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The thunder strikes a tree and it burns before it turns instantly into dust. The raging wind blows and the ashes was carried into the storms. 

And the skies bring down rain. 


The thunder shakes the skies and parted the clouds. The rain falls down faster. 

It falls with great intensity, falling and mixing with the soil creating a muddy path on the forest, increasing the cold in the area and flow into the river. 

The hunter and mercenaries on the hilly area of the forest shelter themselves under tall trees or behind boulders. 

The leader of the expedition frowned and his forehead was sweating with cold sweat. He felt something is wrong about this weather…but he dares not say it openly lest he fears his squad member overcome with fear. 

He activated his Nine Openings opening the energy inside his body to overcome the pressure.  

His expedition member this time consist of his own squad members and hired hunters and mercenaries trembles in fear. 

Was it the rain they fear?  


It is the thunder.  

Thunderous lightning resonated on the sky and lightning criss crossed the clouds creating the illusion that the clouds are fighting against each other. 

These hunters and mercenaries in this forest they called the Forest of Twirling Path knows that these kind of phenomena is not normal. 

When they set in the evening to catch the Giant Serpent that terrorizes a small village nearby the weather was clear, and there is no indication whatsoever that tonight they would be beset by storm. 

Yes, a storm.  

A storm of thunderous lightning and tempestuous wind.  

But the reason why they were so sure that these weather is not a natural occurrence is because of what they are seeing and feeling right now. 

The thunder hold certain power that their Orbs is shaking and rotating as fast as they can to expel the pressure of this thunder.  

Some even believes this thunder is the Tribulation Thunder. The wind on the other hand swept even the body of their most expert warrior in the Energy Disperse Stage. 

The felt like their skin is slowly being shredded each time they tries to overcome these winds. 

It was only after their expedition leader ordered to shelter themselves that they hides beneath trees, and behind boulders with anxious heart and solemn expression. 

Then suddenly like a dream, the thunder stopped, the lightning disappeared and the winds dissipated. 

With a gust of pleasant wind, the world was calm again.  

The hunter and mercenaries look at each other with puzzlement. The leader on the other hand look at the night skies and only see the clear starry skies. 

The leader of this expedition is a rugged man. His body is big with broad shoulders and he look fat but that is just the fur clothing.  

His body is full of muscle. He has thick beard and a neatly trimmed moustache. 

They are the League of Freedom expedition diplomatic team to Poland. Leading them is a man named Hamad. 

The man sighed as many things happens that delay their expedition. The world was not as safe as before anyway.  

The Weronian War has ended but the monsters are starting to awaken all over the world. And Hamad could also sense that the cold war between the World Government and the Republic will erupt. 

It’s the reason why he is dispatched here. Poland is ruled by King Artur Nowak, a King crowned by President Hirate. 

By now, Hirate no longer look like a President but like an Emperor. Some people called him the Supreme Ruler of the World Government behind his back 

And his task?  

To persuade the revolutionaries here inside Poland to rebel.  

Under the leadership of King Artur Nowak, the people suffers as his band of nobles uses their support from the WG to hoard items, and oppress people. 

Poland, unfortunately did not have any notable expert other than Rafał Kowalski who was executed after fighting a three days battle with the soldiers of Artur when he tries to defend a village from the Royal Authority. 

Many of the women there were forced to comfort the visiting soldiers of King Artur after finishing their skirmishes with the Republic forces. 

It was when the Republic was still called the Revolutionary Army. Chancellor Jean order to bring Poland back under the fold of the Revolutionary Army. 

But at the time Jean was not viewed favorably in Europe.  

Considering he did conquer Europe and the stories of massacre under his Generals, one could understand the lack of enthusiasm to be under him again.  

Even though the Revolutionary Army was not entirely under Jean he is one of the highest leader in the organization. 

Artur with the help of the soldiers that World Government supplied managed to repel the invasion. 

It was then on their journey back to the Capital they rest in a village where the soldiers unleashed their bestial instinct and Rafał who was there at the scene executed a battalion of soldiers with his Seed Formation attainment. 

It got so bad that Rafał wanted to attack the Capital. It was then Artur activated the Summon of Wind and Fire 

The Kings of the World Government could call the Summon of Wind and Fire. It is a privilege of all Kings under the World Government. 

With it comes the Golden Warriors of World Government and caught Rafał. The King tortured Rafał after Rafał cultivation was crippled. 

He was then quartered and his head was stuck on a pike for ten days on the gate of the palace as a lesson not to defy the Nobles of the World Government. 

And now, he comes here to convince that the rule under the Republic is better than being under the King of the World Government. 

He sighed deeply 

The man beside him give him a pat as he ask a question 

‘What do you think that is?’ That man was looking at the skies with trepidation. Hamad shakes his head urging the man beside him not to talk about it right now. 

The man nodded.  

Then the man ordered 

‘Quickly move and resume our pace of travel. We must travel incognito without revealing ourselves too much’ the other nodded and resumes their march.  

The hunters and mercenaries they brought with them only nodded. 

As they walk the man slowly break off from the group and walk beside Hamad. 

‘What was that?’ Looking left and right and sweeping the area with his divine sense, Hamad said 

‘Hatta, that was an expert probably trying to breakthrough.’  

‘His attainment?’ Hatta asked his voice is barely a whisper now. 

Hamad answer 

‘Disk Formation, probably.’ Hatta nodded and said to Hamad 

‘We must be careful not to offend anyone we met here in this forest. And we must be vigilant. An expert of that level if they want to kill us, it would be as easy as breathing.’ 

Hatta nodded as they continue their walk in silence. On the distance they saw a mountain high reaching the clouds, its peak could not be seen.  

There is a great story behind the creation of this mountain. This mountain used to a hill.  

Beside the hill there used to be a river. But a Sorcerer from Middle East was schemed upon when he first arrived here in Poland.  

In his anger, he gather the emotions and thoughts of people and transform the Hill into a Mountain then disappeared.  

His resentment and hatred was condensed into this mountain. 

The Hill is Krakow Hill. So, now the Mountain is called the Krakow Mountain. 

On top of the mountain were dense clouds and harsh winds. Slumbering on top of the peak of that mountain, hidden by the clouds, is a dragon. 

The mythologies of the Krakow Dragon is well known in Poland. By gathering the thoughts and emotions of the people in Krakow, the Sorcerer turns myths into reality. 

The Dragon was the Krakow Dragon. Only this Dragon is ten times bigger and even more dangerous. 

That Sorcerer used Thought Magic. But the Dragon is slumbering.  

And it is sleeping.  

Because under the energy of the World Orb, the Weronian War forces the monster all over the world to slumber. But now, the Weronian War has ended. 

One only knows, when this sleeping Dragon will be awakened from his slumber. Beside the dragon is a stone. 

The clouds keeps moving and the winds keep blowing and the Dragon is sleeping. 

…………For now 



Azief look at the skies as he saw the thirty foot high invisible sealing dome he created to avoid creating an unnatural phenomenon in the world. 

‘Too late’ he sighed 

When Azief cultivates he would undoubtedly induce change in his surrounding area. Before he was just about to cultivate when thunder sounded, rains falls, and storm formed. 

He forgotten that this is no longer the Ice Mountain that act as a seal that weaken his cultivating effect on the outside world. 

Today he is cultivating his Worldly Energy. Instead of saying he is cultivating his Worldly Energy, it is more accurate to say he is storing energy in his Disk after his evening session of replenishing Katarina life-force. 

In this world, probably he is the only one capable of squandering his life-force like that. With his life-force he could bring back a barren planet into life. 

But Katarina injury, especially the injury to her soul, a concept which Azief did not entirely understand was severe.  

It takes him for almost two and a half year to stabilize her condition which is a testament of how taxing the stunt she did to save him. 

That stunt she did wins his eternal gratitude. Never before in his life someone sacrifices this much for him that he is perplexed.  

And scared. 

Of how much love she has for him…so much so, that he even question whether he is worthy of such love? 

In a couple of weeks, Katarina would be probably healed completely. At least this revelation fills Azief heart with ease, knowing that she would not suffer anymore. 

Only that she has to cultivate back her Energy Disperse Stage because she has now regressed back to Orb Condensing Stage.  

In that period of time of two years and a half inside the Ice Mountain, Azief has made a decision.  

He would be her protector and would even be her strength.  

And…..it’s not entirely a bad thing for her to regress back to Orb Condensing. She now can walk the Perfection Path.  

The path Azief walk started in his Condensing Stage where he perfected his Orb. That when he truly become the cream of the crop.  

But Azief also knows, Perfection Path, there is no one the same.  

Even though if she walk the same path he did, the result will be different. But it is still Perfection.  

She could now, Perfected her Orb. But whether that will truly happen as he wanted…that is remain to be seen. 

After all life doesn’t necessarily gives you what you want. What you hope and what will happen sometimes could be different.  

And Azief is not new to disappointment. By now, he is even immune to it. Expect that things would go wrong but even if things go wrong, overcome it.  

Break your limit!  

The limit is there….to be broken. That is his creed when he was surviving with Will in many worlds. 

He was not a perfect man. No, he was far from it. He is flawed. And he is weak. And Azief did not deny that part of him. 

He breaks. He falls, and he strays.  

But every time he breaks, he patch himself back up. When he falls, he dust off the dirt and get back up, every time without ever losing sight of what is really important.  

When he lost his way, he trace back his path and walk again on the right path. 

After all, it takes a long time for him to reach this point. Of course, he failed and break. He denied not of his weak self….and did not use his weak self as some source of motivation.  

He embraces his weak side.  

Acknowledging that he was once weak. Acknowledging that he might break once again. He might fall again.  

That he might once again, stray. 

By acknowledging one own weakness, only then one can walk forward carrying all the scars and baggage without feeling heavy. 

‘It is a long journey’ he thought to himself as he sit cross legged on top of the large clearing of the forest. 

It might not look like long since it was just almost five years since the Fall but if he added those years he lived in Otherworld and Multiverse it would be almost ten years or more. 

There is even a world where Will and he was stranded in where time doesn’t flow normally. Sometimes it go backwards, sometimes it goes forward. 

Shaking his head he perceives the world, his eye opened and wisdom filled his mind.  

The eye see matter, but what Azief sees is more than that. His eyes glows like the brilliance of the stars, like it encompasses the Universe as he saw the true form of matter. 

And what is the true form of matter?  


And he saw it as energy bubbling inside him, coursing through every fibers of his being 

He saw the energy that constantly flows like water, fluid and changes form.  

It is hard to think like that and even harder to see it like that but before this Azief always used to think that everything in the Universe is tangible but the more he evolved the more his understanding of the Universe grew. 

Inhaling his breath what he inhale is not oxygen but energy as the world supplied him energy and his Worldly Disk that is the Sun in his Inner World shines upon the his Dark World. 

Life bloom inside his inner world.  

Even the soil beneath Azief feet begins to thrum with life. If any seed is planted here on that soil it will grow and could be harvested in mere seconds. 

Azief look at the physical reality but all he could see was atom like structure, numerous vortexes of spinning and vibrating energy that is similar to a storm in front of his eyes 

Depending on the speed of the storm, one might perceive the energy as solid, liquid or gaseous substance.  

‘Invisible energy’ Azief muttered before he look up and saw the moon and stars. He inhaled and exhale creating a rhythm that is congruous with the energy of the world, synchronized with the vibration of matter around him. 

‘There is no matter’ Azief said and he smiles.  

Then he inhales energy and he exhales as the harmful death aura he taken from Katarina was expelled.  

The very same soil that has been blessed by Azief life energy immediately rotted as this exhaling of breath spread around it. 

If not for Azief creating this sealing dome anything around his five kilometers radius would have died without knowing why. 

Unless someone is on the same level as him, powerful than him, or possess powerful items they would surely have died, turning into ashes and dust 

‘Everything…..is energy. There is no matter’ he said it again, his eyes look intently at the Heavens.  

The words echoes in his mind like he was hammering this understanding into his mind. 

Before, his senses could not perceive such things as the vibration of matter because it was so lowered to be perceptible to the senses.  

But now that his senses was way beyond normal human, even more sensitive than many alien life out in the stars, he could perceive what others could not perceive 

The sun in Azief Inner World slowly shines brighter and brighter. It was only when Azief felt that he was full he stopped absorbing 

He gains another understanding as he finish his absorbing. 

‘Energy is not infinite.’ For some reason, Azief could see something and felt something when he understand this matter.  

But…he thought this matter should be addressed later. 

Azief kept staring at the skies as his body slowly becoming invisible. Instead of calling it being invisible Azief true state was that he was merging with the Universe. 

‘There is no matter.’ This word he uttered as not mere words. It is borne from his understanding and the thing he senses. 

This kind of merging is different from phasing through things like Will does or becoming invisible. 

His Universal Disk that take forms as the stars and moon in his Inner World also began to transform as he is merging with the Universe. 

This is the first time Azief tries to merge with the Universe. Even though he refines his Disk into Perfection he never truly used it in the Ice Mountain fearing the Ice Mountain would collapse and harm Katarina. 

The usually listless stars become brighter and brighter and the moon shines sundering the day apart turning day into night.  

The world spins as the sun was clouded by a dark mist that covers the Sun. 

Even though everything in the universe appears to look different, it all comes from the same energy 

It just vibrates at a different speed so it exists on a different frequency, which either makes it tangible or intangible. 

Energy that vibrates slowly would be on the lower end of the spectrum and is dense and tangible  

Energy that vibrates very quickly is on the higher end of the spectrum and is light and intangible.  

Human form has slower wavelengths, in the whole scheme of the universe, so Azief knows that humans are on a lower frequency,  

This is why humans perceive themselves as physical, tangible beings, although, humans are actually a mass of energy.  

Azief did not know it but he is slowly uncovering the Universe and the secrets of souls. In the timeline where Loki came from Azief was most proficient in the manipulation of souls and its entity.  

It is why he was feared in all the Realms and Universes. 

‘Frozen Light’ Azief muttered again  

The waves he saw floating near him, the moment he saw it he muttered this word and his Inner World undergoes another transformation. 

Azief knows the formation of his Disk is different from other people but he actually underestimating how different his Disk Formation with everybody else.  

True, in the conventional way one has to create Nine Disk to reach Divine  Comprehension but like Azief was not the only one that has unconventional method, other also have their own way of reaching Divine Comprehension 

Jean cultivate Dual Disk which is the Disk of Space and Time. Will cultivates only one Disk which is the Disk of Speed which enable him to commune with the Speed Source. 

There is also another misunderstanding that Azief has committed.  

He believes that everyone would form the Worldly Disk and Universal Disk. That is the farthest from the truth. 

World encompasses everything in the world. The Universes encompasses the stars beneath the Heavens. 

Such formation of Disk and accumulation of energy….who could bear it if not him?  

For example.  

Raymond. He create the Disk of Earth. Why? Because that is the energy he senses and felt more affinity with it.  

The same could be said for Oreki who cultivates the Disk of Thunder. 

Azief thought everyone in Disk Formation could fly. But that is also wrong. Only one that touches on the energy that governs gravity could fly. 

Mostly any energy one cultivates would overlapped with the energy that governs gravity so mostly Disk Formation levelers could fly. 

Azief even when he viewed himself was still underestimating how powerful he is now after he purify his body 

His drop of blood is as heavy as a mountain.  

His body could break anything in this Earth if he really wills it. That is how heaven defying his physique really is.  

Even Loki did not expect this outcome when Azief summons the Purifying Fire. 

To encompass the world, and embrace the starry skies, only his body could form those two disk and bear the energy.  

Disk of Fire governs fire and was formed by absorbing the energy of fire. Disk of Thunder governs the thunder and was formed by absorbing the energy of thunder.  

Disk of Time governs time. But then what would be the Disk of Worldly Energy govern? Everything beneath the sky is his to govern.  

If he wills it, the wind will howl and bring tempestuous disaster, thunders will strikes down his enemies, fires will emerge from the bottom of the earth, the sea would boil and the world would quake and tremble 

If not for the World Orb the world would have long been destroyed by the battle and the might of his physical body 

Then what does the Universal Disk govern when used to the penultimate? 

He could set the sun early, bring day from night, changing the seasons and govern the rising and receding tides of the sea. 

If he could do all this why doesn’t he just govern the world, one might ask? 

Because of one strands. Azief felt that strand tied around his waist, and see that one strand of bluish translucent thread 

One strands of World Orb energy on his body binding on his body, on his power that defies the Laws of this Universe.  

Before the Purifying Fire, he was assisted by the World Orb.  

No…to be more accurate the World orb assisted every humans on Earth, there is little to none restriction.  

Instead it restrict otherworldly threats that came to Earth.  

But after he summons the Purifying Fire and bathed in it, he realizes his power and destructives ability was being restrained by that one strand of thread from the World Orb. 

To restrain his power from destroying Earth.  

And Azief did not put much thought in it as he welcomed the restriction. Because it’s not like he wanted to destroy the world.  

But Azief knows if he got out from Earth, the destruction he could cause would be thousand fold then the destruction he would wrought on Earth 

As he merge with the Universe he comprehended once again, that he has no actual physical structure.  

He is a mass of energy. And his body is a mass of energy of gigantic and titanic proportion. 

Yet, it was easier for him to merge with the Universe.  

The moment he merges, Azief felt that he was intrinsically connected to everything and everyone as his energy interacts, connects, absorbs, interlocks and communicates with the other energy here on Earth as well as the incoming energies from the outer universe. 

For that pone miraculous moment, he was one with everything on Earth, he felt their emotions, felt the darkness in the world and saw everything and hear everything, unobstructed by the barriers and warding. 

But for only one moment. Then the accumulation of all of this was too intense for his mind and soul to bear. 

So, he come out. And a smile on his face. His energy was restored to the Peak. He look back at the sky and notices that merely moments have passed. 

Then getting up he waves his hand and the dome he created dissipated, leaving him alone in the forest. 

He was about to walk to the village when he saw the Messaging Stone left a few feet from where his dome used to be. 

Not far away a Messenger Bird made of Speed Source energy dissipated after confirming the stone is in Azief hand.  

Azief smirked looking at the ingenious way Will uses his Speed Source. 

He took the stone and break it as the message directly enter his mind. Azief frowned 

‘So, he is hiding. Just like I expected. This only makes me more suspicious of him’ he muttered before taking a deep breath, his mind is hard ta work.  

He look down at the fragment of the broken stone and he could not help but feel grateful towards Will. 

The message was from Will. After their last talk, Will was relieved seeing him healthy and powerful than ever. 

He offer his help but Azief himself knows, right now in the world, nobody could easily catch up to him right now.  

He did not even fear Divine Comprehension leveler right now and he has already form his Disk. 

He fears nothing under the sky and can act as he pleases. He used to always be so rushed to get powerful but now he truly becomes a true powerhouse, he stay still. 

Because right now, he no longer need to personally moves. And he deign to move unless there is something for it 

Even though he heard about all the other heroes that emerging after the Weronian War no one could be considered a threat to him…except one. 

Hmm he harrumphed as a person come into his mind. That person is a man. His cultivation is lower than Azief.  

But…..Azief is still wary of that man. And he don’t know how to face that man. The mind and the heart is in conflict between killing him and sparing him.  

Killing that man would shake his own Grand Path that stems from his heart. 

Because his heart did not want to kill that man. And Azief from the moment he decided to walk his Grand Path he was always true to his heart. 

Whether it be in killing people or loving people. One is easy to do, the other is hard to express. But he knows it himself whether he lies to his heart or not 

‘Will, I am suddenly regretting sending you back to your master’ 

Azief sighed remembering what he said to Will a few days ago. He already said to Will that he could return to his master and continue his training.  

Azief assures Will that as long as no one provokes him, he would not interfere in the political game of the world right now.  

But he did ask for Will to try to find something about someone. With this message Azief has confirmed it, Loki is hiding. 

With Will speed he could circle the world easily in a matter of minutes. But this world is no longer the world before.  

While the Weronian is no longer in power, with many of them hiding underground and in remote places of the world that not many would go, the world should have been a safe and more accessible place 

But it is not.  

With the Weronian gone, they were replaced by the monsters that is slowly awakening from their slumber.  

And large cities and capital of a Kingdom is protected by warding and magic formation that could repel many experts.  

Even Disk Formation expert need to expend some of their energy to break such formation. As such, there were some places that Will could not go without revealing himself that he was searching for someone. 

After he survived his assassination attempt Azief did not waste his year inside the ice mountain. He, of course, tries to deduce who would have the audacity to try to kill him so openly like that? 

And his suspicions ultimately falls into one person.  

He did not even suspect the World Government. At the time the Weronians was still numerous and his death would only help the enemy.  

The World Government while they have their selfish side, they were at least honest in the fact that they truly wanted to protect the world.  

Especially from such a barbarian race from space. 

The fact that he would lose all of his power for a few moment after the Purification of Fire was something that even shocked Azief.  

So how could an assassin would conveniently attacked him at the exact moment that his body lost all protection? 

It is not possible that is just a coincident. That time frame to kill him was narrow and yet someone targeted that exact moment of his vulnerabilities to strike him down. 

And Azief knows only person that could possess such knowledge in this whole wide world. 


So, Azief could only make two conclusion. Either Loki was the one who did it, was involved in it, or he knows who did it. 

After all, Azief knows Loki is a time traveler with a mission.  

As a Time Traveler Azief will not be surprised that this event had happened in Loki timeline thus he might even know the fact that he would be vulnerable for a few seconds after the Purification of Fire ended. 

Even though Loki said his mission was to stop him from destroying the Universe, Azief don’t think it is that simple.  

And Loki has always been vague about it. 

But their long talk during that night surfaces when he thought Loki was the assassin.  

And remembering that night that is why Azief believes instead of Loki it was another person that attacked him with the spear. 

But Azief wouldn’t put past Loki that he was either involved on it and knows who is the one that tries to harm him. 

‘Hmm’ he sighed. 

Should he personally move? He thought to himself.  

He did not want to reveal himself this early. 

He is after all is waiting for other snakes to reveal themselves. But he will contact his friends when it is time.  

They need to be reunited and shows the world that the companion of the Death Monarch is as grand as ever. 

Azief wanted to shed the title Prince. It is a title the World Government gives him and before he knew it people called him the Prince of Darkness.  

It is a grand name and all but there is Oreki the Ruler of Thunder and some even called him the Monarch of Thunder. Illusion Archmage, Earthshaker but his title is Prince.  

It is not awe inspiring at all. 

He wanted the world to call him the Death Monarch after this.  

He also wanted to return back the title of Prince that the World Government gives him as he was never fond of that title and that title was useless in this world after the changes that happen in the Fake World. 

He is now strong enough to disregard the World Government and the Republic. 

He keep walking toward the village even as he senses a group of people about 45 kilometers away with a fee Energy Disperse Realm warriors. 

There is Loki matter and there is also the matter of the impeding war between the Republic and the World Government.  

Azief could only shakes his head when the message included the fact that the Revolutionary Army has changed their models of governance and startled calling themselves the republic.  

No longer wanting to delay Azief take one step and the space ripples. In the next second he was inside the mansion that Frederick built for him.  

By now, Azief has senses that Frederick probably have guessed his identity. 

But the young boy did not say anything.  

Whether it is because of fear, respect or not wanting to offend him he remains mute and did not say anything or ask anything about Azief background. 

He only talk when he is asked and sometimes he ask a few favor. Like clearing out a dens of monsters and repel a few unsavory people. 

It was the easiest thing for Azief to do. After all with his Death Source energy he could create a Death Zone and could even curse someone with Death. 

Death Curse could only be performed with a dense killing aura and Azief has a lot of those. After all he did purge many lives in Earth 39 and Earth 2. 

In a way, it is convenient for Azief for Frederick to remain silent since he didn’t have to deal with the World Government.  

Azief of course knew a bit about why Frederick remains silent and pretend not to know. 

The fact that Frederick remains silent is because he is a subordinate under the rule of the World Government and a small noble under King Artur of Poland.  

If he acknowledged Azief, he had openly betray the World Government. While Azief knows Frederick has enough ability to switch sides, how about the people in his village?  

They would surely be slaughtered because they defied the Royal Authority. 

There is also the fact that Azief himself was not an enemy of the World Government but he is not exactly a friend either. 

The stance of the World Government regarding Azief has always been ambiguous.  

But Azief knows what Hirate policy about him is. After looking what has happen in these two years, Azief come to the conclusion that Hirate was always waiting for him to weaken, watching silently at him like a hawk and swoops down when he is weakened. 

The only reason he did not move against him was because he was strong. If he is weak he would instantly be set upon 

‘Hirate….needs to die.’  

Azief has decided to kill him. Not because he hate the guy, but because leaving him alive would be detrimental to his friend.  

If anything Azief admires his scheming ability. 

Azief didn’t need to like the person to admire some of the man finer qualities.  

The only reason he did not immediately fly to the Mediterranean Sea and barge into the island was because he still has matter here in this village which he viewed more important than taking the live of Hirate 

He is healing Katarina. He is not worried about himself. It is Katarina that he worries about. Nowadays, Katarina would be awake for a few hours before sleeping again. 

Before he knows it he is in front of the door. Taking a deep breath he enters 

He walked into Katarina room and then he sees her. With the light of the moon illuminated her pale white face she looked heavenly.  

Her black hair falls elegantly on her shoulders. Her blue eyes seems to be staring at something. Azief look at what she is staring at and he understand. 

Seeing her looking at the painting of Monet on the walls, Azief smiles a bit.  

She used to confess to him that one of her childhood memories was of her brother gifting her a painting of Water Lilies The Clouds by Monet  

So, Azief paint a painting.  

With his many abilities, to replicate a painting was easy.  

Then he put the painting on the walls of the room so that every time she wakes up, she would see the painting and calm down. 

And she would always stare at the painting like it evokes some emotions on her. 

Azief did not say anything. She look at him and there, in her eyes, were love. She was not obvious about it but Azief could see it.  

It is the same smile he saw from Sofia. People always said the Snow Princess rarely smiles. But he always sees it. 

Every time, she looks at him, she smiles. With her lips, with her eyes.   

And it hurts. And that’s how he knew. Because it hurts….his heart got an answer. It’s not an answer he likes.  

But he got his answer.  

He take a wooden chair and place it beside her bedside and sit on it. She look towards him like acknowledging his presence.  

Her face is pale. 

Azief put his hand on her cheek. Her pale face blushed red and there is hint of bashful shyness from the way she squirms 

‘You’re burning up. You need to sleep’ he said with a frown on his face 

Katarina put her hand on his and put his hand away. She smiles weakly and said 

‘I’ve sleep long enough for today. Did you get news about my brother?’ she asked. Azief nodded. 

‘And?’ she asked her voice trembles a bit showing how fragile and weak she is right now 

‘He is safe. Don’t worry about him. I’ll make sure nothing will happen to him. You have to rest’ he said this time as he put his hand on her forehead to check her temperature. 

Katarina shook her head as she hold Azief hand. Azief did not push the hand away. But he did not say anything either. 

‘When this is over, you must not forget me.’ She declares. 

‘Perhaps because you are not like me, you’ll get hurt by me. I’m not such a catch, you know?’ Azief said. Katarina smiles that mysterious smile. 

‘Probably that is why I fell in love with you. Strip away all that power and abilities, and you are quite boring. You don’t talk much. And you like to whine. Though I don’t think people see that side of you. Always the mighty hero’ she said chuckling a bit. 

Azief did not say anything only coughing up in embarrassment. He remembers what happens on that night they were trapped. 

She plays a prank on him by making him drunk. And he ended up humiliating himself by whining. 

Katarina squeeze Azief hand and said to Azief. 

‘Promise me. I am a selfish person Azief. I’m worried that you’re happy without me. Yet, I also worry if you are sad. I’m such a weird woman aren’t I? I don’t want you to be happy with other girls but I also don’t want you to be sad.’ 

‘You…think too much’ Azief said as he caressed her flawless cheek, feeling the smoothness of her skin on his and she closes her eyes as she leans her face on his touch. 

They both felt each other warm in this cold winter 

‘The winter is about to end’ she said. And she pulls Azief sleeve. Azief understanding what she want snuggle up beside her and sit beside her on the bed. She leans on his shoulders as he just sits there. 

‘Spring will come’ he said. 

‘I want to see flower petals falling down’ she said 

‘I never had that’ she said and like remembering a bad memory she frowned. All she remembers was a cupboard.  

A dark cupboard and the sound of the door being locked. 

‘Then we’ll see it.’ 

‘Will you be there with me?’ She said. But Azief did not answer. 

‘Let us wait the last snow’ he answer 

Hearing that she felt that not having her powers was terrible. If she did have her powers, she would make the whole world snow forever, if that means he will be beside her. 

Outside, the night owls hoots and the prowling creatures roam the night. The hunters, guardians of the village, volunteer squad, magicians, Elementalist, patrol the perimeter of this small village, protecting it from the dangers of the night. 

The magic formations and enchanted arrays were activated the moment the sun falls down, as the invisible barrier shaped like a dome surrounded the village. 

But inside a mansion in the nearby house of the Village Chief, the moon illuminate a couple. 

The moon as the witness, Katarina bares her heart. And Azief still don’t know what he should do. Whatever he’ll do, it’ll hurts others.  

He heard what people said about love. That it hurts. He always thought he would be the one that would get hurt.  

He never thought that his decision would be the one that hurts others. And that feeling left a bitter taste. 

But today, he did not want to think of anything. So, he accompanied her and let her look at the painting before she became so tired that she sleeps again. 

Looking at her sleeping face, Azief felt guilt. To be love so intensely, it fears him. Fears the control he have over her. 

And fear that he would hurt her. Because he knows how it hurts. He tuck her in bed and then he stares at the moon.  

The wind blows and the cloud cover the moon and the world turns dark. But the man kept looking at the moon, hoping for his heart to give him an answer. 




A girl open her eyes as blood trickles down from her eyelids. Her body was full of sweats. The bed which is luxurious and clean before is now full of her sweats and blood. 

The cold wind blows from the Cooling Gems inside the shaft but it did not help to repel the heat inside the girl body. 

She closes her eyes and hold up her hand as a Tome flies towards her. Then she opens back her eyes and the blood is no longer there.  

It was a girl. The girl is now five feet seven. 

Two years has passed since that day. She thought she had succeeded. But she knew she did not succeed. She only hasten the timeline.  

She now knew and understand why her father would help Katarina on the battle for the Divine Throne. 

She did not immediate call for Louise. She take a deep breath as she hit the book. The silver metal chains break open, hovering, as the cover tries to bite her hand. 

She drop one of her blood inside the mouth and the mouth was silent. The book screeched then it opens. 

Searching for a specific page, she frowned. 

‘I was right. He did not stop. By now, he is still the strongest.’ Then she closes the book. She takes a deep breath before her eyes shone with determination again 

‘I never thought trying to kill you will be easy, but I never expected it to be this hard. Destiny and Fate really didn’t want you to die don’t they?’ 

‘Louise!’ she shouted. Then a gourd shakes. A man appears from a gourd  on the side table. 

‘Miss Morgana! What happen to you?’ He said the moment he got out from his gourd and saw her condition. 

She gestures for him to stop talking 

‘Pack up our bags. Summon Giselle. We’re going to Poland’ 


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But, after all this no longer the same chessboard, and the chess pieces is already different from what Loki and Morgana set in mind. 

The rules has changed, and the chessboard has been rearranged. Now, they are no longer the dominant chess player. 

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