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Moscow in winter is beautiful especially even so after the Fall of the Meteors. People are swarming the pub downing their variety of poisons.  

Mercenaries gather in tavern like establishments while the warriors and heroes patrols the streets. 

Winter storms could be seen outside the walls of Moscow. 

The tall wall that separates Moscow capital from the outer area was fifty feet tall with enchantment embedded in every brick 

Magic formation and arrays diagram lined the bottom of the base of the wall preventing a stampede of monster horde.  

The skies were protected by translucent dome powered by a source of energy deep inside the secret chamber in the Senate Forum 

Icicles grows thick and heavy on roof overhangs, mercenaries, hunters and the people residing here wears bulky and heavier clothes.  

Hunters paraded the furs of the beast they fought and killed proudly. Their feet were protected by shoes made of magical beast fur and skins. 

Elegant and whimsical ice sculptures could be seen in many alleys making some of those reminisce of the good old days when there is winter celebration every year 

But the mood of the world is gloomy. And nowhere is gloomier than Moscow after experiencing many upheavals.  

Massacres, mass killing, war. 

In the years since the Fall of the Meteors, Moscow has changed hands many times. Even when it was under Boris the killing never stopped. 

But after the Weronian War, it seems the tragedy has stopped. It is still gloomy like the spirits of those that are dead and resentful is cursing the land. 

But it is peaceful.  

At least in the surface. Beneath it, undercurrents are currently building up. World Government amassing armies and begins crowning Kings. 

The Revolutionary Army persuade many of the powerful people all over the world as the appointed Governors and Generals to hold the fort all over the world. 

Both the Revolutionary Army and the World Government are beginning to draw lines. 


Moscow…is not only a beautiful capital of Russia, it also stand as a symbol of the Revolutionary Army, the very antithesis of the World Government. 

As the cold of winter descend on Moscow and the snow blanketed the streets, a calm evening was expected.  

The people have already prepared to close their shops and stalls for the day and went to meet their families and sleep. 

Not all men are as extraordinary like the great heroes in the Weronian War and cultivated every day. 

Some are content to stay at their position in relative safety.  

The Prince, The Earthshaker, the Thunder Monarch, Illusion Archmage, Athena the War Goddess, Freya the Valkyrie, The Time Master, Divine Archer, Ice Princess, all these great heroes and heroine all made cultivating seems easy.  

But which one of those great men and women did not suffer great pains and risk their life? The Snow Princess battled monster only heard of in tales and myths.  

The Earthshaker explore deep into the Earth fighting many terrifying creatures of the Deep. And the Prince?  

How many times people of Earth have saw him fighting a great battle and bringing storms and fire everywhere he went. 

He was more like a walking natural disaster. As long as he do not move, the world is at peace but once he moves, storms and destruction follows. 

Some people are content with being relatively strong enough to protect themselves. Not all of them are battle crazy. 

The snowflakes slowly drifting down to the pavement roads as the shop closed their door and stall arrange their chair , ready to pack up for the night. 

‘Another peaceful night in Moscow’ an old man finishing drinking a cup of vodka sighed as he got up from his chair and was about to grab his hat on the stand hanger. 

The bartender nodded bitterly.  

Those that are still alive after all the events that has happened are all always praying for a peaceful night.  

A day where nothing happen is good. 

Battle after battle, war after war, and now peace seemed to have dawned. And that was good. Life was good. 

But then as the old man was about to grab his hat the bell sounded.  

The Bell sounded loudly and resonating all over Moscow as even the formation and arrays in place ripples with the same vibration of the sound wave of the Bell. 

The old man hand trembles. The bartender gulped. The Bell of the Senate. It will only be rung when there is an announcement to be made. 

And this announcement must have a far reaching consequence if the Bell of the Senate has to be rung.  

Because the last time this Bell was rung when they suspend the Codified Laws of the Revolutionary Army and let one man govern all. 

The last time they did this they suspend democracy and let Jean the Time Master to hold control all over the Army and the Government and even the Legislation. 

It was a terrible history in the Revolutionary Army history when a rogue faction attack Revolutionary Army stronghold and the politicians were arguing. 

And they give all the power to Jean. Thankfully he return back that authority. Today, that bell has rung again. 

The shopkeeper looked toward the northern area where a large building could be seen on top of a large and high hill. 

It used to be where Kremlin is. But Kremlin was destroyed by monsters and when Boris and his sister conquered Moscow, they erected an ice hill.  

When the Weronian War ended Boris started a construction program that build the new building and a symbol of power and authority for the Revolutionary army. 

The stall keeper, the mercenaries, the hunters, the common people all looked towards the Senate Hill. 

As the bell rings. 


Night descended. The owls and nightly monster comes out to prowls on the dark hills and mountains as the howling of wolves and shrieking of ghostlike monsters fill the night. 

Parents tucked their children in bed, while preparing to rescue their children if monsters eve dare breach the safety of their home. 

But here is Moscow. And not far away, there is the Senate Forum. There is a wall taller than most monsters.  

Warding, enchantments, magic formations lined the very soil they stepped every day. The moment, the night descended, it means the day has ended. 

Like the previous century before humanity discovered electricity, the moment the sun goes down, activity halted and slowed. 

Only those are strong and with malevolent intention roam the night fill with all the terrors that prowls the night 

But on the Senate Forum, the day has just begun. 

A group of men is walking through the Senate Forum, their officials robe sweeps the white marble tile and they didn’t seem to care.   

Serious expression and anxiousness etched in each one of their faces.  

They looked at the back of the man leading them, and some of them gulped at the uncertainty of what is happening. 

A large man is leading them while the people in the back hurriedly follow behind that man. 

That large man was walking with haste. Usually at this time and with this cold, he would be at his office drinking alcohol or reading the report from his secret department 

But today even though the snowflakes falls, the cold is biting and the urge to drink comes over him, none of that seems important than the enormity of his agenda.  

The snowflakes fall onto his shoulders and the cold winds of winter blows by his robe of fur. 

He dust off the snowflakes on his shoulders as the people behind him light his way forward with an Enlightening Lamp.  

If this were the old world it would surely be called a flashlight. This man is Boris one of the two Chancellors of the Senate. 

There is only two Chancellors in the Senate and only these tow have the power to hand out decision that affect the whole of Senate. 

Usually both of the Chancellors acted like a Judge on certain matters and they usually opposed each other which had to be decided by the votes of the Senators. 

Boris was a large man, standing on almost seven feet tall. His body is large and his face is menacing.  

Wearing his black robe with wolf fur that repels the cold winds and provide heat, he looked menacing even among his peers. 

On the top of the snow filled skies, a few red fire eagles and a griffin flies over it spreading their wide and tall wings.  

It was his tamed beast. 

The Senate Forum was still full of people even though the Congress has stopped presiding.  

Many of the Senators here are still discussing and talking with each other forging alliance and analyzing enemies and allies. 

As he walked the courtyard some people noticed him before gasping and then quickly inform the other as they all bowed slightly. 

As he walked along the courtyard, those politicians cease their talks. This is the Senate Forum. And he is one of the Chancellor, the highest of ranks in the Senate 

And today, Boris has come here to speak and declare one thing with his other equal, Chancellor Jean. 

The Senate Forum was built on top of a large hill on Moscow just atop the ruins of Kremlin.  

They expanded the hill and made it even taller with the power of Elementals class leveler and builders of top class built the buildings 

It had colonnades around three sides and there is the statue of great hero of the Revolutionary Army. 

There is also the twenty feet statue of his sister on the steps of stairs on the entrance of the Senate Forum, who is deified in Russia after her public death.  

It reminded some people of the way Romans respected their Gods by building huge statues of them in front of their most sacred institution. 

The forum shows an ancient Hellenistic classicism in the decoration mixed with many Romans design, making it look like a Roman building.  

Even as Boris is anxiously walking he could still notice these fine points. 

It is not surprising since most of the builders commissioned to build the buildings were Italians and Boris and Jean both approved of the plan of designing it like the Imperial Forum of the ancient Roman Empire. 

It truly looked like the Imperial Forum only bigger and better and more magical. 

The difference was that in each carving, in each stones, array was carved inside it and magic formation were put underneath the very land where the Senate Forum stood. 

There is also charms casted onto the Forum like protection charm and Divine Sense wardings. 

Boris steps were hurried, each steps become faster that even the people behind him has trouble difficulty following without appearing to be extremely rushed. 

They do not know what Boris wanted to say to Chancellor Jean but the fact that Boris wanted to call the Special Congressional Meeting tonight means whatever this about would have a great importance in the Agenda of the Revolutionary army.  

Boris could not care less what the Senators in his faction is thinking about. He wanted to meet Jean as soon as possible. 

Behind him, his guards and courtiers quickly kept their pace.  

Arriving at a separate residence inside the Forum, standing outside an entrance archway, a soldier was guarding the residence.  

It is a Frenchman.  

The Frenchman has a boyish face, and slim physique. He wears a patched grey robe looking like a dirty person from the bad alleys of Paris. 

The guard were sleeping in the job as he is sleeping while standing, his chin on his staff. His staff is made of wood with intertwining design looking more like a wizard staff. 

Boris was about to rush in into the residence. A sound could be heard then. 

‘Tch’ the sound sounded inside Boris ears and Boris was shocked. The moment he heard it, suddenly a gust of wind headed towards him.  

The gust of wind contained killing intent and if one were to embrace this gust of wind, they would be sliced to a thousand pieces. 

The guard behind Boris quickly changed his expression as anger build up from that guard. His hand gripped his weapon as he slashes his broadsword 


The colliding force created a shockwave as the tiles beneath the guard feet cracked into web like patterns and the wind around them become chaotic. 

Yet the area behind the Frenchman was unaffected, like nothing is happening. 

The broadsword attack dispel the gust of wind. 

At that same moment Boris guard move like lighting and appears beside Boris left looking warily at the sleeping guard.  

Like nothing has happened the guard did not even seem to notice anything carefreely sleeping. 

An awkward silence fills the entrance area. 

The Frenchman was seemingly sleeping. But Boris guard knows, that strike came from this sleeping Frenchman. 

Boris did not notice what was happening when the gust of wind heading towards him but now that he is being shielded and seeing that his guard has unleashed a slash, he finally realizes what almost happen. 

‘Alexandrei. Calm down.’ Boris look towards that sleeping Frenchman and respectfully said  

‘I request to be granted audience with Chancellor Jean.’ The sleeping Frenchman did not reply but then a knocking sound sounded three times.  

The land shakes and the warding around the entrance ripples. And Boris face pales in the face. Because he could not see how this sleeping Frenchman produce that sound.  

Was he so fast that he wasn’t able to see? 

Alexandrei grip his broadsword tighter. 

It was then a voice sounded out from inside the residence. 

‘Come in, Chancellor Boris. Null, stop playing’ It was Jean. The other Senators looked towards the sleeping Frenchman. 


They know they heard that name before until one of the Senators turns pale in the face in the face and whisper to his other colleague. 

The other Senators after hearing the story also slightly inched backward away from the sleeping Frenchman. 


That name was not as famous as the great heroes of the Weronian War. To be completely accurate, his name was not known at all.  

Only certain people know of the name and even those who knows his name does not know what his position is. 

One only know that Null is one of the Three Holy Guardians of France. He was once a general in the French Empire under Jean. But he was sacked from his position. 

Because of what happened in Switzerland.  

After the Fall, the few nations not badly affected by mutant sapiens and monster infestation is Japan, Switzerland, island nations and a few Europe regions. 

When Null was conquering the Swiss lands and was putting it under his control, the Swiss rebels.  

Angered and wanting to ending the rebellion as quickly as possible Null resorted to extreme measures. 

He burned and sacked Zurich, Bern and Geneva leaving none alive, men, women, old or young. Those who were alive was either burned in a tall twenty foot pole or buried alive. 

His method was cruel and incite such fear that it makes many of the cities that rebel meekly surrendered after faced with such inhumane and cruelty punishment. 

It was cruel but effective.  

But such act could not go unnoticed by the World Government at the time. Null was one of the reasons why Jean joins Revolutionary army at the time. 

In public Null was said to have been apprehended and jailed.  

But after many wars and the emergence of many great heroes that shock the world, Null name slowly disappeared in people minds.  

After all Null was not a name that was famous worldwide unlike Raymond, the Prince and Katarina. 

Hearing such story it is understandable why some of the Senators inched away in fear. 

‘Lower down your weapons, Alexandrei’ Boris ordered. 

He reluctantly lower down his arm.  

Boris look towards the Frenchman guard but sighing he walk forward as his heart keep beating as he pass the guard.  

He swears he could see a little smirk on the Frenchman guard face when he passes by. 

Boris walk inside pass the archway and his guard follows but miraculously they found themselves they were in the same spot as they were before.  

When Boris look behind him he found out that his guards could not pass the gate. He was about to say something when a deep voice enter his ears 

‘Let us talk without our guards. There shouldn’t be so many ears that should listen to what we are about to discuss.’  

Boris at first were reluctant but then he finally decided it was for the best. He looked toward his dumbfounded guards and courtiers and orders them  

‘Stay outside the gate. I have some private matters to talk with Chancellor Jean.’ Saying this Boris walk inside the residence. 




Jean was wearing a normal white robe but he look majestic wearing it. His pale white face was illuminated by the fireflies flying roaming freely in his study. 

He seems more muscly than before and the aura he emitted was full the trace of Time energy and it shows by the rippling effect of whatever he touches. 

It was like at certain places inside the study, time moves slower while at some, and other places it moves faster. 

Inside his study there is a large tree towering on the height of ten feet. That tree was in the middle of the study and it takes root right at the middle of the studies.  

The tree produce a purple fruit that have the Laws of Space and Time distorted around the fruit.  

Fireflies also flies around this tree suffusing it with energy. This fireflies is unlike the normal fireflies. It glows purple and energy emits from it. 

It was faint but it could resonate with the space around it. When it glows, the fireflies turns transparent. 

The Tree is the Time Tree and the fireflies is the Efevernescence fireflies. It has a calming effect and release pheromone that help the mind to be clear….and that is not all.  

But Boris doesn’t know much about those fireflies.  

Since it is reared by Jean. And he is very protective of them 

As Boris looked upwards, he notices something. 

Eagle standards could be seen draped on the balcony, in golden colors and intimidating whoever that comes here.  

Seeing it one would be reminded that this harmless looking guy in front of Boris once used to be the Emperor of France and held Europe on his hand.  

Jean is tall, and skinny but he also has muscle. 

He looked like a trendy young man. But even though he looked like that, this is the man that stood tall against Raymond, Hikigaya and Oreki in the absence of Katarina. 

A man whose prestige is as high as the Prince of Darkness. 

‘Where is Paulette?’ Boris asked opening the conversation with a lighthearted question. 

‘Somewhere’ he answered without interest. He looked at Boris and snickered. He likes making his contemporaries feeling uncomfortable. 

‘Would it kill you to answer all my question with such vague answer?’ Boris thought to himself. Jean was sitting on his wooden chair styled with carvings of gods and demons. 

He went to his wine shelf and brought out a white wine and put it onto the table beside his chair and quickly pour himself a drink. 

He offer wine but Boris decline.  

‘Suits yourself’ Jean said before smirking. Boris just shake his head, restraining the annoyance that is building up. 

He need to make sure he and Jean at the same page before the declaration. 

Would he still be in the mood to drink when he is racked with nervousness and uncertainty?  

Jean, on the other hand looking perfectly at ease, unaffected by Boris mood as he slowly twirls his wine glass before taking a sip 

Boris sighed inside his heart and then he decided he had to quickly ask Jean 

‘Jean’ he begins, his tone solemn deep and commanding. Jean gaze upwards as he put down his wine glass. 


‘Do you agree or not with what I proposed?’ There is a silence inside the room. For a while this silence persisted.  

Jean pick up his wine glass. 

Jean instead of answering immediately twirls his wine glass for a few times. Taking a sip, he savors the taste, like he had all the time in the world 

Slowly putting back down the glass he finally answer with a question 

‘To form the Republic to counter the growing influence of the World government. You mean that?’ 

‘Yes’ Boris nodded 

‘Hmm. Why the change in schedule? I thought you would wait a bit more until you could confirm the position of the other Senators and the warlords.’ 

Boris then smiles. They got the news a bit late. But by now, it is obvious that the World Government has found out. 

So, he must move fast. Because the World Government will surely move too. There is too many variable now. 

So, he answer Jean question with a simple statement. 

‘The Mountain in Spain collapsed.’ Boris said and there is a smirk on his face. Jean eyes narrowed. 

His forehead frowned as the implication of this statement finally dawn on him. But there is one more important thing he need to clear up. 

‘Is there anyone in it?’ Jean ask the question. And with a smiling and a slightly prideful expression Boris shakes his head. 

Jean sighed. 

‘The storm is forming’ he thought to himself. 

Jean understand why Boris is happy. If there is people inside the mountain, then that is the worst news Boris could get.  

But if there is no one…then that means the Snow Princess is still alive like The Trickster announced a few days after the battle of Spain two and a half years ago. 

Many people at the time believes that Loki was only saying that to deter any party with bad thought from harassing the companions of The Prince. 

This also means that Boris will once again gain his biggest supporter, the once strongest woman on Earth, Katarina. 

‘And probably still is’ Jean thought to himself.  

With The Prince as her allies, her position would be solidified. One must not thought the Prince was alone.  

If The Prince shows himself, he will bring with him allies and subordinates, each one worth more than a hundred thousand Orb Condensing soldiers. 

There is the Divine Archer who was in Disk Formation, Wang Jian who is also a Disk Formation leveler with an army of three hundred thousand elite soldiers.  

And if Wang Jian joins that means the Fairy of the Stars Somi who was an Energy Disperse Stage leveler with the extremely overbearing Seven Stars Sword Formation would also joins. 

There is also the Genius Alchemist Sina who have many friends in high and low places.  

With the amounts of help she have doled out, there are many heroes and heroines that owe her and would be happy to help her 

Not everybody have indestructible body.  

And if Sina come out and meddle with the politics of the world, then that means Nightingale Sasha would also come out since those two are known to be close friend and as close as sisters. 

There is also Athena and Freya but whether they will stand with The Prince is uncertain since they do not have that deep of relationship with the Prince. 

But if there is one that everybody knows would stand with the Prince it most certainly would be the Purple Speedster.  

Two and a half years ago he disappeared. If he heard that his sworn bother is alive, he would surely come out and declare his support. 

Then, there is of course, the slyest of them all, Loki the Trickster. Unlike the other companions of the prince after his declaration that the Prince is not dead, he disappeared completely. 

Even the Purple Speedster once appears seeing to visit the Mountain before disappearing in a flash of purple thunder 

By gaining the support of the Prince, Boris would gain all the supports of these great heroes under the sky 

Jean understand a bit about the Prince. Any grievances, enmity and debt will be pay double fold.  

The same for gratitude and kindness.  

The more Jean travelled his own Path, the more he understand the importance of having a steadfast and a clear mind. 

A steadfast heart means being undeterred by any obstacles and challenges, always moving forward without doubting oneself. 

Clear mind means having nothing that could be a mental obstruction. And to have a clear mind, one must have a pure heart. 

Even now, Jean still does not understand what this truly means. 

But he understand a bit. Of Azief grand Path. To walk a straight path, regardless of other people thoughts and opinion. 

Jean was not an optimistic person. He knows Azief is still at Seed Formation.  

Especially when he was sealed. So he should not be a threat for both the World Government and the Revolutionary Army. 

But Jean knows even if the Prince did not form his Disk, to underestimate him would be the most fatal error anyone could make.  

At the time, The Prince of Darkness was in Seed Formation and fought a Weronian equal to a Divine Comprehension leveler and emerge victorious. 

Not to mention, the lineup of his allies, that itself was terrifying enough. 

‘Has they revealed themselves?’ Jean ask Boris and with a malicious grin he said 


And he laughed. Jean frowned. He understand why Boris was so joyous. The fact that they do not reveal themselves means only one thing. 

The Prince…..is preparing to strike down his enemy. He is not naïve enough to think the Prince is injured.  


Because he was one of the few people in the world believes that when Katarina seals herself and the Prince, she did that in hopes of healing the Prince. 

The fact that the Prince is alive and the Mountain has crumbled is a testament of the fact that the Prince has healed. 

If the Prince has died, the World Government would have publicly announced it to calm the world. 

Right now Hirate must be pulling his hair out of frustration. 

And while Jean did not actually met the Prince many times, but from what he could deduce of the Prince personality is that he is cautious but also decisive.  

And he work best when he work inside the shadows. Now, that no one knows where the Prince is, his enemies must be squirming in unease. 

Jean could already see the trend.  

Those party and groups that harassed the Prince companion would surely lay low and seclude themselves on their territory praying that they will not attract The Prince attention 

Jean looked at Boris and asked 

‘So that is why you want to hold the vote right now?’ Jean suddenly understand why Boris shift the schedule. 

‘Yes. This is the right time. We must decide fast, put the resolution in front of the Senate and quickly subdue the influence of the World Government.’ 

Jean think for a while and a person come into his mind. Then he blurted out what he was thinking.  

He usually held his tongue to maintain the peace in the Senate but now that he have decided to agree with Boris he blurted out his opinions about someone. 

‘I do not like it’ 

‘What. Our alliances or my plan?’ Boris was clearly shocked. Looking at Jean he doesn’t seem that he hated his plan that much.  

If anything, they are colluding together to achieve the same goals. 

‘No, not that. Narleod.’ Jean said. Boris sighed. 

‘I don’t trust him’ Jean added. 

‘He….help me’ 

‘Still, I do not approve of his method. I know you turn a blind eye on his dealings but…there is a limit.’ Jean said. 

‘Desperate times.’ Boris said Jean shakes his head. 

Jean then take a sip from his wine glass before putting it back down again.  

‘This is why you will never surpass your sister, Boris. That one quality of hers that you did not posses’ 

‘What quality?’ Boris asked. Clearly he was also curios. 

‘You said it was because of desperate times that you turned to such a degenerate like Narleod. Desperate times call for desperate measures right? That is your thoughts right?’ 

Boris nodded 

‘People like the Prince and your sister will never use that excuse. They would overcome it. The more desperate they become, the stronger their conviction became and not the other way around. Bending your will to reach your goals is a smart way to do things….but not the right way to do things. Even if they do use such measures, they will not sugarcoat it. And they would surely not betray their own heart.’  

Boris didn’t understand what Jean was talking about. So, he sighed.  

‘He do not see the Grand Path’ Jean thought to himself and pity Boris. 

‘You still don’t understand do you? This world…this era….is different from our old world.’  

‘What don’t I understand?’ Boris said a little miffed. Jean chuckles 

‘The heart and the mind….so laughable. Such a simple concept yet you couldn’t understand.’ Jean was reminded of the scene of Spain two and a half years ago. 

Unbending. And straight. No hesitation. No running away. Only the determination to move forward, to soar higher.  

When Jean watches that battle, he realizes what he has been missing. 

A truly stupid way to fight but also the most effective way to fight.  

To put himself at the edge of life and death, to be unbendingly straight and true to his heart and maintain a pure mind.  

It could be spoken but in the end, only the heart will determine whether the spoken word would only remain words or become result. 

Only after Jean experiences it he knows, that even if The Prince said it to him it would be useless.  

One must understand it themselves. Because one understanding differs depending on one own heart.  

An evil heart sees a dark path, a pure heart saw light 

And Boris didn’t understand it. This is why Jean viewed Boris as not equal to him. He is smart. He is a good schemer.  

But he will never be more than that. His sister on the other hand is a different case. 

Her determination is without question and her bravery would put all men to shame. 

‘Jean, will you join hands with me?’ Boris ask the question. Boris took the last sip and put down the wine glass, as the fireflies flies back to their leaves. 

Jean closes his eyes and said 

‘The World Government…you know who they will target right?’ Boris nodded 

‘This is why we must be fast. We must contact the White Tiger, General Wang Jian immediately and inform him.’ Jean nodded and open his eyes 

Then he declare his decision 


In the night of winter in Russia, Congress announced the formation of the Republic. Changing the Revolutionary Army to the Republic. 

The Two Chancellor of the Republic is Chancellor Jean and Chancellor Boris holding the decision on three bodies of the Republic, the Military, the Legislative and the Administration. 

While the World Government slowly becoming more authoritarian, the Revolutionary army started becoming a body of a democratic ideals. 

It is ironic to say the least.  

In the beginning it was the World Government that embodies the ideas of democracy and the concept of all are equal.  

And it was the Revolutionary army that employs authoritarian regimes under their wings. 

With the World Government expanding their military they are slowly morphing into an imperial- like organization.  

With Raymond in charge of the army as the Grand Commander and Hirate as the President, both of them looked like Emperor and General. 

While the World Government method became more authoritarian, the authoritarian RA had to absorb warlords who also wanted their say to be respected. 

Slowly the regions where RA hold sway becoming a body of confederacy govern by people who was appointed by Katarina and Boris. 

In the absence of Katarina, Boris decided to change their models of governance.  

Instead of being under the orders of Boris and Katarina, they convene a meeting with all the lords and nobles of the RA before they abolished the noble’s titles and instead agreed in a Republic like governance. 

They craft the Codified Laws of the Revolutionary Army. Now it is called the Laws of the Republic. 

In the First Assembly of the Congress they chose Jean and Boris as the Chancellors.  

The other becomes Senators and they appoint Governors to rule the land.  

Europe was a strong base for RA while the rest of the world like South and North America becomes a strong base for World Government presence with Hirate crowning kings and titled nobles. 

Now, that Revolutionary Army changed their name to the Republic, one knows that the Republic now has started to move.  

The battle in the dark has now slightly going up to the surface. And the undercurrents will suck the world into the abyss of chaos. 



Sofia is bewildered by the sight in front of him.  

Thousands of soldiers has encircled her residence and the Space on top of her is being locked by a grand array making her unable to teleport away using the Teleport Stone.  

Magic formation surrounded the northern region of the Island of Peace, trapping her magical residence self-protecting mechanisms.  

She quickly rushed outside to see a grand army in front of her, in the vast flat land. Leading them is Commander Jesse, Raymond right hand man. 

Jesse face right now is complicated. 

‘Jesse, is this Raymond orders!!’ Sofia shouted, her shouts travelled tens of miles to reach the ears of the main army. 

Jesse frowned. The matters at play right now is no longer as simple. By the order of President Hirate, Sofia must not leave the Island of Peace. 

Hirate position itself demanded he do this. Because the matters at play right now involve millions of lives. 

Beside Jesse is Nick, his Vice Commandeer. 

‘Jesse, you must not falter.’ 

‘This is not the order of the Grand Commander.’ Jesse said as hesitation is clearly evident from the way he positioned his army. 

Nick shakes his head. The moment Jesse march the soldiers, there is no longer any way to turn back. 

Even if Jesse march back or retreat right now, would the Divine Archer forget that she was encircled by Jesse? 

She would surely remember and the matter will get even worse without any way to resolve the misunderstanding. 

‘You know why Hirate had to detain her here. We are not to harm her or kill her. We need here as insurance. The whole world regards that it was our organization that order the hit on the Prince. No matter how the higher up denies it, nobody believe it. Even Boris believes it. If The Prince is scheming to harm us, we need to at least have some insurance. We need to draw him out and talk to him.’ 

‘Then Hirate should sent an emissary to him’ Jesse grumbled. 

‘No one knows the temperament of the Prince. Kill first ask later. Who knows if he is that kind of man? If we do not have any leverage against such a powerful monster, then we might not be as lucky as the first battle the World Government had with him’ 

Jesse was about to say something more before an officer reported 

‘Commander, the Divine Archer is bringing out her bow’ Jesse knows he is not to delay. To underestimate the Divine Archer would be a stupid mistake 

Sighing, he ordered 

‘Order the soldiers to spread out and the magicians to help the Arrayist to form Skyroof Arrays. Her Area of Attack encompassed the entire northern region if she is really determined to kill. Be careful. Form also the magical formation of Protection to dissipate her Suppression of Higher Beings on the low level soldiers’ 

The world has changed.  

Nowadays, many people knows to fight a higher level levelers requires either the same level of levelers or if that is not available to use superior numbers, items, formations, arrays, or sealing formations. 

‘Commander, after that do we have the permission to engage?’ the officers asked. With a pained expression, Jesse nodded 

‘Permission granted’ 

The moment the permission to engage was given, the thirty thousand soldiers engage in a battle with a lone woman on the northern region of the Island of Peace. 




A man who is wielding his staff looking incomparably powerful and flamboyant rides his horse to the battlefield looking over the kneeling troublemakers that came to harass the borders of his dominion. 

‘The world is chaotic, and the citizens only wanted to live in peace. Evil forces arrogantly struts and making a ruckus. You turned to banditry, yet all of you possess the temperament of heroes. Good people must unite together’ 

The people kneeling all look down in shame 

‘Join me and help me to pacify the world’ 

The man rides on top of his Red Hare, his shoes glints as the sun set reflecting the silvery part of his Cloud Walking Boots. 

He was wearing his War God Gold Chain armors that is smudged with blood in the battlefield, and on top of his head is the Phoenix Feather Cap. 

On his hand he wield the Ruyi Jingu Bang looking sinisterly devious considering that it was a black staff.  

This man is none other the formidable General that is a genius in employing strategy and magical formation in deploying soldiers, Wang Jian.  

Today like always he defends his borders. After lecturing those bandits, the bandits joined him, bolstering Wang Jian already remarkable army. 

On the rear of his army, sitting inside a Phoenix Carriage laden in gold, is the Fairy of the Battlefield Somi. 

When Wang Jian finishes his task for the day, he wanted to join Somi and teach her more about weaponry when an officer approached him and give him a coded letter. 

Quickly decoding it with the decoder code only he could understand, the letter seems to reveal something shocking.  

Wang Jian expression turned hard and anger could be seen from his face as even his neck veins bulged. 

Without saying anything, Wang Jian kicked off to the sky, his Cloud Walking Boots propel him faster as he rushed towards the sea….to the direction of the Island of Peace. 


The conversation in part one of the chapter happens before Azief and Will conversation. Jean and the rest of the world still don’t know of Azief Disk Formation levels.  

The Revolutionary Army has changed his name to the Republic which did not happen in Loki original timeline. 

The timeline is slowly changing and we will see Loki for once not being always the omniscient third observer anymore. 

The World government is detaining the Divine Archer for insurance. Wang Jian is rushing to save his lord girls. 

The game is on.  

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