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It is nearing night now as the expedition finally arrived at Krakow after passing the inspection by the Warden of South Krakow. 

They set their lodgings here at Blue Beard Inn. It was operated by an Englishman, who is an acquaintance of some members of League of Freedom. 

A man smoking a cigarette throws down his cigarette onto the cobblestone road and stomp it. 

‘We finally arrived’ he sighed 

Leader of the expedition Hamad has finally arrived at Krakow. He and his expedition reserved the entire second and third floor. 

After that they met in one of the rooms and discuss battle plans and strategies going forward.  

Many ideas were discussed and debated until they reached a consensus the best way going forward. 

After the other was dismissed from the room only two people remain in the silent dark room illuminated dimly by the Light crystal on the torch holder 

‘Is this place safe?’ The man that seems to be the leader seems to be asking another man who is beside him with solemn expression. 

The man nodded. 

‘You sure, Hatta?’ 

‘I’m sure. Now stop doubting me.’ 

The person in this room is the leader of the League of Freedom Liberation expedition, Hamad and his right hand man Hatta.  

They wanted to go to Center Krakow to meet the rebellion leader of the Rebellion Alliance of Poland. 

But they need to pass the inspection of the Center Krakow.  

And the only way to get in is from the Southern Ward. If the World Government have their Formation Master, the Republic has the Arrayist Lee Sangmin.  

No one knows why but Lee Sangmin who never work under anyone but after the Weronian War he pledge himself to the Senate of the Republic. 

While this is the League of Freedom people, they are working for the Republic. One could even say this is a Republic delegations even though they are League of Freedom people. 

It is a little unfair but Narleod is allied with Boris. This collaboration between them two is not exactly a secret but it was also not openly discussed.  

Narleod methods are sometimes cruel and what people would say unsavory. But it was this alliance of Boris and Narleod that cemented the Republic foundation. 

One in the light, one in the dark.  

While the Republic operates in the surface, the League of Freedom operates in the dark, dealing with organizations like the Syndicate, the Dark Stars, The Ghost, and many other dark organization in the crime world. 

And while World Government might sound like a virtuous and full of morals in their mission statement, they are not above the Republic in using the services of these people. 

The Syndicate is usually used by the Republic while the World Government usually used the Company as their go to underworld organization to settle their problem in a way they cannot. 

‘Hatta, did you check the package?’ Hamad finally remembers about the package.  

He was too tense after experiencing that freak nature show that he was vigilant all the way until here. 

‘Our people is handling it.’ 

‘Be careful with that. It is our gift to the Rebellion leader of Poland. Not to mention our organization pay a hefty price to get that package from the Order of Thinker’ 

‘I know. It still give me creeps dealing with them.’ Hamad just nodded as he understand what Hatta is feeling.  

The Order of Thinker is an organization of inventors, researchers and scientist that explores the new world and analyze its application to the new reality.  

It is led by a person called The Grand Researcher.  

It is a secret societies of sort as it is invitation only.  

They also created weapon among other things to fund for their inventions and research.  

The reason why many people feel the creeps dealing with them is the way they operate which is never face to face and always requires something they needed like a dead body of a monster, or a warrior and sometimes weird stuff.  

Not to mention them being shadowy and speaking in riddles doesn’t exactly help with their image.  

‘Hamad, don’t we need to pass the inspection first? Then we will have to worry about the package arriving at the hands of the Rebellion Leader’ 

Hamad nodded. Maybe he is too anxious right now.  

After all he is in enemy territory right now 

‘Did the letter arrived already?’ He asked Hatta. Hatta was checking something from his Crystal Watch but then he answers. 

‘Other communication channels has been cut off. The only way anything from outside could enter the Ward now is by old fashioned Thunderbird.’ 

‘We have three days before the League of Five Emperors convene’ 

Hatta frowned. It is a strict deadline. 

‘We’ll make it’ 

‘We better be. Narleod is not exactly what you would call a person of generous disposition’ 

Hatta nodded. Then he sighed a bit. Too many things have changed. Their group has scattered with Lakshmi and Sita disappearing after the end of the Weronian War.  

Hatta and Hamad didn’t know if they join other factions or went it alone. After the death of Rani, they had a difference of opinion and that difference torn them apart. 


‘What are you thinking about?’ Hamad ask as he heard Hatta sighing. 

Hatta look at the tired face of his friend and shakes his head. 


Hatta saw Hamad is about to review the plan again as he look over the hologram image of the map of the Wawel Castle and Hatta knows he could not let his best friend spent his time obsessing over it. 

Life is fleeting in this new era. It is important to enjoy life. Because no one knows when it will end. 

‘Hamad’ Hatta said as he pat Hamad back.  

‘Hey! What?’ 

‘Let’s go have a drink at the Inn Tavern below.’ Hamad look at Hatta and he was hesitating between reviewing the plan again or having a drink 

Hatta shake his head 

‘The plan will still be there even after we finished drinking. You couldn’t make a plan without the points of weakness explained and the letter from the Arrayist did not yet arrived. Enjoy life a bit. I mean what’s the worst that could happen?’ 

Hamad nodded as he got up and said with a little smile on his face. 

‘Lead the way, old friend’ Hatta smiles as they went out of the room and descended to the tavern on the ground level of the Inn. 

Hamad order a gin while Hatta orders Baiju. He found he likes the strong taste of that kind of alcohol when he was doing an undercover job in Ulan Batar. 

They drink a few glass as they share old war stories.  

Slowly the mood is relaxed and Hatta and Hamad sits on a large table as the music could be heard from Sigil of Transmitting on the edges of the eaves that be able to play music  

Most music comes from Bards and Minstrel and they have a lot of genres like before the Fall.  

No one know how Bard and Minstrel level up but people think it might have something to do how many people hear their music and appreciate it 

The tavern is a lot like a club with a slight difference in no one is throwing caution in  the wind and dancing like there is no tomorrow.  

Mostly because people are tired.  

Most of the people in the taverns are hunters, warriors, magician that came to wind themselves up after a stressful day or maybe even after a brush with death. 

One could imagine they would rather drink in their tables and trade information.  

Not to mention there is people here that is just here for the sake of the information and recruiting people for a quest or a job. 

‘Hamad, let me introduce you to a few girls’ Hatta said as he shot a glance at a nearby woman on the next table. Judging from her robe she is a magician 

And she is hot. Hamad shakes his head showing his reluctance 

‘Don’t do it, Hatta. I don’t need another one night stand. Remember the last one?’ 

‘The girl who wanted to cut your dick off. She’s mental’ Hatta said as he laugh a bit. Hamad didn’t see the humor in that 

‘Yeah…and you introduce her to me. What did you say at that time? Ah, what could happen you say?’ Hatta laugh and was about to reply when suddenly his mind drawing a blank as he look at the entrance of the tavern 

A woman enters the tavern and her beauty rendered Hatta speechless. It was like she was an angel, graceful and powerful at the same time. 

She has elegant black hair that gracefully falls down from her shoulders smoothly, like he rhair was made of the finest silk. 

When the wind blows, her hair it looks like it was dancing. Looking at her face her white pale skin was the very image of a Goddess of Beauty as there is some exoticness in the way her face was shaped. 

And she has the most beautiful blue eyes Hatta has ever seen.  

She wears a white robe that seems to accentuate her beautiful figures and increases her allure. 

He has shacked a lot of woman since the Fall but he never shack up with a woman of this kind of beauty.  

However Hatta could not see her entire face since she cover up the lower part of her face with a white translucent veil which only adds to the allure. 

He was about to get up and approach the woman when he stopped his track. A man appears from behind her.  

He was a tall man and he wears a black attire and a black hood cover up his face. On each of his fingers was rings 

For some reason Hatta felt familiar looking at this figure. And then as he realizes something he gulped and his face pale. 

Hatta did not move and when Hamad was about to speak, Hatta look towards him and said Shush as low as possible. 

Hamad looking at the expression on Hatta face knew this is something serious and he no longer had that playful expression on his face as he also becomes vigilant.  

Hatta sit down back on his seat, trying his best to calm down his furiously beating heart as the couple slowly pass their table. 

One step. Two steps. Three steps. Four steps. And the couple pass their table and Hatta unconsciously release a relieved sigh.  

The woman was taking a seat a couple table away from them and the Hooded man was also about to take a seat when suddenly he stopped just before he could sit himself on the chair.  

Hatta unconsciously looked toward that table and his eyes stared at the eyes beneath that hood.  

It was only one second but Hatta confirm his suspicion as he quickly avert his gaze as his hand trembles  a bit out of fear. 

His forehead also becomes watery as sweats slowly drips down from his forehead to his neck 

In his heart, he only hope that the Hooded Man did not come to his table.  

The Hooded Man did not sit as he look towards Hatta table. Even though Hatta no longer watch that table he could feel the piercing stare of the hooded man from behind.  

The moment stretched out and Hatta heart was furiously beating. 

The Hooded man was contemplating when he smirked and then sit down on his seat and Hatta gulped in relaxation. 

He no longer dare to look toward that table. All he wanted now is to leave this tavern as quickly as possible before he attract calamity upon himself and his entire expedition. 

‘We need to leave, Hamad.’ 

‘What? What are you talking about Hat-‘ Hatta grab Hamad hand and shakes his head, his face was serious and shows fear. 

‘NOW. We need to go now’ this time Hamad could hear the tension in Hatta voice and he nodded as he got up from their table. 

The moment he got up that’s when all hell got loose. In the tavern before, there had been music and people laughing and chatting.  

But the moment Hamad and Hatta tries to leave, gunshots fills the area. Magic bullets rips apart flesh and penetrated people head.  

Shouting of panic permeated. Sound of explosions began to be heard all over the inn, as something was burning and smokes fills the area. 

The property was being destroyed. Some tries to flee and some falls down before being trampled by other rushing people out of the tavern. 

Then a group of men entered the tavern organized and deadly as they are comprised of many classes of occupations. 

There are warrior slashing unrelated bystander that tries to run, a mage that tries to incinerates a couple with his fireball, an elemental that directs the smoke to suffocate an old man. 

Then a booming voice sounded out from the smoke. 

‘Hamad and Hatta of League of Freedom you are executed under the Royal Orders for trespassing into the lands of the World Government’ one of the people in that group shouted.  

A warrior rushed forward as he unsheathe his sword, the sword gleamed as the moon light from the torn ceiling illuminated the edges of his sword. 

He smirks as he wanted to draw the first blood. 

The warrior targeted Hamad. Hamad shuffled to the side as the warrior slashed to the side with a mighty cry. 


Once again Hamad dodged to the side with a fluid move and his enemy swiveled in his direction.  

Hamad had time a little now as he brought out his spear. 

It was an artifact that could even stave off one attack from a Low Realm Seed Formation before rendered useless. 

The warrior thrust his sword forward and Hamad made a circular motion with his spear, deflecting the trajectory of the sword and forcing the warrior to follow his pace.  

The sound of clang resound in the burning establishment.  

While Hamad was fighting the warrior Hatta was engaged in a fight with a magician that keep hurling magic that forces Hatta to fight in long distance. 

As Hatta is struggling Hamad was in no way having a good time as he stabbed his spear and deflected by the warrior blade. 

He was slowly getting tired as six pair of arms grab him from behind and put it in a hold that restrict his movements.  

He then realizes he was grabbed by six pairs of arms. And this six pairs of arms belong to one person. 

He tries to break free and even tries to somersault to the nearby wall but the grip was too tight and he could not break free. 

It was then he saw that Hatta was also being subdued by a man of seven feet tall.  

Amidst the smoke and fires, a person appears.  

‘Ah, we meet again, Hatta. Hamad.’ Guess your luck has run out’ A Russian man appears, looking extremely sinister thought maybe that was because of the scars on his face.  

He was muscly, had a white neat combed hair with a military beret on top of his head. 

He also had a few scars on his left arms. 

‘Nikolai! It’s you!’ Hamad knows who this person is. Nikolai. The Secret Agency. They belong to the President of World Government. 

Hatta gritted his teeth and Hamad was depressed. It was then they heard the most unbelievable sound. 

‘Clang’ It is not the sound of sword clashing but a sound of a glass being clinked together. Everyone look toward the source of that sound.  

As the smoke receded they saw, a couple enjoying their drink. The man was drinking coffee while the woman was drinking white wine. 

They seem to treat the soldiers of the World Government with complete and utter disregard.  

But what is more bizarre was the area of five hundred meters of their radius nothing is affected. It was like that area had nothing happened to it. 

Then they also noticed that the people they thought they killed from the bullets was only unconscious, as the bullets they shot lies beside them, dented. 

The bullet seems to ricochets of something very powerful like a magic barrier. 

Nikolai began to feel something is very wrong here.  

He looked toward that two people. He is not stupid to become suddenly angered or ask question like who are you in a condescending tone even though he is from an elite agency of the World Government.  

To survive in this world one need strength and wit.  

Considering the fact that this two people did not even seem affected or even faze after all that chaos, they are not ordinary people. 

‘May I know Senior name?’ Nikolai asked as humbly as possible. The other people of his squad also did not move but they gripped their weapons tightly. 

They all sense that these two people that doesn’t seems all that powerful is probably stronger than them, thus they could not help but standing guard and becoming even more vigilant.  

Even the six armed man has transformed back to his normal appearance and holding his halberd in a defensive posture 

The hooded man seems perfectly at ease. The woman was also the same as she enjoys sipping her wine and seems to thoroughly not care about them 

Her face was still covered with the surrounding smoke so Nikolai could not see her entire face. 

The calmer these two are, the more Nikolai felt fear. Hatta on the other hand was excited as he look at Nikolai like he was looking at a dead man. 

‘Nikolai, Nikolai, it seems I am still lucky. Why did you have to attack me today when he is here?’ Hatta thought to himself as he could not hide his smirk.  

Hamad on the other hand when he saw the hooded man and that figure that seems so familiar, Hamad look at Hatta and understand why Hatta ask him to leave before. 

‘So, he was actually here.’ He thought to himself. 

The Hooded man did not say anything as he keep drinking his coffee when the screaming of the people being burned enter his ears. 

‘Noisy’ he muttered and he waved his hand. A powerful life energy sweeps through the destruction of this inn. 

The unrelated bystander that was being cut by the warrior before who is about to enter death suddenly was filled with life force as his bones heals and his wound stitches itself.  

The couple who was scorched and only had a few breathe left, holding each other hands as they were about to die was also transformed. 

Their scorched skin reformed and life was breathed in them filling them with life vitality. The old man who was suffocated was also saved as his life returned.  

And if that is not enough, the old man age regresses as he looks younger. 

It only took him one second to wave his hand and make all of this happens.  

The bystander, the couple and the old man all got up and look toward that Hooded man and was about to express their gratitude when the hooded man said 

The people who were unconscious before also got up with a groggy expression on their face.  

But looking at the destruction of the Inn and the standoff between a few groups they did not need many words to deduce that they just survive something very terrible. 

‘You are all too noisy. Get out.’ The Hooded Man was infused with power and such persuasiveness that it almost immediately compels them to leave 

They nodded and rush to the exit when one of the warrior that was the one who slashed the bystander before went to obstruct them 

Nikolai did not managed to in time to stop that warrior when the hooded man stares at the warrior. 

From that stare an energy resembling of a raging dragon emanated out from the eyes beneath that black hood. 

BOOOM! That warrior exploded into mist of blood.  

The spectator was stunned but they do not dare screams. After all didn’t the hooded man said they were noisy.  

If one stare is enough to explode a person then angering this kind of temperamental calamity fiend is not anyone wanted to do. 

So, all the survivor of the fire close their mouth and force themselves not to scream. 

Nikolai wanted to curse that warrior. Isn’t it clear that the expert wanted to save that people?  

Why would that warrior stupidly still trying to follow orders? Secret Agency need flexible people.  

He make a mental note of this. 

Nikolai could not believe how stupid his subordinate is acting.  

The expert just demonstrated his power for us to see which also means he could kill us whenever he wants and you tries to run and offend such character? 

‘What are they thinking?’ Nikolai curses that subordinate 

Seeing another unbelievable display of power Nikolai and his squad all gulped in fear as sweat formed on their forehead.  

They now understand their predicament. They are now stuck with a lion, in a cage of their own making. 

Make one move, and the lion will pounce the sheep. And they are the sheep. 

The people who was trapped inside the tavern all quickly leave while thanking that hooded man in their heart. 

One of the magicians who participated in the killings before also tries to sneak out when the hooded man who did not even look toward the direction of that magician said 

‘Where do you think you are going?’ 

He said it slowly and gently liked he was a normal person asking gently another person but in the ears of that magicians it was like thunder struck his entire being.  

He was an Energy Disperse Stage High realm expert and has formed his Celestial presence. 

But when that voice enters his eardrums, a destructive force in a form of thunder enters the magician body. 

That thunder was like a rampaging dragon as it devoured his Celestial presence, and broke his Nine Opening. 

Then as if the pain of that is not enough, the magician Divine Meridian was overloaded with so much power that his meridian burst and energy fill his body in a chaotic manner.  

The magicians fall down to the floor writhing and foaming in the mouth enduring such pain as people could hear the magician bones which is as strong as Titanium broke, the sound crisp and terrifying to listen to.  

The thunder dragon in the magician body was far from done as it stole the Golden Aura and eat his Silver veins before burrowing under his flesh and shredded the magician skin. 

Nikolai looked on as he saw his Magician skin slowly melting of from his body, the sight of which was gruesome and terrifying. 

Nikolai could also sense the magician no longer possess the power of an Energy Disperse Stage and fell down to the Orb Condensing Stage.  

Before Nikolai even manage to ascertain the magician condition, the magician dropped down to Pillar Forming Stage.  

Nikolai was shocked. And he look again toward that Hooded man as he felt chill in his heart  

But it was the magician who feels the brunt of that pain.  

When the thunder dragon finished ravaging his attainment of Energy Disperse Stage, the thunder Dragon swallowed his orb and forces him to return back to Pillar Stage 

And then he died. With seven words, the Hodder Man killed an Energy Disperse Stage High realm like he was a fly on the wall.  

Who the fuck is this guy? Nikolai think to himself 

Gritting his teeth, Nikolai then said as politely and humbly a possible 

‘Senior we are from the World Government. These two people have conflicts with the World Government. Hope Senior would not make it hard for us.’  

Nikolai said hoping that the World Government name would scare these two seniors.  

While the two seniors are powerful, they could not be more powerful than the World Government, right?  

Nikolai has seen many expert in his line of his work and met some reclusive experts that did not want to enter the spotlight.  

And while they are uncooperative at first when they hear the World Government they would usually give some face. 

Nikolai expected the Senior to say something to cover their dignity and then they will go and let his squad do their job but he was bound to be disappointed. 

The Hooded man then said 


The woman chuckles 

‘What if we decide to make it hard for you?’ the girl said playfully. 

‘Then, the World Government will not let go of you!’ Nikolai said sternly.  

Since soft tactic don’t work, he could only threaten them both. It was then the Hooded Man laugh like he heard the funniest joke. 

‘Let go of me? They should’ve been grateful that I did not seek for them!’ Nikolai was about to say something when the Hooded Man said 

‘I have spare your Island of any casualty last time and only broke it. Do you think I am a kind man?’ 

It was then whatever word Nikolai was about to say get stuck on his throat. He then finally realizes something.  

It dawned on him. The only people who could say these kind of thing while not fearing the World Government in the slightest is only one person. 

The Prince of Darkness 

And when he got to this revelation he also instantly knows who that girl is. One is wearing black clothes and another white  

The Snow Mountain collapsed, the tragic couple disappeared. Isn’t that the headline of the story the day the Mountains of Everlasting Love collapsed? 

Isn’t this the Prince and the Snow Princess? 

‘Run!’ He yelled to his subordinate as he brought out the Purple teleportation Stone out of his pocket and was about to crush it.  

But Azief was faster. He lazily said 

‘Seal Space.’ His Runic Disk rotates as the word was imbued with meaning.  

And that meaning was imbued with power taken from the power and the meanings of word. Runic symbols binds itself to the energy around the inn. These runes could only be seen who also cultivated runic energy. 

He then no longer pay attention to those people.  

Nikolai broke the stone but then discovered to his horror that he couldn’t teleport at all. 

He then stand transfixed where he stood looking at the Prince with utter dismay and trepidation.  

What kind of luck he has today to meet this calamity? 

If there is one person no one from the World Government wanted to meet, it is the Prince. Knowing he could not escape Nikolai quickly switch his approach. 

‘Prince of Darkness. It is an honor to meet you. I am blind not to recognize you’ Nikolai said trying as hardest he can to look calm 

Azief smirks a bit. 

‘Flexible’ he noted  

‘Don’t recognize me? Didn’t your organization is scouring the Earth searching for me? Now, here I am in front of you? What would you do?’ Azief said arrogantly. 

Seeing that even being humble did not do anything, Nikolai tries to throw caution to the wind to gauge the Prince mood. 

‘Do not be overboard, Senior’ 


This time Azief could no longer reign in his anger. His shout ripples the air and distorts space as the land beneath the inn trembles. 

The ceiling on top of the inn evaporated into dust as the shout disintegrated the molecule bonds of its elements. 

Azief stood up and thick killing intent surged form his body that forms a patch of red cloud on top of the skies of the inn.  

Meanwhile inside the inn itself the situation is not any better 

For the weaker ones they saw an image of desolation and a scape of Hell with people with skins melting off and a path of blood and tree made of human skins and its fruit was decapitated bloody human head. 

Nikolai could resist seeing that illusion formed from Azief killing intent.  

But he felt like he was standing deep inside a sea of blood and sound of wailing corpse assaulted his consciousness. 

It was not a good feeling 

It was such a terrifying presence that none of the people of his squad could maintain calm as some were even struck with madness as one of the warriors bangs his head onto a steel pole killing himself. 

Katarina who was watching this scene with bored expression said to Azief 

‘Azief, didn’t you say you wanted to change your title. Was it Death Monarch?’ 

‘Yes, I did.’  

‘Then you must not kill everyone. Leave some alive.’ Azief didn’t say yes or no. Azief look toward the others and seeing Nikolai he said 

‘You are quite resilient. You managed to resist the illusion of killing intent.’ 

And Azief take one step closer to Nikolai.  

It was then Nikolai felt a pressure on his entire being, like the Laws of the world was pushing him down.  

‘ARGHHH’ he screams as he tries to resist as his bones crack and his Divine presence dissipated trying to resist such pressure. 

Behind him, the weaker one was sprawled into the ground and was crushed into meat paste by an invisible force.  

It only took Azief one step to emanate such pressure. 

This is the first time Azief tries to use the energy of his Disk on an enemy. He imbued his steps with the power of the Worldly energy and Universal Energy.  

How could these Energy Disperse Stage levelers could ever stand a chance? It was like the Heavens was sentencing them to die. 

Nikolai was coughing blood. 

Azief on the other hand look at Nikolai and his eyes shines. 

‘Impressive. I guess the World government is not slacking in searching for talents.’  

Nikolai brought out a wooden staff and leaned on it as he tries to resist that unending pressure coming out of the Prince. 

‘Ple…se! Ough!!’ He spurted another mouthful of blood and his knees bent out of shape. 

He didn’t think he could hold any longer as people behind is slowly exploding into mist of blood. 

Azief took another step and all the people behind Nikolai burst into colorful explosion of red, as their blood looks like fireworks, beautiful and fleeting.  

When he took that step, the Energy of the World, from the land to the sky obeys him and the stars, moon and sun supplied him with energy, pressuring the Sky and repressing the Earth. 

This level of power is enough to level a mountain so how could it not deal with trifling Energy Disperse Stage that did not even attain Perfection. 

That step was akin to death sentence for some as the deathly aura on him exploded, as the air become thick and suffocating.  

Making them felt harder to breathe. The only one spared of this was Hatta and Hamad who was already free and stand on the corner, having no intention at all to run. 

It is pointless to run from the Prince. 

Azief smiles a bit when he saw Nikolai. Battered, bloodied and beaten, yet he still alive. For some reason Azief felt he wanted to spare this person. 

‘Kneel’ he said slowly and like the whole world obeying him, Nikolai without wanting to, his knee was pressured by the energy on top of his body as he kneels before the Prince. 

And then he lost his consciousness.  

Azief on the other hand look at the other squad member of Nikolai who hide behind Nikolai and his eyes glints dangerously. 

They wanted to kneel immediately as they found out that Azief did not kill Nikolai. But Azief did not allow them to.  

And if he did not allow them to, they could not kneel. They tried to kneel when suddenly they found out they could not, like the gravity around them forcing them to stand straight, unmoving. 

Azief lost all interest as he takes two steps back to his seat on the table and said to Katarina. 

‘I guess I leave them to you. It will be beneficial to quickly upgrade your power. They are all Energy Disperse Stage realm. Your body is still weak but that skills of yours could easily raise back your realm.’ 

Katarina smiles. 

‘The faster I heal, the faster you can go right?’ Azief did not answer and Katarina just shakes her head. 

Katarina got up as Azief gesture with his finger to Hamad and Hatta. 

‘Come here. We need to talk’ 


So, here it is. Azief appears like a BOSS!! And there is still some question. What is the Five Emperor Conference? What is inside the Package? And what is the Syndicate. And why is there a Golden Syndicate? (Notice it from Morgana Arc?) And when will Frederick arrive? What will happen for the Wawel Dragon? And who will get Poland? WG or the Republic. 

Anyway, hope you like this chapter and like always support me by promoting this story or donate if you can.  

Thank you for reading. And like always ask and I shall answer unless that question might overlaps into spoiler which I will not elaborate too much.  

Mahesvera and Dok always ask piercing question and I always had to be careful not to be spilling too much beans. 

That’s it for this month I think. 

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