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The sound of footsteps could be heard in these empty streets.  The wind blows and a person cape flutter amidst the wind. 

This person is walking among these empty streets accompanied with an entourage of great heroes and heroine.  

Striding past their corpses, his black cape billows over the open eyes of the dead. 

He had a dragon gait and firm tiger steps his deadly aura flowed out it made even the entourage behind him afraid to approach this person. 

His handsome face is covered by his leather hood, his tall height makes him noticeable eve n from afar. Not to mention, there is this kind of primeval aura coming out of this person. 

It was an oppressive zone all around this person with the black cape. 

There was no other person that could emit such kind of pressure other than the Prince of Darkness, Azief. 

Behind him was Jean the Time Master, Paulette his lover, and Maximoff. There were some other people that are following behind Jean they are all are not worthy to be mentioned under the same breath of these great heroes and heroine. 

Their contribution to the battle is undeniable but with the presence of the Prince in the battlefield their contribution pales in comparison. 

In the distance, horns like statue the size of hill could be seen. These horn like statue called the Protruding Horn by the WG is being burned by the soldiers as they sing a song of victory. 

Azief look down and saw blood on his dark boots. He looks at the sky and saw an empty space with no clouds, result of his earlier battle. 

He remembers Alsurt, laughing at the weakness of myriad races.  

Even when he was being sealed, nothing could contain that Jotun valiant sprit that seems to tower all above the firmaments. 

Walking on the vast earth, laughing at the heavens. When will he have that kind of mentality as he roamed the vast Universe?  

Azief ask himself this as he walk that empty street, his mind contemplating this matter. Behind him the people following him did not do anything other than just walk behind him. 

Nobody wanted to disrespect or offend the Prince especially not after what they have witnessed today. 

Because as he walk the vast earth he could not help but form emotions and form entanglement. 

As he look at the skies, he does not feel the benevolence of the Heavens…instead all he could feel is ill intent. 

He could not reconcile these feelings. So, as he walk, he wanted to stomp the Earth, and rend the Heaven apart.  

Fate and Destiny, these are the argument of the weak.  

When such disaster happens they blamed it on Fate and Destiny. But in the end, if you are strong enough, Fate and Destiny will work for you instead of against you. 

Azief knows this, and like that he gained enlightenment on some matters as his Seed of Destiny and Fate slightly emits light.  

It was a trace of Laws but also a trace of defiance against the predetermined path of the Laws of Fate and Destiny.  

Most people would follow the will of Fate and Destiny.  

But Azief thoughts and belief, veer of this path of flowing like water, following the winds to move the clouds.  

Instead Azief belief bring him to another path. To control Fate and defy Destiny. 

This was his path.  

Because he did not want to be chain and shackle by such concepts.  

This means his attainment of this two laws will be slower than other people but when he truly comprehend the Laws regarding this two aspect, he would surely be a terrifying enemy to have.  

After all to obey is easy. To defy requires courage and steely heart determination. Even when the path is uncertain, he must still go into that darkness. 

Because if he plays it straight, he will surely fail to achieve what he desired. He must trod the path not taken. 

Because if he follows the path other people have walked on, he will only reach the same destination as those people. 

Azief look onward as his Divine Sense swept the area, and his foot walk forward, stepping lightly. 

As the statue of Protruding Horn was burned from many places that used to be Weronian stronghold, Azief discover his Divine Sense is slowly gaining back its abilities. 

The statue of that Protruding Horn erected all over France was carved from a weird minerals that was not of this world. 

It has the effect on deflecting Divine Sense.  

That is what Azief concluded.  

As he walk on this war torn city of Paris, he looks with indifferent. His eyes glints of murderousness, with each steps ripples of energy appeared beneath his feet. 

Small fires were everywhere.  

This street if Jean words to be believed once thronged with life. Now it is empty full of desolate and grim aura surrounded this entire city.  

Azief could sense the grim feeling. 

Along the roads, corpses littered the roads.  

Women and men in their armors, children with wide eyes of fears, all these corpses littered the road.  

Paulette who was following beside Jean look at this scenery and tears unconsciously flowed down from her eyes.  

Jean quickly embraced her and consoled her. 

Stores, buildings all shows marks of scorched and traces of a great battle being fought around it vicinity. 

The dust of war filled the streets, as the wind harshly brought the scent of blood and death. Cracked sidewalls, mutilated flesh are normal scenery. 

Today, Azief came and like an Avenging Angel swiftly end the occupation of France by the Seven Horn Weronian stationed here. 

Azief also learns a bit of Weronian culture from the intel he got from the World Government.  

The one in charge of France was an Adept Warrior, a title that make him eligible to become some kind of Governor General if it compared to human standard.  

The Weronian did not practice the same kind of practice of human strengthening techniques instead they refine their bodies with the elements that exist around them and susceptible to magic which is why humanity still manage to drive them back. 

Weronian most frightening aspect is their physical body.  

On Earth only one human could match the Weronian in terms of physical body and that is Azief who possess the Undying Physique. 

Usually one that is given the privileges to govern an area is an Adept Warrior. The title shows his capability.  

For a Great Warrior they could rule a kingdom or a country. And for Supreme Warrior they were given the right to do whatever they pleased. 

Because that means they have Nine Horns which is just one step from the legendary ten horns which has not existed since trillion of years in Weronian existence. 

If they have a ten horn Weron they would not have been able to be thrown away from their galaxy by the Intergalactic alliance. 

That is because ten horns signifies that Weronian could go toe to toe with beings like Zeus, Odin, The Jade Emperor, Ra and Osiris and maybe other great character in the Universe. 

If they have to be classify using human terms, Loki would grade ten horns have the same abilities as a Sovereign.  

And any Sovereign during the Era of the Seven Sovereigns could do many unbelievable things.  

Create world, and destroy galaxies, this is just a few of the powers of a Sovereign that transcend above the limitation of the will of the Universe. 

It is fortunate such scenario did not occur as Azief only had to contend with a seven horn Weronian. 

Azief when he arrived at France he quickly confronted the Seven Horn Weronian that called himself the Adept Warrior Ulukhawa. 

With his Six World Exterminating Saber, Azief engage in a great battle with the Seven Horn Weronians.  

The seas all the coast around France boiled and the skies were full of thunders and flames. 

Thunderstorm raged across the northern part of France while the southern part spew fires from the skies and burns the forest, killing hundreds if not thousands of people and Weronian who did not know why such weird phenomenon happens. 

It was like the Earth and Heaven were at war with each other. It alerted other Weronian who rush over which was struck down by lightning the size of a hill. 

The Prince in views of the great heroes and heroines of the world rends the skies and shakes the earth like an almighty War God.  

In the conclusion of this great battle the Prince slash the Seven Weronian Horn Warrior with his heaven Sundering Saber borrowing the power of the world to activate his Seed.  

As his Tree of life heals his injury he managed to summon many of his sabers and gain understating of each of his saber in the midst of his battle.. 

Red mist covers the skies as it was this heat produced by the red mist that makes the sea water boils. 

This red mist ignited in the center of the skies of France and turned into Nirvana Fire.  

With one downward movement of his saber, a gigantic slash of fire the size of a mountain rushes forward to Ulukhawa burning and cutting everything in front of its path. 

The clouds were burned and even the skies seems to be burned along with it.  

The land beneath his feet turns into dust as sand turns to glass, breaks and then melts before turning into gas because of such intense pressure. 

True to his name, the Heaven Sundering Saber, sunders the Heaven and as such how could the exhausted Adept Warrior Ulukhawa has the power to resist as he was cut into two parts.  

One part of his body fell into the sea and was eaten by a shark while the other one fall into the ground and was burned entirely by the inextinguishable fire. 

The shark that eat the other part of Ulukhawa exploded in burst of flames after eating the other part of Ulukhawa body.  

This was the power of the heaven Sundering Saber. Seeing this display of such great prowess, how could the soldiers of humanity not cheer the prince name and confident of their victory? 

Usually a Seed Formation leveler like him could not contend with a Weronian with Seven Horns and with such attainment of physical body.  

But he has Perfect Physique and Nine Seeds rarely seen even amongst the many star system that practices such method.  

With the Nine Seeds rotating and his powerful physical bodies and the Six World Extermination Saber, he could easily ignore all this known convention and easily dispatched that Adept Warrior. 

After that what ensues was a complete slaughter.  This is after all a war between two planets, the invaders and the original inhabitants. 

Azief was not merciful. Merciless would be a kind word to describe Azief after he defeated Ulukhawa. 

With one slash, Azief evaporated ten thousands of Weronians into ashes, with another slash he brought down lightning and thunderstorm to terrorize and punish the Weronians. 

Without a Seven horn Weronian or an Eight Horn Weronian, the normal Weronian soldiers were helpless like a chicken that lost it head, running around bleeding before dying.  

This is what called the new order of this new world after the fall. One man could overwhelm ten thousand if he is strong enough. 

And if he is strong enough he could even overwhelm an entire world by himself. 

And that was what happens.  

Azief after killing Ulukhawa join Jean, Paulette, Maximoff and other heroes in a great offensive, killing millions of Weronians.  

Some were even promoted to Seed Formation Middle Realm with all the constant killing. People like Jean however form their Seeds first before elevating their level. 

Azief now understand why Jean was respected even among heroes. Instead of making mistake like Sasha, Jean was prudent and cautious.  

Though Azief also realized that this prudent and cautious personality of Jean will be thrown out of the window when it involved her unofficial Empress, Paulette.  

The reason why she is called the unofficial Empress, was because when Jean declared himself as the Emperor of France, he did not crown Paulette as his empress for there were great chaos at the time.  

And then the White Explosion happen and then they returned back to the original Earth  but with the Weronian invasion coming Jean never had the time to crown this Empress of his not to mention he is no longer the Emperor as it was abolished after the White Explosion.  

If he wanted to become an Emperor again he has to form his Legion again which he has no interest in doing now. 

So, Jean had never the time to crown his beloved. 

The other that followed him in this expedition is Revolutionary Army spies and renowned sniper in the underworld of crime families Maximoff. 

Together, they run around the battlefield like hungry wolf, killing and slaughtering to their heart content.  

Without the pressure of the Seven Horn Weronians, the other Seed Formation levelers that join this battle were like Gods of War as they trampled upon the hundreds thousands of Weronian soldiers.  

When Azief recover from his wound from his battle with Ulukhawa Azief on the other hand was truly like the title the world has given him.  

The Prince of Darkness shows his prowess as the battlefield was shrouded with dark red mist and wherever this dark red mist appears, lives were reaped.  

At some point of the battle dark winds slashes out from the mist and cut off hundreds of Weronian soldiers that was about to kill a battalion of Orb Condensing human soldiers. 

Once again the world was reminded why the Prince of Darkness is called the strongest human on Earth.  

With his darkness aura enshrouding the entire battlefield, it was like they were surrounded by a constant pressure to their life.  

The killing intent coming out of that dark red mist was suffocating.  

With one look one could see that the killing intent coming out of the Prince was really thick.  

If it is condensed and turn into an Intent Attack, it could disrupt one mind and made people go crazy of fear just by being near the Prince. 

When the battle ended, corpses littered the land and bloods flowed from the hills like the hills were crying tears of red. 

The skies atop France was bare as all of the clouds were burned by the Prince during his battle with the Seven Horn Weronian. 

And so began the Europe offensive.  

This plan was conceived by Jean and many other important people in the Revolutionary Army as they believe that they have to liberate the Europe continent to become the base for human resistance.  

England was occupied firmly by the Weronians. So does the South America. 

They decided Europe was the perfect place to start their plan. Not only to liberate Europe but to bring down the Pillars of Fire that is limiting the suppression of the World Orb.  

The Stonehenge, the Great Sphinx of Giza in Cairo, The Nazca Desert in Peru, The Easter Island and somewhere in South American wilderness. 

They will bring down these pillar so fire as they will weaken their enemies.  

When all of the pillars are brought down Azief is confident that the Weronians would be too weak to qualify as a threat. 

But for now, they have to suffer first and take risk. 

And with the Prince level, he could handle Seven Horn Weronian and can outrun Eight Horn Weronians.  

The Ninth Weronian were constrained by the pressure of the World Orb thus they could not move freely.  

If not for the Pillars of Fire, they would not even be able to exist in this Earth as they will be flattened by the pressure of the World Orb. 

Azief enter the war not only because he could not see his world be invaded by the Weronians but also because he wanted to dive into dangerous situations and push his entire being to the limit.  

Only in that way he can quickly improve himself. 

He needs to become stronger and stronger if he really wanted to tear all the illusion and understand the truth. Why was Earth, this Earth, is so special? 

Why was it protected for millenniums?  

What makes them, human, a weak creature compared to the many races that inhabits the myriads stars and galaxies so special? 

To know these truth and understand these truth he first have to be worthy of receiving such knowledge.  

And he knows only one way he could these answers.  


A power so mighty that nothing would be out of his reach.  

Azief hold this grand sentiment in his heart and he only admitted this to one person. And that was Will.  

It is why he and Will have such great understanding about each other. And Will knows Azief bottom line which is why he knows not to push Azief too much.  

Such bosom brother it is truly enviable in this chaotic era where betrayal is common. 

As Azief was pondering of this matter, he halted his steps as he stops in front of a half-eaten corpse of a children and Azief eyes flashed with anger.  

But he calms himself down. It was a technique he used. It was not a technique to calm himself. It was a technique so he could unleash all his anger in one place later. 

He will endure his anger and endure himself from feeling anger. And when he found the person responsible for this anger he will unleash his entire wrath.  

That is why when the soldiers saw Azief flying around the battlefield killing Weronians, they all describe that they never saw such a crazed person in their ranks.  

When Azief went into battle with Weronian it was like he was possessed and his attack was crazy and his killing was demented.  

He rips Weronian limbs like tearing of paper, bit their necks and rip their head apart with a bite. 

Azief had never felt this angry before when he saw so many people dying.  

It was not the same feeling when he was at Earth 39.  

Earth 39 was not his Earth, and the Earth 39 people was not his people.  

He felt sympathy and pity and that was because he was a superior beings.  

But the feeling he held for the people of his earth and the anger he felt for the injustice the people of his earth felt is surely different. 

It was more personal and it hurts deeper. And then before he knew it he arrived. The wind moves and the dust flew as his black cape flutter 

‘We’re here.’ Jean said as he walked forward and stand beside Azief. Azief nodded putting both of his hand behind his back as he examined the area. 

In front of him is the remains of a six horn Weronian that tries to sneak attack Azief when he was fighting Ulukhawa.  

Azief look below at the corpses of the six horn warrior. 

‘It is intact.’ Azief remark 

Jean smiles a bit before saying 

‘Unlike you I did not have the power to incinerate my opponent so thoroughly like yours.’ 

Azief did not say anything. But actually he was full of admiration of Jeans powers and abilities he possess. 

Azief is sure that if not because of his attainment in Seed Formation which is higher than Jean, he would be hard-pressed if he were to actually fight Jean.  

Azief put Jean a little higher than Raymond mostly because Jean fights with brilliance and full of mischievous tactics.  

Raymond is straightforward in his attack. While this make Raymond attack powerful and vigorous, it also makes him predictable. 

But Jean…Jean was smart. In his attacks or defensive measures, he always is one step ahead. 

Azief smirk for a bit. Heroes bloom in times of adversity. He mused to himself before scoffing at himself.  

Isn’t that touting his own horn? By saying heroes bloom in adversity isn’t he also indirectly saying he is also one of those heroes? 

Thinking himself as a hero, he almost laughed.  

Because he never saw himself like that. He saw the way Jean fight. It was not the way he would fight but it is still intriguing.  

Jean uses the Time Attribute to fight.  

He sometimes slow down opponent attacks, or make them faster making them lost their rhythm and sometimes halted some attack of him to be released in later time like a time missile. 

You sure they could be used? 

Jean nodded. 

The thing that both Azief and Jean is looking at is the horn of the six Weronians. Azief crouched down and then grabbed one of the horns on top of the six horn Weronians and then pluck it.  

The moment he pluck it the bodies of the Weronians slwoly dries up. 

‘The Mind Master was correct’ Maximoff said from behind.  

‘The horns are their weakness’ Azief nodded as he could now form a hypothesis.  

Weronians are a race that focuses on physical refinement but at the same time they could also harness the powers of the elements.  

Yet, that power of the elements could not be converted into magic.  

Why? And how? 

At least one of them is explained right now. 

It had something to do with the horns on top of the Weronians head. Azief smiles maliciously. 

‘So, the horn is your weakness? No wonder even for such a warrior hardened race like yours could be chased out of the starry sky to find refuge here’ Azief mused. 

Then he laughed to the sky in satisfaction. No wonder Loki said to him that the Weronian is just a small problem. He must have known from the very beginning that the Weronian had this kind of weakness. 

Which is why he ask me to confirm my suspicion. Azief mused.  

What Azief didn’t know the reason Loki said that was because Loki know what will appear later will be more shocking and more powerful compared to the Weronian race. 

The Annihilator, the Last Son of Yrinia and the Time Crisis. Compared to the later events, the Weronian Invasion in Loki mind is just a small problem. 

As Azief laughs the people behind him were shocked with this sudden behavior of the prince. 

‘Lord Shadow, what are you laughing about?’ Jean asked. 

Azief did not answer as he pointed at the horns and said 

‘Hirate’ Slowly understanding dawn on Jean face and he also brightened up 

‘So, that is how it is. This is a great news. At least with this, we could contend easier. But for the higher lever Weronian-‘ 

‘I am here’ Azief said confidently. 

Jean only smiles bitterly. As they are happy with this sudden revelation suddenly the wind change direction and then an explosion sounded out from the skies 


The wind howled like wolves as a flaming wolf totem appeared in the clouds, devouring the winds and the clouds. 

A killing intent spreads out as the wolf totem image the size of a mountain look down on France. 

Jean, Paulette, Maximoff whipped their weapons and raised their fighting strength to the peak getting ready to face the threat. 

Azief frowned.  

‘A Spirit Totem. An Eight Horn Weronian.’ Azief knows that only an Eight Horn Weronian could form  Spirit Totem.  

Their way of strengthening is different from humanity way of strengthening so of course the manifestation of power is also different. 

‘Get ready to fig-‘ Jean was about to shout and the soldiers was about to once again get ready to fight but Azief shouted, his voice pierced the sound barrier as his voice resonated spreading out through the entire area 

‘HALT! ALL RETREAT!’ And Azief make a grabbing motion with his hand as Jean, Paulette and Maximoff was brought beside him. 

He only said one word to Jean before flying to the sky 


And then Azief dashed out from the ground darting off to the skies to meet this new enemy. The Flaming Wolf Totem roars and a void was open from its large mouth.  

Then from that void a Weronian appears, wearing black armor and black metal mask covering his face. 

That Weronian stand silently on the skies with flames coming out of his feet, from his hair and horns. 

Then he removed his metal mask as he surveys the area.  

He saw many of the burned buildings and he saw the slaughtered Weronians warrior littered the streets.  

In the ground, a hundred thousand human are running away. He has a frosty expression and his gaze was chilling. 

He stood at the incredible height of twelve feet. He emitted an aura of a high level predator.  

As he look at the weak human running there is a feeling of superiority but then out of the corner of his eyes he saw something shocking.  

There was a human flying towards him and releasing an aura of dread and death comparable to the mystic warrior he encountered in the past. 

‘Magic’ he spit the word with disdain. The Weronians has always hated magic. The reason was because they could not train in it and was always suppressed by Mystical race. 

Mystical race refers to any race that could harness the power of magic 

It is why Weronian forbid raiding a planet that has Mystical High Priest. 

The man covered in black aura appeared five hundred meet in front of him, floating, approaching him without fear or hesitance.  

Then the man in black clothing shouted  

‘Who are you?’ A solemn and imposing voice rang out that covered the skies and suppresses the fire coming out from Purunghasa spirit totem and Purunghasa immediately felt shocked. 

This aura coming out of this human is suppressing his Spirit Totem. 

Immediately Purunghasa knows who he is dealing with 

‘Is this the famous Human Great Warrior the Prince!’ Purunghasa shouted. Azief knows that the appellation of Great Warrior is given to the Eight Horn Weronian. 

Azief then shouted back rotating all of his Nine Seeds as a godly aura exploded out from him turning him golden, emitting light as blinding and brightly as the sun. 

‘I am the Prince Of Darkness Azief. Who is asking!’ 

‘My name is Purunghasa the Great Warrior. I will claim your head for Tribe Leader!’  

The Weronian race is a straightforward race and knows only violence to solve dispute.  

The moment Purunghasa said he is about to claim Azief head, he dash forward bring the wind with him.  

And Azief also did not hesitate as he flew forward with his fast speed leaving atrial of gales and storms and then with their hands clenched they threw a punch. 

Their two fist collided, as the Flaming Wolf howls and their two fist collided creating a shockwave the radius of two hundred kilometers, shaking and vibrating the entire France. 

The fight between Azief and one of the strongest Great Warrior of the Weronian tribe has begun! 

Somewhere on the ground, a raven that was pecking the innards of a dead Weronian soldiers, blinks.  

That raven eyes then turned green for a moment before reverting back to normal. Then that black raven flew away from the battlefield. 


Here is the new chapter. It is longer than I expected. Though, I think you all like long chapter right? 

Hope you like it. I appreciate donation or leaving some comments or supported my novels at wuxianation. Check my other novels at wuxianation. I only updated one novels in RR and that is Lord Shadow. 

We are approaching the end of Arc 3. 

Hope you like this chapter as the fight between Azief and Purunghasa began. And if you notice I said Purunghasa is one of the strongest.  

Which means there are other Great Warriors. 

What do you think will happen I n this fight? And what is that raven? And there is some in interaction between future Sovereigns.  

Azief and Jean was destined to become Sovereigns. One become the Time God and one become the God of Death. Maybe their relationship in this timeline will change since they knew earlier than in Loki timeline. 

Get ready for a battle that will wreck the Europe continent. 



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