All Source Disk and absorbed the world energy.

It was then a wider smile appears on Azief face.

He now knew the function of the All Source Disk. He discovered that when he absorbed the world energy, he could use the All Source disk to refine it to other types of energy.

Happy with this discovery Azief absorbed more energy as he refines it to become the Celestial Energy and Runic energy,

With runic energy he could use words to turns ordinary utterance into Laws. With enough energy he could even compel people to stop their circulation of energy and disturb the Laws of the World

He absorbed almost all the energy in Australia making it almost barren without energy. It would take months before the World Orb will replenish the energy in Australia

Azief look outside and he saw it was night. He didn’t know how many days he used to refine the Disk.

The process might look fast but Azief did not sense the passage of time when he was in his Inner World.

Thankfully he brought a timer from Poland. He look at the timer and he nodded his head,

‘Five days’ he muttered. Not too long and not too short.

Now, that he is finished with his refining and form his Fifth Disk, he fly upward destroying the cave as he fly upwards.

The grey dome he erected immediately disintegrated as he sails the wind. He did not look down as he fly into the air.

But if he look downwards, he would see, millions of monsters bones scattered all over the continents.

Monsters aren’t the same like humans. Without the energy it was like they were deprived of oxygen.

After all the monster was formed from the will and energy of the World Orb. But that was not enough to kill the monsters. After all, they still have their body and they could withstand it.

Azief did not realizes it but when he absorb the energy of the world around Australia he unconsciously absorbed the life force of all the monster in it to.

Combined that with him sealing the area, the destructiveness of his absorbing powers were amplified.

For a while people would be able to travel into the forbidden continent. And a white owl flying around the continent, soaring in the sky saw it as it flies into the clouds.

In the end Azief level shot up to 75. And now he has five disk once again putting him in the forefront of the race to ultimate strength on Earth.

His Divine Sense was unleashed, as two of his Disk draws power from the world and the sun and moon.

Island of Peace is usually hidden and they keep moving, floating just a few meters above the sea.

With the Island of Peace shutting all of his teleportation portals and closing itself off, they are now invisible.

Not to mention Anti Detection formation and magical array they would surely employs, the fact that they keep moving would also made pinpointing their true location almost impossible

Of course….unfortunately they are dealing with the Death Monarch. With their arrays and security measures they could hide from anyone in the world…except Azief.

His Divine Sense expanded, covering the whole world and Azief this time merged for a second with the world before quickly extracting himself out of the merging.

Coming out of that state Azief smile.

‘Gotcha’ he said, his eyes glints dangerously.

He stopped on the air.

Then he brought out a jade-like stone the size of a rectangle. He spoke something towards the stone and crushed it with his hand.

And then he moves forward.


In Poland, Fairy of the Stars Somi is sitting on top of large boulder, hugging her sword. Behind her, six swords floated dangerously.

There is killing intent in her eyes and also a trace of coldness that should not have existed in the eyes of such a young girl.

It was then as she contemplating something, the long distance jade transmitting talisman cracked and a message sounded in Somi ears.

‘Gather at the Atlantic Ocean. Or follow the trails of my energy. I am getting back my companions’

Hearing this Somi got up. And she shot up toward the area of the Tower of Bones in the distance.

Inside the Tower of Bones, were some people that have met Azief when he brought Poland to its knees.

Frederick was to be the temporary leader of the temporary government and he have been gathering the people all around the country to organize the government.

But inside the Tower of Bones is also Azief allies and subordinates sitting on a long table giving their input and making sure no one have any funny ideas toward Frederick.

Azief is clearly intending to truly give independence to Poland, to free them from choosing between the Republic and the World Government.

And he would not interfere which surprises even Frederick. Usually when someone expend this much effort to help someone, they always have something to gain.

Not to mention, Poland is a kingdom that has strategic importance in the eyes of both titanic organizations of World Government and the Republic.

But Azief was not interested in being the dark hand behind the power of Poland.

Azief has always felt he is not suitable to become King or having a position where he has to administrate.

He yearns to be carefree.

That is the reason for him obsessively seeking strength, so that he could not be forced doing something he didn’t want to do

Around the long tables there is Athena and Freya who have come not too long after Azief constructed the Tower of Bones to renew their pledge of allegiance.

There is Sina and Sasha, talking with each other in jovial mood while sipping red wine.

Budiman and Immortal Couple was also present and seems to be catching up, telling each other of their experiences in the absence of Death Monarch during those two years.

The only people not present were Loki and his forces, Sofia and Wang Jian.

The moment Azief broke the jade, they all get the same message and they all got up from their seat.

They all looked towards each other with serious expression and they all know what they should do. Their leader has issued summon so they must also follow.

That day, the whole world stirred when the White Owl reported the news about the situations in Poland.

Seven Battlestar departed from Poland each one headed by Azief people, the movement part the clouds and scared the shit of people who used to mistreat the Death Monarch subordinate making them hiding even deeper in their stronghold.

Fairy of the Stars Somi, led the White Tiger Army belonging to Wang Jian of thirty thousand soldiers who are all motivated to save their general

Sina call in some favors amassing the shocking numbers of elite cultivators around five thousand that owe some debt toward her.

She also call upon her disciples of Alchemist and Pill Refiner around four hundred people as she led her Alchemist army into one of the Battlestar.

Lady Athena led her Myrmidon Army consisting of thirty thousand elite soldiers all of whom are near on verge of either Energy Disperse Stage and many of them are also in Energy Disperse Stage.

Lady Freya commanded her Valkyries consisted of many Berserkers, and Warriors. She commanded ten thousand soldiers, each of them possess ungodly strength.

Sasha the Nightingale on the other hand commanded the Shadow Guards which is around fifteen thousand people.

The Shadow Guards was one of Azief secret corps he built before he went to Earth 39. In all of these years Sasha never reveal this hidden force.

Now, that Azief has summoned the entire group, she activated this hidden forces that have already been gathering in Poland since the news of Azief location was exposed.

Budiman on the other hand commanded the group of engineers and builders for any repairs of the Battlestar and Starship.

The Immortal Couple on the other hand both commanded ten thousand people each.

These twenty thousand people were Loki forces. While Loki was not present he did sent twenty thousand troops to aid Azief.

But his whereabouts is still unknown.

This means Azief mobilized 110400 troops. This force in the current era is a large force that could pressure many factions. Not to mention these are elite soldiers.

Azief did not care too much about the troops since he believed his power would be sufficient but the World Government root dig deep.

To have more back up is not something Azief hated.

Not to mention Azief did not want to debase himself by fighting with the lower levelers. It almost felt like he was a bully.

He knew only a few people in the World Government could give him a warm up. His solution was simple.

He will beat everyone until they tell him where is Sofia and Wang Jian

Now that he is at the peak of power, he did not think too much nor does he needs to. He would go to the World Government and punish those who scheme against him.

Now that the Weronian Invasion has ended Azief did not have much reservation in sparing the World Government of their elite forces mainly Hirate.

Azief believes it is Hirate that orders the capture of Sofia.

The last time he spares the organization was because he needed the world to be united and he knows that the World Government could truly unified the intent of humanity to work against those invaders.

Azief find it a hassle to become a leader and unify people and he is not skilled in it which is why he spares the World Government.

This time, the World Government once again schemed against him. If he keeps letting the World Government off without teaching them a lesson, then who would fear and respect him in the future?

On the sky of the world, a black blur crosses clouds heading towards the Atlantic Ocean with a speed that broke the sound barrier and leaving an unstable space distortions.

On the sky of Poland, seven Battlestar leaves the kingdom as they move in a speed of light following the trail of energy left by Death Monarch

The whole world knows…..this is it.

The clouds parted, the sky gave way and the world trembles as the curtain towards the clash of Death Monarch and the World Government is raised.



Edited chapter.

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