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This three feelings assaulted Azief fist the moment he clashed fist with the Great Warrior of Weronian.  

When they unleashed their powers, the skies turns dims and the pressure coming out the fists of Azief and Purunghasa suppress the Heavens and dominate the Earth. 

Mountains shattered and nations ruined.  

Their fists collided and the sounds rings out like a tolling bell resonating with the Laws of the Worlds.  

Thunder and Flames like they were in agreement, ravaged Spain, like the Judgment Day has arrived. 

Countless of creatures dies either they were burned by fire or strike down by lightning.  

Thunders fills the clouds, lightning striking the Earth like Spain was a lightning rod attracting all the lightning on the sky.  

The hard ground was melted by the heat generated by the fist of Purunghasa. When they clashed, their fists collided, for that briefest moment, they know. 

This is how true experts fight.  

True experts of the same level will instinctively knows. That in this clash, only one person will emerge alive. 

So, they both smiles.  

It was an easy battle. And also a satisfying battle. Azief smiles. So Purunghasa smiles. In that one moment when they felt each other fist met each other.  

It was an understanding of warriors. 

One second of clash, and two mountain crumbled. They back up from each other, as lightning fell and flames devours.  

Then, Azief felt it. His knuckles cracks. But he did not show any reaction. But his finger could not stop trembling.  

Then his hand broke. He winces.  

Then he felt numb.  

And one of his Seed dims and stop rotating. The Branches of Creation in his Consciousness crack as the Leaves have all fallen down. 

Azief think it is a steep price to pay to trade this kind of powerful blows.  

But he will not despair because of his lacking power. After all he is basically fighting a being two realms above him. 

He can no longer use Death, Life, Rebirth and Time. Four Seeds has dimmed and with it cracking filled his Branches of Creation. 

He could still use the Elements, Darkness, Destruction, Destiny and Fate Seeds. 

But other than Darkness and Time, the other Seeds is still in infancy period. Rarely used and was used to supplement many of Azief attacks 

He has Five Seeds functioning as his body is trying to replenish itself. Which it cannot do as Azief is in battle and suffering injury.  

Azief should recuperate.  

Even with his skills, he is not confident that he could kill Purunghasa in a fair fight. He might be coughing blood and suffering internal injury.  

But Azief knows the terrifying regenerative power of a Weronian. 

All around Azief, stones, pebbles and boulders levitates itself as Azief employed his telekinesis. Lightning gathered beneath his feet. 

Azief took a deep breath. With one breath he devours the energy surrounding him making the entire area around ten kilometer radius to be devoid of any worldly energy. 

His skin shines like gold as it heals any external injuries. Lightning falls down on him as his golden flesh nourishes him with the lightning he produce. 

His veins thrummed with energy pumping golden blood all over Azief body.  

The land beneath Azief feet cracked in a web like patterns as his Golden Domain was emanated, bringing the pressure of descending God as the skies above him turns golden overpowering his deathly aura. 

This was a Holy Aura emanated because of the attainment of penultimate Physique. 

The numb feeling on his fist dissipated as his bones mended itself.  

After all Azief bones was not normal bones.  

If this was any other person that trade blows with Purunghasa, not even to mention in Seed Formation attainment, they would already been reduced to ashes.  

Even if one in Disk Formation, their bones would have melted because of the powerful heat.  

Not many, in the Universe possess such a tough body like Azief.  

Azief never understand or truly comprehend the power of his physical body because nobody have ever forced him or give enough time to comprehend the miraculousness of his body special properties after being purify by the Lightning Tribulation. 

The last time he fought was with a being so much powerful than him so he could not see how powerful and useful his Physique really is.  

But now, that he has achieved balance with his body powerful physique and his Seed, it unknowingly creates an equilibrium between the body and soul. 

Azief bones is Celestial bones. It can be broken. But it will always be mended back unless one truly destroy every part of Azief body down to his cell. 

His bones mended and Azief crack his knuckles as the wind changes direction and exploded like something grabbed the air and force it to compress beyond its limit. 

His Celestial Meridian was full of energy after Azief devour the energy around him.  

His Nine Forbidden Opening was opened as the skies opens up and an ancient aura rises up from Azief body making Azief emitting the aura of an ancient primordial God. 

Azief Violet Palace is producing stamina and forcing Azief to hold on even amidst the pressure that is mounting against him. 

This all happen one second after they break away from each other. This is a true battle between experts.  

They did many thing in the spans of seconds. 

Purunghasa on the other hand when he was pushed back after clashing was angered and almost went berserk.  

But he manages to keep a cool head. He restrain his Maddened State 

Smirking Azief said with a provocative glance at Purunghasa 

‘We continue.’ 

Then without saying a word, Azief continued the battle. His Physique was pushed to the limits as the skies of the world changed colors.  

This aura that is coming out of Azief is no longer restricted to Spain. It envelopes the Earth. If one could see the Earth from space, they could see the clouds are swirling and changing the weather in most part of the Earth. 

Heavy rain falls down in the direst dessert as lightning thundered in clear blue skies. 

First Europe blue skies turned dark before a sound of lightning tearing apart the void could be heard  

Storms forms out of the raging skies and trembling the seas. A worldly phenomenon happens then moment Azief push his Undying physique to the brinks of its power. 

Azief body had a heavenly suppressing aura made up of worldly energy.  

Azief himself did not realize it. Purunghasa also did not realizes it. It was the briefest of moment.  

Azief Violet Palace is crazily providing vitality to Azief to enable Azief employ his attack. 

Azief was using a kicking movement. It was a ferocious kick that broke the speed barrier as sonic boom exploded. 

The land behind Azief crack and exploded twenty meters high as they were turned into dust the moment that movement was completed 

Purunghasa expression turns uglier but he was not to be caught unaware. His hand covered the air, holding an x cross stance to block Azief kick. 


Like a glass being broken, the kick landed.  

Loud noise rang the airspace of Spain. With that one kick Purunghasa face almost got distorted as he felt all of his internal organs rattled. 

The kick was heavy as ten thousand mountains, viciously and ferociously powerful. It was a kick backed by the Undying physique ultimate limit. 

This time Purunghasa experienced what Azief had experienced before. He felt his arms bone crack.  

Then it broke and then it became numb. 

Then his bones was broke into pieces. His bones. The bones of a Weronian reputed to be one of the strongest bones in the myriad races of the Universe. 

Arcs of lightning ravages his arms. He had successfully receive the kick, but he had to take twenty steps back as he was forced to take that ten steps backward.  

His hand was trembling and in pain as he staggeringly step backwards. 

It was ten steps. But that ten steps crack the land and produced mini quakes all over Spain.  

Purunghasa, the moment he felt the kick, distribute the energy of the kick into the ground causing the land beneath his feet to absorb the kick extraordinary destructive power. 

Azief imbued lighting and destruction energy inside his kick. 

The land was trampled and exploded with each steps Purunghasa takes to retreat back.  

It was like a mine was being activated as the sound of booming and the sight of soils exploded thirty meter into the air could be seen from the impact of his ten steps retreat. 

This weight… was not magic. Or runic energy. It has some of that energy of course. But Purunghasa also realizes it.  

This was a power…which is at its core…was physical body power. 

The power of pure weight from his Physique.  

‘What kind of Physique did this human cultivate?’  

Purunghasa ask himself clearly shocked that there is a race that could rival his race physique.  

Of course races like the Asgardians and Olympians have strong bodies than Weronians but they were not counted since they live beyond the Source Walls and could not easily enter the Universe where all the myriad races lives. 

A kick that has enough force to crush mountains.  

This is the true terror of possessing and Undying Physique.  

Once it has been achieved any movement would have a divine power capable of suppressing the Heavens and Earth, locking the worldly energy and severing the Laws. 

If Azief only knew that his Physique was not truly complete he would surely be shocked.  

Loki of course knew which is why he was so fearful of Azief development.  

If he could rise in level of his physical body, Azief body would truly be invincible unless being penetrated by the Grand Path of the Universe.  

He would only be hurt by Great Beings that comprehended the Universal Laws.  

If Azief Physique was complete even if he was in Seed Formation he would not even be hurt by Purunghasa attack. 

This is the terrifying effect of a Physique. Especially such a rare Physique like Azief. 

But this was not the end. After the kick, a fist arrived.  

This fist gathered the lighting in the skies and create a bundle of slithering lightning arcs to form in Azief fist.  

After Azief kick and Purunghasa takes step backwards Azief landed on the ground and dash forward and execute a punch movement. 

It was the Cloud Dispersing Fist.  

The moment Azief fist hit Purunghasa stomach, the skies above cracked and the cloud disperse and Tribulation Lightning rained down the area, creating a thunder deadly zone as Purunghasa was pummeled.  

Like a falling star, the punch riddled Purunghasa body.   

The fist break the sound and speed barrier creating an earth shattering sound as a shockwave ripples and broke everything around fifty kilometers radius. 

Kicks as heavy as mountains, a fist that could break any barrier hit upon Purunghasa body. Even with his sturdy physique slowly Purunghasa body is slowly being wrecked. 

Then it was at this moment Azief shouted 

‘Ten Thousand Beast Seal!’ 

It was the Ring of Ultimate Sealing. His ring glowed as Azief jumped backward as Purunghasa body free falls.  

It was a millisecond as Azief pointed his finger to Purunghasa. 

The Space was locked and Laws and Worldly energy stand still, like they were being frozen for that one millisecond gap. 

Then a roar sounded, echoing through the minds of everyone in the world.  

Azief coughed black blood as he could felt his Violet Palace cracked and the pool of vitality inside him dried up almost immediately. 

Two of his Seed dimmed. His Seed of Elements and Darkness dimmed. Only Destruction, Destiny and Fate Seed is still rotating. 

The Branches of Creation in his Consciousness broke and fall and disappeared.  

Then Ten Thousand Soul of monstrous beast rushed out from that rings as sealing pentagram, hexagram, circles and triangles fills the skies covering the area above, below, east, west, north ,south of Purunghasa directions. 

A sharp pillar that pointed to the Heavens was propped up as the soul rushed toward the four cardinal directions. 

The golden skies turns color as black and red aura filled the world, changing the colors of the skies into the color of blood.  

It was a blood skies and souls and ghost comes out from the manifestations of these dark and blood red skies. 

In the East direction there is 2500 souls of beast gathering like a tormented soul reinforcing the sharp pillars 

The same numbers of beast souls guards the West, North and South. 

On above was a net, below was also a net. A net made from the resentment of the dead monsters. 

The souls howls and laments in their beast language. Even Azief, the one who is creating the Seal felt apprehensive hearing the howling and screaming of these souls not to mention Purunghasa who was trapped in all direction. 

SEAL! Azief shouted. By now two second has passed. 

The moment Azief shouted Seal, dark onyx chains shoots out from the pillars.  

Each chains coils around Purunghasa body and forcing him to stand still, floating in the air defenseless and in pain.  

The souls in each direction merge with each other. 2500 souls in each direction merged to form into a unified entity of souls.  

In the West the souls merged and form into a Dark Tiger. The Dark Tiger of the West. 

Autumn wind blows as wherever it blows, desolation follows. This Dark tiger pounced on the chain and grabbed it with one of his paws and pull. 

On the East a Dark Dragon was formed out of the resentments of the souls. The springs wind breathed out from his breath rots and turns everything that is good corrupted. 

The Dark Dragon of the East 

The Dark Dragon roars and dark rains falls down inside the Sealing Area. The rain was like a rain of acids as it rain down on Purunghasa body as he winces in pain and his skin get scalded. 

With one of claws he pulled the chains. 

On the South a Dark Phoenix appeared, as majestic and as fearsome as Death. It was the Dark Phoenix of the East. 

Covered in dark flames that could burn anything even Karma and burns the chains of Fate and Destiny it waves its wings and the chains was pulled towards him.  

A coldness spreads all over Purunghasa body.  

This was the coldness that appears before Death, he realized as he felt fear and chill in his heart. 

By now only one second passed. 

On the North was a pale White Turtle shining with silver light. It was huge as thousands of snakes slithered beneath the shell of the turtles.  

The White Turtle of the North.  

It was still, static and unmoving. It was the support of all the pillars. Just by being there, the Seal could be perfected. 

This is the Ten Thousand Beast Seal. 

Azief has never used this seal before. This was the first time. It takes two of his Seed to be paid as a price to activate this sealing method but it was worth it. 

The moment Azief executed this sealing method, the information on how to use the sealing method appears inside Azief mind.  

So, he shouted. 

‘Pull!’ And the moment he said, this one of Azief seed dimmed. 

His Destiny Seed dimmed as Azief felt his body was drained of energy. The Tiger roars, the Phoenix shrieks, and the Dragons look the world in disdain.  

The Turtle like always closes it eyes. 

Purunghasa felt a great pulling power and then his body exploded.  

The chains acted like a serrated chains as it slices through Purunghasa skins, his veins, his bones and squish him in the most excruciating way to die. 

Azief knows with his current power to maintain this powerful sealing method is not possible, so, the moment he ordered the souls to pull, the souls dissipated as the Four Darkly Beast dissipated and the ten thousand souls of monstrous beast was released to enter the Life and Death cycle. 

He looked toward the sites of the sealing. A twenty feet deep crater was formed. And in the middle of that crater was a bleeding head. 

Only the head. The body was turned into liquid of blood. Azief heaved a sigh of relief but then he felt something was wrong. 

‘Where is my EXP points?’ 

It was then he heard the laugh. Shrieking, weak and full of madness.  

The moment before Purunghasa death, he unleashed his maddened State enabling him to fight at least for a moment to let out one drop of his blood 

That blood reformed into his head. 

Reformed by a drop of blood!  

This was his intention. Purunghasa knows, the moment his body reformed, he could only die under the attack of Azief  

Because the moment after reforming bodies is the weakest moment 

But even if he dies, he would bring down Azief with him. Even though he is weak, he is after all still two realms above Azief.  

If not for Azief many powerful artifacts that broke nay common senses. Azief would have already long died. 

So, from the moment Azief saw the head, and the one second after that, the body reformed almost instantly burning any longevity that Purunghasa has left. 

The horizons shook as Purunghasa body full reformed and he dashed up from below the crater, his hand in a spearing motion toward Azief chest. 

Purunghasa burns all of his longevity blood to surpass the restriction of his weak body as he dashed with a speed that broke all barrier around him. 

His body bumped against the air and the air exploded in a tempestuous gust of crazily blowing winds. 

Azief did not expected this. But the moment he saw the speed that Purunghasa employed, Azief knew he could not hope to stop that hand. 

That was such an invincible momentum and Azief has already had been dried up.  

But his two Seed is still rotating even though it is rotating weakly.  

So, he uses two of his Seed to power up his body. One to brace the impact of that attack, another to make one movement that will determine the winner of this battle. One second. 

That is all it took. 

Like a knife cutting through butter, Azief chest was pierced. He winces in pain. 

The Seed of Fate dimmed as it tries to protect Azief heart.  

‘Uhuk’ he coughed blood and his blood sprayed to the lightning infested ground, traces of their last clash. 

To outsider looking at this battle it took not even a minute. But to those experiencing this battle, only they understand how perilous and precious each second in their battle. 

His Seed of Destruction also dimmed. His gamble worked. He managed to make that movement.  

Both of his hand grabbed tightly on the horns of Purunghasa. 

And so he laughed.  

‘This is the end’ he whispered in a weakened voice.  

Then he muster his strength as he snap the horn on top of Purunghasa head with one crisp movement as Purunghasa slides down to the ground in pain before dying because of overtaxing his body.  

His longevity blood has all been burned and the breaking of his horn was the last straw. 

He falls down and then Azief could feel the worldly energy, the experience points for killing Purunghasa gathered around him and crazily entering his body.  

This time his laugh is getting louder. 

‘Today I formed my Tenth Seed!’ He shouted for the whole world to hear.  

Somewhere in the Jade Empire, a trillion of light years away the Jade Emperor clicked his tongue clearly unsatisfied with what is happening. 

The Nirvanic Cauldron as large as ten suns open its lid as it acknowledged the achievements of a human, trillion of light years away.  

Not only it was trillion years away, it was a dimension away. But the lid opened. It did not care as it will cross dimension, time and space to bestow the Purifying Fire. 

But The Jade Emperor must not allowed this to happen. So, he flip his palm and his palm cover the Cauldron. 

On Earth, Azief felt something was wrong.  

He felt that the energy is full and the Tenth Seed ifs forming as the Tree slowly turns golden and shines with replescendent colors but the Purifying Fire did not descend. 

So, Azief look up at the sky.  


Here is the conclusion of the battle. Hope you like the way it ended. Morgana still did not make her move. Loki is somewhere doing something. And the Jade Emperor seems to fear that Azief would grow. This time the focus is all about Azief.

There was no intermission about other characters or other POV. And Katarina is coming. This Arc of Weronian is slowly coming to an end.

And for those who didn’t know, my book of Age of Heroes has been publsihed in Amazon. Please support me by buying it or recommending it to a friend. Thanks for the support and hope you enjoyed reading thsi chapter.

Here’s the link for anyone interested in buying or reading it.

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