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The seagulls fly over the water as it dive down and grab a handful of fishes. It seems like the good old days. Only if the seagulls were smaller.  

This seagulls was as big as a car and the fishes it caught were the size of a normal tiger. This is the sea that is connected to the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by the Mediterranean Basin and almost completely enclosed by land. 

On the north lies Southern Europe, on the south, North Africa and on the east by the Levant. 

This Sea saw the rise and fall of Empires. The Greeks called it the Great Sea. The Roman Empire called is Mare Nostrum. 

The Carthaginians called it the Syrian Sea. 

In this large Sea, there is an island in the Ionian Sea. It sprouted near Strait of Messina before floating into the middle of the Ionian Sea. 

There is many island around the sea formed after the Fall.  

In this many clusters of islands some were uninhabited and some others are inhabited by other the native of that island or other people who did not want to meddle in the chaos of the world. 

Some are even inhabited by reclusive expert 

And these kind of islands usually apaper unassuming.  

But… there is one island in the Mediterranean Sea that did nota appear unassuming. It didn’t even maintain a facade of unassuming at all. Instead it is eye catching  

The Storm Tide 

That is the name of the island. But what is so eye-catching about this island? It is the fact that this island is chained by four metal gigantic tortoises. 

The size of a small island, these tortoises are not only gigantic but emitted a powerful emanation of the power of the sea and could harness the power of the sea to bring turbulent waves and chaotic weather around the Sea 

It is said that this island is actually a high level Artifact.  

It is always moving and has a will of its own. The four metal tortoises held the island in place restraining it from moving….So, the story says. 

And who is the inhabitants of this island?  

It is none other than the member of league of Freedom.  

This is the base for League of Freedom.  

Shrouded by misty white fog, protected by four gigantic metal tortoise that have weapons all over their bodies, and enchantments that spans one hundred miles from the island epicenter, this island is practically an impenetrable fortress. 

League of Freedom has always been in vocals opposition of the World Government since its founding.  

Their leader is a man called Narleod, a man wearing a purple red mask in the shape of an angered Demon. 

His right hand man is Warp who once used to be in the World Government.  

Warp then defected to the League of Freedom and his bounty still is pinned in the Secret Agency office. 

Both of these two figures that prop up the League of Freedom is both mysterious and no one knows why they hold such animosity towards the World Government.  

In the beginning of its founding, they were barely worth of mention and even the World Government did not view them seriously.  

It wasn’t until after the Weronian War that they rise in power and influence.  

In that war, the League of Freedom could be said a war merchant as they sold and market thousands of new technology and weapons. 

And then they allied themselves with Boris.  

While this was not the alliance between the league of Freedom and the Republic, Boris is one of the upper echelons of the Senate of the Republic. 

In the cold war between the Republic and the World Government, the middle man that supplies weapon to the compatriots of the Republic was the League of Freedom.  

And so secret wars flourished below the surface because of League of Freedom 

With its member who were known to be skilled in infiltrating enemy ranks whether it be through duplicitous means or through hard to access information, League of Freedom stands out as an organization highly skilled in stealth, infiltration and sowing chaos inside enemy ranks. 

With the help of the League of Freedom, the Republic has many times managed to convince people to switch sides to them. 

Not to mention that the League has Warp, a known leveler that could teleport himself without limitation.  

But that was not the reason the World Government is now wary of them.  

The reason why the World government is weary of them is because they have many networks spreads all across the world.  

They have many dealings with many secretive organization hidden in the dark. 

There is the Kasap, an organization based in Turkey that specializes in assassination, The Order of Thinkers, The Syndicate, The Smokes in Rwanda who make people disappear or make the world believe they disappear and at the same time make sure any evidence on certain crimes would never be found. 

And there is many others that even the World Organization felt chills.  

In the years since they formed, the League of Freedom bide their strength and hidden in the shadows, interacting with the dark forces that could not enter the main stages because of World Government, the Revolutionary Army and The Prince. 

In those days, these three great power, unknowingly possess a deterrent power that made the people of the crime underworld too scared to show their faces. 

And it is understandable.  

Just look at the Prince conduct.  

While he is not exactly what one would say a hero, he could not tolerate injustice in front of his eyes.  

He slaughters people without batting an eye and he was infinitely powerful.  

The testament of his power was when he form a country at that time in the Fake World, none dares invades and do anything untoward in the city.  

With him flying around on the sky every day, the people of that country felt safe and light shines upon the city of Eden. 

The World Government on the other hand made it their mission to exterminate many dark forces of crime.  

Of course this was not publicized but the Yakuza,Mafia, the Bratva and many other crime organization was crippled when they try to form themselves up after the Fall.  

The Golden Legion of Raymond was like a lion as they massacres many crime families without remorse. 

And if that is not enough, the Bratva who was active in Russia, if they do not surrender under Boris and Katarina they would be executed.  

With the Snow Princess power, Boris remove any bad activity from Moscow in just simply a month.  

And how did he do that? By filling the ground with corpses. Of course these stories were also not publicized. 

So, the remnants of these hunted crime family hid in the dark.  

And in that darkness, the League of Freedom came and in the shadows they plotted and schemed, waiting for the right moment for them to once again reappear. 

And the time was ripe when two of humanity greatest heroes was said to be dead.  

The seemingly invincible Revolutionary Army began to shake at its core, while the World Government who was mostly cautious of the prince faction was rid of that obstacle.  

There was a balance before in the world.  

The Revolutionary Army did not attack the World Government because they have many experts and even if they win it will be a pyric victory. 

The World Government on the other hand while they did not fear the Revolutionary Army they do fear the Prince.  

They fear that if they attacked the Revolutionary Army, the Prince will interfere to keep the status quo.  

And the Prince inaction, and action say clearly that he wanted the status quo to remain. 

And it was peaceful and a fragile balance of power was struck.  

But that day, when the Fire came to wash the Prince and his subsequent assassination attempt, that event break that fragile balance.  

Without anyone restraining it, the World Government once again began to show its ambition to truly be the sole ruler on Earth. 

And Boris at the time desperate and bewildered by the sudden situation hold out his hand inside the man in the darkness. 

And an alliance was struck.  

So a secret war has been ongoing since the aftermath of the Weronian War between the World Government and the Republic. 

And when the Ice Mountain collapse, those who knows of the current situations all know…..the secret war has ended. 

It is time for the war to be brought to the surface. 

The war for the right to rule the world has started. 

And the one to burn the torch of this war is here, on this island, inside a golden pool in a large mansion titled the Sea Mansion 

A man covered in scars all over his body and face is playing with the golden water as he could feel the water healing his soul vitality.  

He winced a few times when he entered the pool but now he has felt comfortable. He leaned on the tile lined wall of the pool. 

He grabbed a purple drink he left on top of the ground and he drink it as he felt his mind slowly becoming clear and vigorous. 

‘Finished with that?’ A voice make the scarred man look toward the entrance of his secluded cave pool. 

‘Warp. You’re here.’ Warp did not look happy. He is frowning and his face was grave. War….is not his specialties. 

Warp doesn’t really like spilling blood. Odd for someone who has killed so many. 

‘Narleod, there is news from the frontline.’ Warp said  

‘You can decide’ Narleod said as he relaxes his muscle 

‘I don’t think I can decide on this matter’ 

‘What do you mean?’  

Warp teleport himself and appears squatting just beside the pool stairs looking at Narleod face. He handed the letter to Narleod 

‘Check it’ 

Narleod didn’t understand what Warp means but when he saw the name on the letter of the sender, a frowning expression appear on that face. 

‘Is this…real?’ He asked Warp. Warp shake his head 

‘I don’t know’ 

Narleod opens the letter and read the letter. It took him a few moments to digest the letter. He then folded the letter and laugh manically. 

‘Leonard, what does the letter says?’ 

Narleod did not answer as he climb the pool stairs and come out of the pool, the golden water rushed down from his naked body.  

He wears his bath robe and said 

‘The storm of chaos has arrived. Let us tide the storms before it comes to us and blows all the trees I cultivated’ 

He then laughed as he saw an opportunity in this chaos. 

‘Call all of my retainers’ 

‘Leonard, why the withdrawal?’ This time Warp was shocked. To call all the retainers back here to the island, that would put many plans on hold. 

And Warp did not forget what the expedition in Krakow supposed to do. 

‘The package is already in the expedition hand. If you call all of your retainers, our failsafe in Krakow would also have to be called back.’ 

Narleod look at Warp and smiles bitterly and he said 

‘Because we’re going to war, friend’ he throws the letter he got onto the ground. Written on the envelope 

Death Monarch Azief. 




The small village has changed it colors, that’s what it felt after this few hours.  

Since the fire began at the Blue Beard Inn, it was like the sky of the Southern Ward of Krakow gone crazy. 

All the residents nearby fled. Even the patrol squad also fled, while some messengers send message to the Center Krakow to the King 

The Duke who was waiting for good news from the Secret Agency was instead were treated into an unbelievable scene as he saw the only survivor from the Secret Agency squad. 

Unconscious and unable to explain anything, the Duke recognize Nikolai as the head of the mission squad leader. 

On his body were tied a letter. The letter only reveal the name of the village and the location of the scene. 

The Duke without confirming who the enemy was in his anger…and fear of the high echelon of the World Government, march his men to the small village only to find themselves truly kicking hard metal this time. 

They found themselves face to face with the legend of an era, the Death Monarch Azief. 

And so begin a one sided suppression from the Death Monarch. In just a matter of minute the Duke men was suppressed. 

Frederick who at that time present has no power to stop all of this from happening. He could only watches as the Duke men were suppressed. 

The fire has stopped and only black smoke could be seen from the distance. The wind blows harshly before the cold came and freezes even the wind. 

A dark mist spreads out from the Inn.  

Then it dissipated.  

For a while there is only silence.  

But no one dares come near the inn. Some did not even dare to make a noise. Because in front of the inn was about a dozen ice statues of people.  

Frozen in ice, looking terrified. When the smoke subsided what they saw only increases the alarm in the spectator heart. 

There was a throne of ice with the height of seven meters. And sitting on it was the most beautiful woman in the world. 

Sitting on a throne of ice, was Katarina, her veils removed, showing her peerless beauty to the people. 

She smiles a bit and some people below the throne seeing her from the distance felt awestruck and unconsciously smile before remembering how powerful this woman really is if she is offended and they look down on the ground like a subject that does not dare meeting the eyes of their superior. 

She smiles as she could feel the familiar power run through her veins once more.  

If people was not so mesmerized seeing her beauty they would realizes that behind her ice throne , the surface of the ground was entirely frozen into ice and snowflakes falls down from the edges of her throne handles, showering snowflakes below her high throne 

By now, she already possesses the strength of an Energy Disperse Stage.  

Combined that with her silvery white orb that attains perfection she is no ordinary Energy Disperse Stage levelers. 

Azief when he attains perfection his orb was golden.  

But Katarina was silvery white.  

That was the Laws she cultivated that changed her golden orb to be covered in snowflakes that covered the orb and imbued her with the power of cold that is beyond her previous achievement. 

As she was smiling and people was looking at the beautiful face of the Snow Princess it was then they noticed the dark aura and red dark mist that surrounded the surrounding area near the white ice throne. 

Beside her was the throne made of bones, skulls and swords, and a variety of the weapons of the fallen enemies.  

The throne itself was the same height as Katarina throne and it has thirteen steps made of bones and lined by veins of blood to reach to the throne seat. 

The throne emits a killing intent that pierces the sky and it wasn’t until Azief sat on it that the throne killing intent was suppressed. 

Sitting on it, with his black robe lined with red swaying because of an invisible force is Death Monarch Azief. 

On his fingers, his ring shines with reddish glow, emanating an ancient power that resonates with the energy of the world. 

In front of him was a mass of people kneeling that came from the Duke retinues.  

If one look from afar it seem like these people, kneel in awe but that is the further from the truth.  

All these people was forced to kneel by an invisible force. Even the Duke son is among the knights of Duke of Southern Ward. 

Sitting on his throne majestically, Azief swept his eyes and snorted. 

‘Return back to your domain and told the Duke he need to surrender himself in front of me before dawn. If not I will come for him’  

He said it coldly and anyone who hears it all believe that if the Death Monarch really did not see the Duke by dawn, he truly will come to the Duke house. 

By then the whole dominion of the Duke will be implicated. And who knows what the Death Monarch will do 

The Duke managed to escape with the help of an artifact leaving his people in the mercy of the Death Monarch 

Azief did not find it worth it to chase the Duke so he suppresses the soldiers that he brought till the only thing they could do was only to kneel and look at the ground. 

He waved his hand and all the kneeling masses falls down to the ground. The pressure akin of  a mountain on their back has dissipated. 

They were all sweating on their foreheads and all are struggling to get up. Then without any word of objection they all ran from where they came. 

Not far away from the throne was Frederick who was still could not believe what has happened. He tries his best to come here as fast as possible but he was still too late. 

Azief gestured for him to come. 

‘Come here child’ This might sound insulting but it is true if Azief really counted his age, he is probably older than anyone here.  

He spent how many years in the Otherworld’s and the Multiverse not to mention the world where time does not move. Truth be told he didn’t know his true age. 

It is only thankful that time here and the time he spent in other places moved differently. 

Frederick come and without any pretension he kneeled. 

Azief shake his head and moves one of his finger. The elements of the world obeys, as the wind sweeps Frederick knees and make him stand straight up again.  

And Azief shows a gentle smile 

‘You are my benefactor. You take me in then without any question. You did not ask question and help me even after you suspect who I am. There is no need to kneel before me.’ 

Frederick just nodded.  

‘Death Monarch’ he begins before looking at the expression on Azief face. Seeing that he did not hate that appellation Frederick continue 

‘What now?’ There is many meanings in that question.  

And Azief of course could sense that. 

Azief just offended the Duke retinue and the Secret Agency belonging to the World Government.  

The Death Monarch can do this without fearing for consequences because well, he has many allies and he himself was powerful.  

If he reveal himself, his friends would congregate where he is bringing with them their soldiers, subordinates and their friends. 

Each of them is the heroes of the generation. 

But, Frederick is not the Death Monarch and he does not have the Death Monarch companion as his friends.  

By doing this here, while the Death Monarch might escape this crisis unscathed one could not say the same for him and his villagers.  

After all, Southern Krakow still belongs to the World Government and King of Poland and he is under the Duke orders. 

Since the Death Monarch called him benefactor, he must have a way for this matter not to inflict any harm on him and his villagers. 

Azief then asked 

‘That depends on what you choose.’ 

‘Death Monarch, what do you mean? What choice? What do I have to choose?’ Azief did not say anything but his eyes glanced towards two people behind Katarina throne. 

Frederick look towards the two people behind Katarina throne protected from the cold aura wafting from the ground. 

The people behind Katarina throne trembled when Frederick look at them like a frightened rabbit.  

Frederick knows they were not afraid of him, they were afraid of the Death Monarch 

Katarina also glanced at those two and then she sighed. 

‘Azief, you should let them both go.’ Azief turn his gaze back at Katarina and shakes his head. 

‘Because they are doing the bidding of your brother?’ And Katarina face turn red because of anger.  

They differ in opinion on how to handle this matter after hearing the true objective of the League of Freedom and what the Republic orders for them. 

‘The World Government is not your friend’ Katarina said 

‘Hmph’ Azief snorted in disdain 

‘Did I ever want them to be my friend? As long as they did not bother me, did I ever go out trying to make trouble?’ 

‘So, let them do what they are supposed to do.’ Katarina retorted 

Azief shakes his head slowly as he stares at that beautiful blue eyes and hold her hand. He slowly rub her hand trying to soothe her anger. 

‘Katarina, they are cause and effect in this world, in the Laws of the world. It is unseen but it is there. Connected to everyone and everything. One might call such things as Karma. Sow Karma, reap Karma. If you did this, then one day you will have to reap the effect of the Karma you sow.’ 


‘Frederick helped you, in your weakest moment. He shelter us and grant us his hospitality, break bread with us and shares his house with us. From that moment on, we were connected to him by this unseen power. Now, you aim to do the things that would harm your own benefactor. This must not happen’ 

Azief do not know how to explain this to Katarina.  

He senses this when he first merge with the world. This interconnectedness that exist in every living things on Earth.  

This cycle of causality and effects that connected one another. And he knows that to harm one who have grant them hospitality like this will one day bring a calamity to Katarina. 

Of course one might think how could one inconsequential weakling like Frederick could become a calamity to Katarina?  

But that is the thing. 

Fate and Destiny will lead her to that path of calamity and the cycle will be completed. If there is a cause, there will be an effect.  

The only way for Katarina to be completely free is to cut this Karma formed between them. But to say it is easier than doing it. 

Even Azief didn’t know how to cut Karma. If Loki was here, he would know that Azief would solve this matter when he releases his Divine Seat to Raymond. 

After all in the future, Azief as the God of Death has the power to cut Karma and as such always outside of Loki powerful calculation ability 

Katarina hearing Azief explaining to him, she finally relented. 

‘No harm to my brother’ she said 

Azief frowned.  

‘You are too protective of your brother.’ 

Katarina could only sighed. She knows this is slightly wrong but Boris….is family. And family look out for each other. 

Azief on the other hand knows too much affection could blind people. There is great deal of Karma between Katarina and her brother.  

Azief only fears that her brother might be her fatal flaw.  

If others hear his thought they would think of that Azief only being too worried about Katarina but if Loki knows this thoughts of his he would surely said this is a foreshadowing. 

Because it is true in the War of Sovereign, if not for Boris ambition the Ice Deity would not enter the War.  

And as such she would not die and forces Azief to return to Earth to exact his terrible vengeance. 

Azief as his capacity that governs Life and Death make sure that both Oreki and Hikigaya could not enter reincarnation or even died naturally as he rips their essence and scatter it through ten thousand different universe and worlds. 

Some were sealed as essence of energy in some desolate world, while other were forced to merge with the will of the Universe 

That was the first time people knew that Sovereign could be killed. But maybe this time such events will not happen. 

Katarina then ask Azief 

‘Would you not try to do the same for your sworn brother Will?’ Katarina shot back. Azief contemplated for a while before he smiles proudly. 

‘I would.’ 

‘Then what is so different between you and me?’ Katarina ask 

‘The difference is….I know he would not let me do it. If I am harmed trying to save him, he would blame himself.’ 

‘Would you still not do it?’ Katarina push a bit more 

Azief shakes his head 

‘Maybe. Maybe not. But this and that is different. What I ask you to do, would not harm your brother that much. And would not destroy your brother. I gave you my word’ 

Since Katarina did not say anything more Azief then stomp his feet to the ground. A seat made of skulls and bones was form beside him. 

‘Sit’ Azief said to Frederick.  

Frederick meekly obeyed. Then Azief orders 

‘Hamad, Hatta, come in front of me.’ Immediately the person behind Katarina Ice Throne move forward and they kneel.  

Azief did not ask them to get up. 

‘Listen’ he said to Frederick. Then his gaze look toward the two people kneeling in front of his throne and he ask a question. 

‘Hamad, what are your role in this expedition?’ Azief asked. 

Azief already knows the answer since he already asked before. But Hamad knows that this question was meant for Frederick to hear.  

So, he could make a decision. 

‘Me and Hatta are the delegation from the League of Freedom working under the orders of the Republic.’ 

Azief then ask 

‘To do what?’ 

‘To send a package to the rebellion leader of Poland that is gaining traction here.’ Azief only snorted hearing this claim.  

Gaining traction? More like they were easily influenced by the Republic promises. Maybe they were attracted by Republic new model of governance.  

Azief maintain his belief that whether it be a dictatorship or a democracy, none of that matters in this new world.  

Azief has seen many worlds as such he was not bounded by such notions of nationalism, race or such ideological of governance. 

All that matters is strength.  

Only with strength one could truly be free.  

That was the only thing Azief really wanted. He did not want to become strong just for the sake of being strong.  

He wanted to become strong to become free. Free to do what he wanted without anyone disturbing his peace 

‘Package?’ Frederick muttered.  

Azief move two of his finger and an orb like thing wrapped in shiny metallic wrappings floated in front of Azief. 

He will the orb to move towards Frederick.  

‘Touch it. It won’t bite.’ 

Frederick touches it and could feel the smooth surface of the wrapping 

‘What is this?’ 

‘Answer the kid’ Azief said his eyes glances to Hatta. 

Hatta immediately answered 

‘It is an Ionian Bomb’. 


And Frederick almost dropped it.  He almost had his heart jumped from his heart 

But he never heard of Ionian Bomb before. 

‘What kind of bomb is this?’ Smiling bitterly Hatta answer 

‘It is a new technology made by the Order of Thinker. Under the Ionian Sea there is a rare minerals that could be mined that possess powerful destructive energy essence. All I know it is made from the greenish minerals of Ionian Sea and the Scarlet Crystal from Africa. Do you know the Tsar Bomb?’ 

Frederick nodded 

‘Yes, well, this Ionian Bomb possess a thousand fold more destructive power and not only that. While its destructive power is that powerful the range of the explosion could also be modified. It’s enough to kill many Energy Disperse Stage levelers and at least injured Seed Forming experts’ 

‘What do you intend to do with this kind of bomb?’ Frederick suddenly become more active in asking and Azief just let him.  

Frederick could already guess what it is for but he really hopes it is not what he think it is. 

‘The League of the Five Emperors’ Hamad said 

At this time Frederick eyes widened. 

‘You intend to blow up the Diet at Krakow?’ His voice was laced with anger.  

It is true, the upper echelons of World Government would be present in that meeting but civilians would also be there. 

Whether this Ionian bomb really could modify its range, Frederick didn’t believe that the detonation would not claim innocent lives. 

Frederick of course knows the League of Five Emperors.  

After the Weronian War and the World Government start crowning Emperors and Kings, there was the Five Emperors where the World Government give almost unlimited freedom in dealing with their sphere of influence. 

First, it was the Emperor of Japan under the influence of Hirate. 

Then there is the Emperor of Africa Kwame II who succeed his father who died in the Weronian War.  

There is also Emperor of Australia John from House of Winston. Then there is the Emperor of Central America Hernandez, and Emperor of Mongolia Rughrik. 

And the Emperor of United Korea 

All of them were given power because of their value in World Government.  

For example, the Emperor of Japan was the one that gives legitimacy for Hirate to meddle in his country matters.  

The Emperor of Africa was needed to hold back the rebellion fueled by the Republic that call for a democratic alliance of experts.  

Emperor of Australia was crowned by Hirate and Raymond to establish the rule in the almost abandoned continent as the first part of claiming territory. 

Australia while it is infested with powerful monsters and dangerous terrain it is also a trove of treasures.  

It houses many new herbs and mines of many new minerals that could be used to create new weapons or even new technology. 

It is also a great place for strengthening yourself.  

Of course the World Government would want this place for themselves. The Republic on the other hand could not use their old and tried tactic of arming the natives since Australia was nearly wiped out in the Fall.  

Emperor John was tasked to explore the continent with the full support of the Quorum. 

Central America on the other hand serves as the surveillance for the Pirates organization that’s sprouted in the Sea led by the infamous pirate Mad Ed, an Irish pirate that terrorizes the sea and had quite a grudge with the World Government  

When the Republic supplied him with technology, the Republic also uses the chaos that this pirate had committed to strengthen their base on the sea to keep in check and prevent the World Government domination of the sea. 

Emperor of Mongolia was established to curb Wang Jian influence in China and the fact that it borders Russia it also acts as an obstacle for Moscow to effectively use too many means that is beyond the knowledge of the World Government. 

The last Emperor came from the Emperor of United Korea. Even though he was crowned by the World Government, his reign is chaotic, with not all people of United Korea are satisfied under his rule.  

While he did unite the South and North he did it with force, blood and fire, and one would not say it was peaceful.  

And of course the Republic pounced by arming the separatist.  

The League of Five Emperors was formed as an alliance between this five large empires that is really important to the World Government to curb the ambition of the Republic.  

The one in charge of this was the Inspection Commissioner Akira, the right hand man of Hirate. 

The goal was not only to curb the power of the Republic but also a peaceful relations between vassal empires of the World Government.  

One might say there were under the same banners but each of this empire hold different objectives and have different ambition which sometimes could lead to infighting. 

Inspection Commissioner Akira formed the plans for the League to actualize a peaceful vassal relations of the World government based on the balance of power. 

He fear that internal problem would weaken the structure of the World Government.  

By using the power of these Empire that lies in different regions, Akira also wanted to isolate their enemy sphere of influence. 

The strong conflict of interest between United Korea and Japan Empire almost break the alliance in the first year of formation.  

If not for the prestige of Raymond that held the alliance together, the Five Emperors might have broken up. 

When Frederick hear this, he sighed 

‘Who would the Republic installs as the Governor of the Kingdom?’ 

‘The daughter of Rafal’ Hamad answer And Frederick shakes his head 

‘You would even manipulate the dead hero daughter. What is happening in this world?’ Frederick could only feel his heart becoming weary.  

He lives in a peaceful village. People are kind and nice. They do not take advantage of people and they did not beat someone who is down. 

That was the kind of village his friend envisioned and it was the village he raised. And it follows his ideals. 

It is why even though he knows he could be implicated in treason he still help the Death Monarch and the Snow Princess 

After hearing such revelation, he could see that people hearts are not all pure and kind. Some were filled with schemes and dark thoughts.  

And thinking about it makes his heart weary. 

Azief understand this the most. To scheme will make one heart becomes heavy. Dark thoughts clouded the heart. 

And Azief knows a pure hearted man like Frederick who sees the good in people and believe in good, would surely feel tired.  

This go beyond his normal problem. This is a game board and the chess players have already put down their chess pieces. 

Even if Frederick knows this matter he would not be able to change it.  

But, the Death Monarch can.  

One man…could change the entire situation of the world. If this was in the old world, such thing would really hard to occur since there is many factors.  

But in this world where strength reign supreme, a man like the Death Monarch, truly could change the world with one simple sentence. 

And that was the choice he has to make. When he hears the story of Hamad and Hatta, the more he listened, the more he understand what the Death Monarch wanted him to do 

He didn’t know if this is really what the Death Monarch wanted him to do but eh think he has grasped the Death Monarch intention. 

Frederick could not change anything with his meager strength. But the Death Monarch can. So what could he do now?  

When the Death Monarch ask him to make a choice?  

The Republic…or the World Government? Is that the choice he has to make?  


If that was the choice he has to make, then the Death Monarch would not bother asking. Which means there is another choice. 

And he knows what that choice is. The Death Monarch always say this one thing about him. He is humble but unexpectedly he could not ask for help like a man full of pride. 

So, he now knew what he had to do. Fredrik look towards the Death Monarch and then he said 

‘Death Monarch’ 

‘Hmm’ Azief responded 

‘Can I ask for your help?’ Frederick asked with a determined expression on his face. And Azief who wore an expressionless face since the beginning smile proudly. 

And he nodded 



The sun just started to show its face when a message arrived in the royal study of Poland from Southern Ward of Krakow.  

The entire palace was put in lockdown and the barriers were all activated as the Cloud Ship all in vigilance watching the skies, the Battleship hovering on the clouds, ready to attack anyone that dares invade the air space of the Royal palace. 

Why is the Royal Palace suddenly in such battle ready position? Because a letter arrived a few hours before that send the entire Palace into a bout of fear and panic. 

It was a letter addressed to King Artur the King of Poland. 

And why a letter could incite such response? It is because the name of the sender and the content of the letter. 

Embossed in gold, the sender name was written in cursive, in bold font. 

Death Monarch Azief 

The content of the letter only has three words. It is these three words that send the entire palace into panic 

Those three words are 



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