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The atmosphere in the room turns tense.

Green smokes fills the room and the faces of many people in the room changed.

Some exchanged bitter smiles as Sina and Sofia shakes their head in exasperation while Budiman who was already nervous nearly shriek in fright.

The Immortal Couple on the other hand smiles weakly as their brush and flute is at the ready. They have never underestimated the antics of the Trickster.

Katarina who did not have any expression since the beginning of this meeting has a curios look on her face as her body constantly emanating a freezing aura that even froze the green aura and smokes that passes by her

Slowly the green smokes enter the room and Azief only look at the green smokes not intending to dissipate it.

‘Reveal yourself, Loki’ Azief said as he no longer pay attention to the Three Sisters of Shadows.

The darkness and death aura dissipates from the Three Sisters as they fall to the ground panting in exasperation and fear, holding their chest like they were suffering pains, their mask all cracked in many places.

Sweats filled their backs and their hands and feet are trembling.

The green smokes gathered and form into an ethereal visage before solidifying and turning into a young man of six foot tall, with brown hair and green eyes.

He was rugged and muscly.

Just another disguise of Loki. People in this room all know Loki always comes with a different face every time and this no longer fazes them.

‘My lord, you are impatient’ Loki said with a smile on his face. But this smile of his was strained and is complicated

‘And you are late.’ Azief coldly replies. Loki smiles bitterly

‘I came didn’t I?’ he retorted back his tone was slightly elevated. Azief smiles mockingly. For a moment they look at each other.

Only a year has passed by, the fresh color of flowers has already changed and the four season has passed….and something between these two great allies has changed

‘Lord Loki!’ The Three Sister immediately kneeled as a sign of loyalty.

Loki look at the three sisters regretfully and sighed. He waved his hand and three pills landed in front of the Three Sisters.

‘Go out and wait me on the nearby island. Eat the pills and recover your lost energy.’

‘Yes, my lord’

The Three sisters replied, took the pills looks towards the Prince and bowed slightly and quickly went out of the room.

Azief did not obstruct them and Azief never views the Three Sisters as anything important considering he only wanted to meet Loki.

He look at Loki, his gaze was full of complicated emotions.

‘Take your seat Loki’ Azief said and everyone in the room look towards Loki. Loki smiles and said this following words

‘Before that I offer my congratulations to my lord for forming your ninth seed.’

Hearing this the people in the room all look at Azief shell shocked.

Nine seeds?

Can anyone even form that many seeds? But the most shocked was Azief. How Loki could see through him?

This is only making him even more wary towards Loki.

Loki look at Azief and could feel the power of destiny converging on Azief and not only that but the threads of destiny on Azief body is distorted making Loki infers that either the eight seeds of the ninth seed is the Destiny Seed.

If Azief reaches the Divine Comprehension and comprehend the Law of Destiny combined with the Seeds he formed right now, it will complement Azief Life and Death Domain that he was so famously known in the future

And the other Seed that Azief formed must be Fate.

Azief in the future is known to practice laws in opposite or in synchronicity with each other. Fate and Destiny.

They often were thought one of the same but they have distinct differences.

Fate is a fixed natural order of the universe. Fate is divinely inspired.

Destiny is sued with regard to the finality of events as they have worked themselves out.

With these Seeds, if it blooms and turn into Laws, the God of Death in the future will not only becomes even stronger, he would become a truly terrifying beings.

Controlling life and death, reverting destiny and fate.

‘Now, we are all here.’ Azief said as Loki obediently take his seat.

Azief once again look towards the people inside this room and then he said

‘For people who wanted to speak, speak.’ The room went silent. Then Wang Jian come in front of the throne and kneeled.

‘I wanted to request something my Lord.’

Azief just nodded.

‘Please’….and he looked at Somi who was looking at him…. ‘grant her wish.’

Azief look towards Wang Jian gaze and he could somehow understand what she would ask of him.

‘And what is your wish?’

Somi closes her eyes.

Clearly she did not expect that Wang Jian would take it this far.

She did not want to involve Wang Jian but she opens her eyes and come out to the front and kneels beside Wang Jian and said

‘I wish my Lord would take me as your disciple after my lord reaches Disk Formation.’ And at this time Azief immediately realizes.

They must have known that after reaching Disk Formation the Master disciple relationship can be established.

Master could impart skills while the master would gain EXP each time his disciple employed his technique.

Azief also knows of this feature.

Of course in the original cultivation of the Jade Palace, anyone could establish master disciple relationship even if that person did not reach Disk Formation but since this is using the Nervian system the system feels that only in Disk Formation that one is qualified to impart skills.

Many of Azief skills would undoubtedly be powerful. And not only that, but Azief could even impart some Laws and understating to his disciple while also reaping the benefits.

The wish was not what he had expected. He expected Somi to want his help in avenging her sisters.

Azief look at Wang Jian and Somi and for a moment he was contemplating. Azief look at SDomi and her eyes

Her eyes was filled with hatred. She must have wanted revenge. More than anything. But she was too weak and powerless so she wanted to become stronger.

Azief could understand that. Feeling powerless. The ambition to become stronger. To not be trampled upon the feet of Titans.

Azief then nodded

‘So, be it. I will become your master after I reach Disk Formation. This I promise you’ Loki who was sitting in his seat bitterly smiles.

‘Another change’ he muttered under his breath. Azief then look at Wang Jian and said

‘Wang Jian you on the other hand have another task’

‘What is your will my lord?’

‘Take your White Tiger Battalion and pacify the world. Go and hone your skills outside. Recruit men. Resist the invasion. Sina and Budiman will follow you. Raise my banner and announce my arrival to the whole world. Let them know that the Prince has returns and he intends to drive back this invasion. Give them hope and tell them that the darks days will soon end’

Azief calmly said but anyone hearing this was shocked. Both at Azief declaration and at the task being entrusted to Wang Jian

Wang Jian might be powerful but he was not as powerful like Azief that could decimate and slaughtering five horns and six horns Weronians as easily as The Prince.

Azief after all has many Seeds and now that he has nine seeds the repression of the World Orb on him slowly lessened making him even faster and stronger.

“My Lord….I am..”

‘You’re not capable?’ Azief finishes Wang Jian sentence.

Wang Jian weakly nodded.

‘Do you fear the enemy? Do you fear death? What did you promise me when you pledge your allegiance to me?’

Azief asked, not sparing anything. The Immortal Couple frowned but they did not say anything. Loki look at Azief like he was trying to see through this Azief.

To Loki, this new Azief, is deadlier and colder.

‘Azief!’ Sofia slammed her palm on the hand left of her throne and the room exploded with sharp gales of shockwave.

Azief flicks his finger and a golden aura envelopes that sharp gales dissipating it gently.

‘You are sending him to die!’ Sofia glares toward Azief.

Azief did not replied or response to Sofia provocation instead he look at Wang Jian. He did not explain himself.

For those who trust no explanation is necessary. For those who didn’t have trust in their hearts a thousand explanations would not be sufficient.

Azief has good intention.

This era need strong people. Not cowardly people. And he wanted the best for Wang Jian regardless what other people think of him.

Like he realizes that only by pushing the limit one could improve, he wanted Wang Jian to realize this too.

In the end, he could only hope that Wang Jian could one day understands his intention.

Wang Jian look at his lord. Looking at the expression of his lord and his hopeful eyes, Wang Jian closes his eyes and he smiles.

‘The face was not the same. And the person was not the same’ he thought to himself.

Wang Jian once saw the face of the Yue Xing, The Martial Lord, the King who betrayed him and send him to perilous battlefield expecting him to die.

Even till today, he did not forget the expression on the face of his former liege.

But looking at the Prince face, Wang Jian knows that his lord is not sending him to die. Nobody that send people to die would have such a hopeful eyes.

And this time, his lord is not the Yue king and envy him nothing. What could the strongest man in the world envy him about?

If the Prince wanted him to die, he could chop off his head with his bare hand instead of going to this difficulty to send him to die.

Wang Jian opened his eyes and nodded

‘I will heed my lord order’ Azief beamed proudly. Sina was about to protest but Loki look at her and shakes his head and Sina hold off her tongue and looking dissatisfied with Azief.

She just closes her eyes and shakes her head. She could no longer understand the thoughts of Azief.

Loki could see it now. Slowly the distance between Azief and his friend, companions and people he loved is slowly getting further apart.

In the future timeline where he is from, the God of Death is always alone.

Not because he wanted to be alone, but because he sat at the peak and nobody could walk beside him as he left them a thousand steps behind.

His pursuit for greater strength left people behind as they could not keep up. Even Sofia took hundreds of years before she became Half Sovereign and that was with the help of many other people.

Loki did not know the details of the separation between the Divine Archer and The God of Death.

The only thing that he knows before he became Sovereign was that the Divine Archer would always challenge the God of Death in battle at the Flower Mountain every year and would always lose but always survives.

No one knows why she always challenge hi and no one knows why the God of Death always accepts.

He sighed

Is this where it begins…..your path of loneliness?’ he asked as he look back at Azief looking proudly at Wang Jian who is kneeling.

Azief waves his hand and an item shot out and pierced itself to the ground in front of Wang Jian.

Smiling he said

‘That is the Spear of Fiery Hell. It could command fire and form cyclone of flames. I bestowed this for you. Happy hunting!’

Wang Jian is certain now. His lord has other thoughts for sending him to the battlefield and giving him this hard task.

Wang Jian did not talk much. He was never a talkative man. He gestured to Somi and both of them get up and bows before they went out the room to execute the Prince order.

Katarina looking at this was clearly impressed.

To have such loyal retainer, Katarina was clearly envious. The King of Yue was an idiot for envying his own talents.

Now this fine subordinate serves the strongest man in the world. If Katarina has this kind of loyal people around her, she will not be so worried.

A blade in the roof, rivers of blood under her feet as she and her brother have to traverse the treachery of many people.

If not for her status and strength, her brother would have long perished under the scheme of many people that envy his brother position.

Katarina gently touch Azief hand and said.

‘I envy you for having such a loyal retainer.’ Azief look at Katarina and then shakes his head

‘He is not my retainer.’ As he look at Wang Jian back leaving the room, illuminated by the sunlight, looking like a saint that was about to execute holy orders he smiles and said

‘He’s family’ Katarina looking at how Azief look at that right moment could not help but feel her heart eating fast.

Katarina has always searches the meaning of family.

For her…her family is only her and Boris.

Together…..they could endure everything the world will throw at them.

Looking at how lonely Azief seems when he said family, something tugged her heartstring and she could not help but be mesmerized.

What happen during those three days under the glacier in the ice Region was still in her mind.

A night where the starry sky softly covers the moon with clouds, she wanders to his heart and her cold heart beats.

She remembers when they drift down the glacier laughing at the mundane world, his arms supporting him as they floated down gently like a pair of celestial pair of lovers from the heavens.

She will not fall for him. That was the first lie she told her heart since the Fall.

It was only three days….but it was the most bizarre and most exciting three days in her life. How could she fall for a person in only three days of knowing him?

She never believes the story about love at first sight. But, she never did know love. Most love started with that cliché love at first sight.

Sometimes, that’s the only way for love to start.

And she clearly has fallen to that bottomless pit called love where there is no escape. And she is falling hard.

Azief then look towards Celestial Painter Xu Chong as he knows people are watching how familiar Katarina is with him.

Xu Chong was the same.

His boyish look did not change, his face was as always clean and pleasant to look at with that boyish charm.

His wavy hair making him look charismatic and his stature was as always straight as a sturdy mountain.

Xu Cong knows that it is his turn when Azief look at him.

‘My Lord’ he said as he quickly went into the front and kneel.

‘Please spare Lihua.’ He pleaded on his knees. Azief smiles bitterly.

He knows the Immortal Couple like to be carefree and not wanting to take part in the battles and wars that lies ahead.

Before…this could be guaranteed.

But now….this was not a battle that they could hide themselves or evade in a forest hut somewhere in the world.

This is the fate of humanity at stake.

No longer Azief could bench them both as they living carefree.

Sooner or later they will be embroil in this battle just the same. Xu Chong understand. So he volunteered himself and hope that the Prince will not order his lover, Heaven Flute Lihua to enter the battlefield.

But could Azief allow this? When his other brother shedding blood, could he let Lihua lounge around under his protection while people all over the world dies and suffer?

And the fate of Earth is under question

‘Xu Cong’ Azief gently said but the gentler Azief spoke the more Xu Cong felt fear. It was a consoling tone.

‘My lor..d..I’

‘Xu Cong!’ This time Azief tone is slightly higher. And Xu Cong silence himself as his face was frowning.

‘You know what I want. You should understand.’ And Azief look towards Heaven Flute Lihua and she nodded.

‘And even she understand. You have been living carefree since the beginning of the Fall. However the era that will unfold from now on, rarely there will be days for people to be carefree or as leisurely as you I have lost Six Fairy of the Battlefield. I would not like to lose more of my companions and people who believes in my promise. And to do that, you all must become stronger. Or you will be left behind. And then…you will fall. And the next time you fall….I might not be there to save you. You could only believe your own power to save you in the end. And to do that….to have power…is to fight and keep fighting and keep on fighting’

Xu Cong look at Azief pleadingly but Azief just shakes his head and Xu Cong dropped down his head.

‘Xu Cong obey my lord orders!’

He finally declared his decision after he contemplate the matter. Azief just nodded. Then he throws something to Xu Cong.

Xu Cong immediately grabs it. It was a rolled parchment sealed by a shiny translucent threads.

‘That is my secret edict. Execute my orders and when the world is at peace, I will grant you a sanctuary and you could live your carefree lives.’

Xu Cong look at the secret edict and nodded.

‘Now go’ Azief ordered.

And both Xu Cong and Heaven Flute Lihua bows slightly before going out of the room.

They produce their chariots from the mark on their forehead and they jumped onto their famous golden flaming chariot.

It used to belong to Sasha before Azief take it from her and gifted it to the Immortal Couple for the help they rendered the Prince in the battle at the Island of Peace.

Xu Cong and Heaven Flute Lihua look at each other and hold each other hands as they look at the skies.

Xu Cong holds the reins and with one swish of his hand the chariot was awoken to life.

The phoenix design carved on the chariot burst into flames as the four flying horses made of fires kick their hooves and flies to the air.

Now that is over Athena and Freya come in front of the Prince but they did not kneel.

They only look at the Prince. They have already send letters to the prince and now they only need to listen to his decision.

Azief also did not delay.

‘I approve.’ He said and Sofia was puzzled.

The next sentence clears her confusion.

‘Form your legion. Make a name for yourself in the battlefield. I will not restrict you at all. I will not pretend that my faction is a faction you would love or like. It is full of people who is close to me. They were my brothers and sisters.’ And with that he sighed looking at the duo with a slight apologetic look.

‘Sometimes their behavior I turn a blind eye. I will not said I’m not biased. The whole world knows I am biased. I will protect my family no matter the way. Or who I hurt and who I have to fight to secure their safety. At least I am honest like that. I regard them as family while I did not regard you like that.’

Freya and Athena did not say anything but their smiles turned bitter.

They know the Prince inner circle are full of people who were with him in his early journey and some of them is like family to the Prince .

Especially Sofia, Sian and Loki.

If anything happens to them Freya and Athena will not be shocked if the Prince will wage war for them.

‘But’ and Azief sighed.

‘You were great heroines of this era. People might see me as a warmongering person. But I’m not.  Situations sometime forced me. I too wanted to sit at home and enjoy the nice breeze of wind but the storms kept coming to disturb me. If the storms comes either way whether I am at home or whether I enter willingly to the storm then it is better that I bring the storms with me and struck the fear of God into those people.’

‘Then what do you regard us two, Prince of Darkness?’ Freya asked. Azief smiles. He could see how valiant and how heroic Athena looked.

With black hair that reaches her neck and a clear green eyes, fair complexion and neatly decorated locks of her hair, she looks like a warrior princess.

A Greek beauty that reminds Azief of the paintings of the Goddess Athena in her full armor. Then he answered

‘People I wanted to be friends with. Maybe someday, when this distrust and bad feelings between us no longer matters, we could shares battle stories and laugh at the past.’

Athena and Freya slightly smiles and nodded.

‘Thank you, Prince. We too…would like it if that happens in the future’ Azief just nodded. They simply nodded and went out and went out from the island.

Now the only people left is Sina, Sasha, Sofia, Katarina, Loki and Budiman.

Budiman was ordered to create more battleship but this time for Wang Jian, Athena and Freya.

He will create them in the Grain palace like before.

And Azief whispers to Budiman to not said anything about the clones he hides in the Grain palace

Budiman nodded and resumes his work entering the Grain palace once again.

Now, Katarina, Sina, Sofia, Sasha and Loki is left

With a collected voice, Katarina ask Azief

‘Now only five of us is left, will you answer my request?’

And the rarely smiling woman smiles warmly like it could shame the sun and rid away the winter skies.

And Azief remember that night under the glacier, below the dark abyss as they look at each other eyes, illuminated by the moonlight that creeps through the cracks of the boulder on top of their heads.

And just like that his memories wandered to that day. That third night it began with a confession of love

Smiling at him she said

‘After we get out of this, I will miss you’ she said

He smiles and said

‘Look up at the night sky and remember me’

‘And if I still miss you?’ she asked

And he said

‘If after time passes and you still miss me…then I guess it is love’ 

When he left she bit down her lips, turned around like she wasn’t hurt and like a child she spills tears that she could not understand.

Azief was never the man that take that step forward in love.

Being hurt many times, and facing many rejections in his youth, being loved that passionately by a woman of such beauty, his heart wavered and his heart beats regardless of his will.

During that time, he relay thought he would not survive the abyss.

They both thought that. So Azief drop down all of his pretenses and she drops hers.

When you thought you going to die you become freer and things you do not say or hesitate to share before becomes easier to say and become easier to share.

It took three days and in those three days they know about each other more than anyone close to them ever knew about them.

In front of people they knew, they still maintain some image that needs to be preserved. A cool headed leader, a great pillars that hold up their organizations.

So, they could not truly be themselves and shows themselves. Some because they thought do not fit with their image, some because they too shy to admit it about themselves.

But they could admit it to each other because they both thought they will die.

So, he too, when he saw the night sky, he thinks of her sometimes. Sometimes he ask himself…..where did he put his heart?

Who did he want to see when he got home?

For whom that he lost his sleep? Who did he miss? Is it the ice deity in his mind or is it that cute smile that appears in his dreams?

Even now…he still did not know.

The usually decisive person is timid under love.

‘I will agree’ Azief said to Katarina and she smiles.

And Katarina squeeze Azief hand in joy as her eyes beamed with delight. Sofia did not say anything but one could sense she is getting angry.

And jealous as Sofia put her hand on Azief left hand and squeeze his hand and Azief did not know how to react to this development.

What Katarina is talking about is the temporary alliance between The Prince faction and the Revolutionary Army.

‘You heard what he said. Now you can go’ Katarina reverts back to her cold demeanor and snorted.

‘I will stay however long I want’


And Sofia was about to get up from her throne when Sina hold her back. Loki only chuckles looking at this envious development.

Sina shot a glare at Loki clearly not amused by his behavior and Loki immediately shut up looking like he was a docile lamb.

Azief shakes his head and said

‘Katarina you better went out first. What I’m about to say is confidential and is only for the ears of my inner circle.’

Katarina humphed but she did not object Azief words.

She is a leader too and she understand something could not be said in front of outsiders.

She got up from her throne and her throne melted and turns to a snowflake that floats and enters her forehead.

But before she went out she planted a kiss on Azief cheek.

It was so fast that even Azief could not dodge it.

A tinge of red appears on the white pale face of the ice Princess before she went out looking challengingly at Sofia.

Sofia stamp her feet as a sharp energy flies out from the surface of the ground heading to Katarina.

Azief sense this and glances at the sharp energy and just like that like the sound of glass breaking, the sharp energy dissipated.

Sofia snorted and closed her arms, looking miffed.

The throne of wood wilted like it was symbolizing the conditions of its master. Azief just sighed and look at Sofia.

‘You didn’t have to do that.’

‘She was trying to touch my man’ Azief smiles a bit.

‘So, now I’m your man?

‘Are you not?’

Sofia asked as she tilted her head like she was challenging him. This kind of proactive and aggressive Sofia…..he has never seen before…but he would be remiss not to mention he like this kind of change.

‘I am.’ Azief said and Sofia was slightly appeased. Then she got up from her throne and said

‘We’ll talk later. I know you have many things to speak with Loki’

She walk to the exit but before she went out of the room she look toward Loki and said

‘And Loki, don’t bite of more than you can chew. Azief is in a bad mood. Better not try to pull your usual tricks too much.’

Loki just waves his hand as he gestured for Sofia to go out. Azief did not say anything about what Sofia said about him.

Azief gestured for Sasha to come in front of him. Sasha cautiously went to Azief. She wanted to kneel but Azief shakes his head

‘Closer’ Azief said. Sina look warily at Azief and Azief look at Sian and nodded to her.

‘And Sina was relived. She thought Azief is still try to enact vengeance for the past mistake. Sasha went up the pathway to Azief high throne, stepping on stairs made of bones.

She come closer just in front of Azief.

‘Closer’ Azief said.

And when she was only a few meters from Azief, The Prince lean and whispers something to her ears.

It was a set of orders. The more she heard the more she could help but understand the severity of the task she was entrusted with.

Then Azief lean back on his throne and ask

‘Did you understand?’

Sasha nodded

‘Good. Then go’

‘What about Sina?’ Sasha ask before she went out of the room. Sina also look at Azief and Azief said.

‘She is free to do what she likes. In my dominion, even I would not dare ask her to do anything’ Azief declared.

He knows Sina the best. She would not be suitable in the field and her strength lies elsewhere.

Sina chuckles.

‘This is why I like you the most.’

‘Stop lying’ Azief said but there was a slight smile on his face. Whistling as she went out of the room Sina look carefree.

Loki on the other hand is still in the room. Now only the two of them is in the room.

‘Today, it seems…there is a lot of secrets you are keeping from me. So many secret orders.’

‘Am I the only keeping secrets?’ Azief bite back

‘Didn’t I tell you?’

‘That I will destroy the Universe?’ Loki smiles bitterly

‘Did you not believe me?’ Loki asked again

‘I do.’ Azief replies.

Loki suddenly understand

‘So, that’s why you kept your distance.’

Azief nodded.

‘You could kill me if you are so worried that I will betray you.’

‘You know why I won’t. I already explained to you.’

And Loki was touched. Loki knows why Azief couldn’t kill him that easily. Because….and Loki chuckles with a deep gratitude and irony….because he is family.

That feeling reach Loki and his emotion run the risk of overflowing.

‘Then…..what did you want to talk about by summoning me here?’

‘To establish some rules.’

‘For what?’

‘So I will not push you away and for us to not be so awkward around each other.’  Loki smiles bitterly and he nodded.

‘I want that.’ Azief also nodded.

‘Then, can you hear what I would like to talk about?’ Loki come in front of Azief and with that sly smirk he bows and said

‘As my lord wishes’

That conversation the talk about was not talk about again later and they will not share.

They both went out of the room after four hours when the sun was about to set and fireflies has begun flying on the outside bringing with them faints lights of life.

And they hug each other like a brother before Loki once again disappear in a green smoke.

The Northern Region of the Island the snows falls like rain, coldness spreads as the snowflake slowly fluttering down like a dance of joy.

It was a world of white. The Quorum look at the North of their island and unease fills their heart.

A man in purple robe frowned looking from the bench where he feeds the birds. A man in a cave clad in lightning smiles and laughed.

A man which is surrounded by luminescent butterflies could only bitterly drink some herbs as he looked towards the falling snow in the North Region.

A man holding a hammer, who is sitting on his metal chair shrouded with the aura of the Earth look towards the North with complicated expression.

On the wall behind him is a red fiery arrow.

‘Sofia…did you meet him?’ the person said with a trace of defiance.

Azief went out of the room and saw the white sky and saw the snowflakes.

‘Katarina’ he mutters. He touched the falling snowflake and he don’t know why but he felt warmness coming from the snowflakes.

And Azief closes his eyes and frowned.

‘The matters of the hearts is very complicated’ he mutter.

‘If I could forget, I wish I could forget….’and then he sighed ‘That is another lie’ he said and laugh at himself

Warmly wrapped in the falling snow he closes his eyes as the flowers of the snow cover the sky.

Katarina was standing on the peak of a hill of white snow looking at the distance, her senses sense the Prince.

But she did not do anything. She did not move. And she did not speak. But she is expecting. Azief did not do anything.

And he also didn’t move. But he knows Katarina is expecting him.

Looking at the snow Azief remarked.

‘The snow is beautiful’ The snow will turn to rain, the clouds will tear apart and at the end there will be a rainbow.

‘It will be beautiful….and sad’ Azief sighed and floats as he flies to Sofia residence. Katarina did not say anything.

She just turns her face away, coming down the hills, as the snow turns to rain, like the Heaven was crying.


In just a week, the world got the news. In every corners of the world, the news were spread. The Prince of Darkness has return, the strongest man in the world has returned.

The factions who have waited and those that have long not moves slowly showing some activity.

The Merchant Association on the other hand who has remained hidden during this whole conflict was also showing themselves.

The counterattack will begin! This was the common thoughts of humanity. The World Government is at unease as the Revolutionary Army and the Prince faction has allied with each other.

Jean and Paulette two of the famous members of the Revolutionary Army has been reported to hit it off with the Prince.

Hope….filed the world once again.

All the great heroes of the Prince faction has started to move out and united back under the banner of the Prince.

It is the marching of the saints!


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