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The land was snowing, the gentle snow came and fall down before it rains and rainbows formed in the distance.  

The dark sky was chased away by the winds and the clouds open up and the sunlight gently glittering through the trees. 

But a woman expression inside a large mansion did not smile at the sunlight or the clearing of the skies.  

Her emotion were in chaos and her expression was not pleasant. She wanted to shoot her arrows to the sun and bring down the sun to appease the anger inside her heart 

Looking at that flying figure approaching her mansion she sighed before her expression turns hard. She did not like that he came here.  

‘So…has he changed?’ She ask herself and her heart.  

After the fall her life was filled by his colors.  

She was the kind of girl that follows the person she loves and try to fit her life with hers. She was a simple woman.  

She was never an elegant woman or a complicated woman. 

But why is it so complicated….to love now? A love filled with the color of tears…..has this love turns to be like that? 

With a whoosh of the wind and a swirl of gust of winds in front of the mansion entrance, a person appears in front of the mansion. 

Floating gently down from the skies with the halo of sunlight behind him. Contrast that with the man black clothes it creates a stark contrast like a Holy Dark Lord coming down. 

With hi coming down comes the pressure of a Seed Formation High Realm that envelopes the entire southern area of the island.  

Unlike the Revolutionary Army that was given the Northern area, the Divine Archer was given her quarters at the southern region of the island as appreciation for her help with stabilizing the many regions in the worlds. 

So, her status among the heroes is very high.  

Unlike The Prince who rarely make an appearance, her constant presence in the battlefield has earned her respect and acclaim from many heroes of the world. 

The man landed gently on the ground and he retracts his pressure.  

The southern region regain its calm and somewhere around the southern region a person who was seeing this scene with his divine sense  close his eyes knowing that the Prince will not do any damage to the southern region. 

The man was not held back by the mansion guards.  

The woman was the famous Divine Archer and this is her home. The formations were dim showing that the Divine Archer allowed the Prince to enter.  

Azief look at the mansion and look at the highest floor of the mansion, his expression unreadable under the hood. 

He close his eyes, take a deep breath and walk forward. 

Her emotions was like the raging seas. She didn’t know what to feel. She remembers the way Katarina look at Azief and she remembers the way Azief look at Katarina. It was full of gentleness. 

‘Is it so hard?’ she asked herself as she sighed. 

She wanted to join her hands together with the person she loved and go anywhere and she knows she would be happy just like that.  

A warm hand to hold and a heart that belongs to only herself. 

Sofia was never a hard woman. She is a simple woman. Even though the world has changed her mindset did not change much.  

She wanted to lean on someone and someone to support her. Feminist would surely hate her.  

Only one thing changed since then.  

She wanted to lean on someone…and have that person lean on her when time is tough. She wanted to be supported and wanted to support that person. 

‘Is it so hard?’ She mused. 

The man enter the mansion with large stride but even though he walks with such a large stride there is only calmness in his expression.  

Sofia of course could see this with her divine consciousness. 

Since Azief did not block her using his own aura, Sofia could see the calmness on his face. Somehow, the calmer he looks, the more irritated she becomes. 

Somewhere on an ice mansion Katarina with her black hair turning into white like snow looks at the sky as she put her hand forward and the clouds in the skies gathered again, covering the clear skies. 

‘I wish I could just give up’ she said and smile bitterly 

‘That day you left did we both lose something precious? Or do we simply treasure what we lost? Asking this kind of question…..can we stay true to our own heart?’ 

She look up at the sky and waves her hand. A cold aura spread on the northern region encapsulating everything with her white like snow aura. 

Boris who was sitting on top of a wyvern training behind the hills of the Revolutinary Army HQ sense his sister aura and he frown. 

He did not like seeing his sister in pain. He clenches his hand and reminded himself. 

He will protect his sister. Always. That is the promise he promises her when she was in that dark attic after being beaten by their father. 

Since that day, Boris…..has always lived by that promise. No matter what, he would always choose Katarina. 

The Ice Princess waves her hand, and the world beckons to her will as a cold waves was blown all across the island. 

Once again the snows falls. She breathes and white breath comes out from her mouth because of the cold. She smiles bitterly. 

‘I still miss you.’ She said before sighing. 

‘My heart aches…and I knew I cannot go back.’ Katarina said and like orbs of light the snows keep falling.  

On the mansion of the Divine Archer Azief stop his stride as he turns back. He felt that sensation of law power and he turned his face, looking back at the snow falling 

He saw the gathering clouds and he saw the snow falling. And his face becomes complicated. He did not know how to answer the question in his heart 

The world is in chaos, humanity is at peril, death toll increased in ten thousand every days yet here he is still have the luxury to muddle himself in romance drama. For some reason, he almost didn’t take that step forward. 

The snow falls, and the Prince stops his feet for a moment and the Divine Archer look at that hesitation. 

But he takes that step forward. 

And he walk forward and no longer has he looked back. No matter how hard the snow is falling, no matter how white the expanse the land becomes, he did not look back 

He walks and arrived in front of the door.  

Azief did not even ask as he push the door and enter the room.  

The first person he saw was Sofia looking at him. She did not smile. But she did not look angry either.  

It was like she was thinking or dazed.  

She did not know how to greet Azief.  

She was worried when she saw him bleeding on the back of the Dark Speedster.  

She stayed beside him when she was sick and nurse him and spoon-fed him. But at the same time she was jealous of the gaze he directed towards Katarina.  

It was not a look of desire. No, it was not the kind of look a man gives a woman when he desires her.  

It was something more. Something that trigger her more than a look of desire. She could forgive a momentary glance of desire.  

After all she did not go out with a monk.  

But the way he looks at Katarina was full of gentleness and kindness. It was gentle and smooth. With very smile and every look, the feeling festered like a wound. 

It was love. A different kind of love from what they shared.  

What Azief felt and what Katarina felt for each other was something she did not understand and she could not imitate.  

The circumstance between those two were different and at the same time the circumstance between she and Azief were also different. 

What Azief and she shared was not what Katarina could interfere. But the same thing could be said about what Katarina and Azief shares.  

Whatever happens between Azief and Katarina in those three days…..make them more than just a companion that went through life and death experience. 

It was awkward in the room. Both were standing and they look at each other. 


‘Hey’ Sofia replied back. 

For a while there was this long silence. Sofia sighed and then ask 

‘Why come?’ Azief was about to answer but he suddenly found himself bereft of answer. Why did he come? 

Since he did not know why he come he said 

‘I don’t know.’ 

Sofia sit down on her seat situated in front of a large painted glass, looking like the lord of this mansion. 

‘You never come to me before.’ 

‘I did’ he replied taciturnly. 

‘Yes, but always with a reason.’ 

‘Can’t I come without a reason?’ 

‘Why would you? Unless you think you did something wrong.’ Azief face turns slightly colored. 

‘I would not have you accuse me’ 

‘Then why come if you did not want to hear me accusing you? Isn’t that why you came? To hear me accuse you and for you to defend against those accusation? Then we can reconcile and return to our status quo. It’s always your scenario. This time I have no desire to follow your scenario’ 

Azief did not deny or affirm only standing there as he slowly closes his eyes. 

‘It is not that complicated.’ Sofia shakes her head, 

‘If you did not come…..I knew you have nothing to do with her. And I would never have worried. But you came. So, something happen. And now I’m worried. Because it is complicated. Because even till now….I don’t know what we are….Azief.’ 

‘I am…your man. You said it’ 

‘Yet, you never said I love you to me.’ 

Azief did not say anything else. 

‘Can I trust you?’ Sofia ask, her words was packed with meanings. Azief understand it. 

‘I don’t know’ And Sofia smiles bitterly 

‘Can you not lie?’ Azief look at that beautiful hazel eyes of hers and he wanted to come forward and hold her hand.  

But he did not take that step forward. Stand rooted at where he was standing, he only looks at that pair of beautiful eyes and said. 

‘I can. And trust me, I’m a good liar. But I won’t lie to you. Never’ she sighed.  

She look at Azief and he look even more handsome than before. He is tall, he is handsome. All she could think about when they were together is about him. 

Thinking his lips on hers, his hands on her body, that was the only thing she could thought when he even slightly glance at her or touch her in a flirting way.  

She was never like that before.  

The more she becomes stronger, the stronger her feeling became. Like everything was amplified, Hate and love was amplified.  

So does passion and with it jealousy. When he was not here….she busy herself with wars and battle.  

She has imagined their reunion many times but it was nothing like she expected.  

She imagine in her mind that Azief would return to her coming g down from the sky and she hugging him happily and he would smile and kiss her and say that he loves her. 

She did not expect to get mad at him. But she could not control her feeling. Because…he always drive her nuts. 

‘What are you going to do?’ she ask. Azief closes his eyes and said 

‘I’m going to improve my strength. Form my tenth seed and purify my soul. And then fight the Weronian off. Destroy the scheme of my enemies.’ 

‘Are you…pretending or avoiding the subject?’ 

‘I’m not talking about the Weronians. I’m talking about us.’  

‘Why you have to complicate this thing?’ he said, as he scrunched up his face.  

And Sofia gritted her teeth. She was being two timed by her previous boyfriend and she could not handle if that happens again.  

‘Did something happen between you two?’ she ask. He was silent for a while but he answers. But it was not the answer she hopes to hear. 

‘Something did happen.’ She did not say anything but she only closes her eyes. Then opening her eyes she ask 

‘Did you love her?’ she ask so calmly that it almost scares Azief. It was like she was asking about the weather. 

‘I don’t know. I don’t think so’ He replied. There was another awkward silence. 

‘Do you love me?’ she ask 

‘I do.’ And she closes her eyes. 

They both were silent. 

‘Leave’ she said before she got up from her seat and went out of the room. Azief look at her leaving. He rotates his Seed and Time slowed for him.  

Each of her steps felt like a year.  

He looks on as she was taking the step to leave him and he was thinking a lot of thing. What will happen if he let her go now….what will it affect in his life.  

In the moments that should have only taken five seconds, it was like Azief was trying to simulate a world where Sofia was not in his life. 

And he realizes something. He could, not bear a life where she is not around him. It is fine if he never met her from the beginning.  

But now that he has met her….he could not imagine a life without her in it….whatever her role in his life.  

Whether she is his lover, or a friend, or family…he did not care. As long as she is in his life. 

And when he decided of this Time moves normally again so, Azief takes a step and in one step he close the distance like he was teleporting.  

He grab her hand and pull her to his side, his body was pushed against her looking her straight at her eye. 

Then he kissed her hungrily and without knowing it Sofia also kisses him back. 

Then he broke the kiss 

‘What was that f..or?’ Sofia asked with her out of breath voice. Looking at her eyes Azief said seriously 

‘I had a crappy year. I fought and bleed in another world and almost died. And now you treating me like that.’ 

‘We are fighting right now’ she said as she regain back her breath even though her eyes is still at his lips. 

‘It didn’t matter. I needed it’ he declared. Sofia absent her will almost chuckles. Azief smiles and the smile on his usually expressionless face look charming, like his mask was cracking. 

It was not the persona The Prince that is talking with Sofia. It was Azief. The boy she used to know when they were in high school. 

Only braver and bolder. 

‘I don’t know about anything else…….but I can’t lose you.’ He said 

Sofia nodded weakly before she remember why they were fighting. This is the problem. He has so much power over her that sometimes she could excuse him out of anything.  

If Loki heard this thought of Sofia he would definitely agree. 

After all the God of Death was not called the God of Death because he was nice. And she always have excuses for him.  

Even when he will bring about the destruction of the Universe, she still wanted to save him.  Loki describe what they both feel for each other… a love that consumes, a fiery passion that burns them.  

The love story of the Divine Archer and the God of Death is a famous love story in his timeline after the event of the Earthshaker marriage where she cancel the wedding after the attack that happen on her wedding where the God of Death saves her again. 

But she did not know that. And Azief also did not know that. A doomed love. A star crossed lover. 

Nothing was easy about this two people. The people that come and go in their lives, the wrong timing all of that contributes to their missed chances and their misunderstanding. 

Maybe, when Sofia sent Loki to this time, she also hopes more than just the prevention of the Universe ending….maybe she hopes that she could also have his happy ending 

But that is then, now is now. And now….is what matters. And as they look at each other eyes, separated only by a distance, with both of them out of breath. 

And as she look at him she also realizes something 

Whether he really loves Katarina or not. Sofia also knows one thing. She could not imagine a life where he is not there. 

So, she answers 

‘You won’t.’ looking at her eyes, Azief declared 

‘I might hurt you in the future.’ 

‘I know.’ She answer with a slight smile on her face. Like she could already foresee it. 

‘It will hurt.’ He added 

‘I’ll endure it. And I might hurt you too’ 

Azief nodded 

‘I know….and I’ll endure it too.’ 

‘It will be hard’ she added 

‘Nothing…about us is easy.’ Azief said slight with a chuckles. Sofia smile a bit. 

‘We do not share the same taste in drinks’ Azief suddenly said 

‘Nor food’ Sofia added 

‘We like different kind of music’ 

‘And you are too different from the kind of man I thought I would like’ 

‘And I never thought our relationship will ever develop like this.’ Azief said 

‘We always end up causing trouble for everyone’ she said 

‘Every time we meet, we find something to fight over’ he added on 

‘It started when we decided to go out. You have many quirks that I detest.’ She said chuckling a bit. 

‘Only troublesome things happen when we are together’ she said 

‘There were more agonizing times than fun times when we were together. There is always something.’ 

Before they knew it, they were laughing, remembering all the times they shared and the memories they make. 

Then they look at each other and they both knew. The love is still there. But they also know…that there is a crack. And no memories would fix that crack. 

Only time…and understanding. 

So, she release herself from his grip and Azief let her. And before she turns her back Azief said 

‘I….will always choose you. Know that. Even when it hurts’ He said before he disappeared from the room as a gust of winds swirls inside the room, wreaking havoc in the entire room. 

The decorations and the glass falls down and break. The attendants outside the room head the commotion but no one dares enter. 

Sofia also did not call anyone. She looks outside the window and saw the flying figure darting off into the sky, slowly disappearing from her sight. 

A thousand step behind. The stronger he became the more insecure she became.  

‘What happen to fight against the world together?’ She mused. 

‘I could not even keep up with you now.’ She thought to herself as she sighed. 

Sofia went out of the room and went to her room and she sleep on her bed, trying to forget the pain in her heart. 

In the morning when she saw the morning sun breaking the dawn she look at the sun. She remember what she talk with Azief. And she knows what she sign up for. A world of pain and hurt. 

‘I will fight for us….even when it hurts’ she said to herself as the sun shows it face and a new day begin. 


I know not many like this kind of chapter where nothing happens with the main plot. But I think it is important to address the relationship of the main character. It shows that the world of the MC is moving as well and not only the events of the world. 

It is this kind of moment where you could understand Azief actions and considerations in regards to the people in his life. Knowing his life may make you could relate to him.  

After all it is hard to relate with someone that has the abilities to part the skies and split open the earth.  

I do not like many MC in Xianxia novels because of how much they were so perfect especially in love.  

All woman love them. I could accept it if they could show why those girls love him. But always it was like the mc show his prowess and the girls all wanted to become the man harem.  

After all love don’t work like that in real life. You could even fall in love with the lamest person because love isn’t logical like that. Even when that person is terrible. Or a bad drunk. Abusive. It is a toxic love.  

But its love nonetheless. I do not promote people to have bad relationship but I just want people to know relationship is not easy. It is not only good times. What matter is who stands by your side when the times get tough. 

That’s when you knew. Good relationship not only requires dopamine but also serotonin. 

And love is messy. No matter how many trillions of years you could live. Anyway, next chapter will deal with Loki schemes and Azief plans or maybe his battle. 

Anyway, hope you like this chapter and leave some comments. 



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