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The sonic boom creates a ripple in the air as a figure part the clouds as that figures flies through it. 

A dark red mist followed behind this figure. Not far behind a flaming figures chased the figure. Azief is still running from Purunghasa maintaining his will and his confidence. 

He could defeat it. He knows this in his heart.  

‘Stop, human!’ Purunghasa yelled with anger but Azief only ignored it. 

Azief popped some blue pills into his mouth and this pills boost his speed adding the frustration in Purunghasa heart.  

Every time Purunghasa is coming close and only a breath away from getting the human, Azief would popped blue pills into his mouth and seemingly unfetter his body from the area and shoot forward in a flash. 

Purunghasa is of course visibly shocked with such speed.  

In Azief heart however, he could not help but be thankful of all the pills Sina gave to him before he sets out. 

This pills were refined from Will speed and so contains some semblance of the speed source. 

Azief has a reason for doing this kind of maneuver in last minute. He wanted to draw the Purunghasa away from large population and uses his trump card. 

Spain was his destination. From what he gather he learn that Spain is like a barren land nowadays after the initial massacre from the Weronians. Those that survived flee to other places. 

Spain is now mostly populated by Weronians soldiers and warriors. 

He wanted to use the Eternal Rings. Manic desire to run away was produced from Azief eyes, convincing Purunghasa that Azief wanted to flee. 

Azief smirked 


The one thing Azief like about these Weronians is that they do not have strategic thinking.  

They relied only on their brute strength and violence. It is no wonder the myriad races of the Universes look down on them. 

Compared to those cunning Old Beings that roams the vast universes, the Weronian look like a baby that just got birthed  

They do not retreat even in the face of imminent death even when the cause is hopeless 

This makes them stupid but also at the same time makes them formidable soldiers and a trustworthy space mercenary. 

They flew across the Europe continent before Azief flew down somewhere in Spain.  

‘Let us fight here!’ Azief shouted as he darted off to the ground and the moment he landed the entire land masses around fifty kilometers radius crumpled up and break like a bowstring that was too taut creating mini quakes. 

Purunghasa prefer it this way as he also flew down. The Weronians disdain fighting with tricks and has always views brute strength as their ultimate laws. 

Both of them descent and that descent created a tremendous force that affected the laws of nature. 

Their descent created flaming thunderstorm that raged from the ground to the clouds. Lightning shoots off and thunders roars as the clouds turns to fireballs and fall down like rain. 

The forest was swept away by the fire while any creatures below the rank of Apex all were burned or suffocated by the terrifying pressure emanated from these top expert descent. 

Azief then activated one of his Ring. 

It was then a song could be heard coming out from Azief mouth. The song could not be understood but could only be felt.  

It transcend the limitation of languages. It evoke emotion. The Song contain great clues to the Great Path of the Universes. 

Countless mysterious truth appeared as worldly phenomena as the sound travels from Azief mouth and affect the natures and Laws around him. 

The images of a setting sun, images of a dark night illuminated by the moon, the image of a falling stars by the millions appeared as the Song was sung. 

The images…does they have connection to the Grand Truths or not?  

Nobody knows  

Azief did not know and so does Purunghasa.  

But Azief has always known that the Eternal Ring was something so otherworldly and so powerful that Azief would not be surprised if someone says that these rings were the remnants of some top super powerful beings that used to rule multiple Universes. 

Blue light radiates around the sounds. 


The Ring of Creation Song glows as Azief sing the Song. It was the Song of Poisonous Mist. About 50 kilometer radius was covered by a poisonous mist of dark red color. 

The trees wilted, the bird’s falls down and foamed in the mouth before dying in excavating pain. The mist seems to be malicious. 

It even affects the thunderstorm that is raging as the flames died down and the thunders were suppressed. 

It was calm and silent yet this mist burning with it lethal virus that kills anyone weaker than the singer. 

A large camp of Weronian soldiers housing about twenty thousand Weronians soldiers and warriors instantly died and corrode into a pile of melted meat after being consumed by the mist. 

And it affect the body of Purunghasa as his eyes opened in shock. As Purunghasa is an Eight Horn Weronians he is stronger than Azief.  

But this Eternal Ring is as mysterious as the Grand Truth of the Universe.  

Even though Azief was two realm below him, with Azief Perfection Path he could even threaten a being like Purunghasa.  

Loki prediction was right.  

This Prince that will one day become the God of Death will become the strongest version of the God of Death even more so than in Loki timeline 

Purunghasa could not believe what he is feeling now. He felt this for the first time since he met this human….the feeling of fear. 

‘What is this mist?’ He said as he notices as his almost impenetrable skin slowly shed like a snake shedding it skin.  

With each shedding he realize his skin slowly becoming weaker. No one should underestimate the rings that Azief wielded  

With these ten Ring he used to roams the Universes undefeated.  

Azief lost many times before he became Sovereign.  

But everyone knows that after he became Sovereign he never lost a battle. At least no one ever heard he loses.  

But there was a rumor he fought to a draw with Lord Wargod 

As Purunghasa was exposed to the mist, his blood slowed down as the poison angrily acted up, using bits full might and roared. The Song rise to a crescendo.  

The sound of the rising tone causes the stagnating blood flow to rises up and just like that Purunghasa felt like there is the Giant Worm rampaging inside his body, fierce and immense. 

This kind of impact made the blood flow to go into a rampage, tearing apart Purunghasa meridians and strength nerves in his body and almost severing the nerve between his body and his horns.  

Fortunately for Purunghasa he managed to stop the invading forces by burning his golden bloodline inside his body halving his longevity as he instantly aged. 

Within a short moment Purunghasa nearly got ruined by a Song. In agony he spat a mouthful of fresh blue blood. 

This was a great pain that he almost couldn’t handle. But then he roared and his aged body rejuvenated nbut his longevity could not be reclaimed. Because of this he is angry, beyond that he is wrathful. 

The Flaming Wolf howls to the heavens and fires blares across the vast skies, devouring clouds and dissipating air, suppressing the mist. 

A certain Divinity Aura rises up from Purunghasa destroying the conflicting force inside his body. Burning his bloodline manages to make him resist Azief potent attack. 

Azief sighed and plans his next move as the Ring of Song Creation dims. He could not use it for a while.  

Azief also takes a deep breath as he could feel one of his Seed becomes dims. Even with Nine Seeds and borrowing the energy of the world, the demands of the Eternal Ring is so extravagant. 

Doesn’t this means he could not even use all ten eternal rings in one battle?  

Not to mention some rings have such powers that it could dims two or three of his seed just by using a portion of its powers? 

Azief only could curse that the only Song he got from the Ring of Creation Song is two songs. And using only one song has causes him this much 

He once saw the Demon King uses this Ring.  

He creates stars and moon and uses it as weapon.  

The song affect the divine laws of the world and defy the Laws of the Universe. But Azief was not that Demon King and his attainment was not as powerful as that Demon King.  

The fact that he could this much of power is already astounding in his level. 

Then rioting all of his Eight Seeds, he powered the Ring of Great Summoning. He summon his Steed. 

The semi skeletal winged horse appears as thunders and lighting that was beings suppressed once again create chaos in the skies. 

As Azief jumped on the back of that horse, he adds his deadly and dark aura around him. One of his Seed slowly becomes slower in rotating. 

The horse neigh sounds like a shriek of a tortured and demented souls from the Underworld as dark mist swirls under its hooves. 

Azief look behind him and he smiles. Surrounded by such ghastly aura, his smile look like he was the controller of all Darkness. 

A legion of shadows floats in the air behind it, as Azief pointed his finger to Purunghasa and shouted 


The legion of shadows unhesitatingly flew forward and opening their mouth rushing to Purunghasa. 

At the same time the Legion of Shadows attacked Purunghasa, Azief summons Marchosias the Marquis of Hell  

Then the already slow rotating Seeds stop rotating as it becomes dims waiting to be replenished by the worldly energy. 

One of the Leaves on the Tree of Life is about to fall and hanging by a thread on the Tree. It was like a blow of wind will causes this Leaf to drop down.  

Three Seeds creating leaves of Origin.  

Two Seeds has become dim.  

One more Seeds and the Leaves will fall.  

The Price of suing such powerful magic from the Eternal rings is truly exorbitant.  

If Azief did not use the Rings, he could fight with all of his Nine Seeds rotating constantly providing him energy from the Tree of Life that will keep absorbing the worldly energy.  

But the Ten Eternal Rings cut off such connection between the owner body and the worldly energy. 


Azief still didn’t understand. But he dares to makes a speculation. Azief believes that the Ten Eternal Ring views the worldly energy as an inferior form of energy. 

Not to mention if Azief didn’t use the Ten Eternal Rings he is sure he would not even break past the defenses of Purunghasa sturdy almost godlike physique. 

Even as the Seeds dims, the Marquis of Hell appears 

The wolf like creature appears looking fiercer and gloomier than before. Its head was of a wolf with gryphon wing and a serpent tail, spewing infernal fire from its mouth.  

Behind him were 30 legions of demon like creature. Azief pointed his finger at the Spirit Totem of the Flaming Wolf and ordered 

‘Marquis of Hell, devour that Sprit Totem and strengthen yourself.’  

Marchosias howled, as his howl created dark thunders that covered the flames of the Flaming Wolf Totem  

He moves his paws as it flies through the air to the Spirit totem and a shockwaves ripple through the air as the Wolf howls and winces in pain. 

Demons-like creature is wreaking havoc, eating, slashing, and biting the sides of the Flaming Wolf, devouring its flames and flesh.  

Azief eyes narrowed down as he collected himself after using two Eternal Rings that drains him most of his Seed abilities to manipulate certain attributes. 

It only took him twenty seconds to do all this. 

He takes a deep breath as energy enter his body, his Seven Seeds borrowed the power of this world as the energy all around Spain was sucked into his body and almost got depleted with that one breath. 

With the World Orb Regenerative properties, Spain would be replenished by tomorrow but for today, its energy was sucked entirely by Azief. 

Flames and thunders clashed in the skies of Spain, as the mortals below suffers from heat and heaven deafening sound produce by these two demon gods. 

Purunghasa was incensed with anger. To him, these are tricks. His killing intent billowed to the Heavens. 

As he face the Legion of Shadows, he snorted. Roaring sound echoed out as he snorted. Popping sound filled the air as the legion of Shadows charge towards him. 

‘Simple tricks. Weak!’ 

His Totem Spirit was preoccupied but Purunghasa did not need his Spirit totem to help him at this moment.  

He crack his knuckles and flames exploded out from his fist 

A flame appeared above his head floating a few inches from the crown of his head. The world was turned into world of flames reminiscent of depiction of Hell. 

The flame then transformed into a sunscape filled with exploding solar flare. This phenomenon could be seen from a thousand kilometers away.] 

The land beneath them crumpled and then become scorched black before they slowly turned into ashes that flew as the wind carried them off. 

The sea boils as the sea experience condensation as large mass of gas flew to the skies and snowcapped mountain melted off creating avalanches all over Spain 

The flames then transformed into orbs of fires condensed into the hottes orbs of fires here on Earth. 

This orb shot out toward the incoming Legion of Shadows 

A booming explosion echoed out; creating something akin of planar shockwave as the Legion of Shadows could do nothing to block Purunghasa advance.  

They dissipated along with miserable screams and shrieking.  

The speed of Azief Steed slowly decrease as Azief smiles bitterly.  

It take two second of Azief to summon this two creatures but Purunghasa only uses one second to destroy the legion of shadows belonging to his steed. 

Purunghasa then look towards the Demons that is attacking his Totem Spirit. Slowly the flames around the edges of the flaming wolf is being devoured.  

Once again Purunghasa look at the summoned creatures of Azief with disdain. 

He lifted his hand as the air around him were burned into single particle atom before dissipating completely into nothingness.  

Then he bring his hand down.  

Like an axe of an executioner, the moment he brought his hand down, it was like the Sun was falling. 

Explosion rocked the skies as Spain was burned and thousands if not millions Weronians on Spain dies because of the heat or was burned alongside the flames that now ruled the land and the skies.  

The Demon like creature and Marchosias were all split by the appearance of a fire cleaving saber shaped attack. 

It descended with incredible speed, landing directly onto the demon-like creature and Marchosias ending their life as their souls returned to the ring on Azief fingers.  

A deafening boom filled the air. 

‘That kind of destructive power… is truly terrifying’ Azief thought to himself. Now on the flames infested world only two people remains, looking at each other eyes, staring at each other with the killing intent that could choke anyone to death by fear. 

The skies are on fire and the land are on fire. Even the seas are on fire. With that one move, Purunghasa turns the entire world into flames.  

At least that how it looks like in Azief eyes.  

Spain was now burned as forest is devoured by fires and even cold mountains is burning.  

But even in this world of flames, the skies is still there.  

And as long as there is the skies, lightning will appeared.  

Like being awakened by a falling glass, thunder roars mightily and golden lightning shoots off from the flaming skies and strikes down the Flaming Wolf and Purunghasa horns simultaneously.  

This move was so unexpected and so sudden that Purunghasa who was concentrating on Azief was caught unaware.  

For that one moment, the lightning strikes Purunghasa horn.  

And another strike shot towards the Spirit Totem.  

The lightning falls and the Spirit Totem exploded into motes of flames as the flames all over the skies, land and seas slowly dissipated and showing sign of calming down. 

It only take one second but it was enough. Azief smirks. That was the opportunity he waited. That one second time gap.  

‘Like I thought.’ Azief eyes glint dangerously as he look towards Purunghasa horns. 

‘That is your weakness.’  

For such a strong race, even the Heavens were jealous and give you a weakness.  

At this time Purunghasa was pale in the face as he realize what happens.  

He felt the numbness on his horns and then look behind him as he watched his Spirit Totem exploded.  

He then felt a maelstrom of energy exploding inside his body as backlash of his Sprit Totem being destroyed. 

His pale face indicate his fear.  

‘This human knows our tribe weakness.’ He thought to himself as his horn felt like it was almost being ripped off from his head. 

This is the reasons why even though Azief was two realms below this Purunghasa he was not truly afraid.  

He was wary, yes, but he was not afraid.  

The Three Seeds that dimmed was Death Life and Rebirth.  

But he still have the Seeds of Elements. Using that he directed the Lightning to attack the horns and at the same time the Spirit Totem. 

Not to mention the kind of Lightning that Azief could create was Tribulation Lightning.  

Or to put it more accurately a lightning that contain some hints of Tribulation Lightning. Azief calculation is not slowly going towards his desired endings. 

And he still have eight rings he did not use. The ruins he tattooed underneath his skins is glowing as it provide strength and replenishments. 

This battle has now reached at its peak. This battle gained the world attention. Those that is watching from the distance all gulped.  

Today they know. Today they see. Today, they are more than just spies or watchers, or observers.  

Today, they stand as witnesses. 

They all know it in their heart. They got this feeling in their souls. The prince will be ….legend. This battle will surely be legendary. 

Like a Sun that is too bright to see, the Prince is like a blinding light that shines the light in humanity darkest moment. 

It was like with this battle the Prince is teaching a lesson to all those that harbors dark notion to him. 

This is a legendary character that is fighting such a legendary battle that is shocking the world and affect the phenomena of this planet like he were a God.  

And legends…..lives forever. On the scorched and flaming lands, there is a green snake slithering through the flames.  

Then the snakes stop. Hissing, its slits eyes closes and then opens.  

A green eyes look towards the skies. Then the eyes closed back.  

The snake hiss and slithers away and burrows itself inside the ground. On a cave somewhere, a man sitting on throne made of slithering snakes, notices the dark aura of a woman he knew. He sighed. But he did not desire to stop it. 

A man with a golden gourd sitting inside the cave on a chair carved of white marble asked 

‘Why did you not stop my mistress?’ 

The man replies 

‘Because its necessary’ as he smiles bitterly before he closes his eyes. 

On the skies, Azief laughed, his hair thrown back and he laughed. He laughs as any of his fear was washed away.  


With a battle cry he dash forward as the land behind him ruptured and exploded.  

Purunghasa who was bleeding from his mouth and suffers internal injury did not let go of this provocation.  

He also dashed forward and gather the strength on his fist.  

Both of them make their stand.  

Their fist once again collided but this time the position of power is reversed. Their fist collided and Spain trembles before the mountain behind both of them, exploded. 

One mountain was burned into nothingness while the other mountains were turned into smithereens by a lightning strikes causing lightning arcs like snakes formed beneath the destroyed mountains.  

With one clash, Azief and Purunghasa used their strongest physical power and clashed seriously.  

Unlike the beginning when they were testing each other powers, this time they know…..this is the final stand. 

Not far away, an invisible dome pooped out from underground.  

A woman was inside it gripping tightly on her spear, her eyes did not lose her targets. 

With the red skies as her reminder, she will not hesitate to do anything to reclaim the future of humanity by killing the scourge that is her father. 

The world watches as the storms is about to stop. Meanwhile, on the Island of Peace, the snows falls again. 


Ok, here’s a new chapter. And Dok are you spying on me? How did you know I will use the Seed of Elements in this chapter? I wrote this chapter long before you typed your comments? And Manor, thanks for reading like always. And Mahesvera you too.

Morgana could easily be seen as the antagonist but I always view her as a main character without a story. If you see the world from her eyes and her knowledge of the future you will understand that her thoughts aren’t completely wrong. She believes that LS will one day bring the end of humanity.

She perceived that even if the world did not have him in the future, the world will still survive. Loki on the other hand has once become Sovereign.

So, his knowledge on certain things will also be different. But even Loki has his own plans. Anyway. maybe next chapter will mark the end of the battle with a surprising conclusion.

And to anyone who wanted faster chapter, please donate. And like always, I leave a word of thanks for reading my works. If you like it please recommend it.

Next chapter will be either then end of the battle or Loki situation right now. Leave your comments.

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